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Hi, am here again, hope you all like the story I posted in the incest section. This story (as well as my previous story) is not real; it is also not my fantasy but a fictional one. I just found it somewhere and found it interesting, so I decided of posting it to Iss ( as Iss is the best place to share such stories) just for fun and enjoyment for all of you and especially for my horny Manipuri brothers and sisters.Here the story goes…Hi, am Rameshwar, after my schooling I had been to college, and met this beautiful girl called Esther although I had a new girl friend Sunila. She was new to my class. We had limited number of Manipuri students at our college. I had started friendship with his brother, Neijing, we are good friends. They have not got hostel, so I arranged a room for both brother and sister adjacent to my room. We keep on interacting on different aspects, even I play a good guitar and that was the only mutual taste among us. His brother is to go on educational tour for three days, whereas she have different class so he left her alone and asked me to take care of her sister in his absence. I said ok don’t worry you enjoy I will definitely take care of her. That day I was busy with some of my work, came late at night 10 pm and had a shower and covered my body only with towel, and suddenly I released some hasty noise from her room. I thought that pretty girl is in trouble, I just banged in her room, the room was full of rock music sound I realized it was not her scream but it was high volume rock music. When I entered the room she was only wearing panty and small t-shirt (spaghetti I hope), she had a glass of wine in her right hand, she requested me to stay for sometime, and enjoy the wine, I said ok I will be back let me put some cloths, but I thought I would be the mistake leaving this room, may be I could not get this chance again. She was already over drunk, and offered me the drink. I never had any drink earlier, that was my first glass of wine, I thought of trying this once. After four glasses my whole body was full of extra energy, my tool was also free and want to be exposed out of towel.

My eyes were busy in X raying her beautiful and soft body, she had not pubic hairs at all, had juicy boobs. After half an hour of this position she stood up, and requested me to dance with her. I had no control on me, I was only looking on the moment that when shall I just catch her, drop to the bed and depart her legs and put my tool in. Anyway, I thought ok that dance may get me closer to her, will result to this. We started dancing. I was still in my long tower, which was moreover irritating me After 10 minutes I pulled her both hands and tried to be close to her, she did not tried to oppose it, than I started feeling her body. I was slowly messaging her back, she also supported and then slowly I took off her t-shirt which was covering only 40 % or her upper body. She even did not oppose, she really had a very soft and sweet body. I started sucking her nipples, and my hands were busy with her ass. I removed her panty, found her heavy butts, I put one finger in her thu (pussy/chut) to check how prepared she is, and tried to apply all the formulas I learned from my previous girlfriend. She was moreover crying to get some more pleasure, music was also loud as it was, then I turned her back, and handed over my huge tool to her hands and asked her to put in, and all this time we were standing, I want my tool to get some hot place now, she slightly bend forward and tried to show way to my tool to her wet cunt, she was over drunken and finally managed to did that but I pushed it 4 two inches she moaned and said come on dear, lets have some more fun, now you need to give me more fun…. I m all yours this night please do whatever you want to….I pushed my tool little more, I started playing with my hard cock, she was

Almost screaming all the time, my both hands were busy in pressing and more over squeezing her soft boobs so badly, after 5 minutes, my rod was ready to release cum.I said to her, “esther, ei chittore” (esther am gonna cum). She was quite I don’t know why, may be because of pleasure or she want the process to be continued. At the time of dispensing my cum, in her hot thu (vagina), she was moaning like anything. Suddenly my rod busted all cum, during this process suddenly she went out of my grip and dropped down, and all my cum was dropped to her boobs and face, than I had to clean it. We slept all nude for sometime, after 1 hour I woke up moved to the washroom, when I came back I found that girl lying all naked and I can only see her from the back. Shapely butts made me crazy again, and my tool got erected and looking for the second shot, I turned her and lay beside her to have a long lips kiss. Whole of my tongue was in her mouth trying to fuck her in this way. My other hand slowly lifted her right leg and tried to make space for my tool to her fresh and soft thu, but she begged me not to do that. I said ok baby you are responsible for erecting this cock now and you have to make him cool down. I thought she might masturbate me by her hands, but she did a very interesting and which was totally new experience for me, she sat on the couch made me stand in front of her, and asked me to come close, I slowly moved close to her, man, she is putting my tool in her mouth and started sucking it, it made me so crazy and I wanted to enjoy ever moment of it, as it was new to me. I hold her head so tight and feeling it, she did it or more than 20 minutes now I was looking for some more speed to it, I started fucking her mouth so badly now its time to load her mouth with my juice.I said, “yaada chitke” (shall I cum in your mouth).She replied, “Hoi (yes) nodding her head and finally that movement came. She was full of juice in mouth and throat. I lied with her for whole night, even in our sleep we were so close to each other. In the morning hours we had a good sex, this time even she enjoyed after this encounter we had sex so many time, sometimes, in her room or mine.Tell me how you like the story. Please send your comments on [email protected]

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