Multiple Orgasm 7

It was my day off from med school. A very rare and precious thing and one that would be regretted for many years….I had just finished my morning shower and shave and was dressing in a clean but old shalwar kamiz. It was one of those suits that with age and use, had become comfortable enough to sleep in, but decent enough to use around the house. I heard the door bell ring and went to answer the gate of my modest bungalow, in the middle class Karachi suburb of Gulshan Iqbal. (Block one)I was not surprised to see my younger sister’s friend Nighet, standing there as I opened the gate. She was almost a family member really. My sister’ childhood friend, she visited often and made herself at home.I smiled and told that my sister was not home and would be away all day.Nighet looked across the road at the chowikdar (gate man) of the bungalow opposite (The guy was the area spy interested in everyone’s business).“Can I come in Mukhtar?” She asked.“Oh Yes” I said noticing the hard disapproving look the chowikdar gave me.No doubt, he would be gossiping with his friends about it all later.Nighet came in and I closed the gate behind her. I instinctively watched her ass wobble nicely as she walked into the bungalow. I remember thinking that Zubair, her unofficial fiancé must be dying to get that ass under him. Maybe he already had screwed her.I had thought about her sexually, I admit. Every guy has fantasies as he hits that age of horniness called puberty and he realize that girls are very interesting.Nighet was very interesting. 5ft 3, with an oval shaped face, dark brown almond shaped eyes with long eye lashes and a good complexion, not perfect. A few acne spots which she tried to bury under make up and a strange fascination with really dark red lip stick.The one thing that really did not suit her was her nose. It was very long and had a large bump in it. I think they call it a Roman nose, as kids we called it Nighet’s Appa (elder sister). You know how evil kids get.

Nighet would laugh it off and say stuff about me being jealous or stuff like that until one day she said “I bet you wished you had a nose like mine”“No way!” I insisted shaking my head“Well” She added making sure that no one could hear her as she leaned in close to me “They say that men with big noses have big Lunds”I think I blushed and looked in surprise, at her. “Lunds? Where did you hear that word?”She laughed and turned and walked away Looking back over her shoulder at me as she walked away, she patted her buttocks and winked.The brief exchanged had already given me a sudden hard on as I caught a whiff of her perfume, felt her hot breath on my ear and caught a good view of her breasts. She had not covered the exposed neck line with her dupatta which most girls do. The ass wiggle and butt slapping just ignited the fuel.I had watched her walk away with a sudden desire to grab her and kiss her while I squeezed her nicely rounded ass and small firm tits.I had gone to the bathroom in my room (the only place I was certain not to be disturbed) and masturbated thinking of Nighet.Well that had been a few years ago. I was now a 21 year old medical student and she was a 19 year old ‘waiting-to-marry’ kindergarten school teacher“Home alone?” She asked noticing the empty kitchen where my mum usually is at that time of day, cooking lunch. Nighet helped herself to a glass of Nimbu-pani (home made lemonade) from the fridge and sat on the work top with her legs swinging gently as she sipped her drink.I had stared at her gaand (butt) as she had bent over and reached for the Nimbu pani jug. She really had a very nice ass. She had seen me staring and had smiled as she stood back and closed the fridge door.

“Mum has gone to the bazaar” I said, looking at the space between her parted legs. She was sitting like a boy. Her short kamiz high up on her thighs, I almost thought I could see the darkened junction between her legs but obviously, I was imagining it.Nighet smiled and actually parted her legs a bit more saying “I hope she will take her time”Now Nighet had always got the staring role in my fuck fantasies growing up. Then with college and medical school, had come chances to get some real choot and I had mostly taken it when I could get it. Nighet’s star quality had declined as I got practical experience fucking. Not that often but often enough to make me smile. Now here she was teasing the fuck out of me…literally.I looked at her and stood close in front of her as I took her glass of Nimbu-pani and sipped it.She smiled at me and said “Mukhtar, I have always liked you. You are like a brother to me”Ooops? Had I heard her right?“Like a brother?” My hardening Lund started reversing action.She giggled “Like, but NOT my brother yaar” Her eyes looked at my groin, the tenting in my shalwar front now at a 90 degree angle.“Glad to see you don’t think I am your sister” She said reaching to stroke it.Well, that was all it took She was obviously willing to do stuff even if only a little fondling and squeezing.I put my hand on the top of her thigh and stroked her butt as she sat smiling on the counter, and massaged my rapidly hardening Lund with her hand.I slowly raised my hands from her hip and touched the side of her breast.“You know what this could lead to?” I asked kissing her slightly parted lips softly.Her breathing was becoming faster as I started to handle the firm lumps of her teenage breasts with my hands. My thumbs pressing on the nipples and rubbing back and forth across them as she began to squeeze my Lund hard.She took hold of my hand and guided it down between her parted legs to her choot (pussy) I could feel the heat between her legs and pushed her ass closer to the edge of the counter she was sitting on.

