Passionate Sex

Yes guys n gals.. !! Are you ready for a ride.. !! Sex jitna chadhe utna hi mast hota hai… Harden your lund… More wet your choot… Majaaa will be more.. This is Aryan,born for sex sex and sex.. If u want 2 have fun with me, enjoy with me, be my friend, share your experience, share with me at [email protected] !! Always ready for this sex ocean..

So today i would like tell my encounter with Shikha, my cousin. I will not exaggerate, jus feel what I feel about Shikha.. She is 19, in her, third year. She has bright, soft skin, dimple on her both cheeks, deeper on left cheek. Once she smiles, her dimple will make you to hold her in arms and kiss her. Her hair, curly in nature, fall on her back, jumps when she walks, flicks coming to her face, she is always busy to handle. If u see her reading some book and adjusting her flick which tingles somewhere on her chin and neck, you cannot stop ur urge to watch that beauty again and again. Now coming to her luscious lips. Those are like two petals of rose. I feel lucky to even watch them. Slowly coming down to her cleavage. They are deep like ocean. I bet If she bend in a public, Saale sab sant, mahatma bhi apni sharafat chhod kar wahan dekh le.

She always select best bras to support her beautiful soft, but firm 34 breast size. When she wears tight top its hard to go out with her. The roundness of her boobs is so curvy ki aapka haath aise uthne lagta hai jaise aap hypnotize ho gaye ho. Thoda sa neeche aate hain. Her waist is slender and so smooth. When she wears short top or short shirts (usually, she has a lot but does not wear when her parents are around), her chikni hot waist is visible. The thing that comes to your mind is like if you keep your hand over her chikni kamar, ur hand will slide down to her gorgeous hips automatically.

She always wanted to be model, since her childhood. But due to so many restrictions in family she had to opt her profession as engineering. Still she dances, does exercise, jogging (wow, her bra is not able to control her bouncing passion.. up and down.. absolute dick raising scene). She waxes her skin regularly to keep her smooth and chikna. When she comes after exercise, her drops of sweats make her skin more beautiful and sexy. And when she went for her bath after that u’d like to enter in her bathroom with her.

Vaise itna description sun kar aapke lund me kuch kuch to hone laga hoga. And gals are you getting wet for real chudaai.Actually her dreams were too high and ambitious to get born in her family. I was also in my engineering. So her parents allowed me to talk about her study and all. Slowly we started to share our personal things. She told me how much he loved fashion and wanted to be a model. She told me that she has bought so many clothes hiding her parents. She wears them when she is alone. Her little brother is in boarding school. Many guys had crush over her. She knew it but never involved in a relationship due to her family. She discussed about clothes, fashion, what girls love about boys. I shared her about what size boys love most. Where we stare most (of course, on boobs). What type of girls invites us.

My end semester exams got over. I had 15-20 days before my coaching to be started. Her last 2 exams were left in which she were terrible. Her mother called me and asked to come to visit their home. I surely wanted to but her exams were left. Her mother said you can help her in last 2 exams in which she is so bad. Later you, two can enjoy here your vacations together.

I agreed. Till then I knew that she was beautiful, but never had some bad (or say best) intentions about her. I landed next day in her city. Her mother opened the door. I greeted. After a few secs… There was a scene which turned my mind like a lattu.. A height of 5 feet six inches, yes without heel, curly here bouncing near her breast, a loose top in which one can measure her breast size, small cleavage but big enough to push enough blood in my lund. Gracious face, pink lips, big inviting eyes. She was wearing 3-4th in which her absolute sexy luscious big gaand was making my jeans tight.


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