Hi friends myself Dinesh 32 it was very luckiest time of me whenever I would attend the marriages in our relatives and I would have a glance of my sexiest bhabhi as she looked too hot in her curves nearly I have watched in every marriage she used to be fair good looking sexy blonde it was nearly after 7 years when I saw her in a party she was had too sexy looks.

She put on weight trimmed and her waist put her busty chest out stretched hard in her sexy light pink blouse as her sexy cleavage dark line was the nicest look I got as she stared at me as I watched her horribly, she then looked around for her 2 kids as they were playing she gazed at me asking what Dinesh are you alright I replied with gathering my full guts yes Meenakshi bhabhi.

She said I whenever see you stare at me a lot today you did it for what I simply said earlier you were so slim good, then she asked now I am not and I said now also you are looking good she came close and asked be frank why you fear and worry say it up then I said now you look more awesome sexy, with your in and out are so hot and intolerable she stunned saying Dinesh.

I am your bhabhi I said you have asked me to say frankly so I have said about your look then she replied saying shall I take it as compliment, comment or your feeling I amazed at this question and said if I say feeling can you believe she replied saying then should be a feeling of just as a casual, relational, intentional and I said intentional and like this.

We go on moving in a garden more deep we gone she replied intentional means to get something or give something I said both she said what could you give your bhabhi I saw around and just pad her bumps on saree saying you are good in conversations, she looked at me asking what you did now I said just casually I patted on your bumps she why you patted on them I said I can’t say now she looked me saying I am just having a conversation not serious on it.

I simply put my hands on her bumps on that pink saree and began to move round she got stunned at me staring in my eyes I said I can’t control you are my dream woman for long and she got away from me saying stop it anybody can see I said give me little time in back yard its full of trees and no entry zone she soon said I can’t you will eat me up there now only I said it’s a request.

I will just hug you even don’t kiss you she agreed and we gone deep in bushy trees there I hugged her and pressed her boobs gave my no asking hers too then she asked you are so younger and what can I expect from you I said a modern sex is my dream with you to give you a ultimate pleasures which you are in need now days she smiled saying Dinesh I will call you at comfort time she said bye and left after the party.

She went home and called asking me tomorrow I have to go my friends home shall we meet there I said ok then there I saw she only opened the door I asked where your friend she replied she gone to Pune will be back in 4 days I had keys today morning I can’t wait longer for out
meeting and mating I said you are so sexy and too can’t bare you now and simply and I pulled and began to take a smooch on her lips.

She was wearing a pure red saree with black velvet flowers and work, with a deep back neck and front neck red blouse tightly packing her fleshy boobs her fleshy rib part was too sexy with a slim fleshy sexy waist with a glowing back a rise of sexy busty bumps on red saree giving her hot look her slim neck sexy lips fair color was a inviting me to explore her beauty, then I catches her waist and began to snack her lips with my tongue she said wauh you are so eager to eat me up.

I simply pulled her saree from her shoulders to floor her burst boobs packed in red tight blouse looks so sexy I simply began to lick her busty cleavage flesh and bite she moaned saying it looks like a wonderful effect on me ohhh go on once more and I did it so on going on she hugged me and had mouth kiss saying you are making me too hot and I said you are still on initial there’s a lot to feel my sexy and began to unhook her sexy red blouse she was gazing in my eyes with her thirsty eyes.

I opened the blouse fully apart and saw a red bra with a black border was on her sexy burst which was hardly collecting her juicy fair wet boobs I kissed along the border of bra on skin of her boobs she moaned ahhhh ohhhh, then catcher her waist and rubbed my wet lips on her cleavage and exchanged a juicy mouth kiss while having kiss and I pulled her saree out of petticoat and lifted her red petticoat upward rubbing her sexy fair thighs.

