My Dreams Come True

This is story of mine with a friend’s wife. It was a college friend. We stayed in same area of Mumbai but at different localities. He was married before me. We went to see his bride to be, after the marriage was fixed and before engagement.

I was flabbergasted on seeing his bride. A very beautiful girl of 23 years than, with slim and perfect figure of 34-28-34, 5’5″ tall, very fair, round faces and long hairs. I thought my friend was lucky to have such a wife.

She was from a lower income middle class family and my friend had a Govt. Service and hence the marriage was arranged. When I saw her at engagement and at marriage, I was charmed at her beauty. She was called C’, but my friend changed her name to a modern “R’.

They had a beautiful daughter in the first year of the marriage. R maintained her figure after childbirth but put on some weight (became round at waist as time went by) and added to her curves. It was at this time I became found of her.

I was already bowled by her beauty, but her new figure made me sexually aware of her. I wanted her sometime and I really mentally carved for it whenever were together. She noticed it from my gaze (and maybe thirsty look) and

I think her husband too noticed it sometime or she must have spoken regarding me to him. But he was carefree and thought that he is one step ahead of me in this matter and took it as his one up on me.

I meantime had married and my wife too noticed something once and asked me but I shrugged it off on her beauty. Life progressed and I advanced in life. My friend was stuck where he was in govt. job stable but with no promotions and power while

I quickly advanced to Managerial positions and a new level of life. He was stuck at Junior level and our lifestyles differed a lot and it showed whenever we met. Whenever we meet I was sure she knew what I wanted but I was not sure of her reactions and she always spoke to me sweetly but at same time was not cosy with me.

But her face told that she knew of my desires. The event of chance occurred rather unknowingly. One of our college friends was having wedding on a weekday and that too on town side. I took a leave from work for the wedding where marriage ceremony was in morning and reception in the evening.

I went a little late in the day so to be there a near as lunch. I was not expecting many of our friends in morning, as it was a weekday. I found virtually nobody of our clan over there except R. I meet the friend’s parents and brother and sat with R who too was alone.

She told me that she and her husband had come there early in morning and he then had gone to work a little late. They had done this because she cannot travel alone to the marriage place and he will not have enough time to go home to get her in the evening.

His office was on the way. He will be back for reception in the evening and they shall go home together. In meantime she shall either go to a relative nearby or stay back at hall. She had brought her clothes and ornaments along with her to dress up for the evening.

She had left her five year old daughter at her mother place for the day. I told her that I intent to go back home in the afternoon and have a good nap on this leave day. I will then return in the evening.

Hearing this she said that she too would come back (her) home and return with me in the evening, since now the escort was available. It will also ensure her to dress up properly instead of the hurry up scenario at the marriage hall.

We had an early lunch and started together back home. I was excited of travelling alone with her. The local train was empty when we boarded it. I sat adjoining her. My legs were touching her and the touch of her soft thighs was great.


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