Mom & Son

Hi this is victor my mom names is anitha her age is 39 my father name is ravi he is businessman he comesv 3 times to home per month and my mother didt not have sex for 5 yars but my mother love me more than every thing i am studing in 12 th std my mother is so morden and she has slim body and she is the god of beuaty my friends use to say me some website i use to open and read these story i like most is mom and son from that time i started to love my mother when i got in my exam 1120 in +2 she came to me and hugs me from that time i thought that she have to sleep in my bed naked

In my holiday i use to go to my friends home but this holidays i was in my home in kitchen helping my mother she asked why u not going to friends home? i said it is boring then she was wasing the vegetable the time water spilled in her nighty it was fully wet i can see her hole breast i said mom go and change ur she said ok and se goes ro her room to change her drees i saw in the hole her body was like a gold fully glaring i thought we have fuck her

I went to my room and i schoed then my mother again came to room and said u can help me for taking the knife from the self my hols the chair and i was wearing 3fourth wantly i jumped upon her she shout ahhhhhhhhhhhh the i told soory mom she told no problem i cant walk so i told i will carry u she told ok the i carryed her to his room i cant bare so i said mom i have to kiss u she told ok the i kissed her then my mom told apply the gel in my hip i was shocked to apply the i applyed and left

While she was standing in kitchen i cant bare so i went back of her and huged and kissed why are u doing like thi ? i said mom simply my mom said no problem she went to her room and she was mastrubating i can she her pussy so i told my i wiil go for sleep in night i use to open some website and read suddenly she enters my room i ofed the system why u ofed the system i told i saw everything the she was in the night waer mom i have to kiss u she told ok the i kissed he.

Then i left my hand slowly inside her nighty she told what are u doing i am ur mom she to she went of she called me for the dinner i cant she her face i finshed soon and i came out from the dininghall i told her good night she said sme to u she is good sleper i went to her room in the night and i removed the zip in the nighty the i kiseed her neek every where she got up and i am ur moom i said ok the she got i pushed her on bed and i started kissing every where she shout ahhhhh leave me i told i have to fuck u she told i ur mom no proble m i said the i remove her bra and throw on the floor she said leaveme please i pshed her on my bed and started sucking her breast then i left her in her room and i went to my room

Then after one hour she came to my room and knoed the door i went and opend the door she said why u did like that? i told i love u i am ur mom no problem she asked u have to suck my cock i thought to say yes and i told no she said come and remove my saree slowly iremove her saree and blouse she told first suck or fuck i told i have to fuck u she told slowly i left my 7 inch cock inside her and left she was crying i told now i have to suck u she told ok the i was sucking one breast and pressing another one we kissed for 10 mim lip to lip now we use to fuck and suck everyday.

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