My Dream Girl Madhuri Dixit

Hi. I am Manoj from Delhi. I am a handsome boy with fair color, 5’10” height and athletic body. I am new to this site. I have read some stories here and some of them are really wonderful. I am a virgin boy till now. I am a great fan of Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. So here I am writing a story with imagination of doing sex with my beauty Madhuri Dixit. So it is a fantasy. I am still a virgin boy so do not have any sex experience. So if there is any mistake then forgive it and enjoy. If any beautiful girl (because I am Handsome) like it and want friendship or more can mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]

I lived in a flat located in posh area of Mumbai. Here some film stars are also lived. I had own business and I lived alone in my flat. I knew that that the next flat to me was of my dream girl Madhuri Dixit but I could not found any chance to meet her due to her and my business schedule. After two three months I got relief from my business and I now spent more time on my flat or with my friends in the evening. One day when I was coming from outside and opening flat door a woman sound from downstairs (4-5 stairs) hit me. I turned back and saw Madhuri Dixit. She was coming from tour so she had two suitcases with her and she wanted help from me.

I go downstairs happily and say hello to her. She also replied nicely with sweet sound. Then she said for help to take a suitcase to her flat. I have no reason to say no and we reached to her flat. She opened the door and I put the suitcase where she ordered me. After that she said thanks. I replied mention not and said that it is my duty to help her as a neighbor. She asked me about my flat then I answered next to her flat. Then she offered me water and we had a formal conversation for five-six minutes. She asked me about my family and I said that my family is in Delhi and I am live here alone.

Now I saw that she is tired due to journey so i say bye to her and she came with me to the door. At the door I offered her the dinner at my flat as a neighbor. She nodded first but then agreed. I was very happy now and I entered to my flat and take bath and put a nice dress. I ordered dinner. At 10 pm she rang the bell and I welcomed her to my flat. She wears a nice T-shirt with skirt. I was feeling myself happiest man at that time because her figure is looking great in that dress. As I am looking her she said what happened and I said “nothing,

I am feeling very happy as a great Bollywood actress come to my flat for dinner” She smiled and said thanks but we are also humans. We laughed and move to the drawing room. After small conversation we took dinner and talk about movies, my business etc. during dinner. She is now impressed with my way of talking and my politeness. After dinner she said thanks and we moved out after some chatting. I said Good Night to her and she replied same. Now we have regular meet and conversation for next 3-4 weeks and we are now good friends.

One fine day we meet and she offered me dinner at her flat. I happily accepted. In the late evening I took bath and put a Branded T-shirt and lower that was looking nice on my fit and great athletic body. I spray a perfume that not much strong but a descent smell. I rang the bell she opened the door and welcomed me. I entered and sat on the sofa. She was in jeans and shirt. After 10 minutes conversation we took food and thanks for such a nice food. She said she was felt boring that day can we chat some time. I said why not.

She said she will come in 10 minutes after took bath. I said OK and switched on the TV. She came after 20 minutes in nice pink nighty. I prayed her beauty in that dress. She asked really? I said yes I am not joking. She replied thank you. She sat on the sofa. I switched off the TV. Now we start conversation. I said I like her movies. She acted well in her movies. She said Thanks. Then she asked about my hobbies, business etc. Then she asked about my marriage plan and I replied that I did not find any suitable girl for me.

She said which type of girl you like. I said I like one girl but I do not have confidence to purpose her. She said you are handsome and a nice boy she cannot say no so purpose her tomorrow. I said can I purpose her now on phone. She said yes why not? I said I will go and make a call to her. She agreed and I came back to my flat because I did not have courage to call her in front of Madhuri. I entered to my home and made a call to Madhuri.

He picked up the receiver and said hello. I said I Love you and cut the phone. After 2 minutes she called me. I am very nervous and pick up the phone. She said come to my place and put down the phone. With tension and gained some courage I rang her bell. She opened the door and said come in. I was unable to read her face expression. I enter inside and she was standing near to me. I could not make eye contact with her. She asked so you love me? I said yes. She came close to me and hugged me and said in my ear I

Love You too. It is unbelievable to me and I again said I Love You and put my hands on her back and hugged her tightly. After some time we leave each other and sat on sofa. Even now I was nervous and happy. Madhuri was sat next to me and I put her one palm in my both hands. She said she loves me from many days but she wanted to initiation from my side. Now I said I love her from very first day. We hugged each other again. Now I said in her ear can I ask you something. She said that now we are lover said what you want.

