My first fuck with mature lady

I am going to tell you about my first sex encounter with an Aunty aged 38 with great big body and very gud my type figure as i lik big ladies she was 38d- 34- 42. A day when I was coming back from my university late in the evening in the main area of the city belonging to the very elite class of the a narrow streeti saw a lady was struggling to start her car. I looked at her and passed away she was in red dress looking very sweet.she had a set of big but very well managed boobs peeping out of her neck.As I passed her a sweet voice came to hear some one was calling might be she as she wants some help from me. It happened and she asked me to help her to start the car but I refused saying that I did not know about ABC of the vehicles as I had never.Then she looked at me in a very desperate manner.She told me that her villa is nearby and request me to push her car to her villa.with the sense of being helpful I agreed.She sat in the car and I then started to push the car but her house was not so near as she was saying.After the effort of 10 minutes we reached at her house but I have totally wet in sweet as it was very hot day. The lady come out of the car and asked me to have some cold drink and rest at her house.I refused but she insist and said that if I did not

Come in her house she will not be thankful to me for my help. It was 6 o clock and I have lot of time to free. I went in her house but there was not a single bad thought for her in my mind.When I entered the house I was astonished to see that there was no one seeing there except us.Anyhow I sat in the T V room on a sofa after some she came and served me with cold drinks and some sweets.During this she started to talking with me and asked me about my introduction. Then asked her the she wasn’t get boredin a such big house as she was looking alone in the house. She told me that she had many things to do.saying this she got up and said that she was coming just after 5 minutes. After 10 min when she came back I was totally astonishedto se that she was wearing a transparent nighty and her beautiful black brazier and panty. She sat down on the sofa in front of me I was hardly stopping my erection.She asked me if I had any girl friend.i told him that I loved a girl but she deceive as

I was not of her status.Listening that she had some sympathy with me. Then I asked her about her husband. She told that her husband was in Dubai and there he had a new wife and not visited her since last 3 years.She told that she is working in a company and this villa is also from that company. When I asked about children she start weeping, came close to me and sat down beside me. I was looking for the chance and she was giving it to me.Showing my sympathy I put my hand on her shoulder and try to relax her.After a while she suddenly hug me and again start weeping.Then my penis was in full erection as she was wearing a very sexy dress and was in my lap.To check her I want to leave her house.listening this she got up. When I was going towards the door she asked me to stop.after a second she almost ran towards me and again hug me. But this time my lips were in my lips and she was kissing me widely.I was very trick to leave her house really worked.there I kissed for 5 minutes on her lips.than I slowly move towards her neck her shoulders she was really very very hot.i spend 10 more minutes in oral sex at her door step.

Then she asked me to go with her in the bedroom. Then I took her in my arms and went in the bedroom. Her eyes where blowing with joy. She laid down on the bed and closed her eyes. I don’t want to waste the time so I put of my shirt and then untie her nighty to the half.As I touched her boob she moans like a very thirsty one. Then I put both of my hands on her boobs the were very soft and nipples were aroused as there best.Then I put my tongue on the nipple of her right boob I suck it hard as I can she was moaningwith joy and pain as I was sucking very hard and my other hand was on her other boob.During this suddenly got up and again astonished me.she got up and untie my pant I put off my underwear. In the next moment my juniorwas in her mouth and she was sucking it as it is 7 inches it was not going totally in her mouth but she was trying her best to take it in the mouth completely. For a minute I stopped her and then untie her nighty she was a really sexy lady.

Looking at her totally nude I got made and wanted to taste her pussy so I asked her to lie down but she asked that she want to have this in 69 position. It was really a great idea and in the next moment her well shaved, pink and salty cunt was on my mouth and I was licking it.She was also sucking my I sucked hard she stop and start moaning loudly. I increased speed and her ahhhhhhhh oooooooohhh or zor se like voices become more louder. I continued it she was enjoying this and her joys had no limit after 5 minutesshe had an orgasm in my mouth. Its taste was very delicious I drank all of her vaginal juice. Then I put one fingers and started to and fro motion. Then I put my second finger she had a little brittle pain but when put my third one inside she criedwith pain but after two or three strokes she was enjoying it. Then I tried to entered my thumb but she busted and said o bad boy you are not here to enjoy the fingers motions. Enter the thing that god had made to enter. Then my dick was also ready to do it.I asked her that my dick id to large and fatty and if she could bear it will enter it in the nice hole. She replied that she always lone to the dick like me and was looking for a very long time for it. Then I stand on the edge of the bed and put her legs

On my shoulders in that state she also helped me and put a pillow under her back bone As I placed my tool on her totally wet vagina, she again moan loudly and asked me to enter it. Then with a very slow motion I entered my tool in the world of joy.First she felt pleasure and then I entered the whole thing in it now she was feeling the pain and moaning with both pain and pleasure. As I increased my speed she was crying with pain and saying don’t be so cruel baby please plzzzzzzzzzz but I like it do it hard very hard.After 5 minute she had forgot about pain and I also help her by pressing both of her boobs with my both hands.But after few minutes she came to the end but my end is not there I spent 5 more minute and she was again chargedan was enjoying again when I felt that I am going to over I asked where it should be dropped the load she told that she loved to have it in the mouth I did according to her wish and she drank all of it as she was looking very thirsty for it.

Then we both were lie on the bed silently she suddenly go up and lie on me she again took the small tool in her mouth and made it long and hard. Again we had a very good session of joy. At that night we had 4 Sessions all of them are full of pleasure.At 4 A.M we slept in the arms of both. Then in the morning when I was leaving her house She offered me to drop but I remembered her that her car was out of order.Listening this she was smiling and again made me surprised by sayingthat car is absolutely ok but it was her old trick to satisfy her Lust. I was shocked to hear. Then she asked me that I would be her permanent Boy she will never peep out to any one other.i agreed and from that day we are doing the pleasure.But i always lok for mature ladies who lik guys of my type.If any of my mature lady friends interested in having a relatiosn without stings just mail me on [email protected]

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