Landlord’s sexy wife

Hi! It is Ravi. I am back with another real erotic incident. Enjoy the story that I am going to narrate. I shifted to my friend’s apartment leaving my cousin’s flat where I fucked his wife nicely. I settled there well. One evening while returning from an interview, I saw a beautiful Marwadi lady with a kid on the stairs. At First glance I could not make out that she was the mother of a child and around 27 years old! She was wearing jeans & top and had fabulous figure. Anyway since now, I just moved ahead to my flat. Later as days progressed, I came to know that they lived in the same building and was the wife of the landowner as suggested by my friend. He also told me that her name was “Shalini”. I dreamed of Shalini to pass a colorful night with her. As time passed, I, whenever we crossed, greeted her and she used to reply to my greeting with a smile. Shalini was always well dressed. She was nearly 5.2” and very proportionately built for that height. She was of medium color, black long soft & silky hair…wide open eyes and 38C was her boob’s size. She had nice pair of boobs and equally nice round ass with deep cut naval. Generally I saw her in jeans/T-shirt. One day I saw her in Sari and my god! She was looking seductively stunning! I could sense my 8” black dick getting hard! I always used to stare at her big breasts and the cute ass which looked even cuter when she put on tight “shalwar kameez”. I managed to accidentally bump against her from behind and always grabbed her ass. It felt so good; but she always considered it an accident. Once I went upstairs to collect my dress those had been left for drying under the sun. Suddenly, when I was going to cross her flat, I saw her sweeping from the window. I could view her black bra from deep neck of her gown. She didn’t notice that I was there. I could view her large breast of around 38C size. Since that day my intentions were changed.

I was damn sure that somehow I would have to get her to bed! I longed to taste her beautiful body! But How! Her looks said something but her gesticulations something else! One day she didn’t respond my greeting. I could not make up my mind though my lust kept on increasing. One evening, when I was just getting out of my house to stroll, I saw her in front of the main gate. She was wearing a beautiful silk sari with red blouse. She was looking amazing and I just felt sudden rush of adrenaline to my brain and my penis got thickly hardened after seeing such a beautiful married lady in a sari and blouse with a clear view of sexy black lacy bra when she was walking ahead of me on the corridors. She gave pleasant smile when she crossed me. I tried to avail of that opportunity and ran to her. I complimented her for splendid looks and enquired about the cause of not responding my greetings. But she didn’t utter a word and went straight upstairs with a naughty smile. Once I saw her hubby going to his office and listened to him telling her wife that he would return home late night. I considered it to be the best chance to get her. So I jumped out of joy and in no time was in her house. She was alone with kid. She was looking stunning in sari and a sleeveless blouse! She got surprised to see me. I, before she could ask anything, started complimented her for her sexy looks in the sari, which ultimately became the turning point of the chapter. After initial talk, she came straight to the point and reveled that her hubby being a businessman loved to showcase her assets in public. But she never accepted his ways of aristocracy. He has been persuading her to be in skintight pants / skirts for showing her assets. I felt pity on her and asked, “Is this the reason for she has been kind to me?” She said, “No! Only thing which prompted her to talk to me was I praised her only when I worn sari which she liked the best. She thought I was genuinely admiring her!

I sympathized on her and held her hand giving a nice gentle kiss on her forehead. She shivered and just to cool her nerves, I asked if she would love to have cup of coffee with me. She agreed and prepared nice coffee for both of us. I had a sip out of it and it was really nice. The n I put on the stereo and invited her to dance with me. She came closer to me for dance. For the first time, my hand touched her back! I could feel her hot body. She was burning and with every step as we came close. The fire got multiplied! Her body was burning with the touch of man other than her husband. Slowly I started exploring her beautiful back over her blouse and I could sense the fire of desire growing with every move of my hand! Her breath was getting hotter and I couldn’t resist putting my lips on her lips! uffffffffffff as last sign of mind resistance. She said nooooooooooooo! But I knew it meant more yes then no! Holding her head, our lip locked. Kissing went on and on. My hands now started caressing her round boobs and down!! I grabbed both her breasts stuck my tongue out and it touched her on her neck I quickly licked it once. I squeezed them a couple of time so hard she moaned quiet loud. I slowly started undressing her! First went her saree on the floor! What a magnificent sight it was! Now she was in blouse and petticoat! Her hands also started exploring my body! I went down kissing her neck and the erotic neckline of her boobs! She was getting impatient! Slowly opened blouse buttons and in seconds, the blouse was also on floor! My hands continued to explore her body down to her nice round ass! I had one of my hands squeezing her breasts and the other one was busy pressing her ass. Without wasting further time, I removed her petticoat and there she was! Beautiful married wife of someone in front of me in a sexy lacy black bra and thong! She got rid of my clothes in no time! I lifted her in my arms and took her to bedroom!

