My House Owner’s Sexy Daughter

Hi ISS readers I am Raj. Based on my previous stories, I got so many responses from girls, house wives from Pune. Few are contacted me and satisfy from me, here I am coming back with my new true incident. I am Working in Pune in MNC Company. I am bachelor. That’s why I’m living with sharing basis room at one of the bungalow in Pune. My house owner is old lady. She is having 2 children. One is boy and one is girl. Girl is around 18 years old. Her name is Priyanka.

First time I see that girl when I was going to owners flat for giving my monthly rent. She told me to sit at sofa and she is gone inside to take receipt of rent. I sit at sofa and waiting to her. Mean time Priyanka came in hall from bed room and seen me. She is wearing t-shirt and jeans. She is too hot and sexy girl. Her figure is 38-28-34. Her boobs are too big like film actress Ayesha Takiya, she is very fair, having Blue eyes, Red lips, Golden hair, and big butts.

She is 5.6 inches tall. I can see her boobs shape through T-shirt and because her boobs are too tight and straight. She is looking very gorgeous. We both of smile and she is going outside. That was our first incident. After Whenever I got chance, I m going to house owner’s flat for asking any type of silly questions. My aim is to see only ‘Priyanka. I am imaging to do sex with her and masturbating. Every day I meet her when I was going to office and she is came from Gym and we smiles.

I like her but I can’t say her. Because I afraid to house owner. By I don’t know this dream is coming very soon. Aug month was started. Those days’ rains are falling very heavily. My room partner is gone out of Pune for 1 month for official work. I am alone. That day I was come by company at 8 pm. Due to rain, I am totally wet. We both room partners having room key. But today I forgot my room key to office. Electric power was already off. Then I remember 1 extra key is with my house owner.

I thought, to take key from her. So I am gone to house owner’s flat. I knock the door. After some time, door was opened. What I seen in front of me? Priyanka was standing in front of me with candle. I was just surprise. I told her about my problem. She invites me to come inside and she will search the extra key. When I come inside, she closed the door and told me to sit at sofa. She was wearing white T-shirt and blue skirt. She goes to another room to search key.

Already I was wet and seen to her, my penis is going to hard and hard. But due to power off and in candle light she can’t see. I am thinking to fuck you. But I’m taking control. After few minutes, she came and told me she can’t find out key. I’m become sad. I told her ‘no problem. I will go to my other friends home for today’s night. She replies me to go after some time because rain is falling very heavily and also my family not in home now. They are coming tomorrow afternoon.

Hearing this, I am feeling too hot and want to fuck her. But how can I start? I don’t know. She told me change your wet cloth and wear something. Otherwise u will have cold. Then she shows me her dad’s room and she is going to kitchen to make 1 hot coffee for me. I was removed my all wet clothes and wear only 1 towel at my bottom side. I came to hall and sit on sofa. She was come from kitchen with 2 cups of coffee.

When she is looking to me very sexily I told, there is nothing to my size that’s why I wear only towel. We both laugh and then we chat lots of thing about my job, her college, homes etc.etc. Suddenly she asks about me my girlfriend. I told her I don’t have any girlfriend yet. How can possible? She replies. I seen but I can’t find my type of girl, I told her. What is your type? I told her something to match with her beauty. I was thought, she is defiantly known whom I was told about her.

My Penis is still hard and it’s seen through towel. I was seen her boobs. She notices that but can’t given any reply. So many times she had seen my penis over towel. Clock is alarm of 9 pm. She is going to her bedroom for change her cloths. After some time she came to hall. I was surprise to see her. She was wearing a little transparent nighty. I can see her red bra and red panty through nighty. She was come to me and ask, if I’m hungry or not? I m hungry to fuck her but I told I will take a food outside.

She told, stay some time, rains falling more, take a food and then go. I said ok. Her big boobs are looking too hot. I can easily see her cleavage. She was gone to kitchen and preparing maggi. Then we took the food. She sits in front of me. I am continually looking her big boobs it’s too amazing. I can’t control more after I seen her big boobs. After finish dinner at 10pm, I told I will go now to friends home for night. It’s too late now. Where are you going?

Better way you stay her for today night and goes tomorrow in the morning. My family is also not here and I am also alone. If you are staying here then I will have your company. I am already feeling very hard. Ok, but where to sleep? She shows me her parent’s bedroom. I gone to bedroom and laid down to bed. But I can’t sleep due to my penis. It’s too hard and wants to fuck her. At 11 pm, she loudly say Raj please come I wake up, took the candle and fast run to her bedroom.

I have seen that she is falling at floor and crying due to much pain in her leg. I place my hand at her shoulder and wakeup her and sat down at bed. She is still crying. I swap her eyes and say please don’t’ cry, I will help you. What happened? I am taking some cloths from almari and fall down and I am having too much paint at my legs, she replies. I told her, don’t’ worry, I will massage to your leg, and then you will feel better. She lay down to bed on stomach. I took oil and massaging her legs.

