Hi friends myself Dinesh 32 it was very luckiest time of me whenever I would attend the marriages in our relatives and I would have a glance of my sexiest bhabhi as she looked too hot in her curves nearly I have watched in every marriage she used to be fair good looking sexy blonde it was nearly after 7 years when I saw her in a party she was had too sexy looks.

She put on weight trimmed and her waist put her busty chest out stretched hard in her sexy light pink blouse as her sexy cleavage dark line was the nicest look I got as she stared at me as I watched her horribly, she then looked around for her 2 kids as they were playing she gazed at me asking what Dinesh are you alright I replied with gathering my full guts yes Meenakshi bhabhi.

She said I whenever see you stare at me a lot today you did it for what I simply said earlier you were so slim good, then she asked now I am not and I said now also you are looking good she came close and asked be frank why you fear and worry say it up then I said now you look more awesome sexy, with your in and out are so hot and intolerable she stunned saying Dinesh.

I am your bhabhi I said you have asked me to say frankly so I have said about your look then she replied saying shall I take it as compliment, comment or your feeling I amazed at this question and said if I say feeling can you believe she replied saying then should be a feeling of just as a casual, relational, intentional and I said intentional and like this.

We go on moving in a garden more deep we gone she replied intentional means to get something or give something I said both she said what could you give your bhabhi I saw around and just pad her bumps on saree saying you are good in conversations, she looked at me asking what you did now I said just casually I patted on your bumps she why you patted on them I said I can’t say now she looked me saying I am just having a conversation not serious on it.

I simply put my hands on her bumps on that pink saree and began to move round she got stunned at me staring in my eyes I said I can’t control you are my dream woman for long and she got away from me saying stop it anybody can see I said give me little time in back yard its full of trees and no entry zone she soon said I can’t you will eat me up there now only I said it’s a request.

I will just hug you even don’t kiss you she agreed and we gone deep in bushy trees there I hugged her and pressed her boobs gave my no asking hers too then she asked you are so younger and what can I expect from you I said a modern sex is my dream with you to give you a ultimate pleasures which you are in need now days she smiled saying Dinesh I will call you at comfort time she said bye and left after the party.

She went home and called asking me tomorrow I have to go my friends home shall we meet there I said ok then there I saw she only opened the door I asked where your friend she replied she gone to Pune will be back in 4 days I had keys today morning I can’t wait longer for out
meeting and mating I said you are so sexy and too can’t bare you now and simply and I pulled and began to take a smooch on her lips.

She was wearing a pure red saree with black velvet flowers and work, with a deep back neck and front neck red blouse tightly packing her fleshy boobs her fleshy rib part was too sexy with a slim fleshy sexy waist with a glowing back a rise of sexy busty bumps on red saree giving her hot look her slim neck sexy lips fair color was a inviting me to explore her beauty, then I catches her waist and began to snack her lips with my tongue she said wauh you are so eager to eat me up.


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