There was her kid fast asleep. I shifted the baby to another room so as not disturb our business. Coming back to bedroom and standing in front of her dressing table, I slipped my hand over her breasts and started pressing, pulling and twisting her nipple. I went back and kissed her neck from back; I hugged her breasts from behind and rubbed his cock on my hips over the skirt and squeezed her boobs. Watching this in mirror, she sighed!!!! My hands were busy caressing / kneading her nice round 38C size boobs over her bra! Her tits were as hard as marble! I kept kissing biting her down from neck to her bare back and pushed her bra straps down! She had nice firm boobs and it looked her hubby massaged her nicely, regularly! I sucked her tits like a wild animal as hard as possible and she kept on moaning. I started kissing and sucking her toe. She was moaning slowly then stared licking each and every part of her body starting from toe to her head. She turned and released me from my boxer! She looked surprised seeing my hard throbbing dick! She said it was big! I was surprised as my dick was average 8” and 2” thick! She said her husband’s dick was around 4 inches and was not half thick as mine! Now I understood why her hubby was so! Anyway I took her to bed and pulled her panties off, still sucking her big tits and fingering her cunt. She was moaning like hell. She screamed as loud as my finger teased her cunt. And then I asked if she preferred oral! To my surprise, she said yes and I should suck her hard! I could sense that all the hidden desires are now coming out and I am going to have a treat from now on! I sucked her tits one by one and she kept caressing my dick! Slowly I moved down to her nice thighs! The feeling of my breath over her sensitive thighs made her wild in passion and she removed her thong and now her nice shaved pussy was in front of my eyes! As I probed further, her legs opened more and more and as I licked her clit, she gave a loud scream! She was wet now! Very wet! Her fluid was dripping and I went along giving her suck of her life! Within no time, she came and came loud! She was lying straight on the bed and I was working on her thighs she couldn’t see me clearly because of her breasts in the way she just relaxed as I started sucking her cunt, she let out a scream and started moaning by now she was moaning and yelling & screaming my name out so loud I was scared.

I didn’t care at all I kept sucking her wet cunt and took my tongue deep inside her hot cunt; she was shouting “Oh Raviiii!!! Oh, oh fuck I baby deeper”. She said things like these throughout the time she got sucked and suddenly she shouted “Oh! Raviiii!!!!!!” Her mouth was left wide open and her eyes shut slowly as her juices flew down my throat I drank all of it and then laid on the side of her and put my hands on her breasts she and I both were breathing heavily. She said “Your tongue is heavenly”. Her body writhed, twisted and moaned oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I kept licking her fluid and as she came back to sense, she moved to 69 taking my rock hard dick in her mouth! I must admit she knew the art of giving blowjob! She rolled her tongue on tip of my head over and over, playing with my balls, and in no time, I was riding high! On the verge of shooting my load, I cautioned her; but before she could react, I shot my load all over her face and mouth! I hardly remembered to have cum so much in past many years! Her face was full of my cum! She just cleaned my dick and went to toilet for cleaning up!

