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I’m a huge fan of Indian Sex Stories website. Not a day passes for me without reading the new stories posted onto the site. This is my first posting onto any internet site. About me I’m a young married man relocated recently to Pune. My wife stays in my hometown with my parents as she works for a huge MNC there. So, here I’m in Pune and back to my bachelor days. In weekends, I go back to be with my wife. As far as sex libido is concerned, I have a great sex appetite. This is not the same with my wife. According to her, a good fuck once in approx. 2 months is enough for her. Hence, I had been left wanting for sex most of the time. Till date, I was very loyal to my wife and I had never been into another woman in spite of getting some real advances. Also, I neither drink nor smoke. I’m not the same person anymore. After coming to Pune, I had to spend Monday to Friday alone at my rented 2 BHK flat in one of the posh areas of Pune. Staying alone makes you think of indulging in some mischief’s and adventures.

I made up my mind to get some females in Pune for casual sex. I used to logon to chat rooms and try my luck. But to my horror, in today’s day, there are more gays available for sex than women. My frustration continued. One day, I thought of sending a post onto one of the local websites asking for female company. A week passed and no one replied to my e-mail id. I was losing hope. One fine day, I got a reply to my post with a female mentioning her phone number. I called the mobile. She asked me to meet immediately at Koregaon Park, Pune. We chatted for a while and then I came to know that she was a call girl selling herself to meet her family’s needs. I took pity on her and said I’m not interested in Paid Sex and I was looking for female friends. I brought her to my home and can you imagine, I helped her to post a new ad in the internet which helped her to get some clients as her English was not good. I had no sex with her though she was willing to have sex with me without payment. I was not keen on having sex with a prostitute and that too a helpless female. I dropped her back and my loneliness continued for next few days.

Now the real story starts

I got a reply on my personal id which stated – 32 year old Married female looking for decent male to spend some time in Pune. I will call the lady Anita (name changed) hereafter. My heart beats increased and suddenly my penis became all erect after reading this. I sent her one of my picture stating I’m not that good-looking but well mannered. We went on exchanging e-mails for the next 1 week. Our emails never discussed sex and Anita had not sent her photograph to me. Soon, Anita gained confidence on me and called me on my cell number one day around 10:30 pm. Now, instead of email, we started talking on cell phone. It was quite strange, Anita used to ask me to call her after 10:30 pm at night daily. I came to know that Anita was a Housewife with two kids aged 8 and 4 years. I persuaded her to meet and she used to postpone the same saying one or the other reason.

Yesterday, around 11:30 pm, I got a sms on my cell phone which read –“Anita here. Let’s meet tomorrow morning 9:45 am. Is it OK ? Awkward meeting outside, ur place OK. Please confirm .” I was about to sleep by the time this sms came. I was surprised on this sms. Anita wanted to meet me at my place – Ghosh. I called her immediately at night and god, she was on fire at the other end. She was speaking in a very sexy voice and we exchanged some naughty talks on phone. This was the first time for us to meet anyone thru internet and we both were little nervous. I was not able to sleep the whole night. Hardly, I slept for an hour. In the morning, it became more difficult to pass on time. I got some cold drinks and some snacks for her and I was ready for the kill. I had decided to go slow on this, since if I played my cards well, I can get a great companion for sex during my stay in Pune. At last, she called me around 10 am and said she is near to my place and asked for directions to my flat since she had come in her 2-wheeler(kinetic). I saw her for the first time. She was a lady of around 32-35 years old. Very fair, average looking with huge breasts and bums. She was trying to be modern wearing sunglasses. She was wearing a saree. She had no great figure. But I gave a damn care attitude to this. I said to myself – I’m not going to marry her or go out with her. Its pure sex.

I took her inside onto my flat and bolted the door from inside. I asked her to relax for a while. I served her cold drink and then we started getting personal about our families. Her husband is a businessman who doesn’t care about her. Her life has become a routine with her kids. No thrills or excitement in her life. Hence, she needed friendship. Like me, She had also not slept the whole night thinking of me. I also told her about my loneliness. Things started to settle down between us now. I took her hand onto mine and assured that I will be a great friend to her in Pune and the day She feels disinterested or some complications arise, I will not call her. She was very happy to hear this. We agreed on a need-based friendship. Now, we were behaving like normal friends. She praised me- I was looking much younger in person than I am actually. I’m close to 30, but I can easily pass off to be a 24 year old guy. We were in the living room and I decided, this is the right time to make the move. I asked her for a kiss and she readily agreed. We were kissing passionately for few minutes. In the meantime, while kissing, my hands were slowly encircling her breasts above her saree. She was not objecting to it and co-operating fully. I said – Let’s move to the bedroom and she readily agreed. She had got charged up. I was wearing a T-shirt and jeans and she was in her saree till that time.

