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Hi.. This is my first story. I may not be really good at it as, I don’t have any experience about sex. It’s just that I came across this site.. and it was fun to read other stories. So I thought maybe I should also try it.. Though I’m still a 23yrs old Virgin. The following story has nothing to do with reality. Its an imaginative creativity merely out of fantasies. The characters do not play any real role in it and are purely imaginative.

My name is Raj.. 23yrs old from Pune. My final semester were over. I was searching for a job. It was the month of July and monsoon had already entered. I was on my way for an interview when suddenly it started raining. I looked out for some shelter to avoid getting wet. I saw some shops and stopped thereby. Till then my clothes had already got wet. 20 minutes and still the rain dint seem to disappear. In fact it just increased its momentum. I thought to myself that I have lost the job even before getting it.

45 minutes later the rain seemed to calm down. But now there was no question about the interview as it was too late. I was about to leave when a lady came to me asking some help. She was older to me.. I think around 34 yrs. She looked good in her black saree. She had whitish-white color complexion, black silky hair with an average body. She asked ” Hi.. Actually my car has broke down. Can you help me to get it start”.

I said ” No problem Aunty” and I got down from my bike. I sat in the car and the lady was watching my actions to start the car. I tried a lot but the car showed no signs to budge. Finally I

gave up. I thought that due to heavy rains, water had got into silencer and that’s way the car broke down. I told the lady about this. The lady looked tensed after hearing this. I felt bad for her but what else could I’ve done. I said her sorry and was about to leave. The lady again called me back and said..

“Excuse me.. look actually I’m very much in hurry as I have forgotten my cell at home and I am hoping to receive an important business call. Can you please drop me at my place if you don’t mind.. Its just 1.5-2 kms away from here” I thought to myself.. As it is I don’t have any work for now as I had missed the interview. Also the lady is talking about business call.. might be she can help me in a good job. I said.. ” Ok.. No problem aunty. I will drop you” On this she smiled at me and said ” Thanks a lot.. !! ”

I started my bike. She came near.. held my shoulder with her right hand and sat on the bike. I had no bad intentions about her. On the way she asked my about me, my education qualification and I told her everything honestly. Finally we arrived in a big society. I dropped her. She again stopped me and said..” Hey.. why don’t you come up? You are already wet.. Let’s have some hot coffee and then you can leave.”

I was thinking about the offer and then it started raining again. She started smiling and said

” You don’t have any other option now. Let’s go up.” She was right and so I agreed to it. I followed her. We were in lift and she pressed the 6th floor button. She was looking at me and smiling. I had no bad thoughts about her and I took it in a good way. I was also smiling back.

Finally we entered in her house. It was a well furnished luxurious flat.She asked me to be seated on the couch and then she immediately rushed to the desk and picked up her cell. She saw some miss calls and called back.  After talking for some 10min, she came back to me and said- ” Thanks a lot.. You really saved my deal. If I was even late for more 10min.. I would have lost it “I don’t know what the deal was about and what was the lady’s profession. I was just about to ask her when she herself said” Actually I’m the branch manager of a Shares related company.”

Then she went back into kitchen to prepare coffee. After sometime she came back. Till the time I was just seated on the couch and looking at the luxurious flat. I wished I too make up to this someday. She smiled and gave the cup to me. We were sipping coffee and chatting. I asked her about her family as I saw no one in the house. She said that she is divorced and lived alone. I felt bad for her.. She asked about me my family and finally about my career. I told her that I am BE.Comp and was looking for a job.

