Part 9 In A Retail Outlet

This story is part of a series:

After her PGDBA, Udayita joined a well-known retail brand store and was designated the floor manager for one of their retail outlets in Mumbai.

I had not fucked her since that night at my house. I was married already and had settled down. During one of our shopping expeditions, we visited this outlet and I was anxious to seek out Udayita.

As my wife went through the women’s section, I sought a time off and went off to find her. I made enquiries with the staff and they led me to a small back office cabin. Udayita was surprised and couldn’t stop herself from rushing into my arms and giving me a hug that I wanted badly. Her soft breasts melted into me. I put my arms around her under her shoulders and as we separated I moved my palms to the side of her breasts and gave her a brief crush. She realized this and whispered, “You still want them?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.
“It has been sucked many times after you did it to me”, she whispered.

“I don’t care who else has sucked you, but all I know is that I cannot forget these mounds and these peaks. I have been waiting to lay my mouth on them.”

“I too can’t wait to get that meat of yours inside me. When do we meet for that?” she spoke in a hushed tone.

My erection was already obvious. “Is this place safe and secure for about 20 minutes?” I asked.

“Hmmm. You seem to be in a great hurry. Alright, let us go back further”

She led me further down to the back of the office where a few boys were taking a coffee break.

“Leave us, alone gentlemen. We are discussing some important customer feedback. Give us about 30 minutes please and don’t disturb us please”

The chaps left one by one and as they left I saw them leering at her sexy backside. I was beginning to feel that some of these guys would have suckled on her tits and might have taken her to bed. Udayita had worn a short skirt that ended about 4 inches above her knees. She had worn a tight white shirt which apparently was her uniform. She removed her coat and lay it over the shoulder of the chair. She removed her slip on shoes and went over to close the door. I began to strip and in no time was in my underwear, which displayed a massive erection underneath.

She looked very sexy in our dress. Her white shirt made no attempts to hide the inner bra. The top button started off just where her cleavage started. She looked voluptuous. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly and neatly kept it aside along with her coat. She had worn a pink strap bra with the hooks in the front. I think it was a cup small since it pushed out her mammary flesh.

She removed her panty and hiked her skirt up. I knelt before her and she offered her bush to sniff. I took in her scent and familiarised myself with something I had loved long back. I rubbed my nose in her bush. She was wet already and I knew in a few minutes we would be humping like rabbits. I licked her pussy and lapped at her secretions. She moaned as she felt my tongue on her clit.

She had unclasped her bra and was now fondling herself. I got up and tried to remove her skirt. She said, “No. Leave it on and so for the bra. I will need it in case someone knocks”

I left it at that and moved towards my targets. I kissed her lips and neck. We, French, kissed for about 3 minutes and separate for breath. My heart was pounding. I clasped her breast and began to knead them gently.

I kissed the flesh around her shoulders and on her chest. I lifted her breasts in my palms. She seemed bigger.

“Are they bigger now?” I asked as I took her humungous organs into my hands.

“I…I am not sssure. I am wearing a D cup these days”

“They are lovely as they were, Udayita. I have wanted them for so looong. Give them to me”

She held my head lovingly and holding one breast in the other guided her erect nipple into my mouth. I closed in on the bud and I sucked on it as if there was no tomorrow. I went on for 10 minutes giving equal attention to both.

She was wet and oozing. I was wet too and had stained my underwear with lots of precum.

She removed them in a jiffy and wasted no time in mouthing it. She wet it thoroughly and before long she was moving her head on it. I wanted her pussy. I told her that I wanted to put in her moist cunt.

She stopped sucking and looking up said “This is not a good time for that. Give it in my mouth now. I will call you later for a good time”

She was sucking hard now and it had been 10 minutes already. I saw that she was tiring and I was nowhere near eruption.

I asked her to stop. I took her up and asked her to lay down on the small circular table. I pulled her towards me as I stood at her head. I asked her to take my penis into her mouth. I inserted slowly and in this position I could reach her throat.

“I will do the fucking now. You just lay back and enjoy my cock”

She had a mouthful and I could see my cock moving back and forth in her slender throat.
I held her breasts, pressing them and simultaneously fucking her mouth. I occasionally rubbed her cunt and bent down to take a suck of her breasts.

I sent her into an orgasm with my fingers.

Shortly thereafter, I sensed my own orgasm. “I am cumming, Udayita”, I told her. I continued to pump her mouth with my cock and jerking for one last time, I sent in a huge goblet of my semen into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could. A small amount overflowed by the sides onto her chin.

I finished and withdrew. She turned and sucked me clean. She got up from the table. She walked over to the small mirror in the corner and looked at herself. I went behind her and putting my arms around cupped and kneaded her breasts. She looked a fucked up whore, semen smeared on her face.

She wiped the semen with her fingers and licked them. She then took a tissue to clean up. She dumped the tissue in the toilet and flushed. No tell-tale signs.

We kissed again. I could taste my cum on her tongue. She promised that she would call me again. We dressed up and neatened up. We came out.

I introduced my wife to her and Udayita was shocked. She came close to me and whispered, ”You didn’t tell me that you had brought your wife along!”

“Would it have made a difference to us? What? You wanted a threesome or what?” I teased her.

She boxed my chest mockingly.

We finished our purchases and returned home. I was horny and we had a great romping session that night. Little did my wife realize that the cock that went into her cunt had just finished its work in Udayita’s sexy mouth.

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