Joint Wife Of Father And Son

My name is Shahid. I am 22 years old Insurance salesman, six feet tall, fair and handsome. I have decided never to marry. My decision is the result of the decision made by my Abbu (father). Abbu, Rasheed Khan decided to marry again after the death of my mother Shazia when she was 40 years old. Abbu was 53 then and then he met thsi slut Shabnam, a gorgeous woman. She was 34 when my Abbu married her.

The whole Mohalla (locality) gossipped about this couple. My step mother Shabnam was a sex bomb. She looked a lot younger than her 34 years. She was exteremely fair, 5 feet 5 inches tall, nice round ass, big boobs. She had her hair cut like a boy’s and wore unconventionally in skirts, shorts and even in bikini inside the house. She looked more like my sister than my mother. She is plump but not real fat To make the matters worse, her almost naked body aroused me sexually and I found it hard to supress my growing erection in front of her as she roamed about half naked in the house.

I have been always a  sucker for good round ass on a woman. If you like nice full round ass Shabnam is very hot and her tits are juicy and large that stick out straight from her chest.

After only a few days, or after a few nights of my Abbu’s marriage, I began to get a clear picture of Abbu’s love affair and marriage.Abbu had taken my stepmom on a honeymoon to Manali. On their return, I felt some tension between the two mismatched people. One thing was clear to me, she hated me. She did not like me in the house. She would always be nagging me over nothing. “Shahid should spend more time at work. He is always sitting at home. His friends are all bums.” I was sick of her comments.

Having my bitch-stepmom living in our home was driving me crazy but if I wanted to see my Abbu happy, I had to put up with the bitch. For her part, as far I understood, Shabnam was not getting her full dose of cock. Her sexual tension was building daily. My Abbu was 54. after all he was no match for this bitch!

Usually I come home late. I spend more time out with friends. I drink to pass time so that when I come home, Abbu and my stepmom are asleep. One day I had fever and was in bed the whole day. At night I heard screaming from Abbu’s room,” Agar lund mein dum nahin tha to mujh se nikah kion kia? sale maderchod. Agar apni maa ko chod nahin sakte thay to mujhe yahan kion rakha hai? Mujhe to dumdar lund chahiye. Agar nahin de sakte to main to kissi se bhi chudwa sakti hoon! Rasheed mian, tum to jante hi ho ki aurat chudwaye bina nahin reh sakti aur meri jawani ke aage to bade bade ankhen bichhaye baithey hain( If your cock did not have the strength, why did you marry me? motherfucker, if you could not fuck your mother, why did you bringher home. I need a powerful cock, if you cant give me that, I can get it whenever I want. Many hunks was waiting for me).

I was awake fully by now. So my mother had shown her slutish colours? She was a cock hungrly slut and Abbu could not satisfy her. If she did not get a cock in her cunt, haldf the mohall was already waiting for their turn to fuck my mother. Yes, the situation was fucked up! Events turned even worse when one evening when my bitch mother Shabnam and I were alone in the house

I was in my room when Shabnam stormed in. I looked over at her and there was fire in her eyes and an expression of amger on her face. Seeing me passing by she muttered, “ISS GHAR MEIN SAB NAMARD HAIN(all men in this house are impotent)!”

I was bugged. She was right in her own way but now she was crossing her limits. “Sounds like my slut mother needs a good hard cock which my poor Abbu is not giving her. But look in the house, some one has a cock that can make my stepmom cry murder,” I said rubbing my cock as I stared at her sexy ass. Shabnam was wearing a pair of pink shorts and a very small blouse which left much of her body naked. I had been aroused by her nakedness. My Abbu’s impotence was making me angry too. I wanted to make my mother beg for my cock. If Abbu could not satisfy her, at least I could do it.

“Fuck you! Like father like son! You two are no good” She was burning with rage and frustration.

“Shabnam, you are bitch, but I must tell you, you couldn’t handle me. You wont  be able to walk right if I fucked you properly for an hour,you slut!” I said as my cock was becoming harder.