Now, we were in the bed sitting close. I started the kiss again and she was enjoying the same. My hands started exploring all over her body. I made it a point to suck on every part of her body above her clothes. I believe, slow and steady wins the race in sex and it was true. Her face had suddenly turned red and she was begging me to remove her blouse literally. I denied and this continued for next 10 minutes. Only my tongue was doing all the kissing and sucking. Then, I lifted her saree from below and started licking her legs. I slowly lifted her saree till her waist and moved my tongue above her panty. I was sucking her above her panty. This was making her crazy and she was breathing and making noises heavy enough for my neighbor to get suspicious though. I drifted apart and went to the living room and played television. I came back to the bedroom and said, now u can enjoy making noises while I explore you. This made her more excited. In the next 30 minutes, She might have enjoyed the greatest suck in her life according to her confession later. My tongue had explored her each and every curve. Till now, She was in her full clothes. I had not removed her saree. I strongly believe, foreplay gets the best out of your partner.

Now, She was uncontrollable. She wanted me all over her. She started removing her blouses, since I was teasing her and being patient. She removed my t-shirt her and hands were going to my zipper. I drifted her hand and said enjoy my acts for some more time and then we can go ahead. Now, she was practically nude in front of me although she was still wearing saree. I had lifted her saree to her waist and she had removed her bra and blouse. Again, I started sucking. Now I removed her panty and started to suck her, I’m a great sucker. My wife can vouch for the same and now Anita as she confessed later. I was licking her cunt for next 45 minutes. She climaxed twice during the same period. The smell was not good between her thighs. But still, I continued since I was not ready to embarrass her. Now, it was uncontrollable for her. Things reached to such a point that she was begging with me to remove my pant and show her my tool. I finally removed my pant and she saw my penis fully erect. About my tool – it’s not that huge, But it can easily satisfy.. Also, my sucking arouses a lady to the maximum and hence fucking becomes easier. She enquired whether I have condom. I had already kept it below the pillow in both the living and bedroom expecting the same.

Her hand was on my hard dick slowly pressing and feeling the hardness, by now I had pulled up her kurtha and took it off her ,even took off her bra ,She was now lying on her back, I turned my attention to her face, kissing her everywhere I could. She cupped her breasts and brought it closer to my face, urging me to suck them. I kissed her lips ignoring her offering of her breasts. “Yes?” I asked, still wanting to win this silly little game of power. “Yes” she said evenly not letting go of my lips and running her hands over my shoulder blades and biceps. I got a little more adventurous and started running my hands down her thighs towards her pussy. She tried to push my hand away. I did not relent and started to massage her pussy, through her panties and her dress. She sighed loudly. She covered her legs with my hands still there. She raised her legs and started rubbing them together to increase the stimulation. I took one of her hands and put it on my dick; she was squeezing it and started stroking my cock through my shorts. She drew me closer to her and kept kissing me, playing with my cock .I started kissing her again. I suddenly and urgently started massaging her cunt. “Mmmm” she sighed. She looked at me with those eyes again, questioning my intent. I looked at her, continuing to rub her pussy through her clothes. . Her sighing increased a lot. She opened up her legs and let me massage her pussy. “Do you want me to stop Anita”, I asked. “No” she begged. “No?” I asked disbelievingly. “No please”. She was ready to cum.

I took off my hands from her pussy and I was kissing and slowly moving my tongue over her tits licking them in small circles sucking them kneading the other softly, she lifted my head and gave me a sexy smile and kissed me sucking my tongue, I took off the bed sheet from our bodies and looked down at her she was looking very beautiful topless, nipples still hard, her hands were in my hairs, she asked ,what are you looking at, I told her ,YOU are beautiful, and hugged her , I got up and removed my shirt ,and kissing her once again went down to her breasts ,tummy kissing her small belly button, undid the knot of her kameez and pulled it down, she raised her hips to help me take it off, she had a black lace panties ,wet at her pussy as she had cum before, she was saying, Satish please don’t, and was pushing my head to her pussy.

