My fantasy of my wife

My name is Jason 35 yrs 5 10 married to a beautiful Indian girl from south India Kerala. I am Software guy got married to my wife 8 yrs back. About my wife her name is Sheena 5. 3 Fair sexy and mother of three she work as nurse (RN) we are settled in NJ. And sexual life is good. I always had a fantasy of seeing my wife getting fucked by someone else. It’s not that I am not good in bed, reading stories on the net were other husbands get their wife’s fucked I also started to have those fantasies. But I never told my wife regarding this as I dint know how she would react. She is typical Indian woman who knew never had any relationship. After about 5 yrs of our marriage our sexual life stared to get weaker. It then I started telling her stories about she getting fucked my other guys. At first she was pissed but gradually after 2 years of slow sex poising stories she started to enjoy those fantasies. When I tried to approach her to do it in real she would not agree to it. She would always say that it would cause a problem in our marriage. Any ways I dint push her too much just continued with fantasies during sex. Then it so happened one day , me and my wife was invited to my friend’s brother’s wedding. Their north Indian couple. The wedding ceremony was good. My wife was dressed in a beautiful sari which was sticking to her body which showed her body curves. And she wore the latest fashion blouse which revealed her back. She was one of the centers of attraction. I could see guys checking her out. I even told her and she blushed. But she never bothered. The ceremony went fine the reception started it was fun I was getting drunk and my wife had couple of wine, she is not a big drinker. We danced with others and lot of guys was feeling her in the dance floor. She even told me but I told her let them enjoy her beautiful bobby, she just smiled after couple of dances I went for a smoke when I came back she was dancing with one of the guys. I then came to her and asked her in Malayalam that she is ok she said she was fine. I told her I would be outside with my friends if she wants me she can find me out side. I then went outside to meet my friends, after five mints I just realized my wife was dancing with a guy. so I slowly sneaked in through a different door looking for my wife, I found her still dancing with the guy but bit more closely I kept watching them from distance were they could not notice. I saw the guy going close to her ear and saying something which she laughed as their conversation continued they were getting really closer. While taking me saw his hand on my wife’s waists was getting horny and I wished something would happen between them. As the dance continued the dj put a slow dance. My wife was about to leave when the guy pulled her held her close to dance she looked around looking for me as she did not find me she continued to dance putting her hands on his shoulder. I saw his hands slowing going down towards her ass resting on then and brought his face towards her neck. As they danced my wife was holding him tightly and her hands went towards his neck that’s when I noticed him kissing my wife neck and was squeezing her butt. Man imagines my plight. I was between anger and hot. My heart started to beat fast and my stomach was burning I don’t know what happened I just stood and watched. My dick was getting bigger in my pants. As the dance continued I saw his face slowly lifting from her neck and kissing her lips she accepted it and stopped immediately. His other hands were slowly feeling her boobs. Then I saw him saying something in her ear and she agreed. She went to our table and waited for me. I immediately went outside to my friends and continued talking. In few mints she came out side and told me that she needs to go to the look and she will be back. I said ok and she left; knew there was something and I slowly followed her. She met the guy and went through the back door of the reception hall and went outside were there was no one there expect employees vehicles. They went to a corner and started kissing like crazy. I just kept watching them, he took her boobs out her blouse and sucking them and his hand was inside her sari fingering her.

I never had seen my wife being so horny. Then she opened his pants and took out his dick it was little bigger than mine she was on her and sucking him and few mints he blew his load in to her mouth. she drank all his cum which she has never drank mine she always used to spit out my cum. then he lifted her sari moving her panties to the side he stared licking her by her, she was going crazy wanted his dick in her pussy I could sense her. by this time his dick was hard and he bent her and pushed it inside her pussy after 2 strokes his cell phone rang he picked up and was screaming on the phone, his dick went limp I could see my wife disappointed and angry. He put back his pants and she arranged her sari and they went inside. She went straight to the bathroom cleaned herself and came out. I again went outside to be with my friends. After few mints I saw thaw guy coming out with his wife and kids. I just realized he must have got the call from his wife that’s y he stopped fucking my wife. I cursed him in my mind. I went back inside to find my wife, she was sitting near the table disappointed and horny. I went to her and kissed her on her lips I think I could still taste his cum and smell the sex from her body Oder. I asked what happen for this disappointment she said she is tired and wants to go home. I said ok only if she allows fucking me tonight. She smiled. I under stood that if I don’t fuck her tonight she would **** me. Any way we decide to leave and it was 11:30 pm. I asked her to drive as I was too drunk to drive. The reception was in country club quiet far from our house. As we were driving back, the roads were quiet lonely and frightened. Even though we had our GPS my wife took the wrong road and we realized we lost our way, we were on our way back when my 9 yr old car (altima) started acting up and stopped. She pulled to the side of the road and tried to start it was no luck. She was really pissed off and me too thinking of the fuck she would give. I tried everything I know (which I dont know much about cars) I called the AAA guys and they said it would take minimum 1 hour for the guy to reach. We decide to sit in the car. 10 mints later since it was hot we came out side and sat at the edge of the road. I went for a pee and my wife said she needs to pee. I told her to do here she was reluctant I told no one is going to come here. The she peed by lifting her sari and pulling down her panties. Seeing that erotic seen I really wanted to fuck her. She came back. I told I feeling horny wanted to fuck her here. She said no. I made her lean on the car and stared kissing her feeling her boobs. At first she was not cooperating but after few mints of feeling she was kissing me back. I knew she must me thinking of that guy. I lifted her sari and stared sniffing her panties. I could smell of her pee and sex. I moved her panties to the side started inserting my finger. God she was really wet and slippery. She was really ready to get fucked. I then liked her for some time. I then asked who made her this horny but she just smiled and told me will tell me later. I just pulled her panties down took her to the back seat of my car and laid her down and fucked her fast. I just came as I could not control with imagination of the pervious scene. She asked how come came so fast, I told her she was really looking hot and pussy was so hot I could not control. I told her I will satisfy her good once we get home. As we were talking I saw light coming close to us. It was the tow truck guy. She immediately arranged her sari and me too. As he came closer I realized I had my wife panties in my hand shoved into my suit pocket and went to the tow truck guy. He was a black guy must be in late 30’s slim not bad looking. He came to my car checking it out. He tried to jump start but no luck. He said the alternator must have gone bad he would have to tow the car to his work shop. As he was looking to my car my wife also came near me and asked for her panties in our language. I told her in Malayalam it’s in my pocket and she smiled. The tow truck guy (mark) saw my wife and smiled at her and wished her. I just a received a call and I had stepped aside I noticed my wife and mike checking out each other. In my dirty mind I thought my wife is horny she must get good fuck this guy.

