My Wife Fucks With My Co-Son-In-Law

Hai ISS readers, this is suresh from Anakapalli. I am aged 32 years. From the childhood, I have developed a fascination towards busty women who have long noses. My dick erects seeing a woman’s long nose. I used to masturbate daily minimum 10 to 15 times seeing heroines and aunties who have big and long noses. My mom Nagamani is a big whore. She likes to fuck boys from15 years to 60 years age men, if they have big cocks. She used to fuck with Ramana and Ramakrishna who are very handsome/ Ramana is a big sadist. He likes to torture others and get pleasure from it. I first time saw him at my age of 13 years fucking my mom in our house. His dick is 12 inches long. It was very stiff. After he fucked, he put his dick in my mouth and asked me to clean it. When I refused to do so, my mom took a cane and beaten me black and blue for one hour continuously and ordered me to suck his dick daily. From that day onwards Ramana started torturing me in front of my mom and enjoying.

I got a small job in Vijayawada after completing SSC. Though I was doing a job, I used to go to movies every day and masturbate about 4 times in the theatre, watching heroines. One day, my mom called me to come to home immediately. I went to our house in Anakapalli. At that time, Ramana was sitting in the sofa beside mom. He was totally naked and chewing mom’s nose. Mom was pressing Ramana’s erected cock. Dad sat under the feet of mom like a stool.

Mom told that she decided to get marriage to me. I said “No mom.. I cannot fuck a lady. I like masturbating than fucking.”. Mom twisted my nose with anger and slapped on my cheeks for 100 times and told “you bastard.. That lady is not for you. I know that you are impotent. She will fuck with her boyfriends. Now and then Ramana and Ramakrishna also will fuck her. You must marry.” Ramana laughed and kept moms nose in his mouth and chewed for 5 minutes and held my nose and squeezed for 5 minutes and told “You dirty stupid… She has a very big nose like your mom. Her mom Jayalaxmi is running a brothel house in this town only. One day I went to their house. I saw her daughter Sita. Her nose is very provocative. My rod was erected like an iron rod seeing her nose. Her boobs are like watermelons. She showed me heaven when I was fucking her. I want to fuck her when I wish. If she is your wife, that will become easy for me. She has two boy friends in Vijayawada and daily they will come to your house and fuck her. You are only slave to her.” he said.

Mom again took a cane and gave big shots on my ass for 100 times. ” You scoundrel, Don’t give counter talks. This is my order. Otherwise I will cut you nose and testicles. You are not important to me. Ramana and Ramakrishnas cocks are important to me. Take care” she warned. Seeing Mom’s anger, I got shivered and agreed to their proposal. But after seeing both Jayalaxmi and Sita, my rod was erected. Particularly, Sita’s long nose was very much beautiful. I immediately agreed for the marriage.

On the first night, I was in the bed room pressing my erected cock. Sita came into bed room with a milk glass. She was like an angel in the tube light. I immediately stood and hugged Sita and kissed her provocative nose. Sita laughed and held my dick and pressed tightly. My rod leaked. Sita got anger and held my nose and twisted “what is this? Why your dick leaked like this just for touching? If it so, how can you fuck me?” she slapped on my cheeks. I caught hold of sita’s feet and said ” Sita I am your slave. I am slave to your nose. I like your long nose very much. Please don’t tell this to anybody.. I will obey your orders. You can fuck with anybody as you like. Please sita” I prayed. Sita laughed loudly and twisted my nose this side and that side and said “come with me… hereafter you are my slave. I will treat you like a dog.”she started walking. When she was walking, her big hips are swinging. I was walking behind her like a pet dog.

She took me to her mom’s bed room. I astonished seeing the scene there. My mom in-law jayalaxmi, her elder daughter Latha and her hubby kiran were in full nude. They both were sucking his 14 inches dick. When they saw us they started laughing. Kiran asked my wife “hey queen of noses.. is your fuck over? how many times my co-brother fucked you?”. Sita laughed and said ” No brother in law… he has no dick. His dick does not erect like you.. he is an impotent” said squeezing my nose. I bowed down my head. Latha and Kiran laughed very very loudly. Latha’s big nostrils were swinging. Kirans stiff cock was swinging like pendulum. My mom in law got anger. She held my nose and started squeezing. She slapped on my cheek. “Please mom in law please don’t beat me” I said with low voice. She shouted “Idiot, tell me.. why your cock is not erecting?” Squeezed my testicles. “Mom in law, from the age of 5 years I used to masturbate 10 times daily. That’s why my cock is not erecting properly.” I replied politely. She pulled my testicles down. I cried with pain.

