My wife and Tailor -II

I am Kamal . So far you read that while pleading tailor to take measurement she undressed and then tailor fucked her with his 4 inch cock. She was so much satisfied with his small cock that she declared t husband that she would continue to get fuckd by tailor. They visited tailor to give trial and got fucked again ..As a reaction to his wife getting fucked b tailor Kishor could succeed to fuck their maid…

Now read ……

Next morning when Paro came, wife was still in deep sleep because of effect of that pill. And today I decided to wake her up only after Paro goes after satisfying fuck with me.The moment Paro came in we hugged and fondled each other and doing so I first undressed her and then I also undressed. Then I requested her to complete routine work being nude. She blushed and hidden her face in my chest. I caressed her tight round breast and I persuaded her . I convinced her that my wife will not get up .

I followed her where ever she went in house for sweeping, washing. I watched her cleaning utensils. It was such a nice scene to see a young woman of 23 yrs moving all along in house nude. In the bed room we two hugged each other nude and watched my wife sleeping nude. She took about 40 minutes to complete the work and thereafter she sat on my lap. I caressed her cunt . She was wet to get fucked. I positioned her on my lap and she pushed cunt over my cock. Her breast got crushed against my chest. We fucked in seating condition for 5-6 minutes and then I pushed her . I got up and made her sit on sofa. I pushed her legs away wide and I licked her cunt. Yesterday she had shaved it and I was finding new pleasure by licking her hairless cunt. I pinched clit, she moaned. I chewed cunt lips and she moaned louder and then I took entire cunt area in my mouth and chewed it for 2-3 minutes. She was trembling and moaning loudly. Thereafter I pushed my nose in her cunt and exhaled and inhaled deeply. She was ecstatic and unable to control…

“bus, saab …ab…nahi….jaldi se lund pelo…..aahhh mai mur jaaungeee” . And then for another 10 minutes we fucked. Finally she raised her hips high and moaned…..”ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……mazaa aaa gayaaa….” I gave 8-10 more strokes and pulled cock out. The moment my cock was out she held it in her hand and fisted it few time. I discharged and ‘cum ‘sprayed all over her face. She wiped her face and to my disgust she licked her hand covered with my ‘cum’.

I saw enjoying my cum and after she licked all , “ bahut tasty hai… aage se pura paani mai peeungee ( It is so tasty from next time onward I will drink it all). We remained nude . I asked her to make tea. While sipping I pulled her on my lap and we talked. She said that previous afternoon her husband ‘Bhuvan’ came to meet Aasshu . In night he told her wife Paro that my wife talked with him for about half an hour and made tea for him. When I asked whether they fucked she replied in negative. Her husband told her that Aashu mem saab is very good and he enjoyed talking with her. And you know “ mem saab ne Bhuvan ko phheer aane ko kaha hai. “ But she wondered that how her husband would be able to seduce her unless she initiates.

I told her that she will never take initiative to get fucked by outsider. He has only to initiate and I told her to tell her husband to praise my wife’s beauty and compared with that of yours .

After we finished tea , she got up and dressed . I also dressed. She wanted to wake up my wife but I told her to go. We kissed and she went out. After about 15 minutes I went to bed room . She was still asleep with legs wide open. I bend on her and kissed cunt. She shivered a bit. Then I pulled cunt lips apart and ran tongue along slit of cunt .

“ohh..maaster….kya kad rahe ho….ahhh.” she was still dreaming of tailor’s tongue in her cunt .

I ignored and poked my tongue deeper and with two fingers pressed her clit.

