My House Owner Aunty

Hi everyone. I am 26 years old working in a MNC in Chennai. I like the stories posted in I almost read all the stories which led me to post my story here and also to fuck my gorgeous aunty. This incident happened to me 4 months ago. I had an aunt who is the owner of my house and his hubby working in Bangalore. He visits her only a two week once.

My aunty was like an angel with very smooth skin, big boobs, long hairs and sexy smile. She is 34 years old and any one will love to fuck her at a first instance. She has two childrens childrens girl and a boy. I’m staying in her house for past first year. We will speak (say hi and how are you) whenever we meet and i will help her whenever she is in need from her point of view, I’m a gentle person.

She does not know what is inside my mind. I decided to seduce her and want to fuck her after seeing her first time. I don’t know how to start, days passed. Her childrens like me very much and we were become friends so I visit her home to spend some time with her childrens. She does not have any objection to visit her home. Some times i had food in her house itself with her childrens.

She usually wears saree at her home and I could not forget her waist and boob seen form her side of the saree. I get bulge immediately in my shorts whenever I see this. One Saturday morning around 10 am she asked me to get sketch pens for her children if i go out for any purchase today as her childrens were asking this for past 1 week.

I went outsider after 1 hour and came back at 12 to give the sketch pens which I bought. I rang the bell. No one is openning, and i rang again, she opened, she is in nighty and said she was taking bath. I gave the sktech pens and asked her childrens, thery went to tution. She offerd me a coffee after having, I said, aunty you are looking beautifull today. She said thanks to me, this gave me a sign that surely I would get her oneday and left.

After 1 week, I visit her home and she was in saree which is below her belly. I could not control and with out my knowledge I hugged her, she doesnot know what to do after a min, she pushed me back and angrily said, what is this? What are you doing? I did not expect this from you. I asked sorry and said, you look very sexy today and I could not control it, The word sexy make her more angry on me and she shouted saying I’m a mother of two child.

I said even though you are, u look sexy and I want to love her, if you accept and I left the house. We were not speaking for around one week after seeing her everyday and I did’t visit her home after that her children called me to play caram. I cannot reject their plea, so I went, and my aunty received me with smile and went to kitchen to prepare lunch.

After finishing the play I went to kitchen and asked her what she decided? She did’t say anything, I gathered some courage and I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck, she removed my hands and said, childrens are there it means she also wants this. I said, they are watching TV let me hug you alone please, and hugged her again and started kissing her vigorously and she turned back and our eyes met and I caught her by her neck and kissed her passionately on her lips

And licked her entire mouth one of my hands was touching her tight firm boobs and inserted my hand inside her saree to touch her ass. She pushed me back and said not right now and said, come today night and sleep at our home. I was very happy and I came at 9 pm and when she opened, immediately I hugged her, but she resisted and said, children’s are yet to sleep. They slept after 1 hr in their room.

I and Aunty were in her master bedroom. I was already in her room and waiting for her. She came in and locked the door. I went near to her and hugged her in saree and started pressing her boobs, buttocks and kissed her lips for 5 minutes and i pushed her on the bed and fall on her and we rolled around 20 times. I said her I never thought you will accept me. She said I like you very much and I rarely having sex with my hubby, this changed my mind to accept.

I removed her saree and she was in blouse and petticoat. It was amazing to see her in this. I pressed her boobs and sucked it throught her blouse and removed her blouse and remove the knot of the petticoat. She is in her bra and panties. I started kissing her from neck till her leg fingers and I kissed her boobs which are waiting to come out from hre bra. She asked me to remove my t-shirts and shorts, I was in my underwear and I kissed her pussy which is covered by her panties.

I removed her bra and panties, and I removed my underwear and we were in nude. She touched my penis with her soft hand, I was heaven and she kissed my penis and taking it into her mouth and said, I would have got this earlier. She was sucking my penis for 15 minutes and I discharged in her mouth and I started sucking her pussy, after sucking her cunt for 15-20 minutes and drinking her cum twice, she said

I never experienced this much pleasure. I kissed her and bite her ass and she said, I can’t wait now, please fucks me with your pennies. I slowly inserted my pennies inside her, Even though she is a mother of two childrens, her pussy hole is tight, after trying 3 to four times my pennies is fully inside her and I fucked her for 20 mins and I was about to cum, she asked me to cum inside and I did.

After 30 mins I fucked her again and we had a beautiful fucking session for 4 times that night. And we slept nude in the early morning. She waked me at 6 am and asked me to leave as her childrens would wake up. She was still nude, as she is about to wake up. I hugged her and kissed her. My pennies started growing and she touched my pennies and said. Will have it today night

I left her home and slept in my room, for the whole day, as I was very tired. I went to her home in the evening and had coffee and we had the fucking session on that night. We will fuck whenever we get a chance. I’m still fucking her whenever we get a chance any aunties are girls want to have friendship with me. Please mail me to [email protected] Your feedbacks are welcome.

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