Mom fucked by neighbor uncle

Hello everybody to ISS readers recently I came 2 know about this site. So I have decided to post a true real sex happened between my mother “sreedevi” & my neighbor uncle Krishna. My age is 24 years now and my mom’s age is 43 years. Her height is 5’7 and her structure is 44-36-42 and her weight is 78 kg’s and she is in white complexion. My mother never used 2 come out of house because every male used 2 stare her, that she does not like it. We used to stay beside our neighbor’s house from past 25 years. As I have completed graduation most of the time I spend time for searching job trials only. It happened like this, my mom has very good friendly nature with my neighbor aunty and also with her husband also. I have seen lot of times both are talking but at that time I was a child so I donor know what thy are talking. It happened 5 years back when my father went to Punjab on official work for 55 days. we have different rooms in our house to sleep that night at 11 I was watching a ‘blue film’ of actress ‘rambha’ in PC by closing my bedroom door as I was watching film suddenly my mother’s bedroom door opened I thought mom was coming 2 see whether I have slept or not at that time I have paused the movie and kept silent for 2 minutes I do not know what happened outside the room so I had started playing the movie once again as I’m seeing ‘rambhas’ nude movie I got aroused by seeing her beautiful thunder thighs and taken my 8 inches black dick out of my pant which is 3inches in width by seeing her thunder thighs I started to stroke my cock with my hand as hand pump. In just within 20 seconds I felt that I’m ready 2 cum so I have decided to release it in a cloth I have found my mom’s langa so I have decided to release my cum in it was huge and I became soft. After some time I realized that I have to go to toilet as I had stroked my cock. I went outside and while gang 2 bathroom which is towards my mom’s bedroom, I went to bathroom and while coming from bathroom I have seen light in her bedroom which is locked inside and heard some different noises I was very enthuasim what was happening inside my mom’s room as she has not switched off the lights so I have decided 2 see through a small hole which was there on a door. When I saw through a tiny whole 2 my surprise uncle Krishna was there on the bed and fondling with my mom’s breast. He is telling to my mom that she has looks like Telugu actress legendry “savithri” and he used of dream fucking with actress savithri. He was giving lip kiss 2 my mom & I was speech less by seeing this. My mom was in black Saree and uncle was in night pant. He slowly started caressing my mom’s chest and stomach. He slowly removed my mom’s pallu at that time I could see my uncle’s cock which became very large by seeing my mom’s curves she used to wear very low neck from front side by which half of her boob curves are visible. He removed my mom’s black Saree totally now she is in blouse and langa. Slowly he started to caress my mom’s boobs and thighs he slowly opened my mom’s blouse hooks one by one now he removed her blouse now she is in black bra. Wow what a sight that has been for me just like a sex goddess for me he was just awesome. Now he made my mom’s hair loose. Slowly from back side of my mom he removed hooks of my mom’s Bra. Now he totally removed it. All of a sudden my eyes were lightening by seeing my mom’s big boobs they were large and huge. Her boobs were so big and her areola was around 6cms (approx) in diameter if I’m not wrong with 1.5cm nipple. Her areola is in light brown and now slowly he removed my moms langa and now she was in her half cut underwear. I was to my surprised that this type of underwear’s were worn by XX heroines as I saw reshma masala actress used to wear & it is black color. Slowly he removed my mom’s half cut underwear at that moment my mouth was filled with lust and I have strongly decided to fuck her once. Now she is just like film actress as boobs are like “raasi’s” & thighs are like “rambhas” thunder thighs. To my surprise she has clean shaven pussy but has like French cut hair above her pussy. Now my mom started to laugh by seeing my uncle’s dick.

