Maya: Episode 1

A beautiful prostitute named Maya visits a client whilst disguised. That client is a powerful local judge with a foot fetish, and as Maya services him, she snaps incriminating photographs with a tiny camera planted inside her corset bow. After turning over the photos to a mysterious man she calls Mentor, Maya is given an address for her next “case.” A week later she arrives at the residence of an industrial tycoon. But after he has his way with Maya, he reveals that he knows she was the one who helped bring down the recently scandalized judge, who was on the tycoon’s payroll. For this, Maya must die!

Standing under a streetlamp smoking a cigarette, a figure in a dark, floor-length trenchcoat, the collar turned up and met by a fedora pulled low over the eyes. After scanning the perimeter, the figure walked across the street to enter the city’s finest hotel. Inside the lobby the dark figure immediately spotted the contact, a stubble-headed thug likewise in a long coat.

The dark figure approached after their eyes met, and the thug whispered the words “Room 13” while reaching inside his coat. He removed an envelope and handed it to the dark figure, but not before allowing his lapel to remain open long enough to reveal the concealed gun.

The figure in the dark coat tucked the envelope inside a pocket and softly asked, “Is it secure?”

“Of course it’s secure,” grumbled the thug. “That’s what I do.”

Inside the elevator, another man with a hard expression and dressed like a secret police agent stood in for the liftman. Standing directly opposite a “no smoking” warning, the dark figure proceeded to light another cigarette as the doors shut.

Knocking in a signal pattern on the door marked “13,” the dark figure waited as an older man in formal attire opened it. “Please, step inside.”

“Judge Rangarajan,” greeted the dark figure after crossing the threshold. “It’s a pleasure–“

“Don’t use my name!” interrupted the annoyed Judge. “You don’t know who I am, got it?”

The dark figure nodded.

Crossing the room to the mini-bar, the Judge poured himself a glass of champagne. “Would you like a drink?” he asked his guest.

“No. Thank you.”

The Judge sat on the edge of the bed. “Then I suppose we should get right to it,” he announced, taking a sip. Let’s have a look.”

The dark figured parted the trenchcoat beneath the lowest button to reveal a perfect leg encased thigh-high stocking with garters that rose back into the folds of the coat.

“These are simply exquisite,” complimented the giddy Judge, extending a hand toward a foot shod in severe, ballet-toe spiked heels. “May I?”

“You bought them for the evening,” said the woman. “I don’t see why not.”

The Judge unstrapped the shoe as Maya loosed her hair from underneath the hat. When she removed the coat, she was wearing only a corset and panties underneath.

“Would you like a strip-tease, Your Honor?” But the Judge had eyes only for Maya’s feet and pulled her hungrily toward the bed.

“No. Leave it all on.”

On a table beside the bed rested a small steaming basin full of suds.

“Let’s get a better look at these beauties,” he said while swabbing between Maya’s toes with a soapy cloth. “I hope your feet aren’t too sensitive.”

Lying on her back as the Judge tended to her, Maya squirmed with pleasure, her

breasts popping out of the corset. She began massaging one of the exposed nipples en route to slowly, secretly making her way to a small bow decorating the corset between the breast cups.

As the Judge took her big toe in his mouth, Maya presses her breasts together. Each time she did, a tiny camera planted inside the bow shot photos of the married judge indulging his secret fetish.

“Ooooh, Your Honor, that feels exquisite,” Maya cooed. But she wasn’t lying merely to facilitate the surveillance. She felt the first traces of moisture spill from inside her powdered pussy lips.

The Judge was slowly, gently massaging his entire body with the soles of Maya’s delicate feet, their nails lacquered a deep, blood red. She again pressed her large tits against each other as the camera captured image after image. The final snap of this flurry caught the respected magistrate bouncing the top of her foot against the swollen testicles dangling inside his scrotum.

“This is sublime,” he moaned, kissing his way up her leg toward the triangle where it met its mate. Noticing the damp stain darkening her pubic mound, the Judge grinned, “I see I’m not the only one with a thing for feet.”

He held one of her shoes up to his nose and hungrily breathed in its bouquet while she fondled his cock with her toes. “Delicious,” the Judge murmured into the shoe as he hardened, a sparkle of pre-cum peeking out from the fat purple head of his dick.

Maya leaning forward to take the Judge’s cock into her mouth but was quickly rebuked. “Only the feet!” he ordered, pressing them sole-to-sole and forming a kind of heart-shaped pocket where they met. Placing his hard cock inside this pocket, he stroked himself against her joined insteps.

It required an awkward position on her part, but Maya leaned backward and began jacking off the Judge between her foot arches. Resting against her elbows, she was able to reach her tits and push them together, shooting another reel of photos.

Due to the friction of her complicated legwork, Maya’s panties had been tugged to one side. The judge caught sight of her flushed pussy.

“Pull them back.”

When she did, her arousal was readily apparent, the lips already parting to reveal the dark, glistening pearl inside. The judge extended his leg so his own big toe was able to reach her cunt and gently rim of Maya’s pussy. Soon he was three toes deep.

“Tell me if it’s too much…”

“I’ve got all the photos I need,” Maya thought, “but god, does he stretch my pussy nicely!” Before she had even decided to do so, she was guiding the rest of the Judge foot into her deliciously distended hole.

Unable to hold back any longer, the Judge spurted streams of warm jism against Maya’s feet and legs.

“ARGHHHH, those are the hottest feet I’ve ever fucked!”

But as he enjoyed his post-orgasm chill, he noticed that Maya was unexpectedly working diligently on her own. Driving his foot deeper into her dilated gash, she bucking against the bone where it collided with her

clitoris. The Judge couldn’t have removed his foot from the grasp her vagina if he tried.

“I’m almost there…” she cried through gritted teeth. “Yes!…yes!…yes…uh…NOW!!!”

The judge felt the walls of Maya’s pussy shudder three, four, five times as she came.

“I’ve found a whore with a worse foot fetish than mine,” the Judge mused. “I’ll have to ask for you specifically next time.”

Paying special attention to the bow-cam, Maya turned away, adjusting the corset and quickly dressing as the Judge relaxed with his champagne.

“What’s the hurry?” he wondered. “Stick around for a while…”

“I can’t. I-I have to…”

“Have to what?” She felt the anger in his breath as it brushed against her neck. “Go suck some politician’s limp cock, you filthy whore?”

“Y-Yes,” she stuttered, turning to face his menace.

“Who is it? Someone I know?”

“I won’t tell you that.”

“That’s a good girl,” he said, pressing the cold barrel of a gun against her cheek. “Keep your mouth shut, or else I might have to make another hole right next to it!”

Maya escaped quickly, taking the back stairs out of the hotel. Hailing the cab that was awaiting her, she sped across town and was dropped off in front of a lonely Italian restaurant.

She peered down both side of the desolate street before entering.

“Where is your restroom?”

“In the back,” grunted the bartender.

Locking the door behind her, Maya reached for the bag of clothes that had been planted on a shelf above the toilet and dressed hurriedly, burying the trenchcoat and corset she had been wearing in the trash bin. Back in the dining room, she approached a corner table where she found a man seated. He hadn’t been there when she entered the restroom.

Maya slid the bow camera across the table and asked the man, “Who are the photos for?”

Who is this mysterious beauty Maya, prostitute or spy? And who wants the sexy, compromising photos she was paid to take?? Is the man seated in the restaurant friend or foe??? Find out in…

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