She jerked her hip and screamed “oouchhh” loudly. Without opening her eyes she pinched my hairs and I chewed and explored her cunt . Taste of her cunt was similar to that of maid’s cunt . I sucked cunt juice and poked finger in cunt.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..master…….tumne mujhe gulaam bana liyaa hai……mai teri randi hun…..ahhhhh……ahhhhhhh…………” I continued licking for some more time & then I pulled my mouth from her cunt. She pulled me on her and I guided my cunt in her choot…

Then she opened her eyes . “ohhhh… darling it is you….. I thought…..” but I closed her lips with mine and second time in morning I fucked but this time cunt was of my wife. I fucked her harder than before and when I came to the point of ejaculation I pulled my cock out. I remembered what Paro said about my ‘cum’. I wanted my wife to taste my cum which she never did before. I pulled up and sat on her breast. I held my cock and pushed in her mouth. She tried hard to push cock off but I pulled her hairs. She felt pain and I could push my cock in her mouth up to throat. I fucked her in mouth. I was very happy that before tailor could poke his cock in my wife’s mouth I mouth fucked her. And I ejaculated. I saw an expression of disgust ness but I kept my cock in her mouth and saw my white thick cum flowing down in her throat. After I discharged fully I told her “darling suck it” and without any objection she closed her lips on my cock and sucked it for 4-5 minutes. Thereafter I pulled my cock out . I pulled her up and kissed her and caressed her body. I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. It was to say that I still love her.

We got up. She enquired about Paro and I told her that she had completed her work and gone. I told her that as she had headache last night we did not wake her up. She put on gown but I remained nude till I went to take bath. And at regular time I started for my office. While I was leaving she enquired whether I can come little early as we have to go market to buy article & items for diwali (which was on day after tomorrow) . She said that things are many and she can not carry it alone. I doubted that I would be able to come so I told her to take Paro or her husband if I don’t come.

As expected I could not come early. When I reached home I saw few bags full of things in the drawing room .

“Sorry darling I could not come” I said.

“No problem, when I went to market I saw Bhuvan and he helped me in buying and bringing things to house.” She replied.

“both Paro & Bhuvan are good people . “ I looked at my wife and said “ I think Bhuvan can be much use to you “ she stared at me and I hurriedly added

“ in getting some manly work done by him.”

By ‘manly work ‘ I meant that she can use his cock to fill her hungry cunt but I don’t know what she thought.

In evening she wore a new dress and gave me a ‘silver plate’ to keep in our storewell . You know that it is considered auspicious to buy precious things on ‘dhan teras’ night – two night before diwali. The dress was tight on her . Even nipples points were clearly visible. Dress was very nicely cut on her side waist and smooth, silky belly & waist skin was very exciting to see. Dress was tight on thighs but was quite loose below knee. Her round hips were nicely exposed in that thin silky dress. And at that time Paro came with her husband and child. I saw that Bhuvan is time & again staring at my wife . When Aashu walked and went to kitchen slashing of hips would have raised everyone’s cock. She returned with sweets and gave to them then she went to bed room and came out with a packet. It was a saree for Paro and a readymade trouser and t-shirt for servant Bhuvan. Beside She gave Rs 100/- to the child. Both touched our feet and while blessing them I patted cheeks of Paro. She blushed. While leaving servant told to my wife , “ maalkin aap Aishwarya Rai se bhee jyada sundar hai.”

It was time for my wife to blush.

They left & we had dinner and after dinner wife reminded me that she has to pick up her clothes from tailor. I again tried to convince her to forget tailor. But she insisted and finally said that if any time again I will tell her to stop relation with tailor she will divorce me. She remained in that sexy dress and we reached tailor’s place again at 11.30 night.

