My Suhagrat 2

Hi ISS readers, this is Saroj Sharma again from Rajasthan. As I have promised I am here with next part of my story “My Suhagrat”. This was to be the concluding part of the story but due to its length, I will conclude this story in next part. This is a story of my Suhagrat with the intimate Muslim friend of my hubby according to his desire. I want to explain again that this story is totally a work of fiction and have no concern with reality of my personal life.

After first round of fucking, we sipped coffee by each other’s hand and during this course Salim kept kissing me on my lips, earlobes, cheeks, neck and bare parts below my neck up to my cleavage. After finishing coffee, Salim said “Saroj my darling Begum I want to feel deeply the tenderness of your beautiful body allover my body, so I am going to lye on the bed, fully naked, and you please lye over me covering me with your body from toe to head.” I said “ok my dear, should I put off my Garara- Jumfer and become naked”. Salim said “Nahi meri chhamak chhallo after putting off your bridal dress you will be converted to my Bhabhi Saroj and will no more remain my wife Saroj Begum.” Saying so, Salim lied on the bed on his back. I laid above him straight, in full bridal dress keeping my body parallel to his body. Now I was in close touch with his body from toe to head. My raised boobs were pressing his chest. “Hi my sweet begum Saroj how much tender and light your body is, I am feeling as if a bunch of flower is placed on my body, please now insert your tongue into my mouth I want to suck that”. I opened my mouth and placing my lips on Salim’s lip I slowly inserted my tongue in his mouth.

He started sucking my tender tongue and caressing my body up to where his hands were reaching, i.e. My back, my slim waste and my well rounded hips. Meanwhile he was also using to press me very tight on his body repeatedly. Soon his lund again started to come into life and after a short while got full erection. Now his lund was piercing on the lips of my choot over the soft fabric of Garara. I said to Salim, “mere sanam, I am doing some thing more to give you exclusive masti and pleasure in this pose” and saying so I lifted my hips and opened the knot of my Garara. I slipped down the Garara from my hips. Now my choot was opened and in this pose I adjusted my body over his body so that his well erected lund entered in my choot. Salim felt a great Masti and said to me, “meri chuddakr randi, meri saroj jaan, tu kitni mast cheez hai, mujh per to teri jawani ka nasha aisa chadh gya hai jaisa sharab se bhi nahi chadhega”. I said “mere lund khan, mere Khasam, I am your begum and it is my duty to satisfy you fully with my body.” We kept lying in this pose for about one hour with talking each other in erotic sexual language. “ “saroj meri jaan now I want to learn some good poses (aasans) of fucking a woman, as you are well experienced so please give me demonstration, but put off only your Garara and do not put off your Jumfer.” Salim said to me. “ok I start right now from this pose” I said. I raised upper part of my body and sat on his lund adjusting my both folded legs on his both sides.

For convenience I put my both hands on his stomach. In this course of action his lund inserted more deeply into my choot. I slipped my Garara more down for convenience and started up and down movement of my hips on his body. His long erected lund was now easily moving in and out into my choot. He became highly excited and said to me “saali bhosre wali kya garam choot hai teri mere pure lund ko leel rahi hai, hay meri jaan kya maza de rahi hai tu”. As in this pose control of fucking was in my hand so I tried different rhythms, some times quick and some times slow. My necklace was dangling on my well raised conical shaped chochies (tits). He became mad and held my both Choochies in his both hands and squeezed them above the fabric of my Jumfer. ‘Hay meri jaan kya ubhar hain tere, Sali Randi sachmuch tu badi mast cheez hai” he said. After some time I got up from his body for second pose. This time I stood before the mirror (which was specially fitted for this suhagraat) and placed my both hands on a stool. Thus now I was in leaning position just like a GHODI. My head was raised right up to the height of his lund. I said “mere raja, insert your lund in my mouth so that it may become an iron rod again and get lubrication from my saliva”.

He did so. I took his whole length of lund in my mouth and started licking that with my tongue. Soon his lund began throbbing due to my oral sex and seeing this sex provoking pose in the mirror. Now I pointed out him to remove his lund from my mouth. I said “dear Salim, my chodu raja come behind me and insert your rod from the back side into my choot as a horse fucks a mare (Ghodi) catch my waist with your hands and give a vigorous stroke. He placed his lund on the orifice of my wet choot and gave a mighty push holding my slim waist. His entire length of lund penetrated into my choot because his lund was well lubricated with my saliva. Now he started giving hardest possible strokes of his stony hard lund into my choot. Seeing our fucking image in the mirror Salim became highly excited and horny and gave so much vigorous strokes into my choot that I was moving onward with his every mighty push and a beautiful fucking sound was generating by impact of his thighs on my well built round hips. My long hanging Jhumke and Necklace were dangling. He fucked me in this pose for about 3 minutes without ejaculation and then withdrew his lund. Then I demonstrated variation of this back fucking pose on the bed in doggy style. I was on all my four on the bed and he was fucking me from back side.