“You mother fucking asshole; I’ll show you who is the boss in this house. I am not taking any shit from you. Your father can’t raise his cock and always leaves me high and dry.” Then she raised her hands and tried to slap me on my face. I caught her hand before she could reach my face. The bitch had to be shown her place.

 I grabbed one of her hands and twisted it behind her back as my other hand landed on her big juicy boob.  I squeezed the boob as I pushed her  body toward the bed. I shoved on the bed and said, “No bitch can talk like this in this house even if she is my Abbu’s Raand(whore). What Abbu cant do, I can, understand?” I slapped her on the face. She stared back at me in disbelief.

She lowered her eyes. Her face had the imprint of my slap. Her face was eye level with my crotch as I grabbed her by the hair. My cock had now formed a large tent in my pajamas. She stared at my bulge, “Leave me you bastard. I am your mother! You  couldn’t do anything to your mother!” But her voice was weak

My hand landed on her face again and she screamed. As I pulled down  my pajamas and  my cock sprang out like an animal, “Ok Shabnam, admitted Abbu is not a match for a bitch like you, but I am. Now show me, my whore mother, you can please a man. I am taking Abbu’s place in bed for you, as a favour for you!”

Shabnam opened her mouth to say something but I shoved  my cock  in her open mouth. She ried to push it away but I slapped her face again and held her mouth glued to my cock and soon she was sucking my cock hard and deep. She was actually quite an expert cocksucker. I grabbed the blouse she was wearing and tore it off leaving her naked from her chest up. The bitch was not wearing any bra.

I cupped her tits and fondled them wildly. “Do you like this cock? Whores love my cock. Suck it, Shabnam, you dont have to look outside the house. I am your husband from now onwards. You will be my wife in the day and Abbu’s at night!”

I then, pulled out my cock when she was really loving it in her mouth. I wanted to tease the bitch. Shabnam reached her hands out for my cock to take it back in her mouth. I grabbed  her juicy tits and mauled them roughly.

I then, lowered my mouth on those tits and kissed them. I pinched her mipples and sucked. I licked and nibbled on every inch of her hot tit flesh. ” Chus beta, apni maa ke mummey chus, tera baap to nahin chusta, maderchod chus le apni ammi ka doodh, behnchod!Suck on your mother’s boobs, son. Your father doesn’t suck on them, motherfucker, suck on your mother’s boobs)”

I was angry and aroused at the same time. Pre-cum had begun to dribble from my cock. I grabbed her and dragged her over to the bed and slammed her face down she was lying across it. Seeing her big ass raised up in the air I couldn’t resist and gave it a slap and then pulled her shorts down. Shabnam wore no panties. Her slit was glistening with pussy-juice.

I stuck two fingers down there and pulled them out and sucked my fingers. Oh yes, her juices were delicious. I came up behind her and let my cock rest on her ass then as I pulled her  head by her hair with one hand and slapped her ass with the other, ” All you need is some cock don’t you? Come on bitch confess you have to get some cock in your cuntr and poor Abbu is not giving you.”

“Allah,  yes. Maderchod,  fuck your ammi, fuck, your whore mother! Fuck me, fuck me now; Puttar (son),” she yelled as she moved her ass against my hard cock. I had other plans for my whore mother. I pulled her ass cheeks apart.

I looked at her tiny brown puckered asshole I aimed my cock right at her asshole. She cried loudly “ooooohhhh…maderchod…not there….ohhhh….maderchod meri gaand nahin .(motherfucker…not my ass)!” But I pushed my cock head into her ass. Her ass was tight but I forced it in and it slid in before Shabnam realized what I was doing. She yelled and told me to stop and that she needed my cock in her cunt.”Ohhh haramzade, choot mein dal, gaand mein nahin maderchod ki aulad( bastard fuck me in the cunt and not in the ass, you son of a motherfucker)” But I did not stop.

Grabbing her by the hips I gave my cock another shove and the head went right inside of her shit hole. Shabnam squealed loudly but I didn’t stop. I shoved even harder and sank more meat into that tight ass. My mother was now whimpering but I couldn’t stop. I pulled back once again and rammed hard in and out of that delicious ass.

