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Hello, my dear ISS readers. I am Sidharth, few months’ back I had posted my story sex at my friend’s birthday party for which I got good reviews and I also got few personal E-Mails. Few ISS reader who sent me a personal mail requested me to upload some more stories. So here I am with a new story and the continuation of my previous story.

After the Birthday party night we started going out and used to be together most of the time. We didn’t get much privacy to do something but whenever we got chance we used to smooching, licking and sucking and all that stuff. Jesse was desperate and wanted to have sex but as she had come down to spend her holidays, she was staying at her cousin Jisselle’s place so couldn’t do anything.

She had come down to Goa for her admissions and to spend her holidays and as her holidays got over she had to return back to Kuwait. Now the only chance to be with her was if she gets her admission done in one of the college in Goa. I was hoping that she gets it done here or else she will be forced to continue her studies in Kuwait but, the college where she was trying her admission.

There, the principal of that college was my Dad’s good friend. I spoke to my Dad about her admission and in few days it was done. She went back to Kuwait, got all her stuff and was now staying with her cousin. Now Jesse will be in Goa for 3 years and even though she was in Goa now, we still didn’t get that privacy. We had to think about something. One day I, Jesse, Jisselle and her boyfriend were at coffee shop just hanging out.

There we decided to have a get together party. Jesse had a villa located in a society near the beach and had all the facilities like pool, gaming arena etc. we decided to have a night out there. This is rainy season so we planned to have a night out on Saturday night. We were eagerly waiting for that night and at last the day arrived. Jisselle’s boyfriend had got his car. He picked me up then we went to pick both of them.

Jesse was wearing White tight fitting T-shirt which was revealing me her big and round pair of boobies. It made me freaking horny but I controlled myself. It was around 8:30 pm and so we had food on the way and then we went to the place where she had her villa when we entered the gate, the society is so freaking posh and I felt as if I entered the gate of Heaven.

There we had all the possible facilities and we reached her villa at around 10 pm and we went inside her house and it’s awesome. We planned to go swimming at night. I didn’t get any extra pair of cloths so I did not go and Jesse said even she’ll won’t go. Jesse gave Jisselle a very naughty look and Jisselle understood that we want some privacy.

They both went out near the swimming pool and at home only me and Jesse. The Air Conditioner is centralized and was already on and the temperature inside was very chilling without wasting any time we went inside the bedroom it was a master bedroom and started smooching each other like crazy people and like we had never smooched before. We were smooching.

So wild that her red hot lipstick was all over my lips and cheeks and I was wearing a T-Shirt and 3/4th pant. She tells me not to hurry and made lay on the bed and sits on top of me in a Cowgirl Position. She gives me a horny look and removes her Tee and I could see her hot purple Coloured lacy bra which is my favourite colour too and her white beautiful pair of boobies had grown a little bigger than the last time I saw.

Anyways let’s get back to the topic after removing her Tee she bends down slowly and kisses me on my lips and again we start smooching but this time in a gentle manner by this time my dick is already hard. She feels my hardness and tells me to control. We smooch in that position for around 30 seconds. I remove my Tee and she gets up and goes down slowly kissing my body. She plants a kiss on ma hard dick unbuttons my pant opens the chain and removes my pant and again.

She kisses my hard dick and slowly removes my underwear. Now she takes my dick in her hand and slowly pulls down the skin. It was a bit painful but the pleasure overwhelmed the pain after pulling down the skin she kisses the dick head and slowly starts to stroke. Then she again kisses my dick head and slowly takes it in her mouth inch by inch. The pleasure was so good that I felt as if I was on Cloud 9.

She slowly increased her movement and took ma whole dick in her mouth. Dear friends I was in Heaven then she increased her speed and was sucking my dick as if it’s a lollipop and was also stroking me. She got so horny that she was sucking and stroking me hard. I told her to calm down and go slow or else I would come before time. Then she did it slowly and gently and in another 8 to 10 minutes.

I started getting my climax and I told her that I am going to come. She makes me get up and stand beside the bed and she kneels down and sucks my dick hard and me holding her head in another 30 45 seconds I unloaded my whole load of cum in her mouth and without wasting a single drop she swallows the whole load and licks my dick after that it was my turn to make her come so I make her lay in the bed.