Kiran, latha, my wife laughed. Kiran kept my wife’s nose in his mouth and chewed like chocolate. “Mom in law, your daughter’s nose is wonderful. Seeing her nose, even impotent rod ejaculates.” he said to my mom in law. Jayalaxmi took a wooden long stick. She was swishing in the air and gave a big shot on my hips. “Wooooooooooooowwww… I cried with pain rubbing my hips. Jayalaxmi started squeezing my nose very tightly and gave another shot on my thighs. “Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooo” I cried again. Latha, Sita laughed biggerly. My wife started sucking my co-son in law’s dick. Kiran was pressing his wife’s milky boobs and kissing her nose.

Jayalaxmi held my nose and said “voo.. stupid… I will peel of your skin… sit..” I sat. Then she gave a big shot on my back. “Voo…. bastard… I will cut your nose… stand..” she ordered. I stood up. Then she gave a big stroke on my hips. “Vaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmoo.. Mom in law please don’t beat me…” I was requesting her. Jayalaxmi laughed and said “Voo… you dirty idiot… I will cut your balls.. sit” and gave a very big shot on thighs. “Vaaayyyyyyyyyooo..” I sat down. Latha, Kiran and my wife were laughing very loudly. Kiran’s dick is becoming very stiff. He kissed on Jayalaxmi’s ass crack 100 times. Jayalaxmi held my nose too tightly and shouted..” You bastard…. I will put hot mirchi in you eyes… stand…” ordered. I again stood up.

Jayalaxmi gave one more heavy shot on my hips. Wooooooooooooooooooooo…Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… excuse me momin law…. I am your feet slave…” I cried with severe pain. She gave another big shot on my back.. The wooden stick was broken in to two pieces. All four laughed. When laughing the boobs and ass of Jayalaxmi, Latha and my wife were swinging. They laughed for 10 minutes continuously. Then Jayalaxmi took a whip and started whipping me. I was crying very loudly with pain. But Mom in law was not caring at all. “Vaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyooooooooo.. Vaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmooooooo” I was crying and tried to escape. But jayalaxmi did not leave me and held my testicles and pressing. She continuously whipping me for about one hour. All my body became reddish with scares. Mom in law then took my nose into her fist and started squeezing. “Vaaaaaayyyoo.. vammmmmmmmooo.. please mom in law… leave me… I will eat your shit mom in law… excuse mee…. I am your feet slave…. I am your shit eating slave… I will eat your shit every day.. mom in law… please leave me… Your ass hole is my sacred place… I worship your asshole every day… Your shit is god’s gift to me…. Please leave me… I will always be under your feet….. leave… mee…voooooo…. abbbbbbbbooooo..” I was praying my mom in law.

But Jayalaxmi did not leave me. Kiran started fucking my wife. “Fuck kiran… improve force… fuck… fuck…” my wife was talking with joy. Jayalaxmi tightened my nose further. Latha also joined her and started squeezing my thighs. “Vammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoo… noooo… please…. sister in law… leave me please…” I was crying. Jayalxmi gave a punch in my stomach and said “dont talk you pig…. I will peel of entire skin on your cock…I will extract 10 glasses of blood from your nose today…I will put hot rods on your asshole….” she was screwing my nose. They both were laughing seeing my plight.

Kiran further increased his speed in fucking and giving heavy strokes with his iron tool. My wife was encouraging him with pressing his hips and hugging him with her both hands. Jayalaxmi further increased her force in squeezing my nose. Blood started pouring from nose. Seeing that Jayalaxmi and Latha laughed with claps. Kiran and my wife also laughed seeing it. Kiran said “Mom in law tell my co brother to put my dick in his wife’s pussy.” Mom in law looked at me and shouted “You dirty bastard… cant you listen to your co brother… go and put his iron cock in your wife’s pussy” she ordered. I immediately ran to kiran and held his dick . Oh.. my god…. it is just like steel ruler. Kiran held my nose and squeezed and asked” How is it bastard?” he laughed. “I am your dick slave co-brother… I will suck your cock.. I will be slave of all of you.” I said.

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