As she came out, I took her in my arms and she gave a passionate kiss! Sitting on edge of the bed, I made her sit on my lap and sucked her boobs. In no time, my dick was hard again, ready to rock! Sensing my hardness, she tried to take my dick in her wet pussy! She cried in pain as my thick dick pierced her vaginal hole! She shouted and moaned, told me “stop it is hurting me stop unhhhh”. So I took out and decided to make her small pussy relax a bit before starting assault! I laid her on her back and inserted fingered in her pussy! She was wet! But as her hubby’s dick was thin, her hole was accustomed for that size! My first aim was to loosen her slightly! First with index finger, I fingered, then with middle and again with ring finger. I did insert my little finger into her asshole. When my 3 fingers went easily, I decided, it was the time for real fuck! She was already brimming with the sensual feeling building up within her body and the sensation of my hard dick on her pussy multiplied it! I pressed my dick in and she responded by opening up her legs more and more to accommodate me! With one thrust, I was half in! She cried in ecstasy! Shouted! Fill me! Enter me! Take me! I started to fuck her in rhythmic action, slowly in and out of her pussy! Entering her deeper and deeper every time with every stroke! Ummmmmmmm! ohoooooooooooooooooo! She kept moaning and shouting as my strokes became faster and faster, her orgasm building up and she came! Loud! Again body writing with pleasure! Pleasure of being fucked by another man! I kept pumping her and her pussy was now accustomed to my size! In one stroke, I thrust my dick fully! She cried ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but this was the cry of pleasure! Now she was mine! I was deep down her vaginal valley where none including her husband had gone! I could feel her vaginal muscles flexing on my dick! Another big orgasm building up! I kept pumping her! I could feel the diaphragm as the resistance on each in stroke.

She was moaning, shouting me to fuck her hard! Now she was turning and speaking like a slut! Take me, tear my pussy, and fuck me hard! And she came again! Her body shivered and her vaginal muscles gripped my dick like a vice! Her body was sweating! As she relaxed after the huge orgasm gasping for the breath with my dick well inside her, I spread her legs vide on my shoulders and started fucking her hard with long deep strokes! She moaned and as her pussy hole got pumped again and again. She lost her sense! This was the first time in her married life of 4 years; she was getting such a pounding! She had already cum 3 times and fucking still on! She was not in her sense! Just enjoying the raw fucking! Her legs were aching but the joy of raw fuck overtook the pain! Pumping her for 10 minute, I released her legs and to my surprise, she begged me to fuck! Don’t stop! She cried! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Don’t stop!

Now she started to have fun as well she started responding to my strokes. I picked her from the back and made her sit up on my stomach facing me. Her breasts were right on my face as she was bouncing up & down on my lap. By now my dick was fully inside of her she was breathing heavily I started sucking on her tits once again but didn’t stop stroking. I stopped sucking her tits and went hardcore with her fucking her in the fastest speed I could, she was now totaled! She told me, “Stop it! Slow down uhhhhhh it hurts Raviiii”. But she never stopped responding to my strokes. I pulled her a little more down and my dick was so big she had her face wide open with her hands behind my back as I hugged her tightly to feel her breasts very close to my chest. Her hair were tied behind her which got lose her; smooth silky hair tied them back while fucking her it was a wonderful experience I was having allot of fun at that moment, finally after fucking her for 10 minutes let out the biggest cum of my life, wave after wave she was having fun now my cum went deep, deep inside of her. She let out another big moan and then closed her eyes; I laid her down and was on top of her pressing my body hard against her.

Giving her bit of break, I made her stand on all four! So the final round of banging! In doggy style! She was hardly able to stand! So I decided to go ahead in missionary style! The room was full of cum smell and the bed sheet was wet indicating the amount of dripping fluid from her nicely fucked pussy! So pulled her legs up again and gave her nice hard fuck! Fucking like a horse, banging her wet open pussy again and again! She was now silent! She had moved upwards one more level and was now enjoying silent fuck! No words came out of her mouth! She was relishing the raw hard fuck! My climax was also building up and as I pumped her hard and deep with her legs high in air and ass bent for deeper penetration ripping her pussy, she sighed and I asked if I could cum inside if it was safe! She nodded me to go ahead and in the final assault, I banged her pussy very hard and deep! It appeared our bodies fused together as my dick was deep in her pussy to the fullest! I came and shot my load and almost to the reaction of my sperm shooting, she also came! I came and came inside her pussy!

My cock was still inside of her & it stayed there for another couple of minutes. I took it out and saw her cunt again it was a little bit wider then before. She said “you have a big dick it hurt me at first, but I’ve never had such a wonderful time before…I lost my virginity to you and you lost yours to me” she got up and n went into the washroom…she got out after 10 minutes after taking a bath. She was about to wear her clothes when I grabbed her ass and started rubbing it, I told her to lay upside down on the bed, and she obeyed my command she didn’t really knew what was going to happen I spread her butt cheeks apart and saw a little whole my dick was still quiet wet. I told her to get ready to lose your virgin ass form me as well; she closed her eyes because she knew that it would be even worse pain!….I positioned my dick and rammed it inside her dry ass I wasn’t as impressive as I was while fucking her cunt because I was tired but still I gave her the best & trust me she yelled my name so hard that I had to tell her to be quiet. She stuffed her head on in the pillow as she was getting fucked hard up her ass, I had my dick totally inside of her still I could hear her moans and screams but I didn’t quit it, I looked down and saw her asshole was open wide and my dick was inside of her, I thought she might be dying but I didn’t care once again because I was having so much fun….

