My Best Friend Fucked My Mom

Hello friends read this story and tell me how you liked it send comments to [email protected] or [email protected] [email protected] My friend Sanil has sent this story, which is about his mother.

Hello friends I am Sanil,([email protected]) male 24 and I am about to tell you my mother’s sex story. Her name is Naima, she is 48 but looks not more than 36.. She is around 5’3″ in height…medium built.. Not too slim…not fat.. She has very fair complexion.. She had medium length black hair reaching up to her back…with slight grey hairs in certain areas showing her real age….her face is oval.. With large eyes.. Pink slender lips…. She used to be a slim beauty during her sexier days.. But looks even more attractive now with a little more fat in the right place.. ……….

Now she mostly wears saree…and a very typical village type shy and conservative lady…So her over all makeup makes her look much younger than she really is…and because she is a good hardworking homemaker…she is got a well maintained figure…firm for her age…her boobs are medium sized round and nipples are brown.. Which used to be pointy before.. But now it got a little saggy with age….

And her ass is curvy and big enough…and her stomach has a single fold on the sides when she sits. Her tyre in tummy makes her more desirous to all.. Her stomach is also very attractive with a large and deep belly button.. I always wondered how her cunt would be like. Whether white as her skin or maybe little black,,,,,,.As she has got a pleasing behaviour all my friends liked her and tried to be very friendly.. She welcomed all my friends. Her pleasing manners made her look even more innocent…

One day a neighbor who is also a close friend of mine was visiting our home. His name was Peter. He recently arrived from abroad and being of same age group we hit out together. Slowly we became good friends. We were hanging around together a lot. Peter is tall guy and works as a gym instructor and so has an ironed up figure. Peter is around 6’3″ with huge broad shoulders…. but has very pleasing manners…and he is a hit among the younger ladies…most of the time he used to be at our house.

He used to tell me how ladies loved his body and how he fucked many married women much elder to him. For him a woman was nothing more than a fuck doll. He would describe the body parts of females and how they moaned and loved his 7-incher cock, when he fucked them like animals. We used to discuss about all women in our society and how wonderful fuck she might be but we never talked about my mother. I sometimes wondered whether he thought about my mom also in such manner as he thought about other women…..only sex toys.

Since dad was out of town for couple of weeks, I and mom were mostly alone in the house… Peter was also quite free around…but slowly I realized that he had been eyeing her as well…trying to get glimpses of her parts when she was not looking. I tried ignoring his glances…thinking them to be harmless views. Everything was going normally but one day the things changed drastically and her life was never the same before.

It was one fine day until in the evening mom approached me asking, “Sanil, will you take me to nearby village to visit my friend of my childhood who has come here after so long. She is staying in her parents place. She has sent me message to meet her.”

As I had some urgent work, I told her, “I will take you some other day. I am really busy today. I have some urgent work today.”

But she insisted that she wanted to meet her friend as she had already committed the same to her friend who was supposed to go back to her town in a couple of days.

Listening our conversation, Peter said, “Sanil, I will take your mom with me. I will drop her at her friend’s house.”

Mom said, “No, no………. Peter, do not bother yourself. I will go some other day. If Sanil does not have time for his mom it is alright for me.”

And hearing this he quickly turned to her saying, “Aunty, I am ready to take you there. It will be my pleasure helping you. Let Sanil go for his work. I am free tomorrow and I can arrange to take you there and back safely. Please aunty let me be of any help to you.”

She felt awkward hearing Peter’s offer and looked at me. Thinking that peter was trying to be helpful.

I told her, “It is an option if he is ready to take you there, you can go with him. I have no problem and since dad is also not in town why delay meeting your friend. She might go back by tomorrow.”

Mom was in two minds. She could not decide what to do, whether to go with Peter or not….
Then peter once again talked to her, “Aunty, do not be scared of me or my anything. I will bring my bike and we will leave early morning.”

He was very persuasive and finally he convinced her. Next day he came in his bike. Mom was ready in the morning waiting for Peter.. When mom came out she saw Peter’s bike. Mom was surprised and scared, as she had never sat in a bike before.

Mom said, “Leave it Peter, I will go some other time. I am really scared of your bike, I have never been on bike before.”

But he told her, “Aunty, please be assured, sit on the pillion. I will ride smoothly and carefully. You won’t be harmed at all.”

