My Beautiful Bengali Wife

We live in an age where men cannot stop ogling at beautiful women, their eyes bulging out of their eye sockets when they behold the dazzling sight of a shapely woman with her big ripe bosoms protruding out of her top, or big fleshy ass cheeks swaying side to side tight against the thin material of her dress/ trousers.

All men witness this mouth-watering sight whether they be out shopping in the supermarket, the high street, or even whilst walking to their place of worship. Then how refreshing is it for me to tell you, dear readers, that the woman who makes me hot, who makes my cock throb just by the mere sight of her big tits ripping out of her tight blouse beneath her sari or Shalwar kameez, is none other than my wife! You see, to me my wife is a goddess!

A true Bengali deity of immense beauty! Her mere presence makes my mouth water! Makes my blood boil! Makes my cock throb with uncontrollable pleasure! In fact, even as I write this I am visualizing her in my head – and my cock is standing hard to attention! You see, I love fucking my wife. I am truly blessed as I have a wife who enjoys having experimental/kinky sex with me every time we have sex.

In fact, she encourages me to do weird and wonderful things with her. Just the other day after I had finished pounding her wet pussy (for about an hour), she told me ‘would you like to shoot your cum over my tits’? of course, I was simply dumbfounded! I mean, fucking her big tits was the most pleasurable feeling in the whole world; when my throbbing cock touches her warm, juicy tits

I am simply in paradise! And now she was telling me if I would like to cum on her tits! Without haste I buried my aching cock between her warm cleavage, the feeling was like electricity sending a shudder down my spine. I was moaning, my cock throbbing uncontrollably, it didn’t take too long before I erupted; spraying my hot sticky cum all over her big, round tits, using my pulsating helmet to rub my jizz into her big, brown firm nipples – it felt so fucking good!

And so, I feel it incumbent upon me to relate to you, dear reader of the last time I fucked my wife – in every sordid detail. I will first describe my wife to you; Her skin is fair in colouration – vanilla toned to be precise; like the sexy Bollywood queen Ashwariya Rai. She is very beautiful indeed, her lips are full, perfect for kissing and suckling. She is of Bengali descent. Her height is perhaps 5’’5inches tall, of medium build.

She has long flowing black hair which she keeps oiled and combed at all times. Her most prized assets are no doubt her big, mouth-watering tits which measure 36 CC (with her big brown nipples standing firm). and her big, fleshy ass cheeks (more of which I will delve into later). . She has put on a bit of weight after giving birth – something which in my opinion has increased her beauty ten fold; I love curvy, voluptuous women and my wife fits that mould perfectly. In short, my wife is the ultimate epitome of a Bengali goddess!

It was past 12:00 o’clock midnight. Both myself and my wife got ready to go to bed. We both smiled and joked, because we both knew what was about to come. We lay in bed together, close – my hand underneath her arms drawing her close to me. I could feel the warmness of her body next to mine. Then, without a word being uttered, we kissed. We kissed passionately – suckling One another’s lips and tongue. It was a hot kiss, full of vigour and lust – our saliva intermingling together. I then kissed her neck which prompted her to sigh. She undid her blouse buttons hastily, and untied the knot of her petticoat. She guided my hands onto her big, warm tits which I squeezed with an elation close to the pangs of ecstasy.

She moaned as I squeezed her big tits whilst kissing her simultaneously. She started to gently stroke my big, throbbing cock – it was pulsating like a snake inside her warm hands. She squeezed my cock gently, teasing me, making me moan as I continued kissing her and fondling her tits. And then I moved my hand down her torso to her belly, to between her fleshy thighs – parting her legs slightly to at last lay my hands on her warm, moist pussy lips.

She gasped as I rubbed her pussy with vigour, inserting two of my saliva soaked fingers into her moist snatch ‘oooohhhhhhhh’ she moaned gently. I took my two pussy soaked fingers out and suckled them in my mouth, tasting my wife’s delicious pussy juice and rubbed some on my aching brown cock. My cock was throbbing to and fro, unable to contain its murderous rage; it was dying to elope with my wife’s sweet pussy.

I carried on tongue-kissing my wife, suckling her soft lips like sweet oranges. My wife continued rubbing and massaging my aching cock as I rubbed her moist pussy, she was wet with the anticipation to be fucked by me; ’fuck me’ she cried, moaning and sighing seductively as she massaged and squeezed my throbbing cock, standing stiff to attention and as hard as a fucking brick! Without ado I embraced her as we kissed,

I started squeezing her magnificent, fleshy ass cheeks, running my index finger along her warm, moist crack, feeling her tight anus thoroughly as I nudged my aching cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. ’mmmmm’ my wife moaned as I rubbed my cock tight up against her wet snatch, her labia protruding and pulsating by the touch of my juicy cock. I took my finger out of her ass crack and suckled it; tasting my wife’s delicious bum sauce – swallowing like a thirsty traveller.