I kissed her lower tummy near her pussy she arched up and pulled my head down again, screaming in passion, goose pimples were growing on her legs I parted her hands from my head and kissed her wet pussy lightly, she moaned in delight I kissed her wetness a bit longer and asked her, u like it, she did not say anything her eyes closed ,she had a pleasant look on her face ,she opened her legs slightly, I licked her slit and wow it was such a great feeling, she held my head and pushed it to her pussy once again, ohhhhhhhh yesssssss satiiiiiiisshhhhhhhhhhha yes, I got up and slid her panties off her legs, took off my briefs also ,we were now both naked my dick hard throbbing up and down, I opened her legs wider and sucked her pussy all the wetness there ,and slid my tongue in it slowly sliding it all the way up in her slit she held the bed hard and was screaming in pleasure ,yes pleeeeeeaeeeee donttttttt stttoopppppp pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee Satish, I went on licking her pussy, she was saying, ohhhh satishhhhh I am cuuummmiiinnng, and came on my face, it felt soooooooooooo nice, I lay on her pussy for some time, after a while she pulled me up on her and kissed me sucking her juices from my mouth ,she pushed me on to my back and sat on my hard dick and kissed me on the chest, slowly licking my nipples biting it slowly, wow the cool room and the hot feelings it was sooooooooo gooooood.

I pressed her to me slowly she went down to my tummy and she took my hard dick in her soft hands and was moving the skin up down ,I was moving my hips to her movements as I could not control it slowly she kissed the head and slid it in her mouth sucking slowly I held her head and was moving my hands in her hair slowly screaming, ohhhhh viiidddhhyyyaa yes do it slowly I lovvvvee it, after sucking for some time she came over me and hugged me tightly my hard dick was between her legs pushing to her pussy wanting to go in she sat up on me and was rubbing herself to my rod enjoying the feeling I held her hips and moved her slowly on to my dick her breasts bouncing up down I was pressing them with one hand I bent her down and kissed her lips and I held her hips and moved her slowly on to my dick her breasts bouncing up down I was pressing them with one hand I bent her down and kissed her breasts and put her beside me .

Now I got on top of her and she hugged me tightly my dick between her legs was ready to go into her, I lifted her arms up and she held the cot, I held my dick and put it on her pussy was moving it on her slit ,she was moaning, oohhhhhhh yes sattttiiissh puttttt it in please I cannot wait anymore pleeeeeaaaassseeee, I brought my rod to the entrance of her pussy and slowly was pushing it inside ,she bit her lips with her teeth ,I was pushing my hard hot rod in her slowly going in her soft wet sexy pussy, she parted her legs as much as possible, my rod went in to the hilt she put her legs around my hips and held me tight and said, wait for a while I want to feel u inside me, I obliged her and kissed her lips ,sucking her tongue ,my rod was pulsating in her pussy, wooowwwwww the feeling, her pussy getting tight on my rod, ahhhhhh yes ahhhhh yes sooooooooo gooooooooodd, she was all wet now and then started to slowly fuck her going up down, up down, she bit the bed sheet to keep her from screaming and I pushed it in hard, I just stopped for a while and kissed her hugging her hard and slowly moving my rod in out in out her pussy she held to me hard biting my shoulders in pain I was slowly fucking her going in out in out she also started to move her hips along with mine she was saying ,yes, yes Satish do it do it I love it ohhhhhhhh yes go on go on pleaseeeeeee don’t stop, please don’t sstttttttooooopppppppppp, holding the bed hard I was fucking her faster now her pussy was all wet now and my dick was moving in her quite easily.

I went on to my hands and was fucking her seeing her enjoy it fully she had closed her eyes and was enjoying , I was saying, aaahhhhh viddddhhhhyyyya ur sooooooo sexy, I was moving faster now going in out in out she put her legs on my waist and was pulling me to her ,her breasts moving on her chest ,the whole bed moving with our act I lifted her legs to my shoulders now and went on fucking her faster she was also screaming ohhhhhh yes I am cumming cummming, yes yes go on go onuuuhhhhha, oh god what r u doing to me Satish feeelsssss gooddd ohhhhhh godddddd, yes, yes, after some time I told her I am Cumming also and moved in her faster and when was about to spurt I took out my rod and came on her tummy ,my hot juices spurting out ,she was still moving her hips after I came fully I inserted it in her once again and fell on her hugging her kissing her ,asked her, how was it for u Anita, was it good , she told , yes never knew it would be this good , it was toooooo gooooood ,and hugged me tightly giving me a kiss and we both fell asleep in each others arms, the room cool we were hot couple it was just right for such a good fuck ,what do u all say? I will Share our next encounter with you all, as and when it happens. Meanwhile, females from Pune can write to me at [email protected] for further details. All you lonely ladies in Pune, reach out to me. Looking forward to hear. Thanks.

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