Reading a sex book

I have been thinking for a long time to tell you all my experience which have made me mad for woman’s cunt and sex with them let me tell you what happened but before that my name is PANKAJ I’m from Surat- Mumbai the incident which I’m going to narrate is happened to me two Month from now. All should mail me their comments at [email protected]

I had a friend named Kishore I used to visit him home many a times I was very friendly with his mother he was the only son for her. His dad was an officer in a government office. One day I was feeling quite bored so I planned to make a visit to his house it was nearly 11 am when I reached there and I ringed for the door after quite some time his Cosine Bhabhi her name is DHARA she is nearly 35 yrs of age She is 5’5″ tall, medium colour, black long soft & silky hair…wide open eyes and 36C is her boobs size. I could see that she was up to something but I was not sure what that was Kishore was not at home and she told me to sit down I sat down and she was busy with some thing I could note that she was horny because her hair was loose and her saree was low till her pussy hairs be seen and till that day I have not seen her naval she had a deep cut naval it was so deep she noticed me staring on her naval but she did not mind it.

After some time she said to me that she was going to the next house and she went away I soon took this opportunity and checked her room and her table but all in vain then I found a dairy under her bed it was an up to date one she had written all her feelings her day to day expenses all in that I just took it and started reading it, to tell the truth it was like reading a sex book I was able to understand that her husband was a failure in sex and she was not at all satisfied with him she liked all the position but he was very much a failure she was not bold enough to take up a relation with someone else fearing abt the consequences then it goes on like that….

But I was feared then I heard some noise on the front door I quickly kept the dairy back and went back to his room it was my friend himself we two chatted for long he told me that his dad and he is going for a trip to his dads sisters house and they would not be home for five days he asked me to company his Bhabhi for the rest of the days as they are our family friends and his daddy has asked my house too for permission I agreed they left I was having many plans in my mind.

The first day by evening 7 pm I reached there, she was in a nighty and she was going for a bath. She guided me to their room and take some books fro me to read I just flip up the pages she enters the bathroom I take this opportunity to see her naked but I was only able to see her legs then she just finishes her bath and wears her night dress we chat for a while and asks me abt my life in college I too asked her abt her college life before so many years I asked her if she had a boy friend she said no she asked me I also replied the same that night we slept the next day morning I was lazy on bed I was nude on bed and my cock was standing up I was holding it up with my hand and thinking of fucking my friends mom but soon she enters with the cup of tea she sees me but does not make any sound she looks at my huge thing with quite love and lust in her eyes I was not able to make out what to do but I spread over the blanket soon she just goes out with out saying a word I was feeling quite ashamed.

I went away home and returned back in the evening it was a rainy day she had had her bath and she was waiting for me she was in her saree we had dinner and I was sleeping in Kishore room there was heavy rain and lightening soon I was able to see her near my door she requested me to come and sleep with her as she is quite afraid of lightening I went with her to their bed room where she was fucked by her husband I was horny thinking abt that and the evil thoughts abt her beauty made me much more hornier she slept down on the bed and I was near to her.

I turned my face away from her and was laying down in the opposite direction she embraced me and told me “u are my son who is not born to me” I was stunned but my cock was not I turned towards her and my lips touched her lips rubbing her lips my lips opened up and I said “dear mom” and pressed my lips on her cheeks at that time my chest was rubbing against her breasts and my cock on her crouch and my hand was on her belly she too kissed me force fully on my cheeks next chance was mine I pressed my hands on her milky belly she giggled and asked me “hey u are so hot now” I said “but not as u are” she was quite happy coz I was able to understand her feelings.

She pressed her lips to mine and inserted her tongue into my mouth her one hand was holding my cock through my night pants I was in heaven I pressed my tongue inside hers too she was teaching me the art of fucking she slid down my pants and I was nude she took my cock in her mouth and licked it for nearly 10 min then she asked me to stand up she also stood up then she asked me to undress her I slowly moved her saree and then her blouse her bra followed to her petticoat then her panties she had a bushy cunt then she asked me to lick her from her fore head I started licking her forehead down to her nose her lips to throat then her breasts nipples then I inserted her right nipple inside my mouth for some time then her left nipple she was holding my head against her body so tightly then I moved down to her deep naval I licked her naval clean I inserted my tongue into her deep naval and licked her naval sides clean then followed down to her bushy cunt ….