Mom looked at me as if asking my opinion. I nodded my head as if telling her be assured and go with him. Hesitantly she gets on the bike sitting sidewise, both her legs were facing same side, means the way woman sit on bike. She was wearing a white saree with blouse. Her tummy was visible from side. She was very conscience about her saree. But she made sure to cover herself fully with the pallu so that her body was not seen (his version of the sight – something which disappointed him with her stance of sitting fully covering her tummy, but happy to see her curves still) as he started the bike and moved..

She was trying to sit in such a way to make minimal contact with him. She was trying to sit properly without holding anything but the bike did not have any handle to keep her in safe position.. Sensing this Peter began moving the bike in a meandering fashion almost like laheria cut kite. He would speed the bike and then suddenly apply brake making her brush her boobs on his back.

The one he used was a deserted road…and then he purposely raced the bike and gave quick soft brakes when approaching humps.. This caused her to get closer to his body… but she tried to maintain her distance and at the same trying to keep her balance which was really difficult for her…

Peter stopped the vehicle and said, “Aunty, your present style of sitting and trying to balance will put both of us out of balance. Try to hold me in a tight manner to maintain your balance and in return I will be in a better position to ride the bike..”

So he asked her to place her right hand around him…. But she was feeling hesitant. She did not want to hold him.. Thinking here is this guy…. who is my sons good friend.. But a stranger too.. And yet a hunk of a man.. But Peter got her thought so he took her hand placed it around himself and started the bike before she could say anything..

Since the bike was now moving fast and she was feeling ok with the position… she kept still but Peter again played the race and brake game again…the bike’s speeding and braking action was pushing her body into his back… he could feel her soft boobs pressing into his back.. After every braking she quickly tried to maintain the distance… but he played again and again her boobs got squeezed to his back…

After passing of time she was feeling better and assured… she did not move further she just kept her body pressed to his back…and her arm around him tightened…he took this as a sign that she has become comfortable in that position…he could feel her body warmth very well…and this started to give him a hard on…. He decided to make another move.

He then gently called her and told, “I have to visit a friend’s place on the way. If you don’t mind I will just stop at his place and pick up my books”..

She just could say, “Ok.”

Peter had actually planned all this earlier…and he had arranged the keys to a vacant house of one of his friends. On reaching the house…they both went in. Peter asked her to make herself comfortable since he just came to check the house and that no one was there. The house was recently vacated so everything was clean…

She was feeling thirsty so went to check out the kitchen…and during that time.. Peter closed the main door…and followed her….. Peter asked her if she wouldn’t mind getting him some water.. to which she smilingly obliged… She couldn’t find anything and asked for the glasses…He pointed to upper cupboard self…she saw they were a little high…so she raised her hands…and standing on her toes she tried to grab a glass…her saree pallu had come free of her hold…and now her bare stomach and her lovely medium sized boobs were visible from the side…

Peter just watched her beauty for sometime having a larger hard on…and then he told her, “Let me help you aunty.”

He went near her…and came directly behind her smelling her hair… The whiff of womanly fragrance was hitting his nose. The smell was making him mad for her and when he could not control himself, in one action he cupped both her boobs over the blouse and pressed his erect dick into her ass crack… she was shocked with his abrupt action, she tried to turn and move away from him quickly. She did two actions in one swift move and lost her balance, which made her to lose her control over her body…and fell in his arms easily…

Peter was waiting for it and being really strong did not lose his hold on her boobs.. Just kept on kneading her boobs and pushing his dick on her ass through the saree.. He was very happy to fondle her breast in such manner.

She asked in soft voice, “Peter, please stop…don’t do this.. This is not right… I am your friend’s mother. In that way I am like your mother. I will scream and call people.”

Peter said, “But you are not my mother. We are alone here and however hard you try to scream or yell, no one will hear it as no one lives nearby. If you co operate I will not hurt you.”

Mom said, “No no no Peter stop this………..Uuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa…….. Let me go else I will complaint to the police and have you arrested for raping me. Aaaammmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa….. Oh god let me go, don’t move further.”

However it all fell on deaf ears… Peter continued playing with her boobs.. He was enjoying the predicament and wanted to elongate the scene. He found her nipple from above the blouse and began tweaking it. Mom was without sex for a week as dad was away since a week. He felt her nipple hardening in his finger. He smiled to himself.

He said, “Aunty you let me do what I want and I promise I will not hurt you and no one will know what happened here. If you complain to police you will also be held responsible, as I will tell them you brought me here. You might fall in scandalous situation. On the other hand if you let me have my way you will also enjoy along with yours truly and it will be between you and me. People will see who is elder and who is a young boy. I see you are also enjoying my touch. You can’t hide your emotions as you are also getting hot.”