He is 61 years & 6’2 in height he may be around 95 kgs well built in brown in color. She noticed that there is a huge bulge inside my uncle’s underwear and said that your brother is waiting 2 come out and kiss & get inside of my sister. Listening to these words I could not tolerate & once again my cock rose to its full length. I could not control myself by seeing my mom’s breast and strongly decided to have a sex with my mom even though it is a “sin” in Hindu culture. She removed his shirt, pant and underwear I was stunned & was speechless & afraid of seeing his big giant cock. His cock was around 10inches & 4.5 inches thickness his cock was covered with black hair all over & his balls are so huge & thy were covered with lot of big hairs my mom became very angry and slapped on his dick & his balls that why r u not shaving it and not able 2 keep it clean. My mom Went 2 bathroom which was attached in my mom’s bedroom & surprisingly she brought a shaving cream,brush,rasor and a Mug of water and started 2 shave his dick completely and washed his dick with soap and water later. Now my mom slowly taken his dick in her hands which is in pure “black color” slowly moved the fore skin front and beside she has started to taste with her tongue and taken his dick inside her mouth and started pressing his black balls while sucking he was moaning like ahhhhh, shhhhh, hmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhh sree devi ahhhhhhhhh sreeee devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and after a while he told tht he was redy to cum & i could see tht precum juices are coming out of his cock tip. Thn my mom has taken out his dick & brought a ice cream & poured on his dick with the coolness of it he shouted like ahhhhhhhh sree devi ahhhhhhhhhh sree devi u are killing me and my mom started to swallow ice cream which was there on his dick and there were juices of his pre-cum and now he slept my mom on bed and stared licking her pussy and started inserting his finger in her ass and tasting it. Now my mom told him tht go to cupboard and bring tht he stood and went 2 bring i could not understood wht it is??? it was a big “BLACK DILDO” which is around his dick lenght which i had never seen in my house and it was in my moms cupboard he started to keep it in her ass slowly which was not able 2 go but slowly inserted now he started to insert his big dick inside my mom’s pussy as he started to do to & fro motions slowly and started to taste my moms boobs whn he pressed her boobs to my suprise milk started to flow i could not able to undestand how milk would come after so many long years? he told my mom tht ur milk is very sweet & delicious. He thanked my mom tht she has given him milk for 25 long years. Thn she replied tht with continous fucking with him has made this milk to flow and she told him tht she may be pregenant i was shocked by listening to these words. she told tht pregenancy pills were over Thn he told tht he is very happy for her tht she has became pregenat and he told her he will give her impregenancy pills tomorrow and told tht ur husband could not ever produce a child and thy talked abt my father’s impotency. She replied tht he cannot get any thick sperm while fucking except toilet. His sperm was not like a paste or even jel.

with this he cannot make me pregenant as she said. My mom said tht u must thank my mom for arranging u and me as fucking couples from past 25 long years. My uncle krishna has enquired tht where is my son? she replied tht he is sleeping in his room. i was stunned and speech less tht my real father was uncle krishna who gave me birth to my mom with the help of his sperm and been fucking & sucking my mom from past 25 years with out knowing me. Now i realised tht why some of my looks matches with uncle krishna and also my personality. he started slowly stroking my moms pussy and incresed his speed while fucking, my mom used these type of words fuck me harder basterd ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck ur slut dear fuck like a big horse fuck me harder she used to speak these words continously & he told tht i love ur sree devi hmmmmmmmmm sreeee devi i want to fuck u daily aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh sree devi and he used to tell her tht she used to look a like actress

“savithri” in late 60s and 70s. while fucking only my mom released her toilet whn krishnas dick was inside her pussy & by seeing this he laughed and started fucking harder he murmered sree devi ahhhhhh sreeeee devi i want to eat ur shit daily sree devi ahhhhhh sree devi ahhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh by dng this he opened his mouth & my moms also & spitted in my mom’s mouth & told tht sree devi i want to drink ur cum, sperm also like tht he sarted fucking harder & drinnking milk frm my moms boobs & milk started flowing outside continously mean while my mom is enjoying a lot & using words like fuck me darling fuck me like a dog i’m ur slave i will listen wht ever u say dear fuck me like a horse , dog and animal she started moaning harder and saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh fuck me as a slut ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

and he told tht he is ready 2 release his “cum” now & he has taken his dick out of mom’s pussy and started to release his thick load on my moms big boobs and stomach & moaning like sree devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi sree devi sree devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi i want to fuck ur mom also sree devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi ahhhhhhh sree devi i want 2 fuck ur mom sree devi grand mothers age is 62 years

i’m abt to cum dear sree devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sree devi sree devi sree devi sree devi yes yes

i’m gng to cum ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh and blasted his cum on my moms boobs & belly just big & huge like as cum shot legend ” peter north” his cum(load) was so big tht i was stunned tht he started releasing it continously in huge amount whn compared to my load it

was just 2 spoons only but his load was thich and large now moms boobs,stomach and belly was covered with his cum and now my mom told tht she was ready to cum thn he put his mouth infront of my my moms pussy she started moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhh krishna ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

krishna i’m gng 2 cum krishna ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh krishna ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh krishna ahhhhh

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh krishna swallow it completely krishna ahhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh krishna, releasing her sperm and her sperm was so large thn my uncles krishna’s load she kept on releasing her sperm for around 15 seconds now my mom started to swallow my uncles load and my uncle krishna is swallowing my moms load after some time uncle(father) krishna has taken out dildo from moms ass and started tasting it.Lot of sperms have fallen on gournd & as well as on bed so i decided to see those sperms tomorrow if thy were not cleaned. i had a feeling wow wow woooooow wht a fucking session & wht a cum & thick load of sperms both of thm have produced for each other woooooow and my uncle(father) krishna could not swallow my sperm had left on bed and on floor only. with in one minute my mom had another orgasm which was quite bigger thn her first orgasm. so i hav decided to open a new mail id on moms name as [email protected]

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