Every once in a while I would stop rubbing my cock on my wife’s pussy, trying my utmost best not to shoot my hot piss prematurely – such was the effect of my wife’s sexy body! My wife’s voluptuous, curvy body looked so fucking hot I was dying to fuck her to satisfy my deep craving and lust for her. The strong, musky sweet fragrance from beneath her arms and her luscious body was driving me made with sexual lust; I was dying quite literally to pound her sweet pussy nice and hard!

After 10 minutes of kissing, fondling and rubbing one another’s hips in unison, I withdrew myself and positioned myself on top of her. I carried on kissing her passionately on her lips, then down towards her neck and torso; suckling both her mouth-watering tits before licking my way down her belly, leaving a trail of saliva as I did so. No amount of words can express my joy when she spread her voluptuous thighs wide –

Yielding the full majesty of her beautiful swollen pussy in all its luscious glory! I kissed and licked her belly and belly-button. She had put on a bit of weight after giving birth, and the sight of her faint but visible stretch marks on her stomach was simply irresistible; I kissed and licked her stomach and slowly kissed and licked downwards, inching closer and closer to her most Priceless of treasures!

My heart was pounding hard and she was breathing heavily; ’suck my pussy’ she cried to me (in English), as she was writhing in lust. I spent a few seconds beholding the magnificent sight of my wife’s juicy pussy; her well trimmed pubic hair glistening in the dim light, her moist pussy lips spread invitingly, but what made my cock more harder was the smell; my wife’s pussy smelt so sweet – a deep musky fragrance, strong and over powering, more potent than the smell of heroin – drawing me close to her.

I gently kissed her pussy lips; the touch of her moist, musky pussy upon my lips were charged like electricity – sending a warm feeling shooting down my insides towards my groin – making my throbbing cock twitch, my pre-cum leaking almost instantaneously. The kiss I placed on my wife’s pussy may have been gentle, but what followed was definitely not! I wrapped my lips around my wife’s pussy lips and started sucking like a mad man, biting her moist labia and pulling them with my lips.

After a few suck I would bury my hungry tongue inside her tasty pussy-hole; pushing my tongue as far as it was able to go up inside my wife’s juicy cunt; boy! It tasted so fucking good! I have tasted all kinds of mouth-watering dishes and tasty morsels in my life but nothing came close to the taste of my wife’s savoury, sizzling, sumptuous and spicy pussy! Throughout my pussy-eating my wife was moaning and cooing in ecstasy; she was completely naked and I placed both og my hands on each of her big juicy tits and squeezed them hard as

I suckled her pussy simultaneously – it drove her fucking wild with sexual pleasure! ‘bite my pussy’ (khamor dew foondor maze) ‘chew my pussy hard’ (amar foond khamrai lao) she moaned as I bit her pulsating pussy lips (both my mine and my wife’s first language is Bengali which is our mother tongue, we mostly speak in the Bengali Sylheti dialect at home and sometimes also English, but when we fucked she would use dirt English language sometimes such as suck my pussy and it would drive me mad with uncontrollable lust!).

In between my sucking I would lick her inner thighs, biting them gently before I resumed my meal. I was also sliding my hungry tongue further down, seeking out her warm shit-hole as I buried my tongue inside her fleshy ass clefts. My cock was throbbing uncontrollably; it was aching and twitching with murderous rage dying to destroy my wife’s pussy. I had eaten my wife’s pussy for 20 minutes now – our foreplay lasting already 30 minutes in total, and now it was time to finally draw the curtains for the main show!

I cowered of my wife and gently eased my big throbbing cock slowly inside my wife’s wet snatch; we both moaned in unison as we entwined together after 30 minutes of hot foreplay. The thing that hit me straight away was the fact how warm and hot my wife’s pussy was; my cock was ready to melt inside her fiery furnace of love! It felt so good! Her pussy was as wet as a waterfall, her pussy tight and smug like a cock inside a warm apple pie!

I was so horny, my cock so hard that I felt my cock would burst open like a dam; I dreaded the thought of ejaculating prematurely because my wife’s pussy was so fucking warm, wet and tight! I would withdraw my aching cock from her pussy and compose myself (I mastered the art of pro-longing my fucking by using my mind. When I first married my wife I would hardly last 10 minutes – now I can carry on for almost over an hour!)

And then slowly eased my cock back Inside my wife’s juicy cunt and then I mounted her, kissing her full on the lips as she tasted her own pussy juice on my lips and mouth. My mouth and lower face was wet with my wife’s sweet juices – the smell was simply intoxicating! I took slow strokes inside my wife’s pussy, getting myself re-acquainted with her cunt, before slowly building up my tempo.

