Jabalpur Aunty Seduced Me

Hello everyone I am here after a long time. My first story is me and my project guide in Visakhapatnam. I thanks all for giving me good response. Today, I’m here with a new experience after a long gap. My name is Akhil I am a 26 year old from Andhra Pradesh. I got job in a corporate office in Jabalpur so I went to Jabalpur, which is new to me so I wants to time pass my time in yahoo messenger after completion of my office one day I received a message in chat and I chatted with that person casually and we became friends after some days.

She told her name i.e Soni Jain(name changed) and I requested her pic she denied and she asked my pic, i sent after that we exchanged our mobile numbers and a couple of phone sessions. Though on many requests, she did not show me her pics. We talked on phone about our daily lives in the beginning and nothing much. Any ways, I would explain her and her life now. She is a married woman around 25 years old. She does not have any kid and she lives with her husband and mother in law.

Her husband is an advocate. He seems to be a very busy man and is mostly out of the house. Soni jain is a fair skinned, 5’4 height and a very slim woman. She must be around 55 kgs. Her figure to me looks to be 34c-28-36. She has silky long black hairs. She wears saree most of the time. Her blouses are pretty normal but do bare her back a lot more than what we call normal. She has a very strong distinct body fragrance which can be felt easily. Her hairs are mostly tied behind her head with a hair clip.

Her inner wear or we can say bra and panty are mostly matching. She wears lacey kind of inners which I feel to be very feminine. She wears only light colors like light pink, sky blue, light green etc. but never white. Her saree wearing style is like sushmita sen or what we desi call it as ulta pallu. Now, a little about me. I am a smart fair skin guy with 5’9 height. I have an athletic body weighing 72 kgs dot. I also do light gym and hence my body is very much is shape. I won’t lie about my cock as most people tell their to be 9 or 10 inches.

Mine is a thick 7 inches long trimmed hair dick. I have a fair amount of body hair mostly on chest and legs. I got a cute face according to most of my female friends. Getting back to story now. So one fine day she invited me to her house. I wore a short white designer shirt with denim jeans and went to the address she gave. I did not ring the bell and rather called her on mobile. She opened the door. My heart was pounding hard at the moment when I saw her for the first time.

All my senses had stopped working and I remember staring at her for a long time. I was immensely happy from inside because she was really very beautiful. She was wearing a black saree with red designer prints on it and a matching blouse. Her long hairs were pinned behind her head. She looked as if she has just bathed. All the while before meeting I never thought she would be such a gorgeous woman. Her husband was off to court. Her mother in law was inside her own room.

Soni jain introduced me to her as a distant cousin and she even told me to touch her feet which I did. Her mother in law has severe back bone problem so she can’t move at all. She stays mostly in her room all the time reading religious books. After that we returned to the main hall. I was looking at her all the time. She was really a very beautiful woman. She would look like a young girl if she wore western outfits. She resembles somewhat like diya mirza. She was wearing a mangalsutra and a gold chain.

Her wrists were shockingly naked which is pretty uncommon for a married woman. She left the room to get some water for me. I was seated in the drawing room looking at exotic paintings on the walls. Just then Soni jain entered the room with a glass of rasna. She was smiling at me and I returned the same. She asked me if I had any difficulty reaching there, I smilingly replied in negative. I noticed her big eyes and really luscious lips, her small pointed nose. I was highly very excited to be with her.

I never felt like this even with girls of my age. We talked about general things of life. I asked her about her marriage life and all of a sudden she got kind of nervous and was literally not answering to the point. She told me she is married since 3 years but was not able to conceive because of some problem in her body. I changed the topic by asking her why she was not showing me her pics on computer. She told me that she do not know how to transfer pics to the computer. We both laughed loudly at that. She told me she is not so well versed with latest technologies.

Later she showed me her house and some family album. That day passed away in only talking though even my intention was nothing more. I left that day after she told me that her husband would be soon returning. Few days passed and we stayed in touch on phone. We talked or sms everyday very often. I had somewhere deep within started to love her. She invited me to her house many times over but all visits were one or the same of the first kind but we had bonded really well because of all these meetings.

We even saw a movie together and that day she wore a pink kurti top and jeans. She was not even wearing mangalsutra. I was on cloud nine on seeing her. That was the first time I told her that she looks very beautiful. Though she looks more gorgeous in a saree. We were roaming around like an unmarried love couple. We had lunch in a nice restaurant. That day I kissed her on her hand before leaving her home. Later next day she told me on phone that she loved the feeling while being with me.

I told her that I too liked her a lot. I could hear her breathing hard on the phone. I asked her what happened and why are you breathing so heavily, she didn’t say any thing and kept on breathing harder. I definitely was able to make out that she was touching herself but I wanted to hear it from her. Though I also used to touch myself while talking to her. We were both only listening to each others breathing for more than 10 minutes. Suddenly she said,” Akhil, I love you. I was so happy to hear that.

