My Hot Wife With My Cousin

Hi everyone, I would like to share our experience with everyone. I and my wife are very happy couple. We are married since 1 yr. I am 30 yrs old n my wife is 26. We both are satisfied with each other in sex life . I am very lucky to have a sexy wife with 36-28-36 figure. Just to spice up our sex life we decided to have some fun. One day we invited my cousin brother to our home who is 24 years of age. He came home at 1 o clock in the afternoon. My wife was wearing deep t-shirt n jeans without bra as I always don’t allow her to wear bra inside home for my easy access.

She served juice n first he was feeling very shy to look at her. And all of us sat n chatted n he started looking at her big cleavage and we both started pretending as if we don’t know anything. He was staring at her boobs now.

Then all of us started ho have lunch. While serving the food my wife intentionally bending in front of my cousin brother. He was able to see her hard tits. And outside the t shirt also her hard nipples are coming out of the thin material she was wearing. Any fool can say that she was not wearing the Bra.

And she was serving him food forcefully. N he was enjoying more by her cleavage show. After lunch they were watching TV. While watching TV my wife brought wedding album to show him. We three sat together to see album and my wife was sitting between both of us. And the fun is he was seeing constantly on my wife s boobs and when he was looking at the album she pulled her top. Almost everything is visible even I could see her hard tits. And purposefully she went near to him while showing some photo in album and she started touching his arms by her sexy boobs. Then I saw his penis it was getting hard and I was enjoying by looking at them for half an hour.

Then we planned for a movie so I told them to get ready n went out intentionally. My wife locked door when I went out and my lovely wife went to our room undressed and covered in small tower. This was covering her boobs and just below her pussy. In that costume she went in front of my cousin brother while he was watching TV. Intentionally she bent in front of him to take something from the ground. Clearly he can see her beautiful ass and some part of her pussy.

After that she went to bathroom and closed the door. After some time she called my cousin brother to give her a new soap which was in cupboard. And he knocked the bathroom my wife opened the door n asked him to open the soap. Meanwhile she purposefully drops her towel to give him a nice view of her boobs. He saw her huge boobs n got dare to touch my wife’s boobs. Then my seducing wife pulled him to the bathroom and started kissing. For this he also started responding positively. Then he started feeling my wife’s boobs and he asked my wife can I bite those cherries?? My lovely wife didn’t say anything rather she pulled his head to her breasts. Then he started sucking my wife’s breasts. After sucking for sometime he told her U are the first women I’m seeing naked bahabhi. Then he kissed her cheeks n her lips intensely.

Then he bent down to kiss my wife’s belly button he kissed n he bites her belly. Then my wife removed his shirt n trouser n even underwear and my wife told him u have a big penis n u r not a child anymore. So he replied its all because of you bhabhi. And he tells her bhabhi u r like my second mother n I want to drink your milk n again he started sucking her boobs. Then they hugged each other n his penis was touching to her pussy.


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