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I am GIGOLO and I am a regular visitor to ISS. And also submitted few stories for reader’s enjoyment. Now this time I am narrating one of interesting event with me. I was residing a multi storied apartments and I was residing on the 9th floor which was the tallest and there were only two flats. Opposite to my flat, there was one flat in which a family was residing. They were couples of 45years and 40years approximately. His name was Farook and she was FATIMA . They were having one boy aged about 12years. I was a bachelor by that time. My flat was a small one bedroom flat and it was meant for a bachelor only. There will not be any disturbance because of the last floor.

As days go by, I developed good friendship with that family. They move very close to me. On many occasions, they used to call me for their family functions which I used to make use of it. He was doing some marketing and import and export business and generally he goes out of his home frequently for days together. She used to look very pretty and she was not a good match to him. He looked very fat and seemed to be a diabetic and alcoholic and always talk about his business. She used to speak to me very freely and frequently even in her husband’s presence. On one day, when I was at my home taking rest because I had enough leave with my company. When I came out of my flat and stood out for some time, she came out of her house and enquired about my presence at home. I told the reason.

She also told me that her husband went to Singapore for a week’s business tour and her son went to school excursion to Ooty for 3 days. She said that she is unable to pass time. I could understand her language. I immediately asked her, “Why don’t you come to my flat? I have good films. We can watch together.” She immediately agreed and went inside and after some time she came out and locked her door and walked into my flat. I never expected this. She came to my flat with good fragrance which she should have applied just now to meet me. I welcomed her inside and made her to sit in the sofa. I offered her soft drinks. She refused and she wanted me to switch on the new film.

By saying this, she took the remote control of my DVD player and switched on the button. I was scared because I was just watching a BF by that time and I have not removed the Disc from DVD player. The moment she switched on, a fucking scene appeared on TV screen. She was not shocked and said, “I expected only this. I also came only to see this.” I was shocked to hear from her like this. I asked her,” Aunty, Do you mean it and how do you know that I am watching this?” She said, “Yes HERU, I know for long time that all bachelors will see such films when they are alone in their room and I am longing to see such a thing and I want to experience from you.

Will you please help me?” I was thrilled and asked myself, “Fees for eating Sugarcane” I also said that it is my pleasure aunty! She immediately said, HERU, Don’t call me as aunty! Just call me as Fatima! Do I look like an aunty? I still feel as young as you.” Then I agreed and said yes. She came close to me asked my hands and took them to her breast and she forced me to massage her melons.

Oh! What a soft melons! I gently massaged boobs and she offered to undress her. She was in light blue transparent nighttime and I could see her panty black panty and pink bra. I removed the nighttime and saw her good structured boobs cut, hip cut and I removed hooks and I saw a good shaped boobs. Oh! What good shaped brooding boobs! Aunty! I am sorry, Fatima! If you don’t mind, I feel that you will be around 40years, but your boobs look like 25years. Am I right?” She said in good mood and elated, “what you say is true. I am 40years old and my boobs stand erect like 25, because I maintain it, but my husband does not use it at all. I always do some masturbation with my breast.

That is why it is erect.” I felt happy about her reply and I licked her melons and squeezed the nipples and sucked too. She was in her peak moods just for this sucking. “HERU, have you ever teased anybody’s boobs?” I said, No. This is the first time I am seeing a boob and teasing. That is why I don’t know what to do.” She said, “Oh, then you must be a virgin! Very good that I am having a virgin with me! Oh! Really good! Don’t worry! I will teach you all I know!” I was very happy. Fatima! I don’t know anything about this and you do whatever you want.” She kissed on my lips and said, “don’t worry I will teach you and learn from your cock!” Then she saw my bulge in my shorts and touched it and said,” your man is acknowledging.”

She patted on my bulge and removed my shorts and my dick was released. She said,” Are you not wearing undergarments?” I said,” No at home, I don’t wear it; I will wear it only when I go out” Oh! That’s good. She touched it with her hands and scrubbed it by making upward and downward movements. It became 9inches in length. Oh! It is the largest and I should make use of it> She touched with her tongue and licked and swallowed. But it was not fully gone into her mouth. She tried to take the entire length of my cock into her mouth and failed. Oh! How do you grow it? Are you putting any fertilizers for its growth?” She laughed and fiddled my seeds under it.

