Sasur Fucked Bahu In Aggresive – Part I

Sarvasstri ( sastri) is the daughter in law of my neighbour married just a few days earlier but in the honeymoon itself she came out of the bedroom wiping that her husband has not penis but a neuter gender . All assembled on her cry but many try to console her but in vain . She told it is her life time problem and she has been cheated by her in law family as they showed her a new boy strong and stout and married her with this penis less effeminate . Her mother in law took her to their bedroom and try to console her but it was not possible on her part to calm down. At last her father in law came and try to talk to her but she vehemently refused any other talk except her sexual fulfillment. Her mother in law told she should calm down .She told if his son is not capable to fuck her to her satisfaction she will not be starved for sex as his father in law is a great fucker and he can satisfy her to her heart content .She told how she can fuck with a father in law.Her father in law told it is nothing but get free from starvation and for starvation there is no harm to eat what ever come to the hand.Hearing this she calm down to some extent but sat in sad mood. Morning came and all relatives left .

They took their lunch sitting in one table. Her mother in law told her not to feel otherwise and her desire will be fulfilled. Her husband admit his inefficiency and told her to have patience till the evening and she will be fucked by a big and thick and excessive hard and strong penis . She remain silent and after dinner all went to sleep except her husband and her father in law. Her husband told he has married her and he should show the seed by licking her pussy. Her father in law told her not to shy and show her pussy so that he can lick and lubricate otherwise it is not possible on her part to tolerate his penis.

Though she was not interested still she showed her pussy by lifting her saree upto her chest.Her father in law saw her navel as deep as her cunt and became very glad. Her husband licked her pussy for half an hour and wet her labia and inside like bathing but still his father told him to lubricate with caster oil .He did and his father in law naked and stood before him showing his long nine inches penis standing in ninety degree angle .His son slide his foreskin and lubricated his penis from the tips to the end of the shaft.. But before oiling his father’s penis he sucked and licked for a longtime and oiling his father’s penis he went to his mother . Her father in law was naked but she was yet to remove her saree as she had only lifted upto her chest. Her father in law asked her to hold his penis and enjoy it’s pulsation and tell if this pestle can satisfy your pussy or not .She hold and enjoy the pulsation but smiled and said unless it entered her pussy and stir upto her satisfaction how she can tell it has the capacity . Her father in law asked her if his shaft can entered her tight pussy . She did not reply but naked herself in front of her father in law.He saw her erect boobs and hairy rosy pussy.

Her father in law then en cupped her boobs but as the boobs did not come within her hands due to heavy in size he told one boob in both hands and squeezed. The motion was so speedy and thrilling that she jumped like a shrimp but her father in law rub her pussy and holding a bunch of the pubes dragged and released .Then he repeated several times catching bunch after bunch and dragged the entire pubes in two minutes.Her daughter in law was jumping lime shrimp but he was not in a mood to stop . By this she became nervous and requested him to stop pulling her pubes as she is getting pain but still he continued pulling .She could sit and hold his thickly lubricated penis and started sucking but still he was pulling her pubes more aggressively.Then she also hold his glans in her teeth and started biting as if to detach it from the shaft .Then the man started palpating her and told he will obey her orders and ready to insert his rod and told he is trying his level best to satisfy her sex desire .


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