She was just staring me and had some different sort of smile on her face. She then asked me whether I have any girl friend to which I said” No.. I don’t. Actually I am a shy kind of guy since I was a kid. So I never approached any girl nor did any girl approached me “On this she just smiled back. I don’t know what was going in her mind. She was just staring me.  I asked her- ” If you don’t mind may I ask you something personal? “She said “Go ahead.” I said- ” Why dint you get married again. It’s so boring to live alone”

She laughed at this and said- ” I really don’t want to repeat the same mistake again. I am happy to be single again. Look i have money, good position. What else you want? Yeah.. I do miss sexual pleasures. that’s only the problem” I got stocked. She was talking about sexual pleasures and that to with the guy who is younger to her.  She sensed that said- ” Oh come on.. You’re not a kid. We can talk about all this thing. Let’s stop pretending that we all are innocent. The truth is everyone needs sexual pleasures. Even you are not an exception. Don’t you feel? ”

Well she was right. I said “yes.. we all do”. Listening my positive answer, She took in different way. She got up from her seat and came beside me. I thought she came to take back the empty cup. She sat near me and was staring and smiling .She said – ” So you to agree with me.. huh? ” I said – ” Yaa.. I mean we are human and we do feel.. like” She teasingly said – ” Like..? Like what? ” I was feeling little shy .. She was elder to me.. How can I say “sex”. I just kept quiet and smiled.

She again teasingly asked me..” Hey.. come on.. like what? ” I think she lost her patience and leaned forward, grabbed my neck and planted a kiss on my lips. I just got dumb ticked..I pushed her back and said.. ” No aunty I dint meant that way.. I was talking in general”  She was too horny. She said.. – ” Look.. I dint had sex for past 2 yrs and I really want to have it now. Just co-operate with me. Please. I am sex starved.. please help me… She again started kissing me..

I pushed her back again. I was little scared. It was my first time. I told her this. I told her that I am virgin. On this she said..” Oh wow.. that’s good.. I will love to take away your virginity then. Don’t worry.. I will take care of you.. “She again leaned forward.. but this time she held my hands so that I won’t push her back again. I wanted to do this but I was scared. Her kisses got converted into soft love bites. She was chewing my lips and my tongue. I finally succumbed to her. She realized this and freed my hands.

Now she held my neck and went smoothly on my lips.. tasting and enjoying my lips and tongue. In between.. she shifted to my neck and gave me tender love bites.. which made me excited. She placed my hands on her boobs. Naturally my hands started squeezing them. On this she went wild and again wildly started kissing me. She was kissing me and then she placed her hands in my pants.

My dick had already raised. She sat down on the floor and started undressing herself. Now she was in her bra-panty. I was just watching her.. still little scared as it was my first time to watch any lady in this state. She gave me one naughty stare and stared unzipping my pants. At first I hesitated.She gave me one angry look.. My hands went back. She continued with the unzipping.She pulled my pants down and threw it away.

Then she pulled my undies and threw it too. Now I was completely naked. It was for the 1st time in front of any lady.. that too elder to me. I tried to hide my dick.. but she gave me a naughty smile and grabbed my hands. She placed her mouth on my dick. Ohhh… what a warmth… For few seconds she just kept it in her mouth and dint stroke it. I was in different world.. The pleasure I was getting..have no words to describe. I was just lying back on the couch and

she started the action.

Initially she was slow… but gradually she started sucking it badly. My dick had never been so straight. She was randomly moving her hands on my bare chest and softly scratching me with her nails. It just made me go mad. As it was my first time, naturally I wasn’t able to control. I signaled her about it.. she understood it and started stroking my dick with her hands. At last I cummed… ohhhhhh…. what a feeling… I never had it even after thousands of Masturbation since yrs…

I lied on the couch naked. She gave me a smile and went inside. After some 10min, she came back with a glass of orange juice. We started enjoying the juice.. Both of us were silent. I was feeling shy and little weird after the action. I was just looking down while she was still staring me. She was still in her bra-panty. The juice was over.  She asked me-” So.. how are you feeling now? Dint you enjoy it? “I said- ” I never expected this will ever happen to me. Thanks.. I really enjoyed”

She just smiled back. She picked up the empty glasses and went in kitchen. I thought the action was over so I started wearing my clothes. She came back and saw me dressing.  She said – ” Hey… what are you doing?” She was in no mood to leave me.. And how could she leave me like this without satisfying her.  I said.. ” I thought.. ” and before completing my sentence she just rushed towards me and started sucking my lips..