She swallowed those two seeds too. She was chewing like chewing gum. She started to do masturbation by shaking it up and down. I enjoyed it. She said,” Yours is too big and probably the biggest in the world”. I smiled and accepted her acknowledgement. She was holding it like a stick and did not leave it at all. Then I asked her,” Fatima! This is not the only organ we have, you have two golden organs, I want to go into it, please leave this now and it is only for you till your hush comes.” She smiled and pinched on my dick and came forward to me and gave her nipples onto my mouth, saying, “suck it, squeeze it, drink it, massage it and whatever you want to do, you do it, all of mine are at your disposal” I got her melons into my palms and cupped them. I squeezed them and teased them.

I said, “Really your melons are huge and perfect to hold and suck” Your maintenance is verygood, and at 40years, it is difficult to keep like this erected, I hope like me, many men would be aiming on your melons and I am the luckiest.” She smiled and said,” don’t waste our time, it is precious and go to my main door and give me more treasure.” I told her,” still we do have 3 full days to enjoy and don’t worry and I will apply 3days leave and we can live in my flat together all the three days and enjoy our nakedness” She hugged me and said,” thanks”. I went down to her pussy and it was cleanly shaven and fragranced. I massaged outside of pussy with my fingers and she shivered and twisted her body in joy. “Hey, Tease my pussy harder and not gently.

I need your wild handling.” I inserted my three fingers inside and screwed and teased wildly. She was enjoying and she twisted her body like twisted bars. I inserted deep inside and I found her huge lubrication. I touched her g spot and clit. She twisted once again and showed her happiness. She lifted her butts upside to help me to insert my fingers deep inside. She released a lot of juices and my fingers became wet fully. “Hey, You are really doing a good job. Please use your tongue deep into my pussy. Take me to the heaven” She pleaded me. I massaged her pussy outside and licked and bit with my teeth. My tongue went deep into her hole and drilled into the site. She moaned like OOOHHHH, AAHHHH She kept my head tightly close to her pussy in joy.

She circled my head and bombarded on her pussy. I also felt jolted and happy. Then suddenly she got up and sat and took my dick into her mouth and swallowed and chewed my seeds into her mouth. I felt very happy and allowed her to do this. She did a very good blowjob and I was about to come. I told her that I am about to come. She increased her blowjob speed and I ejaculated like a fountain. I sprayed my milk on her face which she enjoyed. She said,” It is very hot.” I became motionless once I ejaculated. Suddenly my dick became very small. She saw it and spoke to my dick, ”Hey man why are you becoming so small! I want you to become big. Become big, become big!” She told to my dick.

I was enjoying her talking to my dick. I told her,” Hi Fatima, my dick will not become big immediately. But if you take my dick once again into your mouth, it will become big again.” She once again massaged my dick, licked with her tongue and held in her hands and made some forward and backward movements. Slowly it became big and finally it became very big again at 7”size. She placed my erected dick in the middle of her two breasts and started shaking her breasts which was very good. Then I got up and I licked her face, cheeks, neck, boobs, nipples, armpit, naval, hip, pussy, thighs and toes. She felt very happy for this act of mine. I once again went up and stayed at her pussy for some time and then I went up to her boobs and sucked, sucked, sucked, and sucked and so on. I wildly sucked her nipples, licked her boobs and squeezed and massaged her soft melons. She said,” this is too good.

Please go to the main picture.” Then I slowly took my dick near her pussy and slowly inserted into her and it went gently inside as her pussy was already lubricated. Suddenly I sprayed my fountain into her with great speed. She felt the hot milk. She marooned and looked like fainted. Her eyes went upside and she enjoyed her orgasm. I laid flat on her and she embraced me and she rolled me down and she laid on me. She got up and stretched her legs towards my head and she bumped on me with my dick into her hole. I told her, “Fatima, I am totally zero now. Please don’t do bumping now. You can do something with my dick and balls. If you do bumping, it will be painful to me.” She obliged and swallowed my balls into her mouth. I asked her to turn to 69pose and she turned. She was doing all the acts of sucking my man. But I did not do anything. Then three days I passed with her and I will very pleased with her. [email protected]

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