He kept on squeezing her breasts. Then he became bolder and inserted his hand inside her blouse. He touched mom’s bare breast and pressed it. He was getting excited and so was mom.

But she again tried to reason out with Peter, “You let me go and I will not tell anyone. You are like my son and I will think you did a mistake. Uuuuummmmmpppppppphhhhhh. Please stop your actions.”

Peter was in no mood to let her go. This was a golden opportunity for him. He placed his mouth on mom’s mouth and kissed her. She tried to move her face but he held her face tight and deep kissed her. Then he inserted his tongue in her mouth and began rubbing it with her tongue.

Mom tried to shut her mouth but Peter pinched her nipple very hard making her to scream loud and while doing so she opened her mouth. Thus she let her mouth open to his attack. He began sucking her lips and with his hands began unhooking her blouse…He would kiss her and then open one hook, one after the other……. He removed one hook after one kiss.

Ultimately he opened her blouse and was thrilled to see her white bra covering her lovely breasts, she tried to cover it with her hands. Peter removed her hands and placed his mouth on the bra-covered breasts. Her erect nipple was noticeable from over the bra. He sucked her nipple and made her bra wet with his saliva. After few seconds of sucking he unhooked her bra removed it completely, thus making her topless. Her lovely globes were free now. She had large white boobs with large pink areolas and nipples.

Mom tried to again cover her naked breasts. Peter held her hands tight and said, “Aunty let me see your beauty. Only uncle has enjoyed the beauty and the touch till date. From today I will also be the lucky person. I want to lick and suck your lovely breasts. The same breasts which Sanil had sucked as a baby. Imagine I am your baby and am sucking your nipples.”

He placed his hot mouth on her left breast and began sucking her breast. Now mom was also getting into the mood. She began letting out soft moans. Peter licked the nipple with his tongue. Then he switched to the right breast. He licked her nipple and entire breast and the cleavage. He was giving immense pleasure to my mom. He lifted her arms high and moved to her armpits and licked there also. Her armpit was soaked with her sweat. He sniffed the place. It sent waves of electric current in her body.

Mom was not stopping him but was saying, “No Peter don’t do this. Leave me………….. Let me go. I am a married woman. I have family and responsibilities. Don’t spoil me and my reputation.”

With his free hands he was rubbing her back and occasionally stroking her ass also. Mom was engrossed in the throes of wanton pleasure. He lifted her arms and licked her other armpit too. Then moved to her neck and licked it all over. It was giving her goose pimples. Peter again moved to her belly button. He licked her belly button. Inserted his tongue in her navel and licked it.

Her navel was clean and tasty. His hands were behind her fondling her ass cheeks. Mom could not decide which was more exciting his navel sucking or his ass fondling. She did not know how well he would make her enjoy his fuck. Peter inserted his finger in her ass hole from above the saree. Mom gasped for air. Peter licked her waist and her alluring tummy tyre all around her waist. Mom’s tummy folds were object of desire for many of my friends. He started licking from front, licking as he went behind her and again reaching her front leaving a wet trail of saliva around her sexy waist.

He made mom to lie down on the nearby cot. He sat near her toe and began kissing her right toe and then her left toe. He sucked her toe. Dad had never done such things with her so it was new for her and at the same time very exhilarating. She kept her eyes closed fearing he might notice she was enjoying his moves. Then Peter began licking her feet. He began moving up licking all the way. Mom tried to stop him as she thought it was enough. If she let him continue matter will get out of hand.

She tried to get up but Peter was well built than her. He did not let her move a bit. He began kissing her legs starting from toe to ankle to knees. He paused there for a moment. Mom was relieved as she thought he had changed his mind and was going away. But Peter had some different idea. He lifted mom’s saree and placed his hands on her crotch while licking her ankle and knees. He moved further up licking her knees and thighs and then her inner thighs. All the time, lifting her saree higher and higher. Her saree was raised up to her thighs and Peter could view her panty now. Mom was getting little wet and little excited too. She was moaning softly.

He was now licking her inner thighs. His face was very close to her crotch. Mom’s saree was now bunched up to her waist. Mom was so engrossed in his licking and sucking that slowly her hands began moving to her pussy. When her hand slowly got placed on her crotch over her panty she did not realize. She pushed her hands into her snatch and rubbed her hands over her panty without noticing Peter whose face was inches away from her crotch…Peter watched her actions closely and smiled to himself. He placed his face over her pussy and removed her hands from her cunt..