My Fingers could now easily tease and rub the soft bump of flesh between her legs and feel that she was wet either from sweat or the pussy juice leaking into her panties and shalwar, She let out a long slow breath and whispered “Oh that feels nice”My erect cock was getting impatient and was still being rubbed and squeezed by her hand. If she continued doing that I would cum in my shalwars which was not where I wanted to cum.I thought about all the wasted spurts of semen that had erupted from Lund on the occasions I had fantasize about her. Now that she was here and letting me do things to her, I was eager to at least get her naked and rub my Lund against her choot and shoot my load over her tummy and tits.I pulled her almost off the counter top and pressed myself between her legs, my now rock hard cock pressed up against her pussy.There was no one home except me and her. If I wanted to get to at least see her nude and fool around a bit, I would have no better chance again.“Shall we go to my room” I whispered into her ear kissing and licking her ear lope. My heart was racing. She pushed me back gently and smiled as she said “I thought you’d never ask”We were soon on my single bed kissing and touching each other.I had removed my Kamiz and loosened the Nara holding my shalwar up. Nighet’s hand had wasted no time in pulling my Lund out into the open and as I kissed her face and struggled to get her kamiz off, she continued to pump my tool gently but expertly.Zubair was obviously getting a few hand jobs I decided.She pushed me back and sat up.”Slowly”. She said getting up off the bed, my heart sinking as I thought she was changing her mind about fun with me.I sat up and asked “What’s wrong?”She smiled and said “Nothing is wrong but I don’t want my cloths ripped or torn”

She then unzipped the side of her tight fitting kamiz and pulled it off. I saw her tits cupped nicely in her white bra and licked my lips as I pulled her towards me and squeezed them.We fell back onto the bed, she on top of me as I darted my tongue inside her mouth wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me back with passion and started to grind her groin against mine I could feel my rod rubbing between her thighs., pressed up against her choot as I reached for her ass and squeezed her butt checks mercilessly, She undid her bra and laughed mischievously as she pressed her breasts against my naked chest. We kissed hard and passionately my mind struggling to distract my Lund from the pleasure her groin gyrations were causing. I was worried about coming too soon.She broke her kiss and moved a little away so that I could feast my eyes on her mango sized balls of perfection. They were really that good. Tipped with small erect pink nipples that almost begged to be sucked and nibbled on.She pulled my head towards her left nipple and told me to suck it. Who was I to refuse? , I started sucking her nipple to her obvious joy and pleasure.When she reached down between our bodies and squeezed my Lund I nearly came then and there all over her hand and my tummy. I groaned and tugged at the waist band of her shalwar. She didn’t stop me as I pushed the elasticated waist band down over her butt and then down over her pelvis. I was surprised to feel no panties and at first assumed that they were caught up in her shalwar. (Later, I found out she had worn none) It didn’t matter though; I was finally feeling her hot wet naked choot on my throbbing Lund and was already moving my hips in a simulated fuck mode.

