My House Owner’s Sexy Daughter

She is moaning softly. I took her nighty little up to knee. Then again her nighty moves up slightly. She is closed her eyes and moaning softly ahahaahaa. She was feeling too better of my hands touch her fair legs. She told that she is having pain in back also. I say to removed nighty for better massage. Here my penis is completely hard and dying to go into her pussy. My penis is now cleary shown though towel. She had seen my penis over towel. She smiles and gone to bathroom.

Her belly is super and her pussy is pink color because she is too fair. I can’t control I put oil her breast and place my hands on her boobs and squaring them uppppsssss ahhhhaaa her boobs are too soft and she is moaning ummmm aaaaaa hhhhh massaging her boobs and her belly finally massaging at her pussy her pink pussy is too soft. I can feel that softness and then I come to over her and she opens her eyes she can feel my penis at her pussy.

I am starting kissing her and squeezing her boobs she also replying me and she said you become fresh I will prepared breakfast for you. I go to the bathroom and took my clothes after few minutes, I went to the kitchen and she made some breakfast for me, we ate together and chat about yesterday’s night and laugh. After breakfast, I said, I will eave now before your family come while at the door she is still in hall, I said what happened? She tells me, you are forgetting something Raj, with say this, and she is run to her bedroom.

Followed her to her room and ask what happened? When I entered in her bedroom, she closed the bedroom while looking at me, and I ask again, what happen Priyanka? She places her hand on her nighty and pulled her nighty down. She is again nude in front of me and said you are forgetting this. We both laugh and I took my hand pull me towards her, we are doing kissing and smooching, french ummm squeezing her soft breast after few minutes.

I told her whenever your family not at home tell me, I will be here for you and then I was left that place and whenever we got chance, we always do the sex it’s going up to date now but I am living some other place and she always call me whenever she is free and we will do it again. How was my story? Send me your comments on [email protected]


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