I said I want to see you in full makeup with pink lipstick with lip glass. She said only this you want, Just wait I will come back. She went into her bedroom. After 15 minutes she called me from bedroom. I happily go into her bedroom. She sat in front of makeup table and asked me about her makeup with lipstick in her hand. I went near her and turn her face towards me and said it is perfect and you are looking like a goddess. She puts her eyes down in shyness and a smile on her pink lips. Perfume smell is gorgeous. I took out the lipstick from her hand and put it on the table and we come on the bed.

She sat on the bed with down neck. I placed my fingers on her chin and make her face in front of mine. I put my hands on her solders and make her face close to mine and our lips were now about an inch apart. The smell of her lipstick and breath made me mad. We are looking in each other eyes and with courage I placed my lips on her pink juicy lips. As I put my lips on hers I experienced a current in my body. We were fridge some time in that position. After some time I started licking her lips. She also started to cooperate and now I entered my tongue inside her mouth. She also done same thing. Now we are licking each other lips tongues and exchange saliva.

This was my first kiss so I enjoying it a lot for more than 15 minutes. Now our kiss was over her lips were still pink and looking great. I untied her hairs from band and hugged her. She also hugged me tightly. Now I started kissing her ear lobes and her neck she took starting breath heavily. I lied on the bed while kissing on her neck and face. She was now laid on the bed and I was sat near her. The boobs in the nighty were looking great and I asked will you marry me?

She said yes and covered her face with her hands and I put my hands near her neck and started to unbuttoned her nighty. Now I removed her nighty top and she helped me. Now I saw the first view of her boobs in black bra. I put my hands on her both boobs and bent and started kissing near neck chest area and pressing her both boobs slowly. She started moaning and I again put my lips on her and we kissed for 5 minutes. I put my hands now on her back and make her sit on the bed and went on her back side. Her back is very fair and started kissing from top to bottom without unhook her bra.

She was now enjoying my kissing with moan and circling her hair with both hands. Now I unhook her bra and come in front of her. She kissed on my lips and I removed her black bra with lips and teeth first from shoulders and then take it from her boobs and remove her bra completely. I saw her round boobs fair in color and pinkish nipples with her black bra in my mouth. She took bra from my mouth and put is side and press my head towards her boobs. First I kiss on both boobs and then I stared licking one with my tongue.

She enjoyed it and said yes does it do it and moaning. I circling her nipples and kiss lick every boob for 10 minutes and she also encouraged me during boob sucking. Now Madhuri wants to put off my T shirt and she put it aside and now Madhuri placed her silky palms on my hairless chest and start kissing on my neck and chest. Then she bites my small nipples with her teethes and I cannot explain the pleasure that I had during that time. Now after kissing she laid down on the bed and we started kissing. After 2 minutes I start kissing her neck then boobs and then moved down and start kissing her navel.

She has a great navel and I kissed it for 5 minutes and moved down and unhook her lower with my teeth and now I put down her lower with my hands and I saw a lack flowers printed panty and awesome milky thighs. She became naughty now and said what r u waiting for? She was now laid on bed and her legs on my shoulders. I started kissing from her toe. She saw a bulge in my lower and played with it with her legs fingers. It made me horny and I kissed her every finger then ankle and lower foot part. She was now moaning and encouraged me.

I moved forward and kissed her every part of her both fair and milky legs and reached to the milky thighs. While I was kissing her thighs her juice smell made me mad and I ordered her to put her priceless saliva on her thighs and she done it. Now I kiss her thighs and lick all the saliva from her thighs. Now its Madhuri turned and she gave me 1 minute kiss on my navel and unhook my lower and now we were in or underwear.

She kissed on my thighs all over and she liked it because I always clean myself and there is no hair on my body except head. While kissing my thighs she holds my cock in her soft hands over my underwear. Then Madhuri removed my underwear and saw a fine length and fine thick hairless cock looking her face. She saw it for some time with wide eyes and excitation and then took it in her hand and put two strokes up and down. I was in seventh heaven and she then bent and kissed it with her pink juicy lips. After kiss I lost my sense in enjoyment.

Then she put some saliva on it top and started circling its tip with her tongue. My precum start flowing and I lay on the bed feels like unconscious. Then she took it in her mouth and start licking it. I was a virgin so it was my first time so I was about to come and she is now kissing my cock. After some time I through a load of cum in her mouth and she drank it all and clean it with her tongue. She then kissed me on my lips for 5 minutes. We laid in each other arm for five minutes and then I kissed her and move towards her printed panty.