Like previous night he was alone but tonight shop was much better arranged. On one side he has made a nice bed and the matt of cutting table was also changed . Immediately after we entered room he pulled the shutter down and lifted my wife on his arms. He placed her on cutting table and began kissing & caressing her all over the body. After fondling her front he turned her down and unzipped her dress. She had no bra and no panty . I wondered what Paro’s husband would have done if he had known that she was without bra & panty. I saw him caressing her spine and other parts of back. He slowly moved her hand on her hips and pushed clothes above hips. He pushed both legs apart so that legs fell on each side of table. From back itself I could see clit and cunt fully opened. She had again shaved it in morning. After squeezing and sucking each and every portion of hips he began licking cunt from behind. The moment his tongue touched cunt she raised her hips and tailor could fondle cunt from front and suck it from behind. Like last time he sucked her for more than ten minutes and then he pulled away to undress himself. At this moment my wife jumped from the table and pushed nude tailor on table. She pushed his legs apart and without touching cock with her hand she gulped it in mouth. Tailor was not expecting. He tried to push away her mouth but she prevailed. Aashu mouthed him and I saw her mouth moving up and down on his 4 “ cock. She was also fondling his balls and now tailor was moaning …ahh…ohhhh….bahut achha… ohh…beti….ahhh ….bahut mazaa de rahi ho… beti…….”

I got shocked to hear tailor calling my wife ‘beti’ but my wife continued giving blow job to his lover . After about 10 minutes of mouthing Aashu jumped over table and she guided her cunt to slip over tailor’s cock. She was facing me. I saw contraction and expansion of cunt lips with every to & fro movement of cunt on the cock. Cock was erect and tight in her juicy cunt. She stretched her both arms and arched her body backward. I was very clearly able to see sweet , small and clean shaven cunt slipping over the cock. She was fucking with a lot of force and suddenly tailor pushed her and made her sit on knee. He also sat on his knee and from behind pushed cock in my wife’s cunt and in this pose he kept fucking her for another 25 minutes. I saw thick white fluid falling down on my wife’s thighs . For another 5-6 minutes tailor remained glued on Aashu’s back and when their breath normalized both came down. She certainly was very tired so she lie-on flat on the bed spread on floor at side. I saw tooth bite and bruises on her thighs but there was sense of complete satisfaction on her face. She closed her eyes and tailor sat nude beside her. We had forgotten about her dresses. But I really enjoyed life fucking of wife more than ever I fucked her.

Tailor pulled out a pkt from drawer and handed over it to her When Aashu was sucking him he addressed her as ‘beti’ and again while giving packet to her , he said

“beti, ye lo apna dress, diwali ke din pahanna , tumhare mast body par bahut fit hoga. “ She took it and kept aside silently.

Then he took out a box and opened it . And I saw, he took out a gold necklace , it must be about 15 gms -20 grms. He lifted my wife’s head and placed it on placid limp cock. He put necklace on her shoulder and said ,

“ beti , ye necklace tumhare liye hai… tumhari jawani ne jo mujhe maza diya hai uske badle ye kuch nahi hai… beti tumhari chut bahut hi mast aur chudasi hai.. kitna bhee iss chut ko chodo , chut thakegi nahi….” He caressed her cunt and boobs and kissed her and said

“beti aaj raat yahi ruk jaao ek baar aur jumkar chudai karenge …”

Before I could intervene my wife said , “ kaka aapne mujhe beti bola hai to mujhe aapki baat maan_ni hi paregi… dubara chodiyega … lekin pahle mujhe kuchh khane ko do…bahut bhukh lagi hai….”

“haa beti, mai to bhul hi gaya thaaa…” tailor kissed her cunt and got up. He took out a Tiffin box and I saw a bottle of ‘rum’ . I used to drink sometime but so far she never tasted wine.

Tailor made three glasses and mixed soda . Then he took out snacks in a plate and kept it in center. Seeing eatable Aashu sat up with folded knee so that her cunt was just opposite me. Tailor gave one glass of rum to me and another to his ‘randi’ my wife. She first looked t me and then at tailor who make her hold the glass. He crossed his left hand across her back and pulled her on him.

