My Secret Experience With Couple

Dear Readers ,

This is my first but true story for you so you can know how I got an ultimate sex experience. I am Man of 36 years with average height, health & look but extra desire for SEX and extra skills for SEX. I have Sex experience with beautiful House Wives, lonely ladies and even wife in front of husband ( unsatisfied couple and husbands permitted) secretly.

One of my colleague was from south. He married at later stage with young girl & difference was of nine years. He used to share many thing with me & was close to me. I have nature to help others, listen them& maintain trust.

Once he was unhappy so I asked what is wrong ? he said I have some problem…..Could u share with me ? may I help you ? I asked.

Dear don’t tell to any body but my wife is not happy with me. She always complains …. I think…….. I can not full fill her…….. sexual….. desire…… he spoke hardly.

I was quite, what I could answered…. May I suggest you any doctor ? any method ? I said.

No..No.. this is not.. actually…. I like sex less…. She likes it much…….. sooo..

I suggested him to discuss about sex in detail with wife & than take some wise step, other wise it will spoil your married life.

After two days, he invited me to his house & said todays is our marriage anniversary. I went to them at 7.30 pm with rose. Her wife was looking beautiful ( even sexy & sex hungry ) but I controlled my self since I respect them.

After serving water she went in kitchen for dinner & mean while he asked hesitantly “ can you do one favor to me………Yes, but what – I asked.

I came near to me & said slowly that he discussed with her wife yesterday night as per my advise & came to know that he could not satisfy her sexual desire…… She wants hard… fucking….. even to the extent of truth he said that my wife said “ I want bullish fucking” , I am dying for it after marriage.

I was quite, not in position to think or ask. But he told further that since he could not fuck her hard, Could I ?

I was surprised by this offer. Your wife…? Who can I fuck her ? I respect her ?

I have no option, I have to arrange …..other wise some day … she will become out of control and may become whore…..he said. His point was right….

Is she agree ? I asked. I have not told her about you but I know that she could not stop her self when she see erected, hard lund ( penis ). Than he narrated a plan to me…… I was confused but to help him… I accepted it half heartedly……..

After dinner he requested me to spent night at their house since my wife was not there. As per plan I accepted it after first refusal. There was one BHK flat so they arranged for me in hall. At 10.30 pm they went to their bed room. Before that he mixed secretely some medicine in milk glass of her wife which increases sexual desire. I became naked as per planning and stood on chair to watch them from ventilator on the top of door of bed room.

I saw they started play… but he was week & slow.….. her wife became naked first……. she was of dark complexion but her body was great. Boobs of 30- hard with erected big nipples. Her ass was big ( I am fond of such figure ). Then I noticed my friends lund was 4.5 inch & semi erected. He became free after 10-120 strokes.

I became exited & my penis ( lund ) became like hard rod. She was not happy so he shouted…..offffff, what a bad luck I have….. you can never fuck me hard….. I am always dying for bullish fuck……. One day I will do some odd…. Don’t blame me then……he was shameful to hear it. During that conversation his horny wife started squeezing left boob and inserted two fingers of right hand in vagina……

As per our plan than he noticed me and said “ Hai what are u watching……. And with in a moment he opened the door.

Her wife was astonished to understood that I was peeping them…. She was some angry on me but when he looked on my naked body she lost her anger. My lund was standing hard and was of 6.5 inch.

My friend pulled me in the room & asked- what you was looking ? what you want ? with some anger.

With some artificial shyness & hesitation as per plan I told – I was pepping the sex game…….I am sorry…. But your wife is hot really super sexy…… & I reached near her.

She put out her fingers from pussy & covered her boobs in palms. Why you brought him In the room ? I am naked…. Pls. she said to her huby.

A man go… what you are looking for ? I want to fuck her …please & I inserted my fingers in her open clean shaved vagina.

MMmmaaaaaaaa…bbbhagggg……. Leave… mee.. she moaned…….& to stop me she caught my wrist by her right palm, Now her left boob was open so I took the oppoertunity & squeezed it badly.. My friend was enjoying it..silently.

I did not stopped and started finger fucking her…. Leave me…..pleasse….. PPPlllllllllllleaaaaseeeeee……lleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavveeeeeeeeeeeeee ………….meee she shouted.

But instead of pushing me away, my friend looked on my lund and commented – dear he has perfect lund, lund as you like most. See what a big lund like a danda ( rod ). He can fuck you bullish…………..

She was surprised to listen it from her husband. You….. no…no….I can not get fucked by him……… I am…….

OOhhh superb boobs…. Lovely pair of breasts, tight pussy.. ….you are lucky my friend to have sexy wife. I said.I said listen dear I fuck like a bull & suck like a dog and put my mouth on her boob and started fingering her fast.

Listen dear get a nice fuck from him , If you want……. I have no objection he said.

Now her opposition became week & she was becoming more horny with sexy open discussion & my hand job. Since he got clear signal from hubby so at the end she stopped opposing me and slept on beg. I fucked her hard. We both enjoyed very much & my friend enjoyed by fondling her boobs when I was fucking her & by watching her bullish fucking. On my request she also gave blow job to her husbands lund by mouth.

Now they are happy, there problem is over. I visit them 2-3 times in a month in evening and give them pleasure. Interested ? Liked it ? pls mail me at ;

[email protected]

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