I kept ramming it in and out of her she made a fist and punched the bed three four times and she took her face out to breathe she was crying now but she was also yelling “MORE U BASTARD FASTER AHHHHH” SHE YELLED AND EVERYTHING but it didn’t stop me I went even more faster after a minute or 2 I squirted cum once again inside of her she made the same noise “unhhhhhhhh” starting fast then ending in a very low voice. I took it out of her and turned her around she said “you’re a real bastard yet you made my day” I smiled and kissed her lips sliding my tongue down we kissed for at least 10 mins I couldn’t control my hands as they were exploring her hot body. Then I let her go.

We lay together in wilderness of the beautiful experience we had! My finger was stuck down her cunt I saw the watch and it was almost one and half-hour since our first kiss! We have been fucking like animals for almost an hour! She thanked me playing with my soft dick for giving her such a wonderful fuck, she never experienced before! I kissed her and helped her to clean up. I gave her a nice massage to relax her after such a pounding and took bath with her! We parted our ways kissing goodbye with hope that we may get another chance soon. I called her later at night and she said that her body was aching and the pussy was sore! When I asked her if I can make it in night! She declined for the pain and kid! So I kept wondering, when I will get chance to fuck her all night as on that day. But u can call it desire or the lust or the passion! She called me at 11pm so that the kid would be sleeping! She could not wait to be banged again! There I was! In her house! Taking her, relishing her throughout the night of burning passion! We fucked 5 times that night and I took her in all her holes! Fucking her ass was very painful for her. But then she wanted that her virginity of the asshole should be broken that night! We fucked in all the places in her house! On sofa! On settee! In kitchen! Finally in late night, we made final round of fucking in her open balcony under the sky! Tired physically, but with our desires fulfilled, I returned my home.

Next day I was thrilled. I reached there. She kissed me when she saw me. Then we went to the bedroom. She climbed on the bed and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She worked up and down on my cock with her tongue for a few minutes. She stopped and climbed on top of my cock and planted my cock deep in her flexing pussy. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and ground my cock deep in her wanting pussy. I worked on her nipples and breasts and the pulled her towards my mouth and licked and sucked them until the nipples were erect and nearing a flushed red color. She then changed position and started riding me like a horse. She was posting up and down on my cock. I felt myself go deeper in her womb. It was really wonderful then she got down and taught me the position of 69 her wet cunt juices filled my mouth and my cock went in her throat. That was for another 10 minutes. Then she lay down in the bed with wide spread legs. I started pumping my cock into her wet and ready womb. I started slowly. Pausing at the opening and quickly sliding to the bottom. I slowly picked up the pace of the thrust and she worked her hips thrust against me. Soon she started her orgasms. We rose and continued to rise and then went one on top of the other. We rolled on top of each other her eyes rolled back and she seemed to pass out. I kept pounding her pussy for all it was worth.

After 20 minutes I rolled to one side and my cock popped out of her pussy. I then rubbed her nipples and then fingered her pussy. I slid one finger in and felt around. Then I tried 2 fingers. I rubbed the topside of her vagina. She started to moan again. I slid a third finger in and then tried a fourth finger she seemed to like all of the movement since she was still having orgasms. I slid deeper. I worked there for a few minutes. She had at least three more orgasms. I then started “French” kissing her deeply. This sent her over the top. She grasped my wrist and pulled more of me into her pussy. I started fisting her deeply. She kept fucking my fist until she passed out. I removed my fist slowly and she put my cock in the cleavage and asked me to move. I put my cock in her tits and was moving it was just like fucking. I moved my cock faster between her tits which were being crushed by my cock she got up from the bed and went near the table. Then she asked me to fuck her virgin ass.

