Laughing Sex

I have had lots of great and interesting sexy experiences but one of the good one was at a wedding it was about 25 years ago and I had attended a buddies wedding. It was a large wedding and there were loads of friends and relatives of both the bride and groom from all over the country. I came in the night before we had a great time and were all drinking and dancing, and there was this woman there that

I found out was the bride to be aunt and she was so funny and outgoing and we really hit it off, she was the life of the party type person and we talked a lot off and on, Rajni must have been about 38 to 40 yrs old I was then 23 yrs of age she was nothing special to look at an ordinary run of the mill woman average height slightly heavily built She had the bonus of having the biggest tits you can imagine. She had a nice dress and she showed nice cleavage and they were bulging out of her bra. I really don’t know if she was married or single or divorced. I don’t remember noticing a ring.

Rajni wasn’t really my type because she was a older lady, but I still found her nice and outgoing I could not however refrain myself from looking at her big boobs time and again as we chatted, I thought she was aware of my looks and did not seem to mind it moreover she was becoming more flirty as the night went on and when she asked me to dance with her out in that area it was a slow dance and I could smell her perfume which was quite sexy.

She was getting a little frisky as we danced and pushed up against me real close and she had her head at my shoulder and was kind of cooing and as she pressed against me she put her hands down and suddenly held my butt and she did something like mmmm…. and laughed as I felt my dick hardening and so did she. We were both feeling pretty good from the drinks and she leaned up and whispered in my ear that she wanted to go outside and slid her hand down taking my hand in hers and gave me this devilish look as she walked me outside.

In the parking lot she asked me where my car was and I walked with her to it and opened the passenger door and she got in and I got in the driver’s seat and she started to make out with me as she reached out and pulled me to her and she was horny she started planting sloppy wet kisses on me. Smelling that perfume and kissing her I was real horny and put my head down to kiss the tops of her big tits they were very soft and she was moaning and massaging the back of my head with her hand running her hand through my hair.

I wanted to fuck her and reached down to pull down her pajamas but she stopped me and pushed my hand away and pushed me back into my seat and then she leaned over and unzipped my pants and pulled out my thick cock that was semi-hard and balled up like a snake. When she pulled it all out she slide her hand up and down it and went down on me and as she started sucking me she did this mmmm…….damn she was a good cocksucker and

I just laid back and enjoyed it as she went down on me up and down and her mouth was real big and wet and warm and she was going all the way down and back up and pulling off at times to look at it as she stroked it and she asked me if I liked it I told her have a great mouth and that only excited her more. She sucked my cock for a good 10 minutes and had me ready to go when she pulled off knowing I was close and stroked and looked at me,

You ready..huh..ready Rajni said as I put my hand on the back of her head gently pushing it down and she went to town sucking hard and going up and down real fast and I could hear like a swishing sound from her wet mouth and I put my hand on the back of her head but I didn’t need to because she felt the throbbing and deep throated me as I sent a huge load down her throat she sucked every last drop before pulling off and sitting back she said feel better. I said hell yes I needed that and we both smiled as she said we better get back before the whole world starts coming looking for us

The next day after the wedding we were at the reception and she managed to sit at the same table as me right next to me and she was rubbing my leg and cock off and on, I knew she wanted it so after the happy couple left I asked her to come to my hotel sure she was happy to oblige. Rajni came to my room and soon we both got naked. I thought maybe that she was big but had a solid body not flabby and when I saw her tits I felt like a kid in a candy store.

They were bulging out of her bra and when she released the girls they seemed to pop out she had enormous tits and they didn’t even sag all that much and huge areolas and nipples. They were spectacular as I buried my face in them and made sounds I rubbed my face over and between them and sucked her nipples she was laughing hysterically and when we got on the bed she had me lie down and she quickly got on top of me all I can say is she fucked my brains out she started slow but she got her ass in gear and she was giggling and moaning and sighing and saying eeeww…you have a big cock and giggling some more

It was funny she was having a great time riding my big dick as I was playing with her big tits and they were flopping all over the place and I would lean up and suck her nipples and she would giggle and push me back down and fuck me faster and for some reason I wasn’t even close to coming I was actually enjoying a lot so was she, At first she was going up and down real fast and then she did this kind of grunt and giggle as she hopped up and down on it and did this mmmm…eewww….

Her pussy felt sloppy wet on my cock and she would do that and come to a stop take a breath or two and start fucking me again and laughing and giggling and get that serious look on her face and grunt and giggle and she must have cum 4 or 5 times each time stopping for a bit sitting on it giving me time to keep my composure and not cum until she finally after maybe 15 minutes dropped on top of me out of breath and while catching her breath she giggled more and said ohhh that was so good

I wanted mine too so I grabbed her by the hair but not too hard and lifted her head and gave her a big kiss and during it she did that mm. and she got off my dick and slid down and put my cock in her mouth and looked up at me as she went down on me and cleaning all her cum off my dick it was so wet, it was now my turn to fuck her and I reached out and put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her mouth off my cock I got up and pulled her around saying come here and put her on all fours as I stood next to the bed and drove right into her pussy she was still so wet it went in and out easily and she bent her head down and

I had my hands on the sides of her big ass and was driving her as her ass cheeks were moving up and down as I pumped her full of my cock and she was really moaning good once in a while doing that little giggle I wanted to fuck her big ass so I pulled out saying I want that sweet ass and thumping my cock with my hand on her ass and she did that mmmmm. and wiggled her ass and giggled again but she stopped giggling when I put my dick in her ass and started fucking it good!

I was plowing her ass for several minutes and smacking her ass with my hand and she was groaning and moaning and saying…aaaaahhhhh…I could feel the droplets of sweat on my face and wiped them off as I fucked her ass and felt her damp skin with my hands and she was getting the hardest ass fucking I ever gave and she was howling and loudly saying mmm…..aaaaahhh….I felt the throbbing and the surge from my balls as I drove one last stroke as far in as I could go and blew a huge hot load into her grunting and hearing her moan and mmmm…she was panting so hard and I was too

As I held it there and felt that last few spurts from me into her and pulled back a little and slammed it all the way in and she did that uuhhh and I did it several times uuhhhh each time before I came to a stop and kind of sighed as I pulled out and I leaned forward and put my arms around her and held her tits and she fell forward with me on top of her and my wet semi-hard dick against her ass. She started to laugh and said wow that was something…ooohhhh you have a huge dick and

I started to laugh too knowing I had just rammed her out like she had never been done before. I rolled off her and we lay there with her doing that dumb giggle and playing with my dick saying wow I wish I could take that home with me, We rested for maybe half an hour and soon her hands were rubbing my cock as I was getting hard again and she said. one more time, I got on top of her in the missionary position and sucked her tits for awhile which she loved and when she wanted it she raised and spread her legs and I fucked her nice and slow for about 5 minutes and she came again a couple times and I said I am going to cum ..she said cum in my mouth.

I want your cum again and I pulled out and sat over her enormous tits and slid my dick in her mouth and she raised her up and down sucking it and put her hand under me and massaged my balls gently and when I started to cum again she pressed her face against my body and had all of my cock in her at the back of her throat again and took the whole load down her throat and did that I finished I felt that shot of electricity that you sometimes get up your spine when you have really unloaded I pulled out of her mouth real slow and as it left her lips she kissed the head of my cock and said thank you. that tasted so good. Well she was not beautiful but she was one hell of a fuck and suck and for that I honor her as one of my good fucks. Write in to [email protected]

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