Lonely Kerala Housewife Seduced Me

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This story is about a housewife who was my neighbor’s wife. Her name is Fathima. She is 30 years old , tall , fair and with a sexy figure. My neighbor used to work abroad. After his marriage, he left abroad leaving his wife Fathima with his parents back home. I was very friendly with the whole family. I used to help them with some chores which were difficult for them. One day when I was at their house Fathima asked my help for rearranging and redesigning their house and I replied I don’t have any issues but will be able to come only in evenings after work. She said ok. She said lot of things about her plan. Next day I reached her house and her in -laws gave me tea and we started our work. She became very friendly with me easily and started to ask about my girlfriends and my plans about marriage. In between I noticed that she purposely used to brush her boobs against my back sending waves in my body. Once it happened that I was kneeling and doing something and she came near my face and brushed her soft arse against my face …I instantly got a hard on…she behaved as if nothing happened. This continued for few days, missing few days in between when I was busy….

Then One day when I reached her place, I noticed her in-laws were not at home and she was all alone. She said they have gone out to a nearby city and wont be coming tonight. Then I asked her should I leave for which she instantly replied No. asked me to stay back… She was wearing a pink colour nighty and she asked me to get the ladder as she has to arrange some books lying on the upper deck. I brought that light weight ladder and placed it and started to climb. She said don’t rahul , I will climb as She knows what to keep where and asked me to hold the ladder. She brought some books from her bedroom and placed it near the ladder. Then she lifted her nighty upto her knees and started to climb up. Oh my goodness what a nice shaped legs she had , pure white and well shaped calf muscles. My thoughts about her started changing. As I was bending down to take the books and give it to her, I used to get a glance of her thighs. Wow what a sight it was. I was getting horny and horny. She saw the restlessness in me and smiled at every glance. When I took the last book and looked up … wow… she has slightly lifter her nighty and I could see her pink colour panty. Wow…. I don’t know what to do…. I was getting hornier and I didn’t know what she was upto. Was she trying to seduce me?? or has she got any other plans ??

Then she climbed down and went to the bedroom and after sometime she came with some more books….she again pulled her nighty up and asked me to get the books….I was happy that I get a chance to see her thighs again… Then she asked me to get some books which are remaining in the bedroom. I went to the bedroom and was surprised….her pink colour panty and Bra was on the bed…that means she has removed it…..I wanted to masturbate immediately…but couldn’t. I went back with the books and saw she has lifted her nighty more up…. I took one book and looked up and Wow…..I saw her arse cheeks…My heart started throbbing…I didn’t want to do anything as it would spoil our relationship….but my dick was getting harder and harder….she moved her legs apart and I could slightly see her pink pussy lips…wow… but all at a glance…Suddenly she screamed…rahuuuulllllll……… hold me I am falling……my reflex action was to caress and hold her left thigh around by my right hand and my left hand supported her back to balance her…..Wow the feeling of touching her thighs sent fire into my body…after few seconds she climbed down a step and I felt a wetness on my wrist…. Wow she was flowing with juices….She started to rub her thighs holding my wrist in between her pussy lips…….I was feeling good ……she started moaning slowly and rested her head on the shelf……aaaahhhhhhuuffffff….. she moaned softly and cried and said …rahul…….I am sorry….i cant control myself anymore…..please help me ……I am dying for sex……I felt so bad on her cries….and instantly started rubbing her pussy slowly and lifted her nighty and kissing on her arse cheeks…. they were perfectly shaped… round and smooth…..I started rolling my tongue over her cheeks……she moaned aaahhhhhh……yes…….do it rahhhhuullllllll…….I put my left hand inside her nighty and reached to her beautiful round boobs….she moaned with ecstasy….oooooohhhhhffffffuuuffufffff……..she held my hand and pressed it over left boob…….then she bent a little more and I could see her pussy lips projecting out from her cheeks…..wooowwwwww….that was really a great scene….


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