He said, “Aunty let me rub your pussy for you. I will be grateful to you. You just enjoy my licking and sucking. I will suck your pussy dry.”

Mom did not say anything. She did not protest nor asked him to continue. Peter began rubbing his nose on her pussy over the panty. She gave out a wonderful smell, a raw musk of woman in heat inviting him to ravage her. He waited mom to be totally wet to remove her panty.

Peter was biting her pussy lips over her panty and slowly he could feel slight wetness over the panty…and his rubbing got a little faster…. at the same time.. Her protests gradually turned into moans. Mom was enjoying Peter’s rubbing his nose on her crotch…

Peter sensed the opportunity and he went for her panty and pulled it down in one swift motion almost tearing it. Mom was surprised by the sudden move although she was waiting for him to remove it. There stood her naked, hairy pussy waiting to be fucked by her son’s friend. He thrust his hands between her legs feeling her wet and warm cunt and rubbing the place.

Peter exclaimed, “What a sight aunty. Lovely pussy you got. Pink lips and hairy cover.”

Mom felt shy in showing her nakedness to Peter. Mom wanted to turn around on her stomach to hide her pussy but Peter did not let her turn around… Peter went straight for her pink pussy lips …

He sniffed the wild smell of sex emanating from her hole. He covered it with his mouth smooching them wildly, biting her pussy lips and sucking on her swollen lips as well as pushing his tongue and saliva into her cunt… He inserted his tongue deeper in her cunt hole and began licking her wetness too.

He found the liquid very tasty and to his liking. Mom was bucking her buttocks to meet his mouth. She was eager to let him suck her cunt which dad and never done before. His tongue found the deepest places in her cunt hole waiting for his touch.

Mom said, “Aaaahhmmmmmmmmmm…..Aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmaa…………Lick my pussy Peter……….Suck my hole…Your uncle had never sucked my hole before…..I never knew it was so enjoying and exciting for me…..ummmmmmmmmmmm…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……….yeah baby….lick aunty’s pussy……….yeah baby…………..hmmmmmmmmmmmm……….”

Peter said, “Don’t worry aunty I will give you such unbearable pleasure that you will always remember me..”

With this he started thrusting his tongue deep in mom’s pussy………

She was yelling, “Oooooohhhhhhhh………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………yeah…….give it to me…… Suck my pussy……. yeah………..Lovely son. Haaaaaaaammmmmmm………Aaaaaaammmmmmmmmaaaaa. ………uuuunnnnnnggghhhh………….come LICK me
……..lick my cunt……..lick me clean……..I am spreading my thighs
wideeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for youuuuuuuu……….oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh
………yessssssss………….sooooo nice son……..lick me……lick me…..
lick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

Saying this she cummed on his face. She lost control over her body and her orgasm flooded her hole. She clasped her thighs on his ears as her orgasm ripped her. Her juices were running down on his face. Peter felt the tremor from her cunt.

Peter lapped up the juice and said, “Thanks aunty for cumming on my mouth and making me worthy enough to drink your cum.”

Peter moved away from mom and began removing his pant and shirt-leaving mom nude on bed gasping for air after her first cum due to oral sex. Within seconds he was back to my mom showing her, his 7-inch dick was erect due to the excitement.

Peter thrust his erect cock on mom’s face. She tried to move away to avoid touching his cock but he held her head and placed his cock at her mouth.

He said, “Suck it aunty…. Lick it and kiss it aunty.. It is for you. It is your reward today. You will suck it and make it big and worthy of your pussy.”

Mom saw his cock, which was throbbing, at her touch. She reluctantly kissed the mushroom head……….. She liked it.. Then she hesitatingly licked the top. Again she liked the taste and smell. Without any further ado she pulled the purple head in her mouth and began sucking it.

She was vigorously sucking his cock while he was mauling her nipples and fondling her breasts. Peter began bucking his waist as if mouth fucking her. The veins were getting tightened up and his angry cock was throbbing. It was sign that he was about to cum.

Peter cummed without giving out any warning to mom. Mom also did not get chance to remove her mouth and unwittingly she drank little bit of his sperm. Mom wiped her face with her hands and was breathing heavily imagining what was in store for her. She was experiencing such things for the first time in her life. Her cunt was sucked for first time and she sucked a cock first time.

Now it was time for him to make his another move. Mom was still lying nude wondering what hit her. Peter got over her body and began licking her face.

