My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister

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I am Ranjith age 24, height 5.10in who lives in a beautiful city Hyderabad. I have finished my Graduation and into business now. I am well read and well settled in life and party every night. I don’t date every random girl but when I do date a girl once in a forth night I end up being physical with them. Basically I have no interest in Love or that sort of things. I have my own reasons for it which are complex by nature involves caste and religion. When I was in love at young age I did not get anything out of it. But I am Kinky guy and try all kinds of kinky stuff except BDSM.

Sex is possible in any kind of relation whether its a husband-wife, Boyfriend-girlfriend, Or even Incestuous. I had sex with my girlfriends and even with my younger cousin sister who is 5 years younger to me. I really love the way my sex life is going on. I have even tried gang bangs with random people involving sharing their wife’s.

Coming to the the story I dated a girl 4 years back and we used to fuck like rabbits. Non stop sucking and fucking. And now I met her elder sister who is of 26 years of age. I got to know her in a night club called Touch. She is 5ft.6in tall, Dark chocolate skin tone, 34c boobs and 28 inch waist. She is well read and dresses in a modern way like tank tops and very low waist. I was never got attracted to her because she was my ex gf sister but Once i have offered to buy her a dinner. She was quiet reluctant as her sister has gone out with me. And she used to skip when ever I used to ask her out for dinner. And then I moved on and got busy with my business. Once we both accidentally met up in a Night club in Hyderabad. And she reminded me of the dinner date. And I promised her that I would take her out the next day.

I wore a plain Tommy Tees and jeans and she came out in a skimpy Evening dress which were up to her thighs. God damn her Butt is Awesome with complementing 34c boobs. I kept looking at her boobs. My dick started to get hard. But I had my underwear to control my dick. I complemented her in a polite way so that she can be free with me in that dress. And I drove her to a exclusive hotel called N grill which is pretty famous in Hyderabad. When I suggested her to have a drink with me she was not sure because she told me that she gets tipsy for one 30ml Vodka. I told her that everything will be fine and suggested her to take a cocktail with raspberry juice. And we went on talking and she slowly got Tipsy.

I have carried her to my car and her dress is getting high enough that I could see the colour of her thongs. They are in white color which are making her black color dress ultra sexy. I have even touched her naked butt while carrying her. As soon as I made her comfortable in my car I thought of taking her back to her home and not to take advantage of the situation. But things were other wise in this case. She wanted to spent more time with me. Then we went for a long city drive and I insisted her that we go back to my home and spend some time watching a movie. And she agreed. Then I thought that this women is not that innocent. And while I was driving her to my home she used to tease me by touching my neck and my face.

I didnt know what to do. Because She was my Ex-girlfriends sister and I could feel the vibe that she wants to get physical with me. Her deep cleavage is tempting me to grab her boob and press them gently, but my two hands are on the wheel. While have random thoughts in my brain how to get her in my arms I have arrived at my home finally. I have taken her into my home and showed around. By that time the alcohol effect on her had subsided and she became normal. I thought that this is the best change to seduce her but she is not in a tipsy mode. Then I went to my bar counter got my self a bottle of Jack Daniels and had couple of pegs while watching a movie.

And I got high and lied down on her thighs. She was caressing my hair gently with her palms. And my dick got rock hard by the touch. I decreased the TV volume and grabbed her in my arms and gave a tight smooch which lasted for at least 20mins. By the end of my smooching session, her boobs were in my two palms. I was caressing her nipples between my fingers softly and the nipples became hard. Wow that was a great feeling to feel a soft subtle nipple into a hard nipple. She got goose bums all over her body and hugged me tight and kissed all over my neck and chest area.

Then I took her in my arms from the sofa and took her into my room. Then I could see her nipple color. They were dark chocolate in color. And her boobs were bigger than i have imagined. Then I made her lie down on my Big bed. And started to smooch and french kiss her again. While kissing her she took my entire tongue into her mouth and with that intensity of kissing I bit her lips but she did not resist and I tasted her sweet blood from her lips. Wow.!! I must say. Quiet a feel that was. Slowly i moved to her boobs and sucked them for at least 30 mins and while i was sucking and licking her nipples she used to hold my head and push me more into her boobs. I used to try to take one entire boobs into my mouth but only 1/4th of the boob used to go inside my mouth. It was of such intensity I did foreplay with her. After that i moved to her legs. I first started of with her toes by kissing them and sucking each finger and slowly went up kissing her thighs. I touched her thongs and they were fully wet and dripping juices. At the end of the thighs and from where the pussy starts I kissed her on the wet thongs and she let out a soft moan which i still remember and its ringing in my head as I am writing this story.