Well.. I thought to myself.. ” Come-on.. the lady has no problem why am I acting like a pervert” I too started responding her kisses… and she liked that. I unzipped her bra.. and she was impressed by this move. She just held my face on her boobs… and I started licking them.. sucking them.. She had good tits. I just held them in my teeth softly… and sucked them hard. They turned red. After some sucking session.. I again started kissing her. We were standing. I turned her around and held her from back.. I moved her hair to one side..and started licking and sucking her neck.. with my both hands squeezing her boobs. She was enjoying this lot.

I continued my love bites on her neck but now my right hand went inside her panty.. she was cleanly shaved.. and yeah.. she was wet…Now the scene was – My bare chest touching her back.. me licking her left hand squeezing her left boob… and right hand inside her pant.. while she turned her hands back holding my head and touching my cheeks.. No need to tell that she was moaning….

My right hand which was inside her panty started finger-fucking her. She started moving her hip back-n-forth.. in response. Gradually I increased my speed and my finger was badly fucking her pussy. She was moaning .. ahhhhhhh…. yeah yeahhhhh… baby…. fuck me baby fuck me.. I was still biting her neck.. and left hand squeezing her balls. After some time she gave a groan.. she finally cummed. She went numb. I again turned her around facing me… and started kissing her softly. This went for some time.

After sometime.. we got back to our senses. She smiled at me and said-” You are pretty good at foreplay.. Let’s see how are you in bed “Before I could speak anything she just held my hand and dragged me to her bedroom. Then she said – ” Come on baby.. show me your skills.. I really loved the foreplay. Now show me what can you do in bed… “She lied on the bed.. and pulled me over her.. She held my face and started kissing me.. I also started kissing her.. Slowly I went down to her neck.. still kissing her neck and soft love bites in between.. then I moved downwards.. kissing her tits.. sucking them… biting them..

She was just moaning.. ahhhhhh… Your making me mad baby…come on.. do it.. do it.. yeahhhhh… I started licking her navel.. then.. just went down more.. my lips and tongue still touching her skin.. and she was just enjoying the warmth of my lips… I went down to her thighs.. softly biting them… kissing them..My actions were making her mad… She kept on saying ..Enough.. please stop this and fuck me hard.. I can’t control now fuck me baby.. fuck me..”

But I was enjoying licking her body..

She got up… and pushed my head away.. I thought I did something wrong. I was bit scared now. She just got up from the bed and so did I. I pushed me back again on bed… and said- You bastard.. testing my patience.. huh.. now I will show you what’s the fuck..”She climbed on me.. putting her legs across my waist. She leaned forward and started sucking my lips and tongue… Her hair were open and had scattered all over my face.

I tried to take her hair sideways.. She raised her head and understood that. She was sitting on my stomach. and staring me. She raised her hands for tying her hair and did it.. Then she got down from me.. removed her panty. She was completely naked. I was just watching her and enjoying the sight. She again climbed on me. I started squeezing her boobs. She was enjoying.. Now I had already tested her patience a lot.. she was dying to have my dick in her hole. She raised her hip, held my dick pointing her pussy.. and slowly sat down on my dick..

“Oh yeah….” she bit her lips.. with her eyes closed.. My dick was in her hole.. and what a warmth… It was paining little as it was my 1st time.. but the pain was so pleasurable. She started rotating her hips.. ohhhh… what a pleasure… I was pressing her boobs… She leaned forward and gave me her boobs to suck.. I started sucking them. She again started kissing me… and slightly increased in banging speed.. After sometime.. she stopped and raised… but still sitting on my dick. My dick was as hard as some hot metal rod.