It was the tightest hole I had ever fucked. Shabnam was crying. I had  my hand on her clit fingering her clit furiously. I groaned, “Bitch, you’ve had this coming for a long time. I have seen you everyday looking for my cock. I hope my whore ammi loved to be fucked in the ass!”

“Oh Beta, it fucking hurts. You are tearing up my asshole; don’t fucking stop,” she replied out of breath. Without thinking about it I began spanking her large ass cheeks increasing the moaning coming from her lips. My cock was working like a piston and she was pushing her ass on my cock.” Ammi, you are going to be joint wife of Abbu and me. Ohhh Allah, I am cumming in your ass! Fuck me. fuck my cock Ammi!”  I began to shoot my load in her ass. My cock filled her backdoor with my seed.

I kept fucking her ass after cumming and then slid out of her ass. I looked down admiring her asshole.

“You fucking bastard! You know I wanted that fat cock in my pussy. My naughty Puttar (son) spoiled everything by putting it in my ass. But that is also yours beta. Now fuck ammi’s choot(cunt). Give me your cock, give it to me; fuck my hot pussy,” she demanded urgently. I grabbed her erect nipples between my fingers and twisted and pinched them roughly.

Shabnam was begging for my cock. Her begging was turning me on.

I laid Shabnam on her back with her legs spread wide and a pillow placed under her ass. Placing my cock-head on her wet pussy, I said,”Ammi, take your Puttar’s lund in your hand and put it in your cunt. You have called me a motherfucker, now make me one. When you have mother who is a bitch like you, anyone will love to be a motherfucker. Take it in your choot Ammi!” She caught my cock and guided it in her firy cunt, as I was leaning on her white naked body 

I fucked her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and clung to me. Her big boobs were pressed to my chest. We were panting.”Yes Puttar, ram your cock in Ammi’s choot. Do what your Abbu has to do. Show Ammi Jannat. Way to Jannat goes through LUND for a woman. Give me your cock, fill Ammi’s choot and fuck me! Ammi’s choot is cumming, son fuck me, make Ammi cum on your lund!” I brought her close to cumming but then slowed my strokes, making her want my cock more and more.

We were bathed in sweat. Our bodies fucked madly. Cock entered Ammi’s choot like it was home for the cock. Then I felt my juice rise from my balls. I grew faster and harder in my thrusts. “Ammi, sali raand, main jharaaaa, ohhh khuda kasi mast hai meri Ammi, mera beej ja raha hai teri kokh mein Ammi! mother, you whore, I am cumming. Oh God what a whore is my mother)” I cried as I shot my cum in her cunt. She had cum too. We lay in a huddle on the bed. 

By the time we opened our eyes, it was noon. Ammi sat up and then went into the kitchen, naked. I went after her and hugged her from behind, my cock was nesteled in her ass crack. I told her she could have my cock in her cunt whenever she wanted if she agreed to my conditions.

“You will behave with Abbu and respect him. Spend night with Abbu and make love to him if he wants. If he cant fuck you I am always there, understand? Abbu is always out during the day and I am free. So you will be my wife during the day. To the outside world, I will be your son and you my Ammi. You will obey every command of your son. You will dress as I say and be a nice whore wife to your son, understand?” In return for being my wife, she would get the young fat cock of her son. Shabnam agreed to every word of mine.

I sat between her thighs and began to lick her choot. I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit and she had a shattering orgasm that caused her entire body to convulse. I grabbed her ass and sucked on her pussy as she moaned and groaned as she pushed her cunt on my face. The kitchen became our fuck-room and she cummed on my tongue.

That day we spent fucking and sucking. At night, Abbu came home tired and went into his room. He did not ask for tea or food as he was scared his wife would begin to curse. I signaled and she went to Abbu . She acted like a devoted wife and set the table for Abbu. Abbu looked happy. They went into their room.

