My Second Experience With Anjali In A Daring Location

Hi this is Rohan again, earlier I had shared with all of you, my first sex prank which turned into a memorable orgy. That incident had happened during our college tour. Today I am going to share another incident which happened to me a few weeks back. Before I start, I must confess that all these incidents that I write of are totally true to my knowledge. Though I had not used the real names of the persons involved(to reserve some anonymity). If you have not noticed, I must point out to you that till now I have submitted only one story, this is the second one, because not every day a guy seems to get ‘lucky’ ( I’m sure you know what I mean).

After the previous incident during the college tour, I had developed a special bond with my classmate Anjali. The bond was not that we were in absolute love, but we enjoyed each others’ company even more, we both were physically attracted, and I had the ‘OBAGA’ or ‘Official Boobs and Ass Groping/Grabbing Allowance’ for Anjali. It was beyond my wildest imagination, that a small-town guy like me would have a ‘friends with benefits’ type of girl in my life. That too, a girl like Anjali! She was fair, about 5’6″, black straight hair, brown eyes, not exactly very slim, but quite attractive with her well formed boobs and nice buttocks. So I used my ‘OBAGA’ very well, never lost a chance. It was unbelievable.

It happened a few weeks back when our exams were just around the corner. The college was closed due to study leave. On a certain Monday, students of our department were called to receive their admit cards for exams. It was a happy day for all of us, since it was chance for all friends to meet once in the middle of those stressful days of preparing for the exams. I was happy that I could meet Anjali after a long time. I had to use the ‘OBAGA’ well, making up for the long time I hadn’t been with her.

The pressure of examination had also restrained me from ‘relieving’ myself for a long time. I decided to text Anjali about this, so I texted her that morning, ‘wonder what?….cant wait to meet u, come 20-30mins early,come prepared.. ;)…love u..’. She replied positively. I was excited. I showered for a longer while that day, put on some extra cologne. And after careful thought, deciding against wearing any underwear, put on my jeans and t-shirt. I had to push things, may be it was a last time I could use my ‘allowances’ on her in college.

I set out and reached college 30 mins earlier. Our department was at the third floor of the building, along with three other departments. As the college was closed due to study leave, the department rooms were also empty, I headed straight for an empty room. I texted her, ‘waiting at hall 8…come fast’. I knew I had to wait, girls take time to get ready, and beautiful girls take more time to get ready.

She was being very late. I had been sitting in the room alone for 15 minutes now.

Suddenly my phoned beeped. It was Anjali who had texted. ‘Come at terrace staircase landing at Wing-B’.

“Wow!” I thought. She was thinking way ahead of me! She had selected a good spot. I was sure that she was too looking forward to be boned it seemed.

I sprinted.

There she was, waiting at the base of the stairs. She was in a short well fitted orange kurti and white leggings.

“Damn she looks beautiful. Always trying to make me fall in love!”- I thought.

She started to climb the stairs leading to the terrace. I followed discreetly.

The landing of the stairs just in front of the terrace door was an absolute secluded place. No soul had ever come here for days, or even months. It was a small space, but large enough for both of us. Standing here I was doubted whether anybody could ever see us here. That was a good thing.


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