My Suhagrat And First Anal Fuck


Hello ISS readers, my name is Nisha Lapoor and I am from Punjab. My age is 25. I am a beautiful slim girl having very sexy features. I am post graduate and doing Govt service. My marriage took place recently on 2nd Nov 2009. I have read many stories of this web site but after my marriage when I got real sex experience then I came to know that many stories appeared on this site are work of fiction and not real as their writers claim. I am writing below the true story of my Suhagraat.

On pre-evening of my Suhagrat my Nanad (His cousin sister) told me that my hubby wants me in Suhagrat room in his favorite SUHAG-JODA with best possible makeup and jewelry, so please wear it and sit in the Suhagrat room like as shown in films and serials. At 9PM I started the Suhagrat preparation and after doing full makeup and putting up all bridal jewelery I entered in specially decorated Suhagrat room. I sat on double bed spreading my very GHERDAR lehenga in broadest circle around me. Lehenga and sexy Blouse were of bright red shining Reshmi Jari fabric and Odhni (Chunri) was of self designed red transparent fabric. I adjusted my Odhni for a GHOONGHAT. After some time my hubby entered in room and said to me “I want to talk you something very special and necessary for our future life. But I want to talk with you in lying pose keeping my head in your lap, may I”. So he lied on my well spread lehenga keeping his head in my lap. Then he said me “listen Nisha, I am very sex-loving person and have very strong appetite for sex. As you are my very loving darling beautiful wife so you shall never refuse me for sex. Moreover I will try all possible variation in fucking with you so you should be ready to give me your best cooperation for this purpose. Please always keep me fully satisfied in sexual act only this much I want from you on this special night..” I said “I am your darling life partner so I will give you my best co-operation and will keep you always satisfied with me in all your fucking practice and sex fantasies. Please tell me now what I have to do.” He said “I am so sexually excited seeing you that first of all I want to fuck you, after that we will talk further.” He opened his lund and said me “This is your pleasure giving sex tool which will give you always a unforgettable and amazing MASTI. Please hold it in your hand and play with it.” I did so, his lund was erected like iron rod, I saw that with curiosity because that was now a tool for me to give me fucking pleasure. I took his lund in my hand and pressed that. I gave some fine gentle strokes to his stony hard lund, and he screamed with pleasure.

He said that he will do his first fuck in my full sexy gorgeous traditional wedding dress of Lehenga Choli without removing any ornament. I rose from bed and kissed his lund, in return he kissed my choot. He then made me lye on bed on my back and placed a pillow below my buttocks to lift my choot upward, then he arranged my lehenga up above my thighs uncovering my genital organs, he widen my legs and applied some scented oil on the lips of my choot and after placing his lund on the opening of my choot he gave a violent push. His tight iron like rod buried deep into me piercing and widening the walls of my tight choot. I felt pain as my hymen got burst with his mighty push of lund. There occurred some bleeding also but I was well aware with this fact so I did not care, but asked him to stop for some time. He stopped and keeping his lund inside me, began to kiss and lick my lips, cheeks, neck etc. His one hand was messaging and squeezing my Choochiyan (breasts) over the blouse fabric. After some time he started giving strokes of his rock hard lund in my choot first slowly and then violently. And surprise I felt that my pain has gone and I am getting an unparallel CHUDAI-MASTI, which I never thought or imagined before. We both were moaning. After some time he ejaculated in my choot and I also felt that very experience of sex which is called orgasm and ecastassy (Charam Ananad). He lied on my body idle, and asked me to insert my tongue in his mouth. I did so and he sucked my tongue for about 10 minuts.

After this intercourse my hubby remained lying on my body for nearly 15 minuts. Then he withdrew his lund from my choot. That was wet with his semen having some blood stains on it. I observed that my vaginal canal was also filled with his semen. So I did not get up for the fear of dripping his semen on my costly Lehenga and causing stains on it. I asked my hubby to give me Handkerchief from my purse. Keping the handkerchief on my choot I rose and rushed to toilet with my hubby… There I washed and cleaned my choot with soap and water and also wiped off the lund of my hubby. After coming back my hubby asked me “have you pinned your chunri(Odhani) with some sari pin” I said “yes, do you want to make me naked”. He said “no not today, only I want to remove your chunri from your beautiful body” I unpinned my chunri from my blouse and he pulled away my chunri from my body making my bust open. Now I was only in Lehenga and low cut open back blouse. I said “Now I want to put off my heavy ornaments, may I.” He said ok I removed my heavy JHUMKA, Mang-teeka, one heavy necklace, kangans, Hathphool and Payal. He sat on the bed and asked me to lye in his lap. I did so. Caressing and fondling my breast he said “ Nisha, my darling you made me very satisfied in fucking I am happy with your cooperation in sex. I am lucky to find you as my wife. I was dreaming a wife like you.” I said “this is my pleasure also; I will keep you always satisfied in sex”

“Please Nisha, listen carefully, I want that we should use very vulgar and dirty words at the time of foreplay before sex and during actual sex. So do not feel ill and be frank to speak such words for me also I will not mind a least. This will give us more pleasure and stimulation for sex. We will forget at that time that we are well cultured officers, but think only that you are female and I am male and we are made for doing nature’s most pleasure giving act i.e sex.” I said “ok as you wish I will try my best as it is my duty to make you well pleased and happy in every way.”