He warned mom, “Aunty now I am going to fuck you. I will bugger your lovely cunt. The same cunt my friend Sanil was born from. The same vagina no one other than uncle has fucked till date.”

Peter rubbed mom’s pussy more. Then he placed his cock at the entrance of mom’s cunt. Now he could not wait any longer with his cock He pushed his strong cock into my mom’s pussy. He pushed his body forward with a jerk and in nano seconds his cock was in mom’s hole. Mom felt her body was torn into two. She felt his cock expanding further inside her pussy.

The entire length of the cock was in. Peter began jerking his body in rhythmic fashion. Then started making fast strokes into her pussy. Mom was overwhelmed by this fuck.

Unknowingly, she put her both hands on his hips started pulling him down with the downward strokes.

Mom was blabbering in excitement, “Ohhh………. Ahhhhhh…….. How big your cock is. It is so nice ooh my cunt is so wet. Your cock is tearing my cunt into two. Fuck me baby……… Make me your slut, give your cock to me.”

His tool throbbed and expanded until she thought she would not be able to stretch her vagina anymore to accommodate him. He went on fucking her like an animal. Mom loved his savagery treatment. It was that something which was missing from her sex life so far. She thought her sex life had been so boring till that date.

Peter was fucking her and pressing her ass cheeks with his free hands and sucking her breasts too. He located her anal hole and inserted his middle finger in the hole. This made mom to jerk her body forward with full force. Thus impaling his cock further in her vaginal cavity.

Then Peter’s cock was deep inside my mom’s cunt and he was panting like a dog. Within few minutes he realized that he was about to cum.

He increased his fucking speed and said, “Aunty I am about to release my seeds. Where you want me to release.”

Mom said, “Do not worry. You pour your love juice in my cunt. I want to take your seeds in me.”

Suddenly Peter arched his body and began shooting his cum in mom’s pussy. Mom’s cunt muscles clasped Peter’s cock. Mom felt his orgasm and immediately she also cummed along with him. She held him tight to her body as she reached her orgasm.

Both lay panting for fresh breath, as the fuck was too hot and demanding. After few minutes, Peter kissed mom and said, “How was it aunty? Did you like it? Was my cock worth it?”

Mom nodded her head in affirmation. Then Peter said, “If you are satisfied with my fucking I want one gift from you. Don’t say no to it.”

Mom asked, “What gift now? You have yourself taken the best possible gift I had with me. There is nothing more I have with me. I let you suck my pussy and I sucked your penis, which I had never done before in my life. Not even with your uncle. Then you fucked me like a whore. Now what else is left from me.”

Peter said, “There is one thing still I desire about you. I want to fuck your anus. It is virgin till date and I want to inaugurate the hole. What you say?”

Mom said, “No no not my anus. It will hurt. The hole is too small and your cock is too fat. It will be torn and I cannot even dare to go to doctor to show my torn anal hole. I won’t allow anal sex.”

Peter tried to pacify her, “Do not be scared. I will first condition your hole, and then fuck your anal hole. I will use coconut oil to lubricate your back hole. At least let me try. If it hurts and the pain is beyond your control I will take my cock out and won’t disturb you again for it.”

Mom very hesitatingly agreed for it but under one condition if it hurts he will remove it immediately and won’t bother her again. Peter very gladly accepted the terms and kissed her very wildly.

He turned mom’s nude body around and lifted her waist a little so as her ass was in air and her tummy was on bed. He placed one pillow beneath her stomach. Her asshole was darkish and really small and needed good boring with Peter’s mighty cock. He rubbed mom’s puckered hole with his fingers and poked it a little. He spread her as cheeks and spat on the puckered hole making it wet with his saliva. Peter began licking her anus.

He then took out coconut oil and poured generous amount on her hole. He took his hand there and spread the spit and oil all along the ass hole. He spat on his fingers and inserted the wet fingers in mom’s ass to lubricate the inside of her asshole.

She was praying to god that it does not hurt her. She also wanted to experience anal sex with Peter. Then Peter inserted his finger in her hole. It pained her but she kept quiet and waited for his further move. Then he inserted two fingers in her anal hole. It did pain her so Peter poured more oil in her hole and pushed two fingers inside.

When he was assured mom was not at pain he placed his cock on her anal entry. He took a deep breath and pushed his cock forward to her hole. She let out a yell as his cock knifed through her anal hole. She was in immense pain due to insertion.