It never occurred to me that she was not a virgin. I was really not trying to unseal her. I was just not going to bust a virgin choot of my sister’s best friend. Especially when that friend is maybe 6 months away from getting married.Nighet stood up and stepped out of her shalwars.I looked at her hot sexy body; her mango sized firm breasts and smooth, shaven choot and waited for her to re-join me on the bed.She grabbed my shalwars and stripped them off me with a laugh and cry of triumph. She got back on the bed astride my hips, her wet, sticky choot pressed on my Lund as she toyed with my nipples. “So Jaan?” She whispered moving her choot over my Lund with slow deliberate motions. “You like me” She teased looking at my Lund as it lay with its dripping head popping out from beneath her choot. Her pussy juice was bathing my poor horny cock generously.“”Fuck Yes!” I gasped as I handled her breasts and sweated in lust.‘”OK Then” she said suddenly grabbing my cock and holding straight up she aimed it at her cunt slit and sat down on it. I was so filled with lust that I just watched in eager anticipation as she took me in her hot wet fuck hole and mumbled in pain and pleasure. She was certainly wet enough to sink me into with relative ease. I am not above average in size or width but some girls have wept as I entered them and begged me to be gentle. . Nighet gritted her teeth and started to bob up and down on my shaft with determination.It was with an almost insane passion, that she started riding me as I held onto her hips and watched her tits wobbled and saw my hard manhood appear and disappear between her legs. My balls, groin and lund glistened with a film of pussy juice. She seemed to be almost pissing it out over me. The room smelled of that hot tangy sweet aroma of sex. My nostrils flared in lust as I took the delicious scent in. I felt my sperm welling up and told her to get off me but she just rode me harder and faster“Nighet!” I gasped “I am going to cum…!” I tried to move her sideways to dislodge her but she fell on me and kissed me, her breasts pressed on my heaving chest as she panted “It’s ok cum! Just cum”

I came in quick violent spurts that seemed to drain my whole body.As we lay panting, my softening Lund still in her cum filled choot I suddenly realized that she had been no virgin. Zubair was probably getting more then a hand job off her.She kissed me and got off me, uncaring about the stream of cum that trickled down her thigh.She went into my bathroom and I heard the shower going.I got up and went and watched her shower.She smiled and nodded as I asked if she would be ok.My Lund was hard at the sight of her and she smiled and bent over, holding onto the walls of the bathroom, she wiggled her lovely ass at me and said “Come on. You want more”I did and was soon sending my revitalised cock into her choot doggy style as she groaned and moaned in pleasure. I worked my cock in and out of her cunt with determined and deep strokes. I was not going to waste my efforts on a half hearted fuck of this great piece of tail. Nighet showed her appreciation with moans and sighs moving her beautiful butt back against me as I screwed her. After I came a second time in her, we showered together.Washing each other thoroughly with soap and kisses. I Licked her pussy clean as the showered water splashed on to us.It was as she was dressing that I found out that she had no panties on. I asked her if she never wore any..She smiled and said that she had planned to have sex with me that day and thought they would get in the way. And that whenever we met she would not wear any if I wanted.Nighet met me after med school a few days later and after we had driven to a secluded spot in Clifton, she had sucked my Lund as we sat in the back seat of the car but had made sure that I fucked her and came in her choot.We met a few more times after that. Always fucked. We once had a quick fuck in my bathroom, one evening when she came over to meet my sister. I had her pressed up against the wall as I fucked her and came in her. Then she had calmly rejoined my family as they sat watching the television.

I wondered why she always refused condoms but, she always told me to not worry about her getting pregnant. Strangely casual about it I thought. I put it down to her being addicted to the feel of a man coming in her choot.I asked her about Zubair and she smiled and said he took her virginity months ago and was always fucking her now. Every chance they got, when she was not screwing me that is.But why do I regret these fun filled days when I finally nailed Nighet?Well, I will tell you.About three weeks (after that first time) later, Zubair and Nighet invited me out for coffee and then told me that Nighet was pregnant.My mouth dropped and I started to sweat like crazy. Zubair didn’t look as if he knew I was riding Nighet. In fact he looked guilty as hell, certainly convinced that he was the father of the child. He probably was too.Zubair asked me to help them out of the problem “Bhai (bro) you know that things can get out of hand and Nighet speaks highly of you always”.“Please Mukhtar bhai, Zubair and I have been careless, please help us” Nighet said with a guilty expression. Such a superb actress. My cock hardened at once at the idea of screwing her again.Suddenly It all made sense. Nighet had been pregnant the first time I fucked her. She set me up. Get me to fuck her without protection and then ask me to help with an illegal termination. As I had no proof Zubair was responsible not me, I had to help out.Well, I helped them but my Medical School found out and I was asked to leave and black listed.So that is why I regret finally having Nighet. She not only screwed me but screwed my life up too.(any girls in islamabad /rawalpindi want to have sex contact me at [email protected] secrecy will be mantained & expected.Waiting…)

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