I go on top of her in a missionary style and kiss her. Then I remove her bra and starts pressing her boobs. She starts to moan aaahhh then I bend down and kiss her right nipple and she moans a little louder oohhh yes and then I gentle start to lick her nipple, bite the nipple and suck her nipple like a baby. Every time I lick or suck or bite her nipple her moans were getting louder aaahhhh.

I’m all yours tonight suck ma boobs suck it harder aahh and then I started moving my tongue in a circular motion around the nipple and she was moaning louder aaaahhhhh yes baby suck my boobs suck like a baby after doing it for both the nipples I gave her a love bite on her left boob and then I went down slowly kissing her belly. I removed her shorts and she was wearing hot purple lacy panty which made me horny.

I removed her panty and from the tip of the toe I go kissing and licking till her thighs. When I reach her pussy I planted a kiss on pussy and she shook as if she got a current and she moaned aaaahhhh then I slowly lick her pussy from down to up and she shivers like a current is flowing through her body. I start licking her pussy and she moans aaahh yeah suck ma pussy lick me and eat me out and I’m all yours!

Do whatever you want aaaahahhh and that makes me hornier and I lick her gently and increase my speed. I slowly put my tongue deep inside her hole and I fuck her with my tongue her moans were getting louder and louder aahhh yes make me cum! I was rubbing my tongue to the rough surface which is the G – Spot. I was licking her gently and she was moaning loudly. I could taste her salty juice flowing from her pussy.

She was moaning loudly and telling me to lick her clean. She moan was getting louder and I could feel her vagina muscle contracting and expanding. I figured it out that she is nearing her orgasm. I removed ma tongue out and put my index and middle finger in her pussy and started rubbing her G – spot her pussy muscle was contracting and expanding and I could feel the pressure on my two fingers.

She was moaning loudly aaaaahhhhh cuming! I couldn’t control her movement and she was shaking her body like a horse untamed within 2 – 3 minutes she came out so much that it was hard for me to control her. I had to hold her tightly. She became red like an apple and lay on the bed motionless like a dead body and was breathing heavily then I lay on top of her in a missionary position and started kissing her and even she was giving me a positive response.

We kissed for 2 – 3 minutes and then she told me to go in am ready. I was looked into her eyes and missionary position I placed my dick at the heaven gate and was rubbing the surface from up to down. I inserted my dick in deep and removed out and again rubbing my dick on the pussy. I did this for around 15 seconds and she was begging me to go inside her please go in and I’m begging you!

Please go in and I can’t control then I went in slowly and as was wet, without any problem I went in deep then I kissed her lips and side by side I was stroking her slowly. She was moaning softly aaahhh then I increased ma speed slowly and got the pace her pussy was so warm and wet that I felt as if it’s the winter season and the heater is put on. I felt so good I was in heaven.

I cannot express myself how I was feeling and you’ll feel the pleasure only when you will have sex. I was stroking ma dick hard and her moan was getting harder oooohhhh! Fuck me harder and show no mercy just goes in deep! Yes! That’s the way I like it and I was smooch her and fucking her side by side and her moan was again louder and louder and I could feel the same pressure on my dick.

She was moaning fuck me! Fuck me harder! I’m going to come now! Go Faster! And I was following her order. I was going faster and faster and fucking her hard. She was moaning louder and louder and in another 3 minutes she has her second orgasm. I couldn’t believe that she had her second orgasm in just 10 minutes. I felt so good that I can now proudly say that any Girl who is or will read my story, I can make you cum.

After she came I stopped for a minute as we both were tired and kissed each other then I started to screw her slowly and gently after few minutes I was getting my climax. I increased my speed and was screwing her harder and faster. I said baby m reaching my climax can’t control anymore! She told me to cum in her pussy and before me saying I’m coming a just exploded in her pussy with full force and she was moaning aahh!

I like it your cum is so warm aahhh yes! Baby you made my day after I came in her pussy I lay on top of her motionless hugging each other and kissing then I got up, we went in the bathroom and had shower together came out and cleaned ourselves and without wearing anything we slept on the bed. I was sleeping facing the ceiling and she was sleeping on ma left arm. She slept with her hand on ma chest.

So my dear ISS readers, this is my story. I hope you liked it and enjoyed it also. I am looking forward to your personal E-Mail on my id which is [email protected] I will post some more stories if I get good reviews. Thank you for reading and spend your valuable time. Take care cheers and party harder.

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