My boss Anupama Kulkarni

Hi to all desi fans, this is Arun. I am going to describe an incident which happened recently with my Boss. Until the incident we have known each other of over 7 years. Anupama Kulkarni, my Boss got married 17 years ago; she has a daughter of 16 years. Being with her all day I became very interested in her and wanted to fuck her. I wanted to make the wildest sex with her and used to masturbate in her thoughts. Her husband was in a private job at a senior side and was traveling most of times on contract to the US and UK to repair machinery and often they would take months. Anupama Kulkarni is a wonderful lady with big assets to her credit; she is any man’s dream. She used to be a normal lady boss, bossing me around by virtue of her sex. I was filled with revenge to make her my sex slave. I wanted her to bear my child. I was filled with a lust to fuck her in her jingling ass. To squeeze her boobs, to feel her nipples in my mouth. I wanted her very badly. I used to be with her all day and accompany her for all meetings, I started to drop her home and used to encash every opportunity to visit her at her home. I started spending long hours with her, I used to visit her frequently especially when nobody was at home. Whenever she used to offer me drink like tea or soft drink, she used to bend over fridge to give me a nice view of her lascivious boobs. She was 5.7 in Ht approx. and had proportioned body. Her ass was round and used to protrude as if it will tear apart her salwaar and say, fuck me.

Her favorite bra was black one; I love women in black bras. That day she was wearing a loose red zardosi top and black jeans, with red top and her black bra was easily visible. U knows how tempting it can be when u can see through a sex bombs blouse. Anyways, I had planned this entire evening, I had told my people that I have a party at my boss’s house and would be returning in the morning only. I had bought ‘Memphisto’ tablets to get her aroused. Normal instructions are two tablets for normal arousal and four for immediate arousal, but I chose 6 for her I wanted her to beg for sex with me. We went our for dinner that evening and I was to drop her back home, time was all ours. While we started our appetizers. I instantly ordered something to drink so that I could lace her drink with the tablets. She too ordered a jaljeera. Whilst the jaljeera was being served I excused myself and went into the washroom to pee. There I relaxed myself got the tabs out and came, she too wanted to use the loo, so she left and the jaljeera was served and I immediately ran my hand on her drink and dropped the tablets into her drink and I kept stirring them until I could see the last tab dissolve and was waiting anxiously for her to return and she did.

Today I had not worn my undies in anticipation of making love to her and she walked out of the loo prettier and more beautiful. Looked like she made herself up for me that evening. My blood gushed to my pants as she took the first sip of her drink and we talked everything under the sky, we ordered food and I could see she was growing restless. She had a lot of trouble waiting for the food to be served that night. I was enjoying her restlessness; she used the loo a couple of times more. I kept lacing her drink with a tab more every time she left. It was one of the superb dinner of my lifetime, her love for me had just become into lust and she wanted me. She said she felt like talking to me all night. I said I would love to accompany a beautiful women like her anytime. She became hornier with these declarations. I could see her hunger in her eyes; her devilish instincts were guaranteeing me my fortune of my life tonight. We finished dinner and walked the distance to my car, and I knowingly brushed my left arm to her right arm and her body. I drove her to her home and she was in no mood to bid me good bye, whilst I did she hesitantly asked me if I won’t be coming in for a moment. I looked into my watch and said I will. I knew this was my moment and I parked my car properly for good and got into her home.

To my surprise, I found her daughter still awake, in the house, I was shattered looking at her there, and to my luck she wished me good night and left to her bedroom. This was the daughter I was looking for, who just gave her sexy mother in gift to me and left. Anupama Kulkarni was horny she ensured her daughter went in to sleep and locked her room from the outside. She immediately turned around and asked me if I would like a drink I said ‘yes’ and she said ‘you have to accompany me to the bedroom upstairs’ as we have our personal bar there’, I knew this was the time to get to her. I was aghast, I couldn’t control and my lund was fully erect. My Erection was difficult to hide. She saw that but said nothing, I boldly got up from the sofa, walked up and closed the doors and windows of her house and asked her if I can switch off the main lights, she said I can turn on the bed lights . I did so. And went and sat back on the sofa. She was still talking to me and with her drink. I told her that her glass is empty. She said “Oh” I forgot and went inside to refill it. I went behind her and touched her elbow and said, “can we start it, I know you want me to fuck you right now”. She was appalled; she never thought I would ask her like that. I told her that if she wants I can have sex with her right now.

She immediately hugged me and , said ” Actually , I love you a so much as shout at you in office to keep those rumor mills away, my husband is not able to satisfy my hunger and I don’t find much pleasure in masturbating . hearing this I was mad at her, I instantly drew her close and tightly kissed her. Tongue to tongue, lick to lick, we kissed passionately for 10-12 mins .I then closed the door, (of course it was closed before also, but now I just locked it perfectly).I immediately got to fulfill my ulterior lubricious desire. To milk her. I hurriedly opened her blouse buttons, and said “Anupama, today I will fulfill my heart’s desire’ she asked what was that, I told her ‘I am going to suck all the milk of you boobs and make love to you’. I made her drop her bra straps, and there were they, too light brown colored, conical melons, with normal light brown nipples. Oh god I could not bear the sight of those two luscious babies waiting for my caress, I immediately took them into my hands and directed my mouth on them, and started to suck them like a thirsty person, she started moaning in ecstasy, “oooooooohhhhhhh, arun, dheere, karo aaaaaram se, sidewale ko chooossssooo haaaaan uffffff aurrrrr haaaaaaaaan, dono haathoonnn se dabao hannnnnnn, ahhhuffffff.”I filled my hands with those two spongy melons and got into action. I made her lie on her back on the sofa. Her boobs were now drooping downwards, I took each one in my hands, and started milking her and sucking them dry (try this one and u will reach orgasms before having sex). I did this for quite some time until her boobs turned whitish and sagged my fetish was just beginning to shape up, I looked at her she was in heaven already and was dying for my penis.