I exchanged a juicy hot mouth kisses with her she prolonged with it was in no mood to leave me now I was trying to move but I can’t she was holding my head hard my mouth against her mouth if inserted my hand more deep in to her inner thighs and rub them firmly as I did she said wow I got away from her mouth to her bra I bite on her red bra then loosed her petticoat now this sexy beauty was in front of me on red bra and panty.

I simply took her in a bedroom then I finely bite on her nipple which was tightly pressing bra out roundly she said oohh she stretched her neck I kissed around it and as she turned her back on my side I kissed it well collecting her both breasts I pressed them from behind from her underarms she said waauuuhh wonderful then I pumped her juicy tight melons hard and she herself slid one of bra strip to arms.

I removed her cups pumping her breasts hardly pressing her hard round light brown round nipples with dark areolas around it as she began to rub her ass against my jeans as my rock hard erection she felt on her ass bumps then I turned her and snacked her sexy hard juicy melons roundly as her tits were erect rubbed with tongue tip she moaned ahhh then if sucked each tit firmly slowly then sucked hard to them biting.

She moaned hard oooohhh waauuhh you are a good sucker Dinesh suck it for me please I did it for long until she enjoyed it then I squeezed her both breasts hardly pressing by both hands she said waaahhh you its tremendous as I did her boobs let off some sticky liquid I rubbed on her boobs, then moved down by kissing her sexy stomach waist and I keep on kissing above her panty and pelvic part then rubbed my wet tongue on the edges of her red panty she moaned with a shout saying Dinesh its wonderful.

I kissed her belly button rubbing her soft bumps with my palms her red panty was closer to my face kissed exactly on her panty above clit side she put her hands on my shoulders I was kneeled betwee her fleshy thighs I kissed rubbed fingers around them she was breathing heavily enjoying the art of love then I smell her panty pressing her bumps with my hands I pulled the panty down to floor saw her sexy clit and wet in juices.

I kissed around the clit which was covered with bunch of hard dark black pubic hairs designed as a pyramid above her clean shaved pussy which was fair with little dark vagina full of her juices I rub my fingers on her pubic hairs firmly and pulled the hair up which was nearly 1.5 cm long its curvy hard I rubbed the hairs planted my lips on them rubbing the hairs I put my hand on her wet pussy rubbing firmly.

I rubbed pubic hairs with lips and pussy by hand it was really a fantastic pleasure she screamed ooohh Dinesh you are a classic lover then I moved my lips to her glory hole pussy I simply my lips against her wet sticky pussy she simply grabbed my head hard with her hand saying ouhh you it’s very hot Dinesh I can’t say ooohh as she tried to push my head deep inside and I rubbed the whole pussy finely with my lips she said me to suck it Dinesh.

I can’t wait any more please and I want her to plea beg for the art of mine and I said wait hot my darling Meenakshi Dinesh wish to serve you a hot sex just bear the things with pleasure. I lift one leg of Meenakshi kept it on the sofa I was serving her pussy now with my tongue tip and I rubbed her vagina outer walls she screamed waauuhh you are very romantic.

I did again I felt her cum salty on it I again did and this time I put more effort on my tongue to pierce deep into her vaginal walls she overwhelmed saying ooohhh do it fast I did similarly then I slurped her full vagina at one snack of my tongue sending her in to a shock of dreams she breathed heavily saying aaaahhhh waaauh its the Meenakshi loves to have more now.

I was snack her pussy as a wild doggy meanwhile she put her hands on sofa back side sliding her pussy towards me tearing her legs she bend back moaning ohhhhh and I was serving her pussy with a good full tongue snack on her pussy then I parted her pussy lips and poked my tongue in to it meanwhile began to squeeze her sexy boobs with one right hand harder as her hands slipped down slowly down on to sofa.

She was now on her back on sofa I put her thighs on my shoulders sucking her pussy harder as much I can as she was enjoying meanwhile she asked me to get up she is going to cum I did more but she can’t resist and cum on my face saying ooohhh you are really a great pussy sucker. I cleaned up face with her bra and said Meenakshi deserves oral sex and now she needs hardcore she laughed saying it was your turn now it’s mine Dinesh.

