Old Woman Mating A Young Boy

Hi viewers. This is Krish from Hyderabad. I just want to narrate my story of sex with a woman of around 55. Let me introduce myself. I am 5.7 height with athletic body and good looking but not too handsome. This incident happened when I’m in my 10th standard. My native place is a small village near Khamma. In front of our house there lived a old couple. They had four children settled at different places. They are living alone. They are having a small Kirana shop. She is a lady of around 55 with milky white skin and very good body.

Her figure is around 36-30-38. she is very sexy and tempting. I used to think of her every day and masturbate. Her husband is a retired govt employee and presently he is looking after their farm which is around 2 kms far from their house. Her husband almost spends most of his time in the farm only. Moreover he is having some health problems and he looks always weak. And that lady looks after their shop. As ours is a small village many people used to gather at the shop during their free time just for chit chatting.

I too used to spend most of my time at the shop only. One day I didn’t go to school and as I am feeling bored, I just went to the shop and sat there. That is a working day and streets are looking empty and there are no customers to the shop. Then we started chatting casually. After some time she asked me “ do u have any girl friends?”. I said no and asked why are u asking me that question. She told me that I have got to a matured age and she told me that this is the right time to enjoy life.

I told her that I am unable to understand what she is asking pretending to be innocent. She then asked me slowly “do u know about sex?”. I told her that hugging a man and woman and kissing each other is sex as per my movie knowledge. She then told me that is not sex. And you have to learn a lot of things. If not after marriage u will face lot of problems. And ur wife will leave you. I understood the plot that she is trying to have sex with me. I then told her innocently “ then please teach me about sex”.

She then told me that it will not be understood simply by listening but it should be learnt practically. I told her what should I do then. She told me to come to her home in the night at 11’ o clock. I told her how can I come out during night. My parents will not allow me to go out. She gave me an idea that tell your parents that u r going to your friends home for combined studies. I agreed for her proposal. And I asked what about your husband. She told me that her husband is sleeping at the farm only with other workers. So everything is set well.

At that moment I felt so happy that my dream is coming true to have sex with my dream lady. I thought that I am the luckiest person in the world as I am going to sleep with sex goddess. Before only she told me that she will give me a hint by switching on and off the light at 11 o clock. I was desperately waiting for the time. At 11 I saw the light going on and off. I then slowly went to the shop and knocked the door. As ours is a small village at that time no one will be outside. She opened the door and I went inside.

Their house is having only two rooms. One is like a hall and the shop is also present in the hall. The room is a small room which is used as a bed room with attached bathroom. She has already taken a nice bath and decorated nicely with a plane white saree just as a newly married girl. She is looking stunning and very sexy. My dick is already grown to its fullest and struggling hard to come out of my jeans pant. I slowly remove my pant and from our underwear it is bulging out like a fierce snake.

She told me that she is feeling very happy that she is going to enjoy sex with me after nearly five years. As her husband is having health problems he is not having sex with her almost. She also told me that though she had four children by sleeping with her husband she never enjoyed sex. Her husband just puts his small dick in her hole and ejaculates within a minute are two and sleeps turning other side.

He will never make love with her like hugging or kissing etc. so she told me that she want to enjoy in each and every way she dreamed of. I told her just teach me how to do and I will do whatever u like. She smiled wickedly and she is slowly removing her saree. Her breasts are bulging out of her jacket. They are like large coconuts. She slowly removed her clothes and she is standing before me completely naked. Already my underwear is getting wet with the juices and my rod is stood straight.

She looked at it and told me “ krish u told me that u don’t know about sex and now ur rod is so horribly waiting with its fullest enlargement. I told her that yes its true but it always happens when ever I see any sexy scenes or ladies but I don’t know what to do. She told me don’t worry today I am going to give u the solution and believe me your dick is going to have the fullest satisfaction with my lund.

I said joyfully ok. She then slowly taken my dick in to her beautiful mouth and started to suck it slowly increasing the pace. Oh god…. I feel like I am in heaven. Soon I blow my juices I her mouth and started to shout “aahhhhh.. ohhhhhhhh my god…”Then she slowly remove it from her mouth and cleaned it with a wet cloth. She told me how I’m feeling. I told her that if this is called sex then I want it daily. She told me don’t worry u r going to enjoy more and more. She then started kissing each and every inch of my body.

I too started kissing her and started pressing her breasts. She looked at me naughtily and smiled. Then soon my dick again raised to its fullest. She told me to lick her pussy with my lips and tongue. I started doing so. She started mourning aaaahhhh aaaaaammaaaaa ooohhhh… lick it hard lick it hard she is shouting like a mad dog… I increased the speed and then she told me to stop and asked me to insert my penis in to her pussy.

I inserted my dick slowly and at no time it went inside to its full length and started giving to and fro blows. She made us in such a position that she is sitting in the bed putting her legs forward and I am sitting in her lap hugging her with my penis inside her pussy. she is moaning hard saying “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh dengu raaa baaga dengu pooku dengu raa (fuck me hard fuck my pussy)” then after some time I pumped my juices in her pussy.

And we both got our satisfaction and started relaxing in bed caressing each other. She told me that she has enjoyed the real sex for the first time. And she is saying that u r my husband from now onwards and she came close to me and whispered in my ears “ orey moguda nannu roju elage dengutava…” then told her nuvvu kuda e roju nundi naa pellanivi. Ninnu roju dengutanu.

She hugged me tight and kissed me deeply. It’s already 2 o clock and I went in to a deep sleep soon. Suddenly I felt something wet and opened my eyes. I saw her licking my dick and I slowly got up and asked her my sweet wife r u ready for another game. She told me with a cute smile as my husband orders like this our relation is continuing…

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