I removed her thongs and smelled them and threw them across. Then I licked her pussy to my hearts extent for 15 minutes and she came on my face and she moaned and shivered wildly. My face was covered with her juice and I went up to her face and she told me that I was her first time and she licked her juice all from my face by kissing and licking I got the juice out of my face. Then I kissed her on the lips and did some french kissing too. While I was kissing I have inserted my index finger on her G-spot. She held me tightly and I kept rubbing my finger on that spot for 20 minutes and she crossed her leg in such a way that she looked like a mermaid. After that I inserted my middle finger into her deep tight pussy and she let out a loud moan and it was so wet and slippery inside her pussy and she is dripping her juices like hell. I took my finger out and taste her juice. Till today I have never tasted anything like that I was smelly and slipper and I liked it. Then I came one top of her and inserted my 9inch dick into her mouth. I gagged her mouth so hard that I could touch her throat and she used to cough and she couldn’t take my dick all the way inside her mouth . The I fucked her mouth sideways so that I touched her cheeks side ways. I felt like my dick is growing more inside her mouth. occasionally she used to bite me with her teeth softly while i was fucking her mouth. She used to swallow her saliva mixed with my pre cum. I took my dick out and spanked her face with it and her face was covered with my pre cum.

The I made her lie in a doggy style and inserted my dick in her pussy and for support I held her long hair and shoved my dick deep into her pussy. She gave out a moan and kept moaning and I fucked her for 10 minutes and I felt like I was riding a horse. Then I lied down on my back and asked her to come on top of me. She rejected that she might feel some pain but I commanded her and she did what I asked her for. She came on top of me facing me and she rocked me, I mean she fucked me. The way she went up and down was awesome to me. Her boobs were bouncing up and down and round and round. I used to hold on to her boobies. Even thought the air conditioning was on we both were sweating like hell. After that we changed our position. I made her sleep on the edge of the bed and inserted my dick and took her in my arms and I stood up on the floor and fucked her like that. She hung onto me by putting her arms around my neck and I held her by her butt. I strongly held her and fucked her for five minutes. I was in extacy at that time. I didn’t know how in the world I was able to fuck her like that in that standing position. That five minutes went like 5 secs. And that I make her sit on my leather bean bag and kept my dick in her mouth for cooling because my dick became like a hot rod even though there was so much juice lubrication.

She sucked me off for 5 minutes and i made her sit on my lap on the bean bag. I was facing her back and it looked so sensuous. I kissed her back till her butt and bite her two cute looking bun bun butt. And she liked it. And till now I did not cumm out because I saved it for the final round. I went into my bathroom and filled my tub with Luke warm water. I opened up a red wine bottle and filled two wine glasses with red wine and I took her in my arms and slowly made her lie down in the tub. By the my dick was in a semi hard state. And I sat in the tub and we faced each other as we sat across. I handed over the red wine glass to her and we slowly sipped some wine looking into each others eyes. Her eyes were sparkling with some glow. I playing some soft telugu music from my cellphone. She slowing came to me and kissed my on my forehead and cheeks. I am little chubby. She came very close to me and hugged me tight. Her nipples were touching my nipples. My dick was raising in that water and I could feel that its touching her pussy. She might have trimmed her pussy 2 days back and the hair that just came on it were straight and little sharp and rough and it was touching my dick. It was a good sensation.

I asked her to get up and put one leg on the tub and bend a little and I have entered her from behind and she made a sound which comes like hisssss…….. ahhhhhh….. hissss… like a rattle snake.. and her legs were shivering a little. I grabbed her boobs from behind and kept fucking her from behind in a slow pace. The sound that produced at that time was like CHAPAK CHAPAK CHAPAK….. she felt little inconvenient in that position. I have understood her even though she did not complain. I took her to my bed laid some towels so that my bed would not get wet. I took a condom from my wardrobe and put it on my dick and I put my dick near her mouth and she sucked my condom on to my dick till the end. The perfect way to wear a condom.

Then I made her lie down in a missionary position and inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her that way. She held me tightly and she crossed her legs onto my butt and my bare back area and locked me there. I taste her sweat and she too tasted my sweat and kissed my ears and neck and french kissed me while I was fucking her slowly. After a while I felt like increasing my pace and started to fuck her hard at once. And she screamed slowly and and to subside her cry I kissed her and did not take my mouth or tongue out of her mouth and kept fucking her faster and faster. Like a engine piston. And the sound that was coming out of her mouth was like ummm…. ummmm.. ummm… At one point I felt like I was raping her because she had tears from her eyes and I tasted them. I fucked her like an animal and ravaged her and occasionally I bit her on her neck and lips. And she used to rise her pelvis and hip to match my rampage. And said faster faster harder harder…. faster faster faster faster … ahhh…. ahh… ammma amma… amma.. ah ah ah ah ah.. with that I came in my condom and still I kept fucking her for 3 or 4 minutes and I lied one top of her. I was sweating heavily and she hugged me tightly licking my sweat from my fore hear and neck .. drops of sweat fell on her.

My dick was still inside her and it was growing softer. She and I went to sleep for one hour. When we woke up it was 5.45AM. She and I had a shower in my cubicle and got dressed and I dropped her home. She gave her thongs because i loved the smell of it and I am quite fetish of women underwear. Its not that I want to wear them but I get aroused when I see them or touch them. I masturbated many time using her thongs by rubbing them on my dick and used to cum on them.

Today I washed them with my own hands and returned them back. That is the reason I remembered all those things and thought of sharing it to you guys and girls out there on internet.

You guys can be friends with me and write your suggestions and kinky comments. I am on [email protected]

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