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A JJ Submission:

Hi, your JJ taking you over to an unusual event or could be called a first experience for Jayashree an ordinary Tamil female @ Chennai. 21/09/2009 the city of Chennai waking up very slowly being a religious holiday Ramzam an extended weekend cherished by all working class people.

Asprin Garden Carnival Heights apartment 9th floor

As the morning light softly caressed her naked body, Jayashree began to awaken. Stretching her arms above her head, Jayashree smiled as she remembered last nights fuck fest in the ladies toilet of the call center she works for in DLF Manapakkam with Roopesh her Operations Manager. He had awakened the sleeping sex starved girl she was in her teen years.

At thirty eight, Jayashree was in the prime of her career having rapidly reached a position of much responsibility as a Team Leader with the MNC that she worked for. But due to offshore project of work by her husband away in the Silicon Valley, Jayashree and Suresh her husband’s sex life had dwindled down to once in a year. The couple just never seemed to find the time except that of over the telephone & never share those intimate moments so important in their life.

But this week was going to be different much to Jayashree’s delight. Roopesh and she had actually discovered, quite to their surprise, that they had a whole week in which they could spend together without being bothered by work. So last night when Roopesh had turned off the phones & sneaked into the ladies toilet smooched like there’s no tomorrow. Their work timing was that of the Eastern Cost US when work got over both rushed to Jayashree’s flat at the Carnival Heights & could not wait to get into her flat, once inside Jayashree lit up the bedroom with the soft glow of candlelight, and then they made love. Jayashree’s only goal for the week became to have as many orgasms as humanly possible.

As Jayashree remembered how Roopesh’s strong hands felt caressing her body, she began to slowly caress her firm breast with one hand while the other hand just as slowly descended across her taut, flat stomach to her hot wet pussy. Spreading her legs, Jayashree spreads her swollen, wet lips apart and puts in a finger; bring her hot juices up to her hard pulsating clit.

Rolling her hard sensitive nipples with her fingers, Jayashree starts to slowly massage her clit stopping occasionally to gently pull on it with her thumb and finger. Rubbing her hard clit with her finger, Jayashree stops pulling on her rock hard nipples and sticks two of her fingers in to her wet, dripping cunt. “Ah, ahh, fuck me,” Jayashree pants as she begins to slowly fuck her pussy with her fingers. Jayashree’s hips begin to lift off the bed as she fucks her pussy faster with her fingers, while at the same time increasing the speed of her fingers on her clit. “Oh, oh…ahh….fuuuck…I’m going to fucking cum!”, Jayashree suddenly screams as her orgasm causes her body to shake uncontrollably.

So intense was Jayashree’s orgasm that she had failed to hear her best friend Madhavi enter her bedroom. Not that it really mattered. Because as soon as Madhavi had seen Jayashree in her sexual frenzy, she stopped in the doorway and lifted up her sari to finger her suddenly wet pussy.

“Oh shit!” Jayashree screamed suddenly realizing she wasn’t alone. “I was just, ahh, well…”

Totally speechless realizing her best friend had caught her fucking herself like some sex-starved teenager. Jayashree’s eyes suddenly focused on the totally shaved, wet dripping pussy of her friend.

“My god Madhavi, did I turn you on that much?” Madhavi’s hand suddenly stopped as she was brought back to reality. “You just looked so damn hot fucking that pussy of yours,” said Madhavi. With a look of lust in her eyes Jayashree looks at Madhavi and says, “Why don’t you bring that sweet smelling pussy of yours over here so I can suck your hard clit.”

Wasting no time, Madhavi stripped off her sari, petticoat & blouse and climbed on the bed. As they tumbled onto the bed together, Jayashree and Madhavi immediately attacked each others dripping pussies. Sucking and tonguing each others swollen clits, the room immediately filled with the sounds of the moans of the sex hungry pair.

“Stop,” Jayashree suddenly yells. “I have something that I have always wanted to try with you.”

Getting off Madhavi, Jayashree goes to her dresser and pulls out a double-headed dildo or a silicon cock. Returning to the bed, Jayashree pushes Madhavi back down and attacks her pussy with her tongue. “Ahh, fuck your tongue feels so good, fuck my cunt with your tongue,” Madhavi moans. Sticking one, and then adding a second finger into her friend’s hot wet pussy, Jayashree fucks her friend causing her to moan even louder. “Please, please…. fuck me with that cock,” Madhavi moans.