We were tired till now so he said we will sleep now but do not change your this gorgeous dress as you look very sexy and charming in this dress. We will get up again at 4Am for our next chudai session.” We laid on bed keeping each other in arms and we covered ourselves only with my chunri and not with any linen.

At about 4 AM we awakened. He gave me a packet and asked me to wear the dress placed in it in front of him. “I want to see you while changing the dress.” He lit on all lights. I slowly started to remove my cloths. First I untied the laces and removed my blouse, then untied the knot of my Lehenga, due to its weight lehenga fell down on the floor. Then unhooked my red bra and with a notorious smile I threw these all garments on my husband. I was completely naked now. He asked me to walk naked in the room for some time. I did so then I opened the packet. In that there was a blue golden laced very sex provoking bra from which decorative blue beads and sitare were hanging and completely transparent mini skirt. I wore them in front of my husband without any undergarment. I made different sex provoking poses to make him well excited, and he shooted those all with digital camera. He became highly excited and said “ Nisha, now you are my RANDI you are looking fantastically gorgeous, pretty and sexy . You made my LUND erected like iron rod. Meri CHUDDAKR CHHAMIYA now come to me AAJ MUJHE TERI CHOOT FARNI HAI” he lifted me in his arms and placed me lying on bed on my back.




and surprise I really become very hot saying and listening such vulgar dirty words. He asked me to stand like a bitch standing on all my fours and lifted my skirt upwards. His Lund was oozing precum and my Choot was also wet due to high excitement. He placed his lund on the orifice of my choot and catching my slim waist gave again a violent push from behind. His lund buried in my choot upto its end and I felt as if his lund is reaching upto my heart. Actually his lund went so deep in my choot that it was touching my UTERUS. He was highly excited so he kept giving violent pushes. HAME ITNA MAZA AA RAHA THA KI HUM DONO MASTI SE SISKARI BHAR RAHE THE.



We kept saying all possible vulgar word to each other and due to our high excitement we both reached to orgasm rather early. He shouted IN ECSTASSY, “MAIN CHHAR RAHA HUN MERI RANDI NISHA JAAN.”


And soon we reached to climax and felt HIGHEST MASTI OF ECASTASSY. Now his lund was shooting out his semen in spurts and spurts into my choot. Now I laid on bed on my stomach and keeping his lund in my choot my hubby also laid on me. We both were breathing high. After about 10 minuts we calmed down and became separated. We both were so satisfied which we never felt before. Again we cleaned our organs. My husband asked,” kyon Nisha is baar jyada maza aaya na.” “Han dear you are a expert fucker”, I said.

Then we laid again on bed hugging each other, I was lying on him. We licked and kissed each others again and again. It was 6.30AM now so I changed to sari blouse and became like a normal bride as usual.

