New Kind Of Experience With Swetha

Hi every body am [email protected].
This is my 5th story in ISS (indiansexstories) Thanks for all for giving
comments to ma previous stories. Now am Back with New and recent one which
happen with one of my friend. For new readers, I’m Manmadhan from Chennai,
working in Top MNC company in Chennai, Good looking and jovial guy.

I’m coming to incident which happened, I am having a FB in name of Manmadhan
alive, I’m keeping in touch with my friends and my fans via that, recently I
got a girl (Swetha name changed) as friend and we started chatting in Midnight.
We started explore each other; she said tht she was read all my stories and she
intersted to meet me. My good luck she also lives in Chennai and studying in
one of the College near Gemini fly over.

We shared our mobile number and started voice and video
calls. One day she invited me to her house because her parents were not in Town
for a day. She lives near T.nagar and she messaged me her address. I reached her
house in 45 minutes after her call. I parked my bike in one of the shop and
walked through the road. That’s a separate house; she waited near the door for
me. I reached the house door and she invited me inside, I was amazed the house
was looked so clean and good sight.

She was in black tshirt and 3/4th lower and she asked me,
would you like to have anything cool or hot? I replied I’m always hot and she asked
me again to wait in the living room and she went to the kitchen to make some
coffee. When she came back after few minutes, she’s handling two cups of coffee.
My mind thinking about how to convince her for sex, I said that “you look
so beautiful than your picture you sent to me and she smiled and said thanks.

She suddenly said “I’m willing to have sex with you but
I’m still a virgin and I need to stay until my marriage. I amazed to hear that,
I said ok I promised her; she came and hugged me at a second. She was so hot at
that time and my hand was caressing her back. My chest is pressing with her boobs,
she locked her hands on my shoulder and I hug her tightly and asked to take me
to her bed room. She kept the hand on my hips and invited, that’s a good show
in time and when we reached her bed room,

I stand her close the wall and I hold her neck and whisper
on her earlobes: looked at her eyes for a minute and her eyes show the she is
too horny too. I kissed her on lips and her response well. We shared our
saliva, our tongue we chasing each other at the same time my hands reached the boobs;
it’s around 30 big sizes and with hard nipples. I said to remove her tops and
lower and she did it. I also removed my
shirt and jeans. I came near her bed; she pushed me in the bed and sees her
eyes focusing on my erected 8 inches tool.

She inserted her hand on my cock in my experience she is the
youngest girl who touching my cock. She holds just half of my cock and I said
to shake my tool. She started doing it and I was in heaven said then take it on
her mouth. She said that she never did this before. I said it’s ok I wil teach
you. Just keep it on your mouth and lick it like an ice cream while moving your
head from front and back. Ohh! I’m so lucky! I’m going harder! What a feeling! I
was almost to explode!

She stopped I said to continue and drink tht, she refused
but she done tht, because I still not touch her pussy till now, finally I
explode in her mouth. She dranked all and she said now it’s your turn. I
replied, wait for a minute I have to relax” I gained some energy after 5
mins, till then my hands were playing with her earslobe. I waked from bed I
made her lyed on bed, removed her bra and panty. She looked like angel, I
started caressing her boobs and licking.

One of my hands gone to her pussy, and massaging her front
part of pussy and she moaning like anything. I started doin tht fastly and her
whole body vibrating in that and she moaned heavily and started to wet her pussy
with a juicy ursing like a flood and I just a slow down ma speed. My hand still
dry and now you may know the place I massaged. I fall on her again I started
hugging her like horny animal. She holds me tightly and said I never expect tht
u will show me a Heaven”

I replied “her tht my Pleasure dear” I kissed her
again for a while. Then I stood up and pulled her till bed. Seprated her legs
and started to lick her pussy, I’m pushing my tongue as mush as possible. She
moans like ahhh uhhhhh. Come on hhhmm, licking like a man found ice cream wen him
damn hungry and her making different different sound. She again started to wet
and I dranked all because I loved a gal’s orgasm and she was giving a big breath.
I went up a lyed near her. She kissed ma whole body.

She said “I loved all ur activities I need a give a
blowjob again. I replied “please”she done a good Blow job for me. She
said to post this story in Lesbian topic, so for her am Posting in this. Becaz
we done a sex like lesbian do.reader can send me ur comments on [email protected] and follow me in FB
“Manmadhan Alive you can also read my old stories by Clicking my Name in heading
interested girls, aunties also can mail me. I’m waiting for your comments with
lots of Love.

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