She got up she pulled my t shirt and began to take a smooch I had a nice mouth tongue sucking deep mouth kisses with her and she began to pull my jeans pant down to floor and saw my jockey under wear with a big bulge she smiled at me with a sexy look of her eyes as she was having a plan for me non and she kissed on my chest sucked the tits kissing down to belly kneeled down as her busty boobs nipples touching my thighs.

She rubbed her lips on my soft hairy thighs towards upside on bulge inside the white jockey underwear she rubbed lips on the bulge of jockeys kissed on my thighs again rubbed lips on the bulge as it was a wonderful feel I had and eager to pull off my bulge out, but she calmly wants to me to wait for the climax of her art then she kissed on my stomach meanwhile she tugged her teeth inside my jockeys and began to pull it down as it reached down close to reveal my dicks head.

She drop the jockey and began to rub the tongue on the head of my dick which was slightly visible I was feeling the sharp burn on the head of my dick was eager to take it out she smiled saying let me fuel you well Dinesh it’s my time then she get the under more down with her teeth as full head visible and began to lick it with tongue tip and then she gently pull down the underwear to floor with a smile as my erect hard 8 inch thick cock is fully out.

She said mm it’s very nice one took it in her mouth till head and craved the tongue all over the dick and balls as it was fully shaved then she go on suck it harder as she can by catching my thighs and then sucked it as a doggy style and then pull it down with suck as it was full of her saliva as she was trying best to take it full deep as she can in her mouth she spitted saliva on it took deeper as she can she licked sucked my balls.

Lube the dick with her hot suck she sucked it till gagging then I pulled her up put her on floor and put my dick in her mouth and my mouth on her pussy in 69 position we sucked lot each other as I even bite her slightly on vagina she screamed saying ohhh and then I got up with wet cock she welcomed my cock in her vagina place it in her pussy saying it’s a real pleasure of us now and I laid on her piercing the hot pussy with my dick and began to fuck.

She was so tight full of her juices were flowing then I pull out my cock I turned her to doggy style she put all her weight on four limbs on sofa facing her ass to me and I simply fuck her pussy from back by standing meanwhile I squeezed her melons so much hard I fuck she moaned as my dick slipped out I got tried to push it in her ass it was too tight.

I grabbed oil bottle pout it on her ass and my dick then I tried slowly as it was piercing through her tight ass she screamed with pain ohhh Dinesh its paining I never has a ass fuck slowly and steadily my dick enters Meenakshis ass as I was fucking her soft and hard meanwhile i was squeezing her melons then rubbed her pussy she was enjoying it saying waush its wonderful you fuck me I pulled my cock from ass and pushed it in her pussy she said wauh you are damn good fucker fuck ooohhh fuck.

She began to scream loud and she got away laid on sofa showing me her pussy for fuck I fucked her by laying on her on sofa too she then got down lifting her legs up which was a missionary I fucked very hard to her pussy as she tried to move but I did not allowed her even to shake as I was breathing heavily and was near to cum now she screamed moaned said please let me change the position Dinesh I did not listen and go on fuck madly at last.

She said your dick is burning harder I can’t bear it now pull it off I go on fuck then finally she said ohhh atleast serve me your precious cum if it enters my pussy I will be pregnant please I wish to taste it man then as I was near to cum simply got stoop up catching tightly to my dick she kneeled down saying you can cum here and opened her mouth I simply flushed all of my cum pressure on her face and mouth she sucked it off fully and then suck of my dick.

Well cleaned up well and said me thanks for a best fuck of her life she had with me and wish to have many now and like this we dated on different times I will elaborate them in other story if any aunty needs a fuck she can contact me on preethi6catgmaildotcom and I assure of satisfaction I love pussy suck well.

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