My Best Friend Fucked My Mom

Hello friends read this story and tell me how you liked it send comments to [email protected] or [email protected] [email protected] My friend Sanil has sent this story, which is about his mother.

Hello friends I am Sanil,([email protected]) male 24 and I am about to tell you my mother’s sex story. Her name is Naima, she is 48 but looks not more than 36.. She is around 5’3″ in height…medium built.. Not too slim…not fat.. She has very fair complexion.. She had medium length black hair reaching up to her back…with slight grey hairs in certain areas showing her real age….her face is oval.. With large eyes.. Pink slender lips…. She used to be a slim beauty during her sexier days.. But looks even more attractive now with a little more fat in the right place.. ……….

Now she mostly wears saree…and a very typical village type shy and conservative lady…So her over all makeup makes her look much younger than she really is…and because she is a good hardworking homemaker…she is got a well maintained figure…firm for her age…her boobs are medium sized round and nipples are brown.. Which used to be pointy before.. But now it got a little saggy with age….

And her ass is curvy and big enough…and her stomach has a single fold on the sides when she sits. Her tyre in tummy makes her more desirous to all.. Her stomach is also very attractive with a large and deep belly button.. I always wondered how her cunt would be like. Whether white as her skin or maybe little black,,,,,,.As she has got a pleasing behaviour all my friends liked her and tried to be very friendly.. She welcomed all my friends. Her pleasing manners made her look even more innocent…

One day a neighbor who is also a close friend of mine was visiting our home. His name was Peter. He recently arrived from abroad and being of same age group we hit out together. Slowly we became good friends. We were hanging around together a lot. Peter is tall guy and works as a gym instructor and so has an ironed up figure. Peter is around 6’3″ with huge broad shoulders…. but has very pleasing manners…and he is a hit among the younger ladies…most of the time he used to be at our house.

He used to tell me how ladies loved his body and how he fucked many married women much elder to him. For him a woman was nothing more than a fuck doll. He would describe the body parts of females and how they moaned and loved his 7-incher cock, when he fucked them like animals. We used to discuss about all women in our society and how wonderful fuck she might be but we never talked about my mother. I sometimes wondered whether he thought about my mom also in such manner as he thought about other women…..only sex toys.

Since dad was out of town for couple of weeks, I and mom were mostly alone in the house… Peter was also quite free around…but slowly I realized that he had been eyeing her as well…trying to get glimpses of her parts when she was not looking. I tried ignoring his glances…thinking them to be harmless views. Everything was going normally but one day the things changed drastically and her life was never the same before.

It was one fine day until in the evening mom approached me asking, “Sanil, will you take me to nearby village to visit my friend of my childhood who has come here after so long. She is staying in her parents place. She has sent me message to meet her.”

As I had some urgent work, I told her, “I will take you some other day. I am really busy today. I have some urgent work today.”

But she insisted that she wanted to meet her friend as she had already committed the same to her friend who was supposed to go back to her town in a couple of days.

Listening our conversation, Peter said, “Sanil, I will take your mom with me. I will drop her at her friend’s house.”


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