She paused for some time and said.. ” Be ready baby… I’m gone ride you really bad. Today I will eat you away…” Her dirty talks made me even more horny. I started squeezing her breast. But now she held my hands and pinned me down with her hands…leaning forward “Have it now… you young bastard..” She started banging her pussy on my dick. Within no time she had picked up dangerous speed.. Holy shit…she was so wild and so horny…

I literally started moaning and then shouting.. She too started moaning and screaming.. I wanted to press her boobs.. but she was really strong and had pinned me down with her hands… She was ramming my dick.. moving forward-backward… up-n-down…. to-n-fro.. As our voice started raising. She started kissing me.. and sucking and biting my tongue.. By now she had picked … i don’t know what speed.. but the sound of her pussy banging my dick was quiet loud… She had great stamina.. continuously fucking me.. I just thought that today I am going to die.. this bitch was really eating me..

Some kind of load started building in my dick.. Oh.. my dick was about to erupt and it was going to throw a lot of hot lava.. Also her pussy walls begin to shrink. We both were about to erupt. Now this went beyond my imaginations.. Hell.. she went mad and started banging me more vigorously… sucking my lips.. and then.. there was just one sound..” ohhhhhhhh….. yeahhhh… ahhhhhh… ” we both erupted simultaneously.

Finally she lied on my chest.. We both were exhausted. We slept for about an hour.

She got up.. went in wash room.. It was noon.. She then went in kitchen and started preparing something to eat. I also got fresh. But we both were still naked as she preferred it. We had our lunch.. Both just smiling at each other. After lunch.. I thanked her for everything and all these pleasures. I never expected that i will enjoy this kind of sex. She smiled me back.. and said.. ” Thanks to you.. baby.. I really loved fucking you” She got up.. came towards me.. and planted a kiss on my lips. Then she held my hands..

And.. now this was too much… she wasn’t a human.. she was an animal.. a sex beast She dragged me to her bedroom.. pushed me on bed again.. but this time she tied my hands with her saree… My dick was already paining.. It was too much of sex for 1st time.. I asked her to stop.. as we had a lot.. but she just said.. ” Oh come on.. let’s have this last session.. Let me live my fantasy… I always thought of raping a guy.. “My dick was limp.. She just went down.. held my dick in her hands.. stroked it. But it was still limp.

She said.. ” Oh.. so the tiger is still hiding in his den huh.. Let me bring him out.. ” She started sucking my dick… the warmth of her lips-tongue-saliva wake up the tiger. Here it is.. my tiger.. ” She widened her hips.. put her legs across my waist.. and sat down on my dick. I could do nothing but just watch her fucking me hard. This time she started with the speed… no more soft games… and she was fucking me crazy.. fast and hard and wild… screaming and shouting… sucking my lips in between .. my dick was paining really this time.. but she had no thoughts of retreating..

She kept on bouncing on my dick.. rotating her hips.. and banging my dick..My vessel was already empty.. so this session was going to be for a long time. She kept and banging and I kept on screaming.. She was enjoying this domination. Finally after 20 min of wild fucking.. she cum… She lied on me for 10 min.. then got down from me.. She saw that I dint cum.. The devil.. held my dick again.. and started sucking it… she was literally eating my prick.. and after 10min..I unloaded my cum.. and there she was satisfied….

She then untied me.. We both kissed for more 10min.. and she thanked me a lot. She went back in bathroom to take a shower. She asked me to join her.. It was hell for me now.. I was in no condition to have more of it. I said -” Ok.. just wait.. I will make one call.. and join you.. “She said.. ” Ok baby… come fast.. I am waiting ” I had some miscalls from my friends. I had forgotten that We had planned for the movie. I went inside and said – ” Aunty.. I’m sorry but I have to leave as I have got some important work.. But I am really thankful to you for this wonderful experience. ”

She too was satisfied and gave me permission to leave .. but on one condition..

I should come back again on next week.. as she will be on leave from her office.

And she wished to enjoy the whole week… which meant.. intense sex.. wild fuck.. I agreed to it.. and finally she kissed me last and I left from the, I hope you all liked my story. You can send your response on [email protected]

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