‘ beti, kabhee kabhee pine mey koi harz nahi hai. Meri apni beti jo tumse choti hai aur meri bibi bhee occasion par rum /whisky pete hai. “ ( beti, there is no harm in taking wines occasionally. My daughter who is younger to you and my wife takes rum and whisky occasionally ) . Tailor pushed glass on her lips and she took a small sip. We two toasted for long lived beauty and health of my wife. Aashu made faces after having first 2-3 sips but thereafter she took drink normally. She took lot of snacks as well. We finished first round of drink and taior poured another drink for all. While having second drink my wife began fisting limped cock of tailor . He also with one hand fondled her body and with other hand finished drink. His cock was coming to size.. He asked her to stand up n the bed. She stood up straight and then he told me to pour remaining ( more than half bottle) on her boobs . I hesitated but my wife pleaded me to do what he says. I also stood up and slowly and slowly I began pouring rum on my wife’s boobs. Tailor positioned his mouth just under cunt. I saw stream of rum travelling down from mountain likes boobs through her belly to naval point to pubic area and then to cunt slit and finally tailor was taking all inside his mouth . she remained stood for 15 minutes till I emptied bottle on her body. Her body was shining and tailor’s cock was again like a tight rod. He made her lie-on bed and without any wait he pushed his 4 “cock in my wife’s cunt at about 1.15 night . She raised both her legs up. Tailor held them at this and fucked my wife again like previous occasions. Now in three days she moaned loudly.

“ahhhh….chod chod…kar …chut …ka…chatni…bana do…ahh…master chodo apni beti ko….juum kad… chodo….mai teri beti hun…phado…meri chut phaad dalo…..

Like this she kept on uttering filthy words and moaned. She enjoyed each stroke of tailors cock in her cunt. I was seated very close to those fucking bastards. I could see cock traveling in sweet and juicy cunt and that small cock was opening that cunt of a bitch with every stroke in. She pulled her legs towards her chest and I could see her ass hole opening and close with every push of tailor. I wondered, how long it will be for tailor to poke his small cock in my wife’s tiny ass hole. I did not get any desire to fuck in her ass. He was fucking her without any break and she also was not tired. But , I was getting tired to watch their fucking . At that time , Aashu told tailor to wait and pull cock out of cunt. Tailor stopped for and pulled out. I saw big hole in my wife’s cunt . Immediately she turned on and sat on her knee. She rested her head on pillow and asked tailor to continue fucking . He again positioned his cock on cunt hole and gave a hard push and again began fucking at a speed of engine. I got tired of watching their marathon fucking and then I saw him slowing down and I saw thick fluid falling down from wife’s cunt. He still poked for 15-20 times and then lie -on still over Aashu’s back. Both were breathing heavily.

I looked at watch . It was showing 1.55 i.e for 40 minutes they fucked. After both cooled down she pushed away tailor and said shamelessly,

“master , aapne apni beti ki chut ka sara rus chus liya ahha.. aaj pahle se bhee jyada mazaa aaya…..”

“Haa…beti, maine abtak kai jawan aurato ko choda hai lekin jo mazaa mujhe beti tere bur ko chodne mey aaya wo aur kisi chut mey nahi aaya… “ tailor said and fisted his cock. “teri bur mey jo garmi aur ras hai.. wo kisi aur bur mey nahi… mera lawda bahut khush hai..

“ master , ye bur tumhara hai master , jub mun kare apni beti ko chod lena , mera to mun kadta hai ki raat din iss pyare lund ko bur ke ander daal kar chudwaati rahu. And Aashu fingered her cunt.

I got up and said to her , “ now get up . We have to go home. “ . I ordered her to dress up. Tailor gave me packet of clothes which he stitched for her. She also got up and without wearing any clothes she came out. I picked up her clothes and sandal. Tailor pulled up shutter . I looked around , except two street dogs no one was at sight . My wife again urinated standing nude and after she finished tailor sat down and kissed her cunt. After he licked cunt dry she like previous time sat inside car all nude beside me. Today I did not try to cover her. We reached home by 2.45 . she walked nude from garage to drawing room and lie on sofa. Though she said that she don’t need any medicine I forced her to take one ‘Alprex’ again . I wanted her to remain sleep in morning when I fuck Paro- our maid .

>>>> Wait for more ….. how our servant enjoyed wife..


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