I replied that I love her too and we were again quite for a long time. I never in my life felt myself so dumb struck. I was out of my mind. She was making kissing noise now and telling me after each kiss the place where she kissed me. Like smooch, kiss on your forehead, smooch, kiss on your cheeks, smooch, kiss on your lips,neck,chest etc. I asked her about her sexual life with her husband and she tole that he is not good at bed. He wil do for 5 min and sleep and she asked me about my experience i told no(its lie) but i told that i like foreplay.

She told me that she too likes the foreplay. Suddenly there was a knock on my door so I had to hang up. I called her after 5 minutes and she told to come after two days at her home. I can’t tell how happy I was. I was dreaming of her all the time. Two days later I went to her house with a condom pack just in case ) her husband had taken her mother in law to their home town. She was all alone for three days. She opened the door with a big smile. She was no longer looking an innocent being rather she was looking like a sex goddess.

Her hairs were open and she was wearing absolutely no ornaments. She was dressed in a very thin material, plain light blue saree. Her pink lace bra was very much visible from the almost transparent saree. She closed the door and turned her back towards me and started walking to the kitchen. Her blouse bared her back so much that even her bra belt was completely shown. The blouse was really very low cut which made her back and tummy almost naked. She had tied her saree very low too.

She was dressed to kill. I caught her hand and pulled her towards me. She was facing me backwards. I held both of her arms and pulled her towards me. She didn’t say anything. I pulled her so close that my chest was touching her back. I knelt a little and kissed her below her ear lobe. Due to that little kneeling, my lower body didn’t touch her body. I moved my hands to her tummy. Her skin was silky soft. I touched her navel. I tickled her tummy with my fingers. I pushed my hands a little under her saree.

The moment I touched her panty she held my hands even tighter and stopped me from going further. My hands still a little under her saree, I pulled her towards me and her ass touched my lower front body. My already hard dick was now touching her ass in the middle working hard to come out and Fuck her. She felt my dick and even pushed her ass to feel it even more. I was licking and kissing her neck. I once again started to push my hands into her panties but this time she removed my hand and proceeds towards her bedroom.

I followed her and she was standing at the window looking outside. I went close to her and grabbed her tummy again in same manner as before. She immediately turned around facing me. We both hugged like crazies. I was holding her ass pressing and caressing them hard. She pushed me on the bed while still kissing. I was beneath her body now caressing her back while still kissing and playing with her tongue. Her hands were holding my hairs. I unclipped her blouse and bra from behind and started moving my fingers on her now completely bare back.

All the while we kept kissing and now I turned her other way round and she was beneath me. We stopped kissing and were now staring each other in eyes. She was smiling at me, and started unbuttoning my shirt. I removed my shirt and was now naked on top. I also then removed her blouse but when I started to remove her already unbuttoned bra, she held her boobs from over the bra and gave me a teasing smile and moved a little away on the bed. I also followed her and got her into my arms and started kissing her cleavage.

She was moaning now. I kept on kissing and kept closing towards her nipple. I held the bra in my teeth and pulled it off. She was looking at me smiling while covering her boobs with both her hands. I held her hands and while she kept moaning noo, I took her hands off her assets. Her boobs were very well shaped. Her nipples were exceptionally small for what I had normally seen in my life. They were very little pointed but I liked them. I held her both tits now and was pinching her nipples while she had her eyes wide open staring at me.

I went closer to her tits and started rubbing and kissing them. She was moaning a little louder now. She was running her fingers on my back. Sometimes she scratched so hard on my back, that made me yell in pain. I played there for sometime and gradually started moving down towards her waist. Her saree was already half way off. I unwrapped her saree and was shocked on what I saw. She was wearing a pink crotch less thong but this was not the shocking part. She had written my name on a thigh and her name on other with a black marker.

She had made some designs around it. It was all very erotic. I went close and kissed her soft thighs. Her legs don’t have a single hair and but I could see her very hairy pussy through the tiny thong she wore. Her long pubic hairs were all coming out of the lining of her thong. I was still staring at her thong when the electricity went off and hence the ac was turned off. It was scheduled to come after 2 hours. The room got darker. I hugged her again feeling her boobs on my chest kissing her. She slowly started unbuttoning my jeans.

She pushed one of her hand inside my undies. I was already very hard. She grabbed my cock and started pressing it. she directly kept my dick in her mouth and tasted my precum. Till now we both had started to sweat profusely as there was no power. We both started foreplaying. I again went close to her thong and started poking my nose on her clit from over her thong. I licked and bite her pussy from over her thong. She was moaning louder now. I held her thong string from right above her pussy in my teeth and started pulling off.

She yelled very loudly as some of her pubic hairs had also got pulled by my teeth. So I pulled it off with my hand. Her pussy was not very visible because of her heavy pubic hairs. I went ahead and smelled it. It smelled same as her body fragrance but its intensity was higher. I moved to lick it but could on really do it because she had lot of hairs. Still I kept licking but couldn’t really do for long as her hairs were breaking off and getting into my mouth. She understood it and said sorry for not shaving.

Her husband never licked her like this, she told me sorry for that. I asked her if she wants me to trim it. I like to clean for ladies. She said ok and she went to the attached bathroom where I followed her. I removed my pant while going behind her. She was not wearing any thing. Her bathroom is medium size with one wall completely covered with mirror