Her panty was wet now and a smell makes me mad and I started kissing her pussy on her panty. She started moaning and now after 2 minutes I removed her panty and I saw a very clean shaved pink pussy with juice on its lips shining in lights. I parted her legs apart and put my lips on her pink pussy. I started kissing and she closed her eyes in pleasure and moaning loudly. Pussy Juice is so tasty that I licked it from sides, then I put my one finger in her pussy hole and my finger slipped with small effort as her pussy is full of juice and it makes her walls slippery.

I fingered her pussy for some time and then started kissing her pussy with tongue inside her pussy. She moaning loudly and breath heavily and press my head towards her pussy. I understand that she is about to cum. While kissing juice is continuously flowing from her pussy and it drunk it. After some time she came with load and sprayed her juice in my mouth. I drunk it all and it taste great. Now I left her pussy and kissed on her lips. She enjoyed it very much and thanks for that wonderful job. Then I said to lick my cock and then she did it.

When she licked my cock I make her in 69 positions and I started kissing her pussy again. Then after some time we got up and parted her legs and put my cock on her pussy lips. Her pussy is tight and I put some force and try then it moved about an inch inside. She also helped me and we put some force simultaneously and we both felts pain and my more than half cock was in Madhuri wet pussy. I saw some blood drops coming out from her pussy. It means I broke her hymen. Now she feels pain and lay silent on the bed and now

I throw my cock inside with force and see made a loud noise in pain and some tears in her eyes. Now we were in the same position for 5-6 minutes. Then I start fucking her slowly and after 1 minute she started enjoyed and she also moaning to indicate that she is enjoying. Then I increase speed slowly and we fucking each other in rhythm. During fucking I was kissing her lips boobs and we enjoying a lot. After some time she said she is about to come. So we increase speed and she came and I feel her juice strike me cock head in her pussy.

I continuously fucking her and now after 1 minute i was about to come and she moaning to make this event memorable. Then I speed up and I through my load in her pussy and with decreasing speed I stated kissing her lips with tongue in each other mouth for 5 minutes. Now I remove my cock from her pussy and some juice and cum flowing from her pussy. We Kissed again and lay in each other arms for half an hour. Now we took bath simultaneously in tub and played with each other bodies with soap , shampoo etc. and now we were now on the bed again.

Now I looked into Madhuri eyes and she gave me naughty smile. Then I asked what now? She replied “as u wish” and I suggested doggy style and she came near me and whisper in my ear “I am ready”. By hearing this I hugged her and kissed on her lips and she also responded well. Then she put herself in doggy position and ordered me “come on darling”. By hearing this I touch my cock on her pink lips and she lick it and make it slippery with her saliva. Now I came back to her and her pussy and ass were in front of me and I licked both and made both wet.

Madhuri also enjoyed my licking and now I am ready to fuck her. I put my wet cock on her pussy mouth and rub and then I forced to go inside and Madhuri shouted “aaram se I am not going anywhere”. Then I put some more force and my hole dick was inside Madhuri tight Pussy. After 1 minute Madhuri starts back and forth and I grab her both boobs in my hands and starts pressing and also fucking her with rhythm with Madhuri moves.

She moaned and touch mu dick with her hands in between to enjoy. After 15 minutes Madhuri sprayed her hot juice on my dick in her pussy and ordered me to came inside her pussy and after 1 minute I explode my cum in her . She was very happy and we kissed again . While kissing she also played with my dick with her hands. Now we laid down and relaxed for some time on each other body. Now I ordered her to come in the doggy position again. She questioned why? I said surprise to you and she follow my order and bend on the bed.

I came back to her and kiss her pussy and her asshole. Her pussy was wet till then and I applied her juice on her asshole with fingers. She said that what I m doing and I replied I want to try your asshole. Firstly she worried about pain but then agreed. Now I insert one finger in her asshole . This go inside easily and then I inserted two and there is no major problem with these also and then I place my cock on her hole and apply some force and my cock top was inside her hole.

Then I grab her from her thighs and put some force but Madhuri screamed in pain. I hold the position and after some time put my saliva in her hole and forced again. This time Madhuri shouted on me and said to remove but I hold it inside and after 4-5 minutes starts in-out moves and now pain is disappearing and she also enjoying. She moaned aaaaaaaahhhh oooooooohhhhhh . After some time I came inside her and she laid on the bed and I came over her put my dick on her face.

She knew what I want and she suck my dick and lick it. Then I removed my dick from her mouth and we kissed and sleep in each other arms nude. Now we were lovers after that we enjoyed a lot. So this is my first story that how I want to fuck my dream girl Madhuri Dixit and now I am still a virgin handsome boy looking for a gorgeous beauty girlfriend. So if you like my this fantasy with Madhuri Dixit then don’t forget to reply on my Id [email protected] and [email protected] If any beauty is interested in friendship can mail me.

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