The next morning after Abbu left for work, she came into my room” Shahid, my lord, wake up, your slave is here to please you Puttar. Look at your wife, she has shaved her choot for you. Dont you want her in your bed, lets start our day” Ipulled her on my bed and  bit the back of her neck and grabbed and squeezed her meaty boobs and asked her about Abbu’s fuck last night. She said,” Rasheed did enter me and I encouraged him to fuck me. He did manage to thrust three four times and them came. I think he will improve with time”  

I pushed her legs apart and pulled her pajamas down. Shabmnam was naked underneath. My fingers slid onto her silky choot and began rubbing her clit rapidly. Slapping her ass I fucked her with my fingers.

“I want you to lick my ass Shahid. I have felt your lund in my gaand but I want you to lick it, wont you lick it, Puttar Ammi wants it” I turned her over so that her ass was up and she lay on her stomach. I parted her ass cheeks and kissed it. Ammi was breathing heavily. She trembled as she felt my tongue snaking up her ass hole. Her ass cheeks seemed delicious to me and I licked her ass.

My slut Ammi was actually moaning and cramming her ass harder and harder against my face. I  could tell her cunt was flowing freely. Coming up for air I bit hard all over her ass cheeks and told her, “I’m going to  make you my total slut Ammi!”

“Oh Allah, yes Puttar! I already am; I’ll do anything, for you my day husband!” she sighed. I rolled her off the bed and bent her against the bed and took off my pajamas. My cock was eager to get into her ass.

I fucked her ass as my cock went deep into her ass. I was ramming my cock  in and out of her. She cried out in pain at first but soon her whole body was writhing around in ecstasy. Her hips came up to meet each thrust. Ammi was having difficulty catching her breath.

 I pumped in and out of her ass. My fingers twisted her nipples as my cock slid into her tight ass.

Rhythmically I continued to fuck her.  After several minutes my balls tightened and my spunk poured out of me into her ass.

“I want you to make me mother of your baby, Shahid,” Shabnam said once. “I want world to know that I am carrying the child of Khans in my womb. And what more can a son do than fathering a child for his Abbu. Fuck me to become mother of your child Puttar. The world will call him or her yout brother or sister but Shabnam will know it is your son or daughter and that wil be our dark secret” My cock was hard just listening to her idea.

Why not make my slut Ammi the mother of my child? The horny bitch wanted it! I asked her to wait. I took a bottle of wine and made Ammi drink and drank myself.” Ammi ko sharab pilata hai Puttar. Fir chodega maderchod, chod apni Ammi ko aur bana de maa apni aulad ki(you are making mother drink. Make her drink and fuck her and make her pregnant)” 

I was ready to fill her pussy, to fill it with my seed. She bent down to suck my cock before I entered her cunt. Her tongue swirled around my cock head as her hand played with my balls. Seductively she gradually swallowed my cock.

Animal lust was consuming us as she sucked me harder and deeper until she was deep throating me. Moans soon escaped my mouth and I became weak in the knees. I held on to Ammi’s shoulders for support.

Then, I grabbed her and put her on my bed. I fell on top of her and entered her pussy and held her ass. I kissed and began to fuck her, making my cock sink as deep as possible in Ammi’s choot.

As she ground her pussy on my cock. While I continued to fuck my Ammi, my hands cupped her ass.

“Oh, yes deeper, give Ammi all your lund Puttar, all of it” she whispered. I thrust deeply into her cunt. She screamed. 

I began slamming my cock with great force inside of her hot tight cunt. I watched Ammi lift her ass to get more of my cock. She was bucking furiously at my cock”Yes, shoot it for me Puttar, fuck Ammi’s choot….sow your seed in Ammi’s choot……fill my cunt, Puttar!” she moaned. My cum erupted from my cock into Ammi’s choot. She could feel my hot lava as it splashed against her tight pussy. “Oh, yes Puttar” she yelled as she came. I continued squirting my hot cum deep into Ammi’s tight pussy. Ammi’s cunt sucked my cock hungrily as she came. “Ohhh Allah, yes,  I’m cumming” Ammi moaned.

Ammi missed her periods that month. She was happy to have conceived my child. She informed Abbu that she was pregnant with Abbu’s child. Abbu was delighted.” I am going to be father again, Shahid!” I smiled

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