Savita Bhabhi – Episode 17 : Double Trouble Part 2

A week had passed since Savita’s new neighbors had moved in. Unknown to either of the twins next door, Savita was already fucking each of them. The next Friday was Savita and Ashok’s Wedding Anniversary and Ashok surprised Savita with an unexpected announcement.

“I have to leave for a week long office trip to Delhi tomorrow.”

“But… but it’s our anniversary on Friday” said Savita trying to suppress her anger.

“I’m sorry Savvi; I’ll make it up to you later.”

“I don’t like this! I’ll be lonely and I hate having to cook an entire meal just for one person!”

“If that’s the problem why don’t you invite the neighbor’s boys to eat here? I’m sure they must be bored of the Tiffin-Meals they eat every day.” said Ashok thinking that the new neighbors would keep his wife from getting too lonely.

However Ashok did not know that the boys would be doing much more than just give his sexy wife some company. Unaware of his wife’s exploits Ashok thought his suggestion was the perfect one and went off to bed.

“Ok boys, I’m leaving. Be sure to visit Savita often. She gets very lonely when I’m not around.” Ashok said to the boys the next morning. The twins were already dreaming about how each of them was going to ravish Savita’s body while her husband was away.

“This is going to be a really great week…” thought the brothers, each of them fantasizing about what they would do to their hot bhabhi.

At lunchtime, Savita sat beside Tarun while Varun sat on the other side of the table.

“I really must thank Ashok Uncle later for this idea”. said Tarun

“Yes, it’s gets boring all by ourselves in the apartment. Now we can spend our free time with bhabhi” Varun said while helping himself to some rotis.

“Yes, he can come up with pretty smart ideas at times…”

“Ahh!” Savita was startled by Tarun’s hand which was suddenly on her thigh.

“Wha…what is he doing?” thought Savita with surprise as Tarun inconspicuously pulled down the elastic waisted pants and panties she was wearing…

“Oh god, these pants are so loose, they just slip right off”

Tarun inserted his fingers into Savita’s pussy and slowly began finger fucking her while trying to make sure his brother did not notice anything.

“Oh god! He’s so good at this!” Savita’s face was flushed with pleasure and she could hardly keep from moaning out.

“What’s the matter bhabhi?” asked Varun as he noticed Savita’s discomfort “You are looking a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh…It’s nothing Varun”-“It’s just a very hot day” Savita bit her lips as Tarun’s fingers worked on her pussy.

“Ummm, having my pussy fingered while Varun is in the room is making me so horny… I can’t hold it much longer…”

She was just about to cum when the phone started ringing. Savita pulled her pants up and went to answer the phone. Just as Savita finished talking to Ashok the boys finished their lunch and started to leave.

“My classes end an hour before Varun today bhabhi. So I hope you have something HOT ready for me this evening.” whispered Tarun into her ear before he left.

Later that evening…

“I hope bhabhi is ready.” Tarun thought as he eagerly pressed the door bell. The door opened and he was greeted by Savita who was wearing a sexy outfit.

“Hurry up baby, or your ‘tea’ will become cold.” Savita pulled Tarun into the house and closed the door.

“Mmmm, Bhabhi, where did you get such a hot outfit!” mumbled Tarun as he and Savita kissed passionately in the living room.

“I was out shopping a few weeks back. The salesperson there was very helpful and helped me choose this one”

In the meanwhile Tarun had already undressed her and led her to the sofa.”I’ve been waiting to suck on these milky buns all day…” Tarun suckled on bhabhi’s breasts like a child.

“A-Ahhh…You really love my breasts; don’t you Tarun?” replied Savita as Tarun licked and bit her nipples.

“Ummm, yes bhabhi. I’d love to have your breasts wrapped around my cock…”

“Hmmm ….Why don’t we make your fantasy come true?” whispered Savita into his ear. She got on her knees and began giving him a tit-fuck.

“Ahhh Bhabhiii. That’s it! I’m going to cum!” moaned Tarun after a few minutes of having Savita’s soft tits wrapped around his cock.

“Wait…cum in my pussy! It’s been wet all day after the teasing you did this afternoon.”

Savita got onto the sofa and spread her legs so that Tarun could fuck her. However at that moment the door bell rang and they were interrupted by Varun who was back from class. Savita and Tarun quickly wore their clothes and opened the door for Varun.

As Savita sat with the boys drinking tea all she could think about was that her pussy would have to wait a little longer before it got a nice fuck.

The next morning Varun surprised bhabhi by turning up at her house for breakfast early and alone. Savita knew what the boy really needed for his morning snack and got on her knees and started to give him a great blowjob.

Savita was down on her knees licking Varun’s cock. Using her growing experience and expertise in cock sucking, she had him moaning in pleasure by licking his cock tip and playing with his balls.

“Ahh Bhabhi, I’m really happy that I woke up early before Tarun for class today.” moaned Varun as Savita lapped up his cock.

“Me too…” thought Savita as she continued to deep throat Tarun’s rock hard penis.
Soon Varun’s cum erupted in Savita’s face. She was careful not to waste any and hungrily swallowed it all.

“Now it’s your turn to give bhabhi some pleasure!” Savita scooped up the cum on her lips with her fingers and licked it off.

Varun sat on the chair and watched as Savita took off her clothes. The sight of her pink pussy dripping wet with anticipation for his cock made him go hard again.

“Looks like your cock is ready for another round.” said Savita noticing how the boy’s cock went rigid once again at the sight of her pussy.

“Yes bhabhi, it wants you to ride it hard till you cum…”

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to feel your hard cock in my pussy”

Savita got onto Varun’s lap and stated guiding his cock into her pussy. Just then the door bell rang once again interrupting Savita as she was about to get a cock in her waiting pussy. Outside Tarun was grumbling to himself about how his brother did not wake him up for breakfast on time. Savita quickly put on a morning gown and opened the door to Tarun who came inside for breakfast.

“Between Ashok’s calls and these brother’s bad timings; I don’t think I’ll get any cock in my pussy this week. Looks like I’ll have to come up with something myself” thought Savita to herself and began thinking of a plan to get the two brothers into bed with her.

That evening, as Savita and the boys finished dinner, Tarun was surprised at the special feast that was laid out for them.

“Bhabhi, today’s dinner was really great! What’s the special occasion?”

“It’s my and Ashok’s fourth anniversary. And my idiot husband has not even called me once today to wish me!” she said with an irritated look on her face.

“Don’t worry bhabhi, he must be busy today. I’m sure he will call you soon.”

“It was really mean of him to leave me like this on our anniversary. I wish there was something to do to take my mind off this topic.”

“Bhabhi, there’s a good movie on TV today. Let’s watch it together!”

However Savita had something else planned for the night and suggested that she’d rather play cards to pass the time.

The three of them cleared up the dishes and moved into the bedroom to play Teen Patti.

“Bhabhi, Teen Patti is very boring if we don’t bet any real money in it.” said Varun after a few rounds.

“No, that would be gambling!” said Savita knowing that one of the horny boys would eventually come up with something else.

“Hmm… there is something else we can bet on.” said Varun right on cue.

“We could bet on our clothes… I played it at a party once, it was a lot of fun” he continued cautiously to see if Savita would object to this.

“You mean like strip poker? I can’t do that!” Savita was trying her best to look shocked at the idea.

“Oh c’mon bhabhi, be a sport. If you lose too much at any stage and want to stop, we’ll do so” Tarun was staring at her breasts and hoping to see them once more that night.

“Yes Bhabhi, c’mon. It was you who wanted to play cards” the boys coaxed her.

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Savita Bhabhi – Episode 17 : Double Trouble Part 2

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