I was quite happy by her command. I parted her ass cheeks and saw her virgin ass hole she said that her husband was not interested in ass fucking. I put some saliva and she too took some from her mouth and lubricated my cock and her ass hole. Then I entered her we both were yelling out in pain and pleasure the strokes were slow then faster. It went up the speed. I shot my whole cum inside her ass. After 15 minutes I made her sit on my cock. She was jumping on my cock. She cum again. Then I told her to lie on my side and pick one of her legs and entered her. I did so fast after some time that she cum. It was so hot and relaxing. She told me she couldn’t take it any more. I took out my cock and placed it on her boobs. I beat her breasts with my massive dick. I was holding her breasts in my hands and beat them using my dick. Even she felt pain but even she enjoyed my actions. My actions drove her crazy 4 sex… It was amazing and then I placed my cock between her breasts. She pressed it between her boobs and we started boob fucking. I cum on her boobs. Both of us lied down there for some time then took our clothes and get dressed. That was her 1st time with any male except her hubby. Later when ever we get chance we did sex.

The next afternoon I secretly enter her house and locked the door inside. I stepped into her bedroom and closed the door. She was fast asleep and the baby too. I shifted the baby to a nearby bed. She had put on her nighty. The nighty was blown to her waist. I could view her pink cunt lips. I removed my trousers, shirt etc. except my underwear. I slept near her and sucked hard her boobs one by one. But she didn’t wake up. Maybe, she was thinking it was her baby. Meanwhile she took a turn and slept facing the roof. In that posture she was looking mind-blowing. I couldn’t resist sucking her cunt. I placed my head in front of her pussy and took out my tongue. I slipped it deep inside of her and started licking and biting. She slowly started to groan slowly and in no time woke up suddenly. I was busy doing my work. She stared at me, ran her hands into my hair and told “oh! It is you” with a giggle. I requested her that I would fuck her like a rapist does with women and she has to react accordingly. She accepted my proposal. Then we both moved to the next room. As soon as I entered, I dragged her closer to me and passionately kissed her lips. As per my plan, she pushed me away and abused me, ”oh! U bastard! Don’t u have anybody in you house? Leave me and leave the room now”. I replied, “I am here to make my own asset. I want to enjoy you. I want to fuck you, fuck your pussy apart and tear your asshole. You have to surrender.” She said, “No no, not at all! Then she moved to and fro, I ran after her to catch. I caught her immediately and tore her nighty apart, snatched the string of her petticoat and undid her bra. Now she was open in front of me. She tried to escape but couldn’t. She rubbed her body against me, her beautiful breasts on wide chest and slippery pussy over my underwear in which my dick was bulging out. The more she wriggled, the more I enjoyed. Lastly I pushed her on ground and I humped over her. I took off my underwear and made her sleep on her stomach on the floor.

Then I pulled her hands back, kept them on her waist and held them with my left hand. With the right hand, I caught my black 8” dick, opened the foreskin and rammed into her asshole with one great stroke. She left a loud scream calling by name. But I didn’t care. I kept on giving hard push inside her ass with my pace increasing continuously. I told her,” U bitch! U Randi! U whore! Shout as loud as u can. But I am not going to spare u. I will fuck you hard till the doom’s day. Your fetish ass and round breasts drive me crazy. I am spending sleepless night because of u only. Now, I can’t stop. I want take revenge”. She answered, ”U bastard, son of bitch! Leave me. I belong to some one else.” In the mean while she left lovely cries like, ”umm.. it fills good, ahhhhh will die soon… ohee maa, fuck me u bastard. Sshh… Sshh…”. I suddenly pulled out my cock and inserted into her wet pussy with same speed. Her pussy made sounds like puch.. puch.. pach.. pach.. With every stroke of mine. My balls stroke against her cunt and sounds came like thudp.. thudp.. thap.. thap.. When I was about to cum put outside my cock, caught her by her hair, dragged her face close to my cock and ordered to open her mouth. She did so. I ejaculated a heavy load of sperms into her mouth, face, breasts. Her face was deeply buried with my thick load of semen. Then I felt completely tired and slept in her bedroom. She went inside bathroom, washed herself. When I got up, she offered me a steaming glass of milk. I drank that, put on my clothes. I returned home after kissing on her forehead. She was quite happy for me coz I had given her everything that a man can give for a woman in those five days. I fucked her up to satisfaction. She now also visits me and now also it’s a secret between her and me. So any women to get fucked till her satisfaction, do mail me [email protected]

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