Thus up to I hour I taught Salim various fucking poses and in the last for getting final orgasm I laid again on the bed on my back. I asked Salim to raise my folded knees towards the sides of my bust and by placing his arms below the joint on my knees catch my arms near my shoulders. Thus my choot was elevated upward and looking like a flower. He again aligned his lund with my choot and gave a mighty push. His throbbing lund again disappeared in to my choot. In this pose length of vaginal canal becomes a bit short and lund penetrates more deeply into choot. Thus this time, his lund was approaching up to my uterus, and I was feeling as if his lund was hurting my heart with his every vigorous stroke. I knew that now Salim is getting an unparalleled fantastic sexual pleasure because in this pose due to his every stroke, crown (Supada) of his lund was touching my uterus and this was a unique sexual experience for him. This is a bit stressful sex poses for me but with great chudai masti also. Soon we both felt the ecstasy and reached the climax. Salim was screaming, “hay meri jaan saroj, meri chuddakr randi meri chudvanti rakhail, bada naza aa raha hai, Sali chhamiya tu to badi katil cheez hai, kya chudwati hai, ohhhhh, main jharne wala hun meri jaan, abbbbb rukaaa nahi ja rahaaaaa.” I was also moaning with utmost sexual masti “hey mere chodu randibaaz, sale mere aaj raat ke khasam, kya mast chudai karta hai tu, kya krara loda hai tera, tera har dhakka meri choot cheer raha hai, laga jor ke dhakke, aaj fad dal meri choot ko ohhhhhhh, hayyyyyy main bhee jharne wali hun mere sanam” and after a short while I felt orgasm, the ecstasy of fucking. Salim was also on the climax and soon he also ejaculated in my choot. His lund was pulsating and discharging his hot semen into my choot in spurts. We undid the pose and he laid over me hugging me tight with heavy breathing. This time I was also taking heavy breaths I also hugged Salim keeping my arms on his back. We kept lying in this pose for about 5 minutes and after calm down Salim withdrew his lund from my choot.

I again rushed towards toilet to clean my choot as my choot was filled up with the huge load of his semen. I cleaned my choot very well with flowing water and wiped it off with a towel to make it dry. Then I came out and again wore my Garara and also arranged my dupatta on my head. Salim was highly satisfied with these chudai sessions and looking at me with lustful love. I sat on dressing table and retouched my makeup. When I stood I found that Salim was looking at me with interrogative eyes as if he was asking me what next. I sat on the sofa and asked Salim to lye keeping his head in my lap. He did so. I caught his hand and placed that on my tits he started seeing my enchanting beautiful face. I asked him “how much satisfaction you got with this chudai of Suhagrat.” He said “Saroj I can not express in words which pleasure you gave me this night, really Nandu (my hubby) is very lucky finding you as his life partner. Saroj you are a jewel and female like you are rare to find.

Moreover I am highly obliged to Nandu for providing you as my wife for this night. Dear Saroj I want a wife like you so please meet with my would be wife and approve her for me. I am also bound to Nandu for providing my wife for one night to him as he did for me. So please tell her every thing and ask her weather she will be ready for all this. Also guide well her for sex so that she may provide me sexual pleasure like you. I will be highly obliged to you, Saroj”. I said “ok I will do every thing for you because you are the best friend of my hubby and although only for one night you are using me as your wife.” Salim asked me “night is still remaining what is next” I told him “we both are tired now so let us take a sleep up to morning and in the morning I will provide you the very pleasing and unique experience of Anal Fucking.”

“OK, that’s nice I was also thinking of asking anal fuck with you. Saroj tell me how you are feeling in this Muslim bridal dress. Are you feeling inconvenience in this tight dress.” I said “No we ladies are well acquainted wearing tight outfits, so I will sleep in this gorgeous dress.” We lay on the double bed hugging each other and went in sound sleep. I will write its last and concluding part after getting your feedback. Please send me your comments. I will reply as usual to every email of my readers. For the sake of convenience I am giving my email address again [email protected] and [email protected]

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