She is moaning softly. I took her nighty little up to knee. Then again her nighty moves up slightly. She is closed her eyes and moaning softly ahahaahaa. She was feeling too better of my hands touch her fair legs. She told that she is having pain in back also. I say to removed nighty for better massage. Here my penis is completely hard and dying to go into her pussy. My penis is now cleary shown though towel. She had seen my penis over towel. She smiles and gone to bathroom.

I am going to Mad now for fucking her. After few minutes, she came from bathroom. Ohhh my what I seen? Priyanka cover her body only with towel. She gives me naughty smile and came to me. What are you looking? I said nothing. Again she lay down to bed on stomach. I am doing massaging again to her thighs your towel is making problem to massaging your back. Stupid and then what you are waiting? Just remove my towel from back side. Immediately I removed towel from back side.

Ohhhh she is totally nude from back I can see her fair butts. I put some oil her back and massaging her back, butts, thighs, legs and she is moaning ahhhhhh now I want to fuck her now. I ask her want to massage your from side? Why not? She replies and turns to back side. Towel still there at her front side her big boos are covering through towel, I can’t see her pussy and her nipples portion I can see through towel and she told, where are you looking Raj? Nothing

Then do your work but how can I do the massaging you front side? Your towel again creating problem to me stupid again what you are waiting? Remove it hearing this, I am feeling very happy she closed her eyes first I removed my towel and my penis is in 90 degree straight then removed her towel oooohhhhh my! I can’t imagine she is too sexy her boobs are too big nipples are already hard and showing toward me.

Her belly is super and her pussy is pink color because she is too fair. I can’t control I put oil her breast and place my hands on her boobs and squaring them uppppsssss ahhhhaaa her boobs are too soft and she is moaning ummmm aaaaaa hhhhh massaging her boobs and her belly finally massaging at her pussy her pink pussy is too soft. I can feel that softness and then I come to over her and she opens her eyes she can feel my penis at her pussy.

I told her, Priyanka, I love you when I seen you 1st time from that day I want to tell you but no chance is there. I love you too Raj I also want to tell you but afraid. I don’t know whether you will accept or reject my proposal. She closed her eyes. I put my lips on her pink lips muhaaa smooch she is taking French kiss and smooch muhaaa our salvia interchange tongue also touching ahhhh. Our deep kissing is going on and I am pressing hard her right boob by hand ohhhhhhh its’ too soft.

Then I take her pink nipple in my mouth and sucking those uuuuppsssss. She is moaning loudly ahhhh. I am coming slowly down kiss her belly it’s deep inserting my tongue in to her belly then finally come to her pussy she wide her legs, firstly I take kiss her pussy. Then insert my tongue into her pussy ohhhhh ahhhh. She is moaning I removed my head from her pussy. I crossed her legs and insert my penis into her pussy.

She is moaning too louded slowly Raj it’s too paining because it’s my first time but I can’t listen her and penis is further inserted into her pussy again she told loudly please Raj its’ too paining. I am not in position to listen her and giving fast stroke. My penis is going inside outside her pussy ohhh ahhhh ummmm, then I take my penis outside I laid down to bed and she is come to over me. She kisses me and go down at my penis.

She take my penis in her hand and wildly play with that ohhhh ahhhh suddenly she take my penis into her mouth and sucking ahhhhh ummmmm uuuusssssspp after sucking my penis. She inserted my penis into her pussy she is taking strokes ohhhhhhhh mmmmm. Again she lay down and inserting my penis into her pink pussy ummmmm oopppsss. I am taking strokes very fast ummmm ohhhhhh Priyanka my cum is now coming please insert into my pussy.

I want to take inside she replies finally my cum is in her pussy ohhhhhhhh ummm I lay down on her nude body. I’ts 2 pm time after 2 hours session we took some rest on again start. We did sex 3 times in that night then we slept. Next morning, I woke up but Priyanka is not there .I took towel around me and going outside the room, she is preparing coffee in kitchen wearing only nighty no bra and no panty. I go there and catch her from behind she turn her face.

I am starting kissing her and squeezing her boobs she also replying me and she said you become fresh I will prepared breakfast for you. I go to the bathroom and took my clothes after few minutes, I went to the kitchen and she made some breakfast for me, we ate together and chat about yesterday’s night and laugh. After breakfast, I said, I will eave now before your family come while at the door she is still in hall, I said what happened? She tells me, you are forgetting something Raj, with say this, and she is run to her bedroom.

Followed her to her room and ask what happened? When I entered in her bedroom, she closed the bedroom while looking at me, and I ask again, what happen Priyanka? She places her hand on her nighty and pulled her nighty down. She is again nude in front of me and said you are forgetting this. We both laugh and I took my hand pull me towards her, we are doing kissing and smooching, french ummm squeezing her soft breast after few minutes.

I told her whenever your family not at home tell me, I will be here for you and then I was left that place and whenever we got chance, we always do the sex it’s going up to date now but I am living some other place and she always call me whenever she is free and we will do it again. How was my story? Send me your comments on [email protected]

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