Removing her fingers from her friend’s hot sticky hole, Jayashree rubs the head of the cock up and down Madhavi’s hot pussy. “Stop teasing me and fuck me with that cock,” Madhavi moaned. Wanting nothing more than to fuck her friend, Jayashree slowly pushes the cock into Madhavi’s cock hungry cunt. “Ahh, ahh, oh shit…fuck me, please fuck my cunt,” Madhavi begs Jayashree.

Jayashree begins to slowly slide the hard cock into Madhavi’s cunt, and just as slowly, slides it back out.

“Faster, please Jayashree fuck me faster,” Madhavi begs. Obeying her friend’s urgent plea, Jayashree fucks Madhavi’s hot dripping wet pussy faster and faster. “Oh fuck… that cock feels so fucking good,” Madhavi moans. “Fuck me, oh…oh…ahh shit fuck my cunt.”

As Jayashree’s savage fucking is pounding Madhavi’s hot, wet pussy, Jayashree leans down and begins to rapidly tongue Madhavi’s hard, throbbing clit. “Oh, oh…right there, don’t stop…oh fuck, fuck…I’m going to cum…don’t stop,” Madhavi moans, as her body begins to thrash on the bed.

Jayashree begins to fuck Madhavi’s cunt even faster, causing her body to tremble with intense pleasure, as her orgasm begins to grow from deep within her pussy. As her moans become louder, Madhavi suddenly screams, “Fuck I’m cumming!!!!” As she cums on the hard cock, Madhavi’s hot sweet juices shoot out of her pussy and onto Jayashree’s hand. Jayashree looks at Madhavi in the eyes and licks her cum off her fingers causing Madhavi to emit a long, soft moan of contentment.

Her hot lustful need still not satiated, Jayashree begins to shove the other end of the dildo into her pussy. Feeling her hot pussy being filled with the fat cock-head Jayashree moans, “Ah fuck this is going to be crazy.” Madhavi looks down between her wide spread legs, not believing what her eyes are seeing. “Your pussy looks so incredible,” Madhavi says. “Please touch your clit for me.” Staring into her lover’s pleading eyes, Jayashree begins to slowly stroke her hard throbbing clit.

Madhavi begins to pull on her hard nipples as she watches Jayashree begin to move her fingers faster over her exposed clit. “Oh, god Jayashree please fuck me ….I need you to fuck my cunt,” Madhavi begs. Jayashree could only moan her agreement, as she too needed to be fucked.

The two sex starved lovers slowly begin to move their bodies, each trying to give the other the fucking that they so desperately needed. Sliding their hot wet pussies up and down the cock, the sex-starved lovers moan from the feeling of the hard cock in their hot wet cunts. “I can feel you fucking me with this cock,” Madhavi moans. “Please, fuck me faster Jayashree…oh god my pussy feels so full.”

Spurred on by her friend’s urgent pleas, Jayashree slides off of the cock and straddles Madhavi. “Lick my cunt while I fuck you,” Jayashree demands. Madhavi, her mouth full of her friends hot wet muff, can only moan as she feels Jayashree take the cock into her hands and begins to give Madhavi the fucking she so desperately craved.

“That’s it…lick my cunt…ahh, fuck me with that tongue,” Jayashree screams, feeling her orgasm beginning to grow. “Right there…oh fuck, right there…just like that…. fuck me, faster…ahh, fuck I’m cumming,” Jayashree screams even louder. Her body shakes uncontrollably as the powerful orgasm rips through her body. As she regains some control over her body, Jayashree fucks Madhavi’s pussy stroking the cock faster and faster, in and out of her pussy. The room filled with the sound of cock fucking Madhavi’s wet pussy.

“Oh yes…. oh yes…that’s it, fuck me faster…. ahh, ahh,” Madhavi begins to moan. Her head thrashing from side to side as she is driven ever closer to her own mind-blowing orgasm. “Jayashree, I’m going to cum…please.ah…fuck me…. I’m cumming!!!!,” Madhavi shouts as her sweet, hot juices once again shoot out from her pussy soaking the cock, the bed, and Jayashree’s hands.

As the two satisfied lovers slowly come down from the orgasmic bliss, Jayashree turns and faces Madhavi. Taking Madhavi into her arms, Jayashree nuzzles Madhavi’s planting hot wet kiss along the nape of her neck. “Now, what did you really come over to our house for,” Jayashree laughs….comments to [email protected]

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