Nice Aunty – Part II

Hi my name is Kishore I am from Andhra Pradesh here is my real story which was happened 1 year before to me. Basically I am a chatting freak whenever I am free I chat in yahoo, one day I went rooms for searching girls I was searching I could not find single female then I decided to sign out the messenger, suddenly I got a message “hi” after that I replied “hi” I asked her details she told she is from Nellore age is 31 and married, name is Sudha(I changed her name).surprisingly she had given her mobile number within 15 min.

I was hock it was very rare to give a number in yahoo within that time that time I thought it was male anyhow I decided I had to call that number. I called then I heard one female voice it is very low pitch then I felt very lucky then we did phone sex for some time. I asked her bra size. She told “36”. Now I am wearing a black bra and no panty “she said. After that our phone sex continued 3 weeks when I got a message I called her every time when we were doing that sometimes my pant drenched(she also).

She asked my dick size and I asked her sizes. One day she told her desire to have sex with me that time I don’t know what to told coz I never had sex before I even don’t know where to take her. After some time she told u can come to my home then we will have a sex. I asked how is it possible she replied I will take care of all things actually she had a plan her hubby was going out of station that day she told me this after some time then I said ok to her proposal. That day was came, before that night we did phone sex till 2 pm. here I have to tell one thing she is mad about sex then I went Nellore and

I called her number. she came to bus stand to pick up me then I saw her she was not that much beautiful but pretty and her boobs are very large that day I remembered she wear black saree with black bra then we went her house after entering into her house I closed her doors immediately. I hugged her from back side and I kissed her neck like never before we were lonely in that house and I removed her saree without any hesitation she said wait “1 sec”.Actually she had a rice on gas she went to kitchen without saree I mean jacket and langa (which is used to cover thigh to foot).

I also went to kitchen and hugged her from back side what a scene it was I will never forget in my life while doing cooking I was kissing her aback part entirely with my lips then we went to her bedroom there I stripped her jacket wow! What a boobs she had in black bra by that time her nipples got harder than peppermint I sucked it 5 min. she moaned like ahhhhhhhh! After that she strip my shirt and pant now I am in underwear and she was in bikini what a structure she had mind blowing I cant ‘believe she was 31 years old she looks like 24 years old now

I was seeing her white boobs in black bra my penis got harder like rod. I removed her bra and I was sucking her boobs like dog eating a chicken piece. I bite slowly for that she was moaning kishrore. She removed my underwear and sucking it by her mouth she told my penis is very big for that word my chest wide some extra length with proud now we are in 69 position I was licking her pussy like paalakova(sweet).after 15 min she told fuck me. For that I said “ok”

Now we are in most common position in sex ( I am on her).

I inserted my penis into her pussy. I forgot to tell u one thing actually she had haired pussy. I shaved it with razor before sucking she felt very excitement while I was shaving. I began pumping slowly then I am increasing my fastness slowly when I was increasing fastness she was begging me “fuck me harder fuck me harder ” when we were in peak position she was begging like “common Kishore common Kishore” I was hold her like udumu pattu for my shots her pussy got wet and more juice came from her pussy like never before that day we did all positions in sex angels mostly. I told “my sperm is coming”.

She told come to mouth pour it on my mouth I did it without any hesitation she swallow it and told your cum is very hot and taste  again my chest wide another 10 cm long with proud that day I did 24 hours like sex machine she co-operated me very much I never forgot that day in my entire life. She cooked chicken biryani that day for me. I did so many times with her after our first day sex from that day on wards she is doing with her hubby and me only cause she trusted me. I will never cheat her in my life. If there is any problem occurs to her I will quit from her life that is my real story. I hope u like it please forgive if there is any grammar mistakes if there is any female wants to contact me. Here is my mail [email protected] signing off Kishore.

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