Mom pleaded, “Ooooooooohhhhhh…………Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa……….Take it out Peter. It is paining too much………… Oh my anus is stretched beyond my capacity. It was agreed if it pained you would stop buggering me. Take it out………….”

Peter was in no mood to remove his cock. He waited for few seconds with his cock inside her hole. Took deep breath and asked mom to relax her sphincter muscles so as to let his cock enter. Mom was crying in pain like a teenager and Peter was not removing his cock as promised. He wanted mom to relax loosen her muscles and then start his ass fucking.

They waited for few seconds in silence. When Peter felt the pain has subsided he again began pushing his tool inside. Now the pain was bearable so mom kept quiet and wanted Peter to finish his ass fuck at the earliest. He was hitting her ass hard with his cock. The room got filled with the sound of fucking as his thighs hit her thighs.

Thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap thap…………………………………….

Mom again began calling him to remove his cock, “Peter it is again paining……..Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh……Uuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhh………Remove…………. Your fat cock is tearing my little hole. You stupid that hole is not for fucking. You fuck my pussy once more but leave my ass……you can fuck me when ever you want but please let me go now…………….Don’t ass fuck me..”

Peter kept on fucking her ass hole…….And in few minutes mom started liking his actions and said, “Ok all right fuck me but do it fast…………..Hit my ass as fast as possible and cumm and leave me..”

Her anus was too tight for Peter. He was fondling her boobs also while buggering her. He would pinch her ass cheeks also in between. Her ass cheeks became red due to his mauling. Mom was on seventh heaven her enjoyment was beyond imagination. She had been missing this for long. Her sex life had been drab till that day. Today her ass lost her virginity too.

After few minutes he felt his ball were on boil nad he knew he would cum any moment. He informed mom, “Aunty I am about to release. Can I release in your ass hole?”

Mom said, “Yes……… yes do it fast………… Fill my ass hole baby……. Do it for me.”

And Peter cummed in her hole in no time. He removed his cock with a plop sound. Mom felt emptiness in her body. His cum was flowing out from her hole. She flopped on the bed after the ravage anal buggering. She was so tired that she passed away for few minutes.

After few hours both of them sit on the kitchen floor and started having a conversation. Now both were relaxed and in better mood.

Where peter asked, “Whether you liked it or not.”

Mom didn’t reply and looked angrily at him. She was feeling guilty about what had happened that day. She began crying on her state. She cried for few minutes and made Peter responsible for her such state. Peter hugged her softly and wiped her tears. She felt better and stopped crying.

Then Peter told her, “I had the hots for you since a long time. Don’t cry aunty, I always dreamed about you and that I used to masturbate regularly thinking about fucking you. Today I found opportunity to fuck you. I will not tell any one anything. I thank you for making my dream come true. I had wonderful fuck with you. I will never forget this day the whole life.”

He then placed a kiss on her lips for which she didn’t react, but he knows she was no more angry with him. Both of them were still in nude. Peter was stroking her back and kissing her lips. Slowly mom came back to normal. She did not try to hide her nudity from Peter. She was comfortable talking to him in nude, something she had not done with dad till date.

Then he asked her, “Aunty tell me about your sex life. How is it going? How often you have sex with uncle? Is he a good fucker”

Mom was taken aback by such question. She never expected him to ask such intimate and personal question and she whispered, “It is not well. Your uncle is very busy person and I am not getting any sex because of his busy life and work. Maybe we have sex once in 15 days or 20 days. He never makes me feel so happy and satisfied as you did today.”

Peter was delighted to hear this. He kissed her nipples and then puts his arm around her neck and told her, “Aunty do not worry about your sex life anymore as it is my responsibility now to fuck you and provide lusty sex whenever you want and I will ensure that you get all your sex holes filled by me as when you require. And in return you also must oblige me as well whenever I am in mood.”

Mom felt so embarrassed talking like this to guy who was young enough to be her son who was in fact her son’s friend…but she remembered how well he fucked her and made her feel awesome. So she smiled and nodded her head in agreement… Peter was elated to hear her affirmation with that sucked her nipple and gave her another horny smooch.

…After that they got up quickly to clean up in the bathroom and got dressed up. Then she remembered her torn panty and requested for it. Peter kept it in his pocket and said he wanted it as his souvenir…

Then they both got on the bike and went to the village to meet mom’s friend. You will think how I know the story in such details. You guessed it right Peter told me everything and how he fucked my mom. I got hard hearing the story. I hope you will also get hard on reading the story. I have requested sultan bhai to write the story on my behalf and post it on ISS.

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