I was sweating profusely, my sweat pouring down my chest as I fucked my wife with gusto. Every once I would stop – my cock firmly embedded deep inside my wife’s cunt just cherishing the feel of her warm juicy pussy enveloping my throbbing cock. I would move my cock muscle making my it twitch and pulsate inside her pussy, she loved that – moaning heavily,, her breath serenading my neck and face.

And then came the part I loved; the pounding! I would withdraw my throbbing cock until my helmet was barely inside her snatch….and then slam my aching cock hard inside her tight pussy! It felt so fucking good. After fucking my wife for 15 minutes, the real fucking started! I showed no mercy as I pounded her warm pussy hard. My wife grabbed my fleshy ass cheeks and pushed me further into her.

The force that I was using to pound her pussy was like a steam train smashing into a wall – I showed no mercy as I proceeded to destroy her beautiful pussy. She was wet with her juices overflowing, my cock drowning in her pussy juice. ‘rip my pussy’ (amar foond sirilao) my wife cried out in the heat of lust, ‘your pussy is so warm and pleasurable baby’ (toomar foond ze aram) I replied as I kissed her mouth and face, licking her neck and sucking her earlobes as I pounded her hard; squelch squelch squelch the sound of sordid sex was like sweet melody to my ears!

After fucking my wife for 20 minutes I was totally spent! I withdrew my aching cock from her wet pussy. Slowly she turned to her side and onto her belly before lifting her legs up and getting into the doggy style position. Her fat ass cheeks were spread deliciously in front of me like a tasty morsel; she looked simply irresistible, my mouth started watering just by the mere sight of her! Her fleshy crack was spread enticingly – exposing her tight anus; dark, sweet and savoury.

In my lifetime I have visited places and seen awe inspiring sights, but nothing could compare to the bewildering and dazzling sight of my wife’s beautiful fleshy ass cheeks spread deliciously, doggy-style! Immediately I placed my hungry tongue on her warm crack, licking her moist anus and lapping up her mouth-watering bum juice with utmost fervour before swallowing every drop like precious nectar! Mmmm!!!

It tasted so fucking yummy; sweet, succulent and spicy. I ran my tongue up and down her delicious crack, stroking her tight anus thoroughly, before biting her fleshy ass cheeks on both side and re-inserting my tongue back into her crack. I then buried my nose in her warm crack, my nose rubbing up against and her moist shit-hole whilst inhaling her sweet anal perfume as I sucked her juicy pussy –

I was in paradise! My wife’s ass and pussy was driving me mad with lust, her pussy and bum juice cocktail intoxicating me like a swallow of wine! She was moaning and seized with sexual rapture as I continued eating her ass and pussy. After 10 minutes of doing this, my cock couldn’t take it anymore.

Without further ado I placed my throbbing prick tight up against her warm fleshy crack and proceeded to rub my entire length up and down her moist shit-hole – it felt so fucking good, the feeling of pleasure equal to none! Soon I was ready to penetrate her; I deposited a gob full of my saliva onto my aching cock, massaging it thoroughly and lubricating it before I nudged m helmet at my wife’s swollen pussy lips.

Her moist labia spread deliciously as I slid my cock effortlessly into her warm, electric pussy! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! I was in heaven! I groaned as I grabbed her hips and started fucking her doggy-style, she was moaning as I slammed my eight inches of fat meat deep inside her womb. I loved fucking my wife doggy-style, it is without doubt the best position to fuck, giving the cock full access to the pussy without restriction for a more fuller and wholesome fuck.

I was in the pangs of sexual ecstasy, grunting like a hog as I pounded my wife’s wet pussy whilst I grabbed her big hanging tits from behind, squeezing them hard as I slammed into her. I was in paradise! My eyes glazed over like a drug fiend, my vision blurred with the unbelievable, touch, taste and smell of my wife’s beautiful cream toned body. I leaned over kissing her neck and suckling her soft earlobes as my throbbing cock pulsated in ecstasy deep inside my wife’s juicy pussy, overflowing with her sweet pussy juice intermingled with my hot cock sauce.

I was fucking her so hard that she began creaming all over my cock. I withdrew my cock gently to see it covered with her wet juices and savoury pussy-cream. I withdrew my cock entirely and sucked her sweet cunt and ass; tasting and swallowing her viscously sweet cunny juice with gusto like a thirsty traveller drinking from the sweet wells of a lush oasis after a hard trek through the arid, and merciless desert.