Mike told us we would have towed our car to his work shop and he could get us taxi to go home. We said fine. as he was putting our car on the two truck I asked my wife looks like mike likes u and he was checking u out (in Malayalam). She smiled back to me and said he is handsome. U came so fast and I dint come and aim going to ask him to fuck me jokingly. I said to her go head enjoy jokingly (I wanted it to be real in my mind) after that we got into his truck, my wife sat in the middle and I sat near the door. After five mints I told my wife I am sleepy wake me up once we get there. I wanted know if anything happens. As I closed my eyes pretending to sleep I saw mikes hand was slowly brushing on my wife legs while his hand was on the gear. I kept watching it as she dint move her legs she got her legs more closely to his hands. In few mints he slowly put his hands on her thighs and rested them there. She dint move and both their eyes were on the road. He slowly stared pressing her thighs and moving up. My wife turned towards me to see if I was still asleep. I acted snoring. When she was sure, she slowly moved towards him and widened her legs giving him more access. His started feeling her pussy over her sari. He then shifted his hands towards her boobs and started pressing her. I knew my wife would really come. By then we reached his work shop. He parked his truck and kissed her on her lips. He slowly got down of his truck and asked my wife to come she slowly tried to wake me but I acted that I was in deep sleep, she made sure I was sleep and got down of the truck through the driver’s side. I watched them go in to his office with the truck engine on. As they went inside I slowly got down of the truck and peeped through the window. As there was no light outside I could see them through the blinds as they were broken. I saw mike lifting my wife and put her on the office table he kissed her with his big lips. My wife was all over him. He lifted her sari and stared sucking her pussy. His tongue was long it went deep inside her he even liked her anus, I know she likes that. in few mints I saw here tremble as she came in his mouth see in this my dick was outside jerking of I too came with a lot of cum. the my wife got down of the table pulled his pants down and his briefs. GOD!!!!! What a dick I think she was taken back for sec. then she took his dick in her mouth she tried to get the thin but it was too big. She stared to lick the dick by sliding her tongue she sucked his huge balls and he was enjoying it was most erotic scene I seen in my life. She asked him to sit on the table and started to lick the side of his ball and sucking his dick. The most erotic scene she did was which she never dose it to me even after asking her so much was licking the anus. Yes she did that to mike. She made him pull his leg up and stared to lick his asshole and that that too pushing her tongue deep inside. wowow. I came again. After few mints. He again made her bend on the table and inserted his dick slowly it was big for her she tried to push him away but he kept on pushing deep inside her. She started screaming after few fuck she stared to moan and the moaning stared getting loud. I had never seen her moan load as always in our sex session her moan was very low. I used to ask her to moan loudly but no by her. any ways she was really enjoying mike I thing the fucked like that for five mints and told her sit on the table and he fucked her royally her hands were on his neck supporting herself and telling him to fuck harder, I think my wife must have come couple of time which she never did while we had our secession finally he grunted and came inside her. He kept inside her for few mints as she kissed him deeply thanking him. He pulled out and, I could see the cum flowing out of her pussy. His dick was cover of her white fluid and his cum. she just bent and licked him clean. They went the bath room and cleaned and freshened I ran back to the truck and pretended to sleep. As she came to the truck and woke me up I asked what about the taxi. She said there was not taxi and mike would drop us home. I told him thanks. He took his car and dropped us home. As he left we went inside my wife acted nothing had happened. As we went to our bedroom and she was removing her sari. I asked her about the fuck she said not today as she was tired. I wanted her right then. I pulled her to the bed lifted her skirt and stared licking her pussy man It really tasted different. She was scolding me for doing that and she was not interested for tonight. I got pissed off and asked what that my dick is small for and mike’s dick was big. She looked surprised. She just stayed still there and I went on sucking the cum out of her pussy. I was really horny. I removed my dress and climbed on her and inserted in to her pussy where the black guy had just fucked. As I was slowly fucking her I told her I saw her fucking mike and I had enjoyed it she the smiled and told me thanks for letting her get fucked I came as she told me the sensation she had while fucking mike. That was best fuck I had with my wife after so many years.

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