After 4th day of my Suhagrat, my husband brought 2 blue film CD, and said to me, “ I have brought a very sex stimulating stuff will you like to see”. I said “yes.” He made CD player On and inserted a CD in it. I was curious because till now I have never seen a blue film. He sat on sofa with me keeping me closest to him. In CD there was a man who was fucking a women in all her orifice, i. e. in her choot, mouth and gaand. I became very hot seeing these scenes and in excitement I caught the Lund of my husband. He also took me in his arms and hugged me very tightly. “MERI CHAPPANCHHURI AAJ MAIN TUMAHRI GAAND KA MAZA LENA CHAHTA HUN” he said. I said “ok chodu raja, do whatever you like with my body”. He said “ I heard that Punjabi girls are very crazy of anal fucking so this was my fantasy from my studentship that I will anal fuck any Punjabi girl. So please become a Punjabi girl by changing to punjabi shalwar suit, tab main tumahri GAAND MARUNGA.” I understood now why my husband asked me before marriage that I should get stitched some punjabi shalwar suits. I pulled off my georgette orange sari, blouse and petticoat from my body and picked a very sexy shalwar suit. It was made of shining fabric of parrot green colour. I wore it in front of my hubby without pantee. Now I was looking a Punjabi Patakha kudi. Seeing me in this dress, he said “hay meri chuddakar randi kitni katil lag rahi ho, sach gaand marne ka pura maza aayega.” He pulled me in his lap, I felt that his lund was erected hard and piercing my ass. He squeezed my choochiyan and spanked on my ass, saying “kya chootar hain meri chhamiya saroj ke.”. I said to him “bolo mere chodu raja kaise shuru karoge, your randi is ready for anal fucking”. He asked me to stand keeping my hand on the edge of double bed and stand like a GHODI widening my feet in A shape. Then he withdrew the nada of my shalwar from inside and pulled it out The knot of my shalwar got opened, and my Reshmi Shalwar slipped down to my feet. He raised the back portion of my Qameez upto my waist and applied some Vaseline on the opening of my GAAND. He also lubricated his rock hard LUND and then held me by my slim waist. Keeping his LUND on the orifice of my GAAND. He said ‘’tayyar ho ja meri chuddakr chamiya randi,lund raja ki sawari aati hai, aaj tujhe GANDU RANDI banaunga”. Saying so he gave a violent push. Due to well lubrication of our organs, his half lund buried into my GAAND and I simultaneously felt such pain that in spite of my all efforts I screamed loudly. “hayyyy,,, mar gayeeeee,,,, meri gaand fat gayee lagti hai. I can not tolerate this pain, please withdraw your lund out.” But he was mad in excitement. He forgot every thing and after taking his lund a bit out he again gave a mighty push into my gaand. This time perhaps his total Lund buried into my tight Gaand. There was so much pain in my gaand that tears came out from my eyes and I started weeping. But he was so mad in sexual excitement that he did not care of my weeping and without withdrawing his lund he started giving in-out strokes in my Gaand. Gaand mein se dard ki lahre uth kar mere sare sharer mein fal rahi thee. Lag raha tha gaand fat gayee hai ya fat jayegi. Besides, I was also feeling a strong toilet pressure. I requested again and again to him but he said “bahut maza aaraha hai meri gandu randi bas thodi der aur, tumhe ye lund jhelna hi hai”. I was screaming in pain but soon he reached to orgasm and discharged his load into my rectum. His lund was throbbing inside my rectum and shooting his sperms with jerks. He stopped keeping my gaand plugged with his lund. I gave an outward jerk to my hips and his lund slipped out from my gaand. I saw his lund was smeared with my shit. I was feeling so acute toilet pressure that I rushed to toilet and sit on pot. I discharged enough shit but toilet pressure was not going. I was feeling as if more and more shit will have to come out. But that was a false toilet pressure due to irritation of my rectum canal. My gaand was burning and etching severely.

I came out from toilet, and said “what you did today raja. I was not expecting that you may be so cruel to me, today you did not fuck me but gave me a torture.” Now he had come to sense and understood my condition. He said “I was not knowing that anal fucking is so painful to women.

He asked sorry repeatedly. And went to toilet for washing his shit covered lund. After performing first Guda-Mathun with me when my husband observed that I am having severe pain in my pelvic region he became too much worried. We both were thinking what happened wrong as in blue film CDc women were normal during Guda mathun But fact is that they get a pretty good remuneration for acting, so they do whatever film directors want them to do Any way I took some pain killers tablets and did rest. . I remained unable to have sex with my husband for next two days. After 2 days my pain subsided.

At evening I logged on to internet and surfed many websites on Un-natural Intercourse. I found there that as Gaand is not meant for sex so its wall remains dry unlike choot which secrete fluid to lubricate its wall. So when lund inserts in gaand and to and fro motion is done by male partner, rectal canal wall get abrasion and thus irritates, which cause false toilet pressure to female partner. Moreover as bowels may have shit in it, there is danger of bacteria which remains in shit and may cause infection to lund. For a pleasing and safe ANAL FUCKING it was advised that before attempting GUDA-MATUN, female partner should take dettol soap enema to clean her rectal canal from shit and then lubricate her Gaand hole very well with Vaseline. This will well lubricate the Gaand’s opening and its inner walls. Male partner should also well lubricate his lund by K Y Jelly (Vaseline) before insertion and female partner should make loose her anal mussels TO ITS MAXIMUM for easy penetration. AND MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT LUND LENGTH IS BIGGER THAN ANAL CANAL LENGTH (only apprx 4 inch) SO DO NOT TRY TO FORCE TOTAL PENETRATION OF LUND IN GAAND. Strokes should also be mild.

Next time, we both followed these instructions and it resulted almost a painless GUDA MATHUN. Now we both are relaxed and do this act frequently. My husband instructed me that whenever I am ready for GUDA MATHUN I should wear Punjabi Shalwar Qameez. He will then understand that I am ready and Now he can do GUDA MATHUN with me. Now we do Guda Mathun every alternate day in the morning or when my hubby is willing for it.

I tried to narrate the true events of my suhagraat my best but as readers can understand, that matter is so long that every thing is not possible to write. Please send your comments. I will reply your every email. I tried to give some very helpful tips for those who want to do Anal Fucking with pleasure and without any harm, but still if you have some queries please ask frankly. My email ID is [email protected]

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