My Sensational Village Experience – Part II (The Kabaddi Match)

Continued from “My sensational village experience part-I”

Then, I went to my room to change into good clothes. I saw that I had a night dress (a loose half sleeve shirt and a loose thin pant), and a red tunic top and black leggings. I decided to save the last two for tomorrow since i was going to get my dresses from the tailor only the day after that, and my yesterday’s dresses weren’t washed yet by the maid (she did not come that day). So I changed into my night shirt and pant. I found that the buttons on the shirt were close to each other and wouldn’t reveal anything from in between. So I skipped the bra and panty. The first button was a bit low and exposed just a little bit of my cleavage, but I didn’t care. I came out and found Ajay waiting. As it wasn’t anywhere near the dinner time, we just walked around the village a little bit. I could see him often peeing from the top of my shirt, into it. On our way, we accidentally met with the tailor Raju. He told us that he was on his way to meet us only. He said that as he did not have any more work to do that day, he had already finished stitching my dresses and that we could come tomorrow to collect them. This was good news for me as I had only one set of dresses left. We thanked him and went to the restaurant, had our dinner and came back home. We sat late till night, talked about many things. Ajay did not even miss a single chance he got to touch me. He touched me on my waist, shoulder, thighs, everywhere. We then slept off that day.

Next day, we went to the tailor’s to collect the clothes. The real erotic incidents started from that very day. To be continued…. expecting comments from all of you.


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