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Hi readers. First and foremost, lemme give my thumbs up to Kerala erotica for a site like this. I have been a regular visitor of this site and have enjoyed the stories a lot. Now, I would like to give my true life experience which took place 3 years back in palghat itself. My name is Ganesh (trivial name of course) and I am doing my college here. It was exam time and I was busy with my studies. I had a two storey house where the upper section was occupied by my family and the lower section was to be given for rent. One day my dad told me that today new residents are coming to our house. Since my mom and dad were going to temple visit for two days, I was asked to receive them and make them settle. There were three members only when they arrived an uncle, aunt and their small daughter who was in 5th standard. They told me that there was another daughter who would join them in the evening only since she had gone to college for her exams. Since I was busy with my studies, I didn’t care too much about that. In the evening, when I went down to give water to my garden, I was surprised and stunned that the girl was none other than a junior in my college named Nandita (trivial name again).

I ran to her and talked to her for some time, she also couldn’t believe that I was staying upstairs in that house. She was a very gorgeous girl with sexy eyes and lips, and had an amazing figure of 34-28-33. I always used to watch her and her friends in college and was so happy that I could extend my looks at home also. That night I couldn’t study anything and masturbated twice thinking of her gorgeous shape. The next day I had exams and she also had exam. I used to go to college in my bike. I decided to go down and ask her whether she would like to come with me to college. She didn’t look interested in it, so I left that and went on my own to college. But, the next day she came to me and said she doesn’t mind coming to college with me. I was thrilled about that. We became good friends within a month and even used to go with her for shopping and cafes also. I always used to purposefully brake my bike to feel the thrills of her boobs. I don’t know whether she understood my behavior. But, she never showed any signs of that. One day, during shopping, she said she wants to buy something personal and went to a ready wear shop and came out with a small bag. I was excited to know what was in it. When we stopped at a cafe, she went inside; I said that I will come within 5 mins and waited for her to et inside to see what the bag was. When I opened, I saw that it was some bras and undies that she had bought. My dick got erected very much and so I put the bras and undies back into the cover and joined her. It was a second Saturday, we did not have college. My mom and dad along with hers decided to go to guruvayoor temple that day and to my joy, they also took Nandita’s sister along with them and asked me to take care of Nandita. She didn’t go since it was her periods.

All morning, I was in my house not knowing what to do next. All alone, only me and my dream girl. I really wanted to have sex with her. In the evening, I went down to join her. She took time to open the door and came drenching wearing only half towel cause she was taking her bath. I was so excited to see her half naked body and my dick almost came out of my undies. She asked to me to wait in the lobby and passed a sexy smile. I felt she purposefully came out of the bathroom in that way to show me her body. I was getting out of control and I peeked into her room. I opened the wardrobe and saw her bras and panties lying there; I took a panty and started licking it hungrily forgetting that she may come out of bathroom any moment. Suddenly, I felt a hand in my shoulder and turned around to see her looking angrily at me. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. I apologized to her and aid that I couldn’t control myself seeing her in the towel only and wanted to have sex with her badly.

She got so angry with that that she asked me to go away from her house. I went back to upstairs disappointed and started going through my TV when I heard a knock at the door. It was Nandita, she had came to give me food and told me that she would also have food with me. I agreed and didn’t look at her nor talk to her because of shyness. But, then suddenly, she started saying sorry and that she didn’t expect me to do that and all. Then, our talk turned to sex, I told her the I used to masturbate twice daily thinking of her and that she was my dream girl. She told me that she is still a virgin and want to be till marriage. Telling that, she went to basin to wash the plates. She was wearing a see – thru churidar and when she bent down to take something, I was out of control. I catch her hips from the back and turned her around. I started kissing her all over her cheek, lips, neck and shoulder. She started resisting me, but then she gave away when I kept continuing my hungry kisses. I understood that now she wanted it more than me. I took her to my bedroom and lied her on my bead, and gave her a kiss on her lips, as our tongues met each other; we sucked hungrily like we never had any food today.

Then I slowly moved down and started pressing her boobs. She was crying with excitement and her sound echoed through the house, she was saying, Ganesh, come on do it, ahhhhhhhhhh I started sucking her nipples through the churidar , she asked me to remove it and suck it. I agreed to it like a slave and slowly removed her churidars and also unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing any bra to my surprise and told that she expected something of this kind today. Hearing that, I got completely to of control and started sucking her nipples and kissing everywhere. She was making very sexy noises like, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh come on ooohhhhhhhhh no 1. Suck it” and all…. I licked her armpit to make her more excited which really worked out. She started caressing my dick through my Bermudas whereas I went on sucking her everywhere. She started removing my Bermudas and undies and kept her hand on my dick. She moved her finger up and down through my dick.

At that time, I started to remove her panties and she was completely naked. She had a superb pussy and I started licking her vagina madly while she pushed my face into her pussy. I couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to fuck her pussy. She first declined and my continues pressure forced her to agree… She said “Ganesh, fuck me hard like a rock.” She started crying out loud and I felt that I was about to come. She kept on telling Ganesh I love you do it for me please suck me fuck me and all. I took the dick out and asked her to open her mouth… She did so and I unloaded my cum into her mouth. She completely took it in her mouth and told me that I tasted very salty and it was the first time that she was tasting a man’s semen. Then she started licking my cock to make it erect and it didn’t take much time for that to happen. My dick became erect, but I was tired, so I lied on top of her and kissed her passionately in lips , neck, boobs and every where. Then, she asked to fuck her boobs. I put my dick in between her huge boobs which was shaking like mangoes and started fucking her. She was crying” oh… Enter Ganesh Inniyum cheyyada fuck me aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Then I went down to her belly and licked it for a while and moved down to her secret place and kept on sucking. To my surprise, she asked me to fuck her. But then I realized that it was her periods, so there is no problem. I inserted my dick and started moving it slowly, then I increased my speed slowly, she was bleeding and crying with pain and asked me to stop it… No please Ganesh, its paining, ahhhhh….. I didn’t care and increased my speed tremendously and she started enjoying it very much and asked me to load my cum into it.

I loaded the cum into her and started kissing her and smooching her. I realized that my dick had came out of her. She was so happy and thanked me for the fun. But, she was not satisfied with the day. She wanted more, we went to the bathroom and opened our shower and had a wonderful sex under shower. I also soaped her which was lovely and she did the same. After finishing our bath, she went down to dress up and I also dressed up. Then went down and slept with her till 5. Then, we had sex once more in the morning and then again the afternoon. In the evening, our parents came back and life was as usual. But, then we used to have sex once a week when we used to go to college. Last week, she went back to her native place in kottayam; she got married and has a child by now. A month before, I went to visit her and had sex with her again. Any females around palghat married or single who want to have such experiences, mail me at [email protected]

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