My Husband Is Back

My name is Ratna Kumari and I am a married woman. Unfortunately my husband died just after a month of our marriage in a car accident during a journey from Bombay to Delhi.

But he left his image within my stomach very soon I discovered I was pregnant and was waiting to see my offspring. Through ultrasound I was already aware that I was to give birth to a male.

At last the time came up and I delivered my son to the world. I was very happy at that time as I was feeling that my husband is back now. I was having great plans for my son’s education.

I used to feed him myself. I used to give him a bath once a day so that he remained clean. During my whole life I was a very modest and noble lady, I had never done anything wrong like boyfriends and so on.

I passed my life like a perfect Eastern lady from the time I entered my puberty I was very curious about the penis. I had never seen it and I wanted to see it. After marriage, though, I fulfilled my desires with my husband but he also left me.

Now when I was a mother, I could see the little penis of my son. It’s a great piece of flesh. I always see it for many times as I knew that when he would be adult I couldn’t see it. I plucked it with my fingers and took it in my mouth at the time when my son was going to pee.

His pee was very tasty in our religion pee drinking is not supposed to be a bad habit, many people do so. Some people say that the pissing of the dawn gives too much strength to a man. So I used to drink the pee of my own son.

We used to bath daily when he grew a little up, he enjoyed my company during baths. After some time when he was 4, we both were taking a bath; I used to wash him with soap, he was looking at me and my body parts very soon when I reached to wash his private area.

I noticed that his prick was of a little bigger size as that it was at his birth. I picked it in my hands and looked at him. I asked him in a joking mood do you know what is this?

He replied to ma! I told him that this is a piece of flesh that Bhagwan has given to his male creatures and not to females that was why I was not having that. Then I gave him a gentle squeeze and asked did he like it.

He replied that it felt good. I began to squeeze him and rub it slowly. He was enjoying it and didn’t know what was going on. After some time his penis became a little bit erect, I continued to perform my job very soon.

I realized that his face was changing its origination and he told me that it seemed he was going to pee. I said it just feels that way” and that nothing would happen.

Soon he began to become uncontrollable and his little penis started jerking. Due to his immaturity nothing came out but he felt very nice after that.
The next day during bath he requested himself for the same operation. Despite my conscience we started to do it.

This became our routine and I used to do so daily. He also enjoyed it.
Due to my poor nature I didn’t send him to school. All we had was done at home. He also had no friends and he used to rest at home.

The time went by and he became a boy of 9 now. We were still busy in our secret operation. I tried many times but I couldn’t stop it. One day I was very horny and was rubbing his 3 inch penis.

I don’t know why but I took it in my mouth. He became out of control at once when my saliva helped my mouth to rub his little tool without any friction. He said Ma, it feels so good.

I did it for a long time but I noticed that by mouth operation his climax came early as compared to the time when I did so by hand. He also told me that he better enjoyed it by this method after that I kissed him on his lip for the very first time in my life.

I licked his pink soft lips and inserted my tongue inside his mouth. I gave a full journey to my tongue in his mouth. He was very astonished as that had not happened to him in his whole life.

So I changed my procedure and from that day I began to comfort him in this manner. One day when I kissed him I felt his tongue in my mouth before my tongue could reach him. I licked his tongue inside my mouth and he also did so. For about 10 minutes we did so.

After then I again started to lick his prick. He was still not adult at that time because he gave nothing from his penis yet. After a year I noticed a salty taste in my mouth when I was licking his erect penis.

I at once pulled it out and saw there was a transparent drop at the top of his penis cap. I was very happy that my son was entering the pubic age that day when I gave him a rubbing routine.

I noticed that he was enjoying it with some greater extent. Soon he tensed his hands and legs and shot two drops of white cum. I was so excited; he was so embarrassed. He didn’t know about it and at once asked about it.

I said nothing son, it’s a routine and from today you will experience it daily. I drank the cum and thought it was so tasty that had now become our daily routine and we both enjoyed it. Because of his adolescence he also started taking an interest in me and he also used to give me full pleasure.

Now he had started to even fuck me for a long time that was our small story, now my son has grown up and has gone to Dubai for job purposes. I remain alone all the time. Whenever he comes back we used to give us the same pleasure although now he knows himself that this is not fair. I am so ill now and I am sure that I would not survive any more so I am writing this story.

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