I made her stand nude and I started to suck each of her boobs to make them lactate and later again with my full strength I squeezed her boobs, and directed the milk to flow on my penis, the whirring feel of milk from her boobs falling on my penis made my penis grow another half inch. I asked her to take my penis and suck it clean of all her milk, she instantly took it in her mouth started licking her milk of it, it was the most amazing feeling one can get to have his Boss sucking his penis. She went sucking my penis like a chocobar and I shot my first load of jism into her mouth. I said “u are an expert”, she blushed. Now I made her stand with one leg on the sofa and other on the ground, and I like a wild animal tore her legs apart and got into her jungle. I almost took her entire pussy in one hard stroke, hers was a medium sized, 4 inch pussy lips. I started to fuck my dream girl; I started to fuck my Boss with whom I have shared everything till date is now under me enjoying my penis in her hot pussy.

I kept fucking like a mad machine and she was great in countering my strokes and my penis kept growing with her moans and groans, her face and expressions from getting fucked by her Boss made me more hornier and I kept ramming her cunt, I made her reach orgasm 2 times even before I could reach my first orgasm, I was tired but I hadn’t come, I can’t give up the heat. I kept beating her meat with all my might and she started bleeding like a virgin cunt. I could not believe myself that I was having my boss bleed in utter erotic pleasure, in the same bed where she sleeps with her husband. I could not control my desire I took a deep breath and started to pump her again. She blasted again for the third time and her juices this time erupted the tingle in me and I started to build up. I bent down and asked her to lick my chest, she started to suck my tities and helped me build up and shoot my load in her, I held her tightly to my crotch and deposited all my load deep inside her. I said I wanted her to bear my child. But she said she had already got herself operated after daughter. I dint bother; I had a back up for that. I slid my penis out of her cunt and she curled into a caterpillar with the aftershocks of pleasure. I saw my penis still up like a staff, soaked in her blood and our juices. she was curled up and that was protruding her ass hole out, the glory of her hole was inviting me, and I again started clitoral stimulation, this times with my two fingers. “Ooooooooooohhhhhh aaaaram se bas arun bas naaaa ahhhhh bas karo naaaa.”

But I never stopped. I asked for Vaseline and she said she kept it in the Almirah, I immediately picked it up and applied to my fingers and got in to her love hole. I Finger fucked her for 20 mins or so. I gain got into her pussy and started the motion, and as the speed picked up she was pleading me to give her some rest, I was not in the mood of getting off her pussy until I had an experience of a lifetime, this time fucked her until she blasted twice and my hot penis gave me the idea of fucking her mouth while I eat her pussy. I made her lie on her head on the sofa, she upside down, her legs on my shoulders, her pussy in my mouth, it was a mouth watering Indian pie of my dearest boss, and her rest of body on the bed. I licked her cunt for 15 more than mins. her vagina was red and was overflowing with both our juices and streams of blood. After 15 mins of eating I was satisfied, my lips were full of her love juices, and she was all sweaty. I made her stand, a bit forcibly, pushed her thighs apart, and inserted my penis in to her ass hole. I experienced some difficulty in the beginning as she told me her husband has not fucked in her ass. I thought what an asshole he could be. It was as tight as a virgin’s main hole. But I did not give up, I applied more Vaseline, but found it a little difficult I pulled out and ran into her kitchen, found her small Tiffin of cooking oil which they use for daily cooking, I dipped my entire penis into it and ran back to Anupama and started to shove my penis into her ass hole, now it went without any hurdle and that was it.

She was in heaven when I started pumping her ass. It was a great site to fuck a women u ever wanted, and moreover her husband could never ever think of that. I pumped, pumped and pumped; she was making all kinds of love sounds. I grabbed her boobs which when they were bouncing, said” hamen dabao”. I kept happily pumping her until she started to moan “hhhhaaaaaaan bas ho gaye arun chhod do mughe bas bhee karo andar jaa kar rahoge kya ohho uuuuuffffff.” I kept going on like a deaf leopard, I fucked her for another 15 mins pulled out and shoved my penis into her mouth, she resisted and I shot my load all over her face and neck. She was satisfied for life. Her blood had made a blot on her bed spreads. And her session for entire month was over, she lied in my lap for 2 hours .I fondled with her boobs this time in black bra and sucked them whenever I wanted in those two hours, on the bra cup only. I was satiated and she promised that she never enjoyed sex like this before. From then on I fucked her whenever I could. I would enter her house while she was cooking food, hold her breasts in my hands, and lift her sari to get inside her pussy to eat on daily basis…, while she was cutting vegetables. She never stopped her work, she continued her work, and I continued mine, the same continued in office too, we used to fix up fake meetings and have sex some time a full session, sometime a small one… but we never stop. now too we had a meeting, both of us made love in our client’s washroom. It’s any place for us now. ANUPAMA is for me and me at any time and place. We have now become freaks and look for every opportunity to make love in strange places and situations. One of my best encounters after this was when we made love on a promotion party, that’s one hell of a incident. anybody who wants to share her stories or comments can contact me at [email protected]

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