Neighbour Aunty

Hi readers, this is RAHAMATHULLAH from Coimbatore. I am a regular reader of ISS stories. Please send me comments about the story. Thank you for reading my experience – [email protected]

I want to share my most awaited sexual experience with a 39 year old neighbor. It happened almost 1 years before, when I am doing my masters degree. That time I am doing my masters degree at Chennai. I use to come to kovai for every college vacation and festivals. I use to have my own room in my house just at entrance of my house. From my room window u can watch the road and the opposite houses. There is a family in front of my house, staying there for almost 4 years. The family consists of a couple (55 yr old man and 39 yrs old women) and their two daughters (24 yrs and 20 yrs). Both are studying in trichy, so the couple stays alone. Her name is Santhi. She is so attractive and gorgeous. She never looks like 39 yrs old lady. She has a tight body and she maintains her physique by doing hard works. But still u can some flesh near her hip and on her ass. Her figure is 38-34-36. Everyone in my place use to call her as “silk” aunty, because she looks like actress silk smitha. I have crush on her for last 8 yrs from my school days onwards.

She smiled at me and asked for my mother. I said that she is in kitchen and asked her to go towards kitchen. She asked me that when I came from Chennai. I replied that I came before 10 days for my study holidays and going back after 3 days. She said that she has not seen me out for last 10 days. I said that I am busy in my reading. Then she went to meet my mother. Immediately I went inside my room and started to masturbate. On the same day night around 9.00pm I have seen that her husband going for night shift. So she is all alone in her house. It was about 11.00 pm, I am not getting sleep and I am lying down in my bed, holding my rod and thinking about her. Her nice ass and boobs comes to my mind I thought of masturbating. Suddenly I thought of opening my window and peep in to her window. I know she will be sleeping, but still my dog mind encouraged me to make a try. So I slowly opened my window little bit (not fully), I peeped in to her window. I have seen that her room lights are ON. I got happy after seeing the lights in her room. I don’t know what she is doing. I almost waited for 20 minutes. Suddenly I was shocked after seeing Shanthi aunty coming out of her bathroom with petticoat and towel rolled over her body.

Since my room lights are off, she cannot see me from her window. I don’t know why she is bathing at 11.00pm, but it’s my luck to watch her for the first time in semi nude. She came inside her bedroom. Then she started to wipe her head with a white towel. She is wearing a black bra and red petticoat. She looked damn gorgeous and I am shocked after seeing her cleaves and her big boobs. I felt like squeezing it and sucking it. Then slowly she lifted her leg and put on the bed. She wiped her legs and her shoulders. She looked sexy with little bit water in her body and wet hairs. Also I can see that nipples that are pointing in her wet petticoat. Her legs looked sexy with little bit of black hairs. I waited to see her naked, but she closed her window. I got disappointed. That night I slept after masturbating for 4 times. I waited to see her for next day. But she went with her husband for shopping. The day came for me to leave to Chennai. I can’t control myself, I want to fuck her. I want to express my feelings to her. It is around 8.30 am and my parents went to attend a marriage. My train is to Chennai is at 1.00 pm. I don’t know what to do.

I said to her that I am sorry for the thing happened in the morning and I will never repeat in future. She smiled at me and asked me when my parents will come. I am shocked on seeing her smile and I replied to her that my parents will come by evening around 1pm. Then she holds my hands and took me inside my room. I felt like heaven when she touched my hand. I don’t know what she will do to me. Then she made me to stand near the bed and hugged me tight. God, it’s a great feeling for me to get a hug from her and I thought that my dream is going to come true. Her boobs are touching my chest and she kept her head on my shoulder. I got the green signal to fuck her. I also hugged her tight and holed her face towards me and I said “santhi I love you… I want to fuck you”. She said “I am all yours…take me”. I kissed on her lips and kissed her deep inside her mouth. I sucked her saliva and she also started to bite my lips.


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