Mini My Sexy Neighbor

Hi readers I am a regular reader
of ISS since 3 years but writing here for the first time. I’m Manmadhan from
Kerala, a lean guy of age 19. Doing my graduation I live with my father and
mother since I am their only child.I am going to tell you a story happened when
I was 18 and then I was in plus two.As every other guys of that age my desire
for sex was at its peak.

I was desperately thinking about
my need for a real experience other than masturbations. But my desires had been
ending on pornographic websites and magazines till that day. Now let me
describe her.Her name is Mini, wife of a taxi driver and the mother of a boy.
She is our neighbour and I call her Mini chechi. She is almost 5ft 6inches tall
a fair complexioned sexy lady with huge boobs and a big ass.

Her figures are 37-25-37 and she
perfectly resembles with an old south indian hot actress Unnimary.I used to
masturbte daily thinking of her because she was the most sexy and beautiful
married lady I have ever seen.I am sure that her beauty and structure can make
even the saints horney.But I had not had any courage to proceed since she was
close with my family.She was 29 then.

Her son was studying at
kozhikkode, staying with his grand mother since his 5th age!Her husband, the
taxi driver often goes long trips to bangalore,chennai etc and becomes out of
station for three or four days keeping her on those days she stays at my home. On
that particular day my parents were went to my mother’s home for discussing
about the partition of properties.

They were out for five days
because only then they can meet all the necessary relatives and can discuss in
detail.They had arranged food for me from Minichechi’s home.In the evening I
went her home to collect my food.To my surprise she was alone at home. She told
that her husband went to Bangalore with passengers and will be back only after
a week.

She asked me to stay at her home
so that I do not want go her home whenever I want food.I agreed with that and she
used to wear churidar without any duppatta at home.On that day she was wearing
a deep neck green tight churidar top without the pants that was esposing a major
portion of her deep cleavage and since it was very hot day she was not wearing
any bra as she was sweeping the floor during the conversation

Her milky thighs and the huge
cleavage were openly exposed to me.This sight made me crazy and I decided to do
something because it was a now or never situation. After that I followed her to kitchen to help her in cooking.She told me to cut
vegetables and herself started scraping a coconut. Since the scraper was very
low she had to sit in a position that showed her thighs up to her panties.

This made me much horney.So my
coke became very hard.As the cooking finished,she went to the common bathroom
to take the evening bath.My dick was already stiff.So I just entered one bed
room and just went to the attatched toilet and masturbated thinking of her nude
body.It lasted for nore than 10 minutes.But I had forgot to close the door in
that hurry.

After the masturbaton I just opened
my eyes got out of toilet.I was just shocked to see Mini there.She was in her
bath towel covered over shoulders.That towel was reaching just to her
thighs.She was very much angry.She saw me masturbating.Pointing to my wet penis
that was kept still out, she asked “Kutta what is this?”.She was
shivering in anger. I feared a lot and started weeping.She came near me and
asked in a rough voice

I will inform about this to your parents I
replied nothing but fear was there in my eyes.She told “Kutta, what
happened to you? To you were not like this” in a sympothetic tone. Now I
got a little bit courage and I told ” Mini chechi, I am sex starving.I
desperately need sex as I am a teenager it’s a necessity.But I am slim and not
a handsome one. So I will not get any real chance.Thats why and I begged not to
tell anybody.

She agreed after arguments. Then
she asked Kutta, I have doubt. You are sex starved.I understands you. Now, will
you get aroused seeing me nude?I want to check” saying this, she removed
the towel.I can’t believe . My sex goddess was there completely naked. Before I
could regain my consiousness my penis started standing. It was like a pole.She
smiled looking at it ad said “Oh, I got the answer.

She holds my tool and asked me
“May I help you? And hugged me now I was thrilled.I placed my hands on
those large boobs and smiled.She gave me a sexy smile and kissed on me lip. We
stood like that for more than 5 minutes. We were licking each others mouth. It
was more than a french kiss.Then she undressed me and stranded on her knees.

I hold her head.Oh my God, she
put my dick in her mouth and swallowed it.As she was experienced she was giving
me a beautiful blow job.I hold her head tightly.She was licking my penis’s tip.
Within no time I cummed half in her mouth and on her face. She with a smile
told “You dont know to control it I will teach you”.
But I told “Chechi, this is my turn.

She agreed. She lied on the bed
on her back and told “here there is me for you.What are you going to do
with me?” I started from her navel. I was kissing and licking that while
playing with her boobs in my hands. I was squeezing both her boobs while
circling her deep navel with my toungue.She started moaning.This made me much

I placed my face in between her
boobs and kissed. My hand was travelling on her inner thighs.I bite on her
nipples. She was moaning and hugging me. She was pullig me towards her breast.
While licking those boobs I was fingering in her wet,warm pussy.She was getting
much aroused.I continued this for 15 minutes. Then we arranged in 69 position.

She swallowed my tool and I was
licking her cleanely shaved wet pussy. I suddenly commed again.She with moaning
and laughing begged me ” Kutta, come on, satisfy this sex starved Chechi.
I started play with my tongue. I licked on her meroon pussy lips and inserted
my toungue in her somewhat tight cunt. She moaned aloud and she was in heaven. She
pulled my head tightly in front of her love triangle.

I continued this until she got
orgasm. She was very happy and hugged me and kissed me.She licked all over me.
Then she spread her legs and held my tool straight.Told me to carefully insert
it to her cunt.I slowly inserted.Then she jerked her hip.Yes, It’s in. My cock
was completely ate by her pussy I was on her I grabbed her both boobs and
started squeezing it.

She started the up and down
motion.I joined her and we got arythm.Slowly the speed increased and we were
enjoying each other.At one point I was about to cum.But she told noy now.This
repeated three times.Then I learned that art of making her happy.After almost
20 minutes she got the orgasm and I too cummed inside her.

We were tired so lie in the same
position for some more time and we repeated the same almost 5 times. Then I
grabbed her breast from her back and placed my tool in her asshole. As the ass
cheeks were large the hole was tight.She firsr resisted.I got her aroused by
pinching her nipples.with almost 10 minute hardwork my tool got in her asshole.

She was screaming with pain and I
continued pinching her dark red nipples. As I started the strokes her pain
changed to pleasure. She was screaming “come on come on” and was
moaning.Mean while I placed my left hand on her pussy and started fingering
it.This continued for half a hour.I cummed in her ass too. She was very happy
for this ass fucking because no one had fucked in her ass before.

We dressed up each other and had
food.This continued in night too.We experimented a lot of positions and methods
in those five days.I fucked her in day and night in all five days.It was my
introduction to this world.I lost my virginity to my sex goddess and I am proud
of it.We have been continuing our relation from there till this moment.We fuck
atleast twice in a week.

Though I seduced a lot other from
there my mini chechi remains my favourite. Hope you enjoyed this, any girls
ready to be fucked can mail me at [email protected]
expects your valuable feedbacks

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