Padma’s breast milk

I am Sam age 22 from Chennai and I had a experience. I love breast milk very much but I didn’t get chance to drink until certain age. This is a real story of mine. Near my house there was a women called Padma who is age of 23 and she is very beautiful. She resides next to my house and she has very huge breast with 40 size and just now she had a baby. So she uses to feed her baby with milk. I use to see her because she will be very nice in speaking with me. But I am only ten year old so I didn’t get any chance of tasting her milk. One day when she came to home to watch film I was surprised her wearing only saree but not a blouse and there is no one at home. Her husband is in Dubai and he went back before 6 months. When she came to my house I just invited her to see TV. She just sat with me next to me in bed but she kept her child asleep in her house. When we are watching TV I saw her huge breast in side view and it was full of milk and I was very much interested in drinking it. At the I heard the child crying so I told her that her child is crying. She asked me to bring the child and went to bring the child. When I came back I was surprised that she was ready to feed her child .She took her saree from her breast and ask me to keep her child in lap and I was totally freeze in seeing that much big breast. She asked to sit next to her and said do you see my child is sucking my milk very eagerly. I said yeah very much and she has huge milk so it was oozing out when she was sleeping. At the time her brother came to her house so I didn’t get the chance of drinking milk.

One day when I went to her house she was wearing saree and having her mehandi in her hands and I started chatting about her child. In the mean time the child started crying so she ask me to bring the child keep it in her lap. At the time her both hands was filled with mehandi so he asked me to unhook the breast to feed the milk to child. First I just felt shy but later I opened the blouse buttons. It was the first time I pressed the woman’s breast, it was so soft and juicy milk comes out from her huge milk tank. I saw her breast which was milky white and she asks me hold for some time to feed his child. After some times I asked her whether her child is drinking all milk or left something. She said I am very much upset with this huge milk because it so huge and it never gets dry at any moment. At many times she use to lactate her milk in bathroom because of heavy weight in her breast At that time I slowly asked her whether can I have some milk to drink only for taste which was going waste. She suddenly becomes happy and said are you interested in drinking my milk then why are you wasting time come and suck my milk tank. She kept her child away from us and ask me to lay down in her lap and she asked me suck her right breast to drink milk and I slowly started pressing her right breast and drank much milk but it was not empty but I still continued to suck her breast to make her pot empty after sometimes she pussed my head from right breast to left breast and ask me to suck. She said you are my first child because you only helped me in emptying my breast.

In the meanwhile I know her husband was in Dubai for last 6 months so she was having very sexual feeling .She just started to put her hand my pant and she unzipped my pant and she just started to hold my penis in her hands which was already erect and she asked what a penis you have?. But I was still in eager to drink more milk from her breast. She removed my shirt and pant in the mean while and asked to me remove her saree. I am totally shocked seeing her naked with huge breast and with out any dress. She then lay down in the bed and asked me to fuck. I got my penis erect at that time I put my penis into her vagina and started hitting. She then suddenly asked me to stop and said better do both at the same time. So I sat on her and started drinking her breast milk and at the same time I started hitting her with my full energy level. She was shouting like oooooo. Ahhh hit me more suck my millllllllkkkkkk she just shouted please hit your rod fastly and at the same time she asks me suck her milk very fastly and I have done both at the same time. Then the climax came she then kissed me passionately in my fore head. She told I never had this much experience in my life and I want to your sex partner.

I use to drink milk from her breast every day without nonstop. Whenever there is no one in my house she will come and ask me to suck her breast and I used to suck her breast with full of joy. Even when we are watching TV she will remove her bra and blouse for me. She will watch TV but I used to suck her huge millllllllk tank every single minute. But after someday she left her house and went her native place. But now I am missing her so much I am very much passionate in drinking breast milk. So if you have huge milk pot then send me a mail to [email protected] I looking for aunties who is interested in having sex and giving her huge breast to drink. I will give full satisfaction to them at any cost. Please aunties who are in Chennai and around can mail to [email protected]

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