Miss Rita: Episode 1

Millennium University was one of the most prestigious colleges in India known for its high standard academics. Only the rich people’s children get to study in this college. Rita was one of the fewer lucky people who was able to get into an interview with the Principal of this University.

Teaching was always a passion for Rita. It always has been a dream for Rita to be a teacher someday. Rita was anxiously waiting outside the Principal’s office when the secretary came out from the Principal’s office.

“The principal will see you now Ms Rita Malhotra.” said the secretary to Rita.

The Principal, Mr Raj was sitting on his chair, waiting for Rita. As Rita entered he smiled at her and told her to take a seat.

“Thank you sir for interviewing me today. I’m really honoured to be here.” said Rita with a smile.

“Hmm your résumé is quite interesting. Why did you decide to become a teacher?” Mr. Raj after going through her resume.

“I’ve heard really good things about this college, its top quality teaching and so on. So, I instantly loved this college very much. I feel the students are very lucky to be here as well as the faculties.” replied Rita.

“You are right! This school only appoints top quality teachers.”

Mr Raj stood up and walked towards Rita. He was sitting at the edge of the table in front of Rita.

“But unfortunately Ms Rita, You have very less teaching experience. There are other teachers that have a lot more experience and qualifications than you have.” Said Raj.

“But sir, I’m really confident that I’m a good teacher. The students I was teaching at the previous school all said I was the best. Teaching is my passion.” Replied Rita worried after hearing this.

“I’m sorry Ms Rita. I can’t risk putting you here. You are very young and less experienced. I want someone who is well experienced and knows what they are doing.”

“But I do know what I’m doing sir. You have to give me a chance.”

“I’m still not convinced whether you are fit for this college Rita. This happens to be the finest college in India.” said Raj.

With that Raj handed the file back to Rita. But Rita dropped it on the floor. As she bent down to retrieve her file her pallu fell off from her shoulder. Mr Raj enjoyed the view of her bountiful cleavage. He dreamed about Rita being naked and offering her ass to Raj.

Rita picked up the file, adjusted her pallu. She felt foolish for her clumsiness.

“Sorry about that. I assure you that I’m really dedicated in teaching.” said Rita.

“Alright Ms Rita. How about we discuss this further over dinner?” replied Raj.

“Dinner? Today?”

“You seem a lot nervous so I think it will be best if we do it at your home so that I can….get to know you better.”

“Sure sir. I think it will be great.” agreed Rita.

“Good. You can call me Mr Raj. I’ll see you tonight at 8.” replied Raj with a warm smile.

“Ok Mr Raj! Dinner will be ready by then.” said Rita.


Rita was topless and only wearing a tight black panty. She nervously looked at the mirror, thinking which saree she had to wear to impress Raj. She decided to wear one of her lucky sarees.

The time was 8pm. Mr Raj was walking towards Rita’s home. He was carrying a bunch of red flowers in his hands. He reminded himself whether he took flowers, had a sexy smile on his face and most importantly, condoms. Raj rang the doorbell. Rita answered the door with a warm smile on her face which made her look even more beautiful and sexy in her saree.

“Namaste Mr Raj. Welcome to my home.” said Rita.

Raj then handed her the flowers.

“Here. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman.” said Raj.

“That’s really sweet of you Mr Raj. Thank you.” replied Rita.

They both then settled down for dinner. Raj was really impressed with Rita’s cooking. He enjoyed the meal.

After dinner…

Raj was wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“*Burp* You have proved that you are an excellent cook Rita.” said Raj.

“Thank you Mr Raj.” replied Rita.

As Rita bended down to pick the plate from raj her pallu had fallen off her shoulder again.

“And there’s my dessert.” thought Raj to himself after seeing her cleavage.

Rita was then heading towards the kitchen. She had told Raj to make himself comfortable in the living room. As she walked towards the kitchen, Raj was admiring her ass.

“How I would love to grab that ass. I will do anything for it. Let’s see how far Ms Rita will go to get her dream job.” thought Raj to himself with a devious smile.

What was exactly on Raj’s mind? Will Rita succeed in convincing Raj that she is perfect for the job? Or will she be a victim of Raj’s devious plan for her? Let’s find out. Read “Rita Ma’am Episode 1” and you will find all the answers soon enough.

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