I lay down on the bed she responded by getting up and She grasped my cock in her hand. She then rubbed it back and forth across her pussy She paused after three strokes and placed the head inside her vagina and slid the rest of my cock deep in her womb in a smooth stroke She squeezed my cock with her pussy. I picked her up and with my cock still buried in her pussy as I turned us over on her back I then placed her legs wide and over my shoulders and drove my cock deep into her pussy. I leaned in and started sucking her nipples. With that I took control and worked my cock into her with deep long hard strokes.

I picked up the pace with each thrust. I could feel the diaphragm as the resistance on each in stroke. After about 15 minutes of pounding my cock I placed large amount of sperm in her pussy and laid on the bed she cleaned herself… And went to the kitchen wearing a nightgown I went back her in my boxers I walked up behind her and grabbed her in a hug. I wrapped both hands on her breasts and pulled her tight against me. I felt my cock get hard and slap against her butt I slid down my hand and felt her bare bush against my prying fingers I bent her over the table and probed with my cock against her pussy lips With that she reached between her legs and placed her hand firmly around my cock and placed it in her pussy. I slid it the rest of the way in and felt no resistance at all with that she moved against me and pushed me deeper. Being so horny, I worked my cock in long slow strokes.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her against my in going thrusts she placed her head on the table and held on with her hands to the sides. I started to slap my balls against her clit. We worked against each other for some time but she did not allow me to cum she sucked me hard and that night ended when we slept together naked she was kissing my lips all the time. Next day I was thrilled I reached there, she kissed me when she saw me then we went to the bedroom she climbed on the bed and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She worked up and down on my cock with her tongue for a few minutes. She stopped and climbed on top of my cock and planted my cock deep in her flexing pussy She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and ground my cock deep in her wanting pussy. I worked on her nipples and breasts and the pulled her towards my mouth and licked and sucked them until the nipples were erect and nearing a flushed red colour she then changed position and started riding me like a horse. She was posting up and down on my cock. I felt myself go deeper in her womb it was really wonderful then she got down and taught me the position of 69 her wet cunt juices filled my mouth and my cock went in her throat that was for another 10 min then she laid down in the bed with wide spread legs I started pumping my cock into her wet and ready womb. I started slowly.

Pausing at the opening and quickly sliding to the bottom, I slowly picked up the pace of the thrust and she worked her hips thrust against me. Soon she started her orgasms. We rose and continued to rise and then went one on top of the other. We rolled on top of each other her eyes rolled back and she seemed to pass out. I kept pounding her pussy for all it was worth After 20 minutes I rolled to one side and my cock popped out of her pussy. I then rubbed her nipples and then fingered her pussy. I slid one finger in and felt around. Then I tried two fingers. I rubbed the topside of her vagina. She started to moan again. I slid a third finger in and then tried a fourth finger she seemed to like all of the movement since she was still having orgasms. I slid deeper. I worked there for a few minutes. She had at least three more orgasms. I then started “French” kissing her deeply.

This sent her over the top. She grasped my wrist and pulled more of me into her pussy. I started fisting her deeply. She kept fucking my fist until she passed out. I removed my fist slowly and she put my cock in the cleavage and asked me to move, I put my cock in her tits and was moving it was just like fucking I moved my cock faster between her tits which were being crushed by my cock she got up from the bed and went near the table then she asked me to fuck her virgin ass I was quite happy by her command I parted her ass cheeks and saw her virgin ass hole she said that her husband was not interested in ass fucking I put some saliva and she too took some from her mouth and lubricated my cock and her ass hole then I entered her we both were yelling out in pain and pleasure the strokes were slow then faster it went up the speed I shot my whole cum inside her ass she told me I want to be the Mother of your child and she was quite happy for me coz I had given her everything that a man can give for a woman in those five days she now also visit me and now also it’s a secret between her and me. I feel great pleasure to dedicate this experience to my dear Dhara Bhabhi.

Those who have read my experience can mail me with all their comments and those of you from anywhere need me for some time can also do that: [email protected] I love all pussies and Asses and milky breasts with no string attachment & assured Privacy.

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