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Hi readers, sharing my experience for the first time in ISS. I am a 27 year old guy, not much with the built up body and I will be as normal as other guys of my age. I and my sister were very close from our childhood even after her marriage I got the first priority in most of the things. She will usually kiss me on my forehead, rarely on my lips which would make me horny. She never had bad intentions on me and my sister who is 8 years elder to me is mother of two kids but no one can ever say so but.

She is very much involved in maintaing her body and fair complexion, sexy sexy round breasts, flat belly with little fat lingering and a wide hip. Due to our moral values I was just trying not to think about her with bad intentions until all this happened one day after my marriage my wife had to be apart from me as per some religious customs. The previous day we had our house warming when my parents and my cousin sister came with kids but no with her husband as there were some personal issues going on between them.

That night as usual my parents were sleeping in other bedroom and my sister with her kids and myself in other room. I had a headache and body ache due to work done yesterday. So my sister said she will apply sme balm both of us had no bad intentions. I was wearing a dhoti and she was wearing a nightie which would help to feed her younger daughter. Lights went off as kids were sleeping. I placed my legs on her lap and she was applying balm as she was nearing my knee.

I had a good feeling which made my tool little harder. I asked her to massage my thighs saying it is paining more there. She spread my legs and separated dhoti’s ends in my thigh area and placed here hands on my thighs. I say you that were a fucking feeling man and my tool got harder more. Sometime she used brush my crotch in this process. Since me and my wife did not enjoy sex for a long time, this touch made me very hornier and my tool started to ooze out pre cum and I could not resist.

I began to moan lightly while moving her hands my tool will also be touched which she noticed or noticed not. I felt I might cum anyitme so retarted from her and said we will sleep but she refused and made my head lie on her lap, started to apply balm on my forehead. My tool still was erect. Good those lights were off. I was not able to let this chance go away. I made myself comfortable in her as she applied balm and began to feel her under breasts and stomach area over her nightie.

She had an amazing smell and my breathing got heavier and hotter for sure she must have sensed that my breather air is hot on her belly. I pressed my face on her stomach, slightly on her breasts telling that my head ache is still there at that time I felt something was wet in her nipple area. That confirmed that she was also aroused. I started to make my move bold now. I stopped her hand from my head and as pushing it away I moved it to my tool area to let her know that I am on already as I was doing this.

I began to press my face by lifting it up a little and wat a wonderful feeling that was on my face. I wanted to bite then and there but contorlled myself as I did not want to cum and end up like that. All this time she never moved her hand from my tool neither she took a hold of it. I said it is enough and we will lie down while tunring to lying down I intentionally loosed the knot of my dhoti. We shared a single bedsheet to cover us which helped me a lot. To my surprise she had also lifter her nighty till her thighs.

The feeling my thighs and her thighs meeting was awesome. She said ‘can you give me a tight hug as we have not hugged for a long time. Next second I was hugging her tightly but it was not enough for her. She put her hands on my ass and presses it hard so that my tool got hit on her crotch area. She was not wearing her panties. She kissed me on my lips which made me to push my dick in and out. She sensed my feeling and put her hands in between us and totally undid my dhoti and started to undo my brief.

Because of the precum it was wet already. Now my tool was directly touching her vagina. As it touched she started to moan. She began to unzip her nightie and pushed my face between her boobs. I began to lick that milk and started to bite them. She said ‘bite it more bro as I was biting harder, her moans got louder and she began to stroke my penis. What a feeling that was and she moved downwards to bite my nipple and then further down.

I said Akka, I might cum anytime and she came on me totally and took my tool inside her mouth. She was bitch I say and she began to stroke make noises uuuumm, I was in heaven, I could not resist I pressed more in her mouth and when I was at my peak I caught her head with my hands and ejected all that i could. She took everything on her mouth and spit it on her bare boobs. I was tired but her act of licking the remainings made me to forget that I am tired.

She orders me to lick all that is in her boobs. Mixed along with her milk it tasted delicious as I was licking and I moved down to her navel area. She started dei dei aahahahha. This aroused me like anything; she pressed my head little down to her pussy. It was wet like anything I began licking first rounds the pussy walls she said, ulla nakkuda. I started to tease her and but she got hold of my head and pressed in her pussy area and made me lick.

I began to eat hers and she said appdithaan nallllaaaaaa. This continued for 5 mins. I did not want to make her reach climax now. I left and sat on her boobs so that my tool was in her mouth. She started to slurrrrrrrp it like anything. When it was rock hard I took from her mouth went down and positioned myself between her legs. She widened her legs by spreading it in air. I kept my tool infiront and teased her by rubbing in the clitoris. She started to moan’aahhaaaaa ullla vidumaaaa please da ullla vidu.

Gently I pressed it, it was little hard I took it out and let it in slight for three times and then I pushed it inside with full strength. I covered her mouth with my hand so that her moan does not wake up the kids. I started to stroke, first slower and then harder. The sound of my balls hitting her crotch was scintiallting. She was recahing her orgasm, she squeezed me with her legs stopping me from going back and forth. I did not leave though.

I made it faster and faster as I was also about to come. I said her that ‘aka, I’m going to cum’, she never minded. She was aaaahhhhhaiyoooo ahhhh’ and the same time I also cummed inside her. She was a perfect sex bomb. I lie on her as her hands wrapped around me and juices flowing down on her nightie. We both slept like that but in the morning she was not with me sleeping. She was complete with her bath and looking sexy as ever in her saree. Though I became horny then, could not do anything. I’m waiting for the next night like this hopefully soon and surely will share here.

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