My Life With Tenant Aunt Part – 1

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I would love to explore aunties and want to service them…


Coming to the story, this is a real story and happened way back in 2006. We have built a new house and there was one portion allotted for rent. After few days one young family has come into the house and I came to know from my family members that they are really good and the couple has two lil kids and both are daughters.


Over a period of time, while going before the home I have seen the little kids playing with each other and as they are kids I used to say hi and give chocolates and play with them as well.


After few days I have seen glimpses of my aunt(heroine of this story), let me tell you, she is of normal height may be around 5’2 but her eyes are very erotic and horny. Any person can fall for her looks.. So seductive and tempting… She clearly knows how to keep a person in control.


Slowly we became close as her daughters used to ask me doubts in their studies and I used to clarify them daily at night times as soon as I come from my college. My luck is her husband works on a night shift which made her job very easy to make me her little slave.


She used to ask me all questions related to college, education, career and how she dreams about shaping her kids career.. Daily I used to observe her body as she wears tight blouses(bra is clearly visible and when ever I go near her, after sometime, automatically her bra used to come out which used to make me get an instant hardon.


Because of her over exposing, I started to take her bra from her bathroom which used to be outside her house behind the stairs during the night times and smell it and jerk thinking of fucking her…


Coming to the main story, she started introducing her friends to me (her friends who are also bit sexy used to come to her place regularly as she used to stitch blouses and dresses for ladies. She always asked me to come to her home after 08.00 to teach tuition for her kids bt I came to know later that she was planning something for me.


One day when I was clarifying her kid doubts in science, she started rubbing her legs with mine and I thought it was happening accidentally and I started to move aside… She repeated for few times and I dint respond for her moves. She started saying to her kids that how many male and female are there here in this room. They said 1+3 but her mom replied saying 04. I was shocked to listen to that when her kids said rocky bro is here na.. But her mom replied saying “I dont think so, he is not having any feelings”


Her daughter asked,”What”

Mom: from long time I was teasing him and he is going away… For this, her daughter didn’t understand but she looked at me with naughty smile

Me: aunt, I thought its accidental

Aunt: you think it happens for more than ten times???

Me: I was awestruck!!!

Aunt: wish there was some male here now

Me: I was brave enough to say, tell me what I have to prove that I am male

Aunt: I will say when time comes




I was excited to be in her home today and to my badluck she dint do anything for me and behaved like she is ignoring me.. This made me go crazy for her even more.. I tried to talk to her but she has spoken rigidly with me.. I felt bad that day


Day 3:


She wore blood red transparent saree with black bra and her round navel can be clearly seen.

Me: whats special aunt

Aunt: nothing, just like that

Me: you look beautiful today

Aunt: I know that, no need of telling me the same thing.. Try somethng new


Me: I was in a shock at her words

As usual she was killing with her looks and behavior…

I promise no one can live without ignoring her at the way she behaves when I was alone with her…


Day 4:


Due to some reason, I dint go to college today and she saw that and asked me to come to her home at 11.30. I said I am going to my friend home to my mom and went to her home.. As soon as I entered her home, she asked me to come inside and to my shock, she closed the main door from inside.


Me: hi aunt, how are you

Aunt: she said my neck is paining

Me: I have asked her can I help you?

Aunt: no need at first but later said can you give that zandu balm.

Me: I have asked where it is?

Aunt: it’s in the bedroom


Me: I have not seen in the bedroom. and asked where it is?

Aunt: near the clothes, see properly you blind fellow…

Me: I was able to see her inners on the table and as its not good to go there, I just said I couldnt see


Aunt: she came to bedroom and showing at the table, took the balm and throwed her blk halter neck padded bra on to me and lied on the bed

Me; I was completely taken back at her behavior.

Aunt: she asked me to apply the balm


Me: as she asked, I sat near her and was applying balm and she said try to apply like a man and not like a girl.. I got angry and tried to apply hardly for which she felt the pain and slapped me tightly and said do as I say…


With this step, my life changed and she started dominating me and slowly I liked it and became her slave.


She kept balm to my eyes and asked in a devillish voice is it paining, I said yes and for which she said, if you dont do as I say from now on, your life willbe even more torturous than this.


I said I’ll do as you say and asked why you have called me


Aunt: she saw my hard on and asked me what’s that.. I said nothing. She forced saying don’t lie I know whats on your mind… And asked to be frank


Me: I said I dont know but I am liking whats happening now

Aunt: she came near me and touched my hard on and said hmmm, its big, better than my hubby and asked to remove it…

Me: I said in fear, no I can’t, she slapped me and forced me to remove it…


She smiled and caressed my dick and said “only if anyone finds it out “.


That gave me some courage and started to kiss her passionately. Holding her ass and squeezing them as I explore her mouth. I sucked her lips and tongue and played with it. She was moaning softly in my mouth and I was enjoying how she tasted. I brought her very close so that I could feel her milky boobs. Also my cock was so hard it was touching her pussy over the saree, I moved my cock slowly while I kissed her.


She didn’t have much time, so I pushed her to the bed and kissed her neck and then back. I released her boobs from her blouse and then started squeeze them madly. She moaned softly, as we don’t want us to hear by others. I threw my dress aside and lifted her saree. Caressing all the way till it reached her waist.


She held that saree in that place and I rubbed her thighs and then her ass cheeks. Without getting late, I spat on my cock and inserted into her pussy. It slide very easily as she was so wet and my pre-cum made it very slippery. She started to scream as I started move my cock in and out of her wet dripping pussy. I muffled her screams by inserting my fingers in her mouth. She sucked them as I fucked her. I was in heaven, squeezing her boobs and fucking my dream girl pussy.


I couldn’t last long and she either. I cummed and she did at the same time. When she turned, I kissed her madly and she said “you are good! Baby, we should do this often” and she smiled at me and got dressed up and asked to leave her house.


Sigh! What a day I had, I thought and went to shower.


I will say what happened after that in my next story.


Hope you guys have liked it or not, please give me feedback and any ladies can contact me for pleasure…. I love swapping, being dominated

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