We were nearing the hour mark with our sordid fucking. My balls were heavy with my hot semen, my cock throbbing uncontrollably, dying to unload the contents of my aching balls all over my wife (since we didn’t wear a condom when fucking, I would pull my cock out just before climaxing and cum on her pussy or ass, limiting the chance for her to become pregnant). I was drenched in sweat, both of us breathing heavily.

She turned over in the missionary position, her fleshy thighs spread wide. The sight of my wife’s beautiful pussy spread deliciously for my pleasure is a sight like no other. I have seen and studied many women’s pussy with surgeon like precision (mainly through pornography which is a great love of mine), but up till now, I have yet to see a cunt as beautiful, moist, and fragranced as my hot wife’s cunt; her pussy made my mouth water and my big cock throb with unbridled joy, bringing me close to tears of ecstasy!

Indeed, I am certain if another man other than myself witnessed/ saw my wife’s hot body, her fat ass, big tits and mouth-watering pussy – he would shoot his load almost immediately!  I slid my cock effortlessly into my wife’s soupy snatch and started pounding her, suckling her big melons as I did so (she loved it when I sucked her tits and fucked her pussy at the same time – it drove her wild!) my wife squeezed my buttock cheeks hard, pushing them deeper into her – my cock so deep inside her pussy I could almost feel her ovaries!

Suddenly my wife let out a whimper; ooohhhhhh she cried in sexual agony. I could tell she was about to orgasm. Her pussy walls gripped my cock like a vice, her eyes rolled over and she shuddered as she dug her nails into my soft fleshy ass cheeks. ‘please please please’ she cried over and over, I obliged by slamming my throbbing brown cock deeper and faster into her pink pulsating pussy………and then, her body lay limp.

She was breathing heavily, almost out of breath and so was I. we kissed. ‘ooohhhhh…I’m about to cum…I cant take it any longer..’ (ami ar faram na – amar lair fatya boga taki baroi zar) I cried to her in lust. My balls were tense as my cock twitched to and fro like a boa constrictor. ‘where do you want me to cum?’ (khoi lair sar tam?)I cried to her in the heat of lust. ‘anywhere you like’ (zeno toomi sao) she replied, ‘would you like to cum on my tits?’ (amar boonir maze lair dalti sao ni?)

I was surprised by what she had just said, but you see, that’s what I loved about my wife – she was willing to try anything. Like me she adored kinky sex. In fact, we both lived for kinky sex. We have tried fucking in all the positions that both me and her could come up with, both possible positions and impossible! She loved cow-girl, where she straddled me and she was on top, jumping up and down and grinding down hard on my erect throbbing cock as

I fingered her moist bum-crack (sometimes fantasizing that another man was behind her pounding her tight ass as I fucked her pussy, both us men double-penetrating my wife as she moaned in unequal able pleasure! I will delve into my fantasy of my wife fucking another man at another time). Suffice to say that this was the only position where I didn’t last too long! Also, we tried the 69 position several times in foreplay.

She would practically sit on my face; my nose embedded deep inside her warm, perfumed bum-crack and my tongue all the way up her spicy, exotic pussy stroking her clitoris and suckling her moist pussy lips, driving her mad with sexual pleasure and lust. I loved it when she sucked my cock in the 69 position, the touch of her soft lips and wet tongue on my cock sent shivers down my spine, making me shoot my load almost immediately, not to mention the warmth of her big tits enveloping my cock as we 69’ed.

Now when she told me to cum on her tits my cock stood stiff to attention! I had fucked my wife’s big titties many times before in foreplay; it was one of the best feelings in the whole world. She would hold her big melons in her hand and rub them up and down between my throbbing cock – it would send me into sexual rapture almost immediately! I would then rub my cock onto her firm nipples – it felt so bloody good, mind blowing and out of this world! That is the reason why I wasted no time whatsoever.

I straddled her chest and buried my aching cock between her warm bosoms, rubbing them up and down. My wife kissed my stomach which was Adjacent to her mouth and face as I cowered over her to fuck her. I was moaning. Suddenly I gripped my wife’s head. My hips started to jerk uncontrollably and I let out a deep sigh as I emptied the entire contents of my aching balls; shooting my hot sticky cum all over my wife’s big, round tits. I was moaning like a wounded animal. Shaking like an old man with fever lying in a desolate cabin up in the cold bitter mountains of Alaska. I was totally spent.

As I regained my composure, I rubbed my cum gently into my wife’s firm, brown nipples. She smiled appreciatively.  This was just another night in a long line of nights to come, where I could have, hot, sweaty, kinky sex with my beautiful Bengali wife. Readers please feel free to E-mail me with your thoughts on this story at: [email protected] Also, I am more than happy to exchange HOT photo’s of my sexy wife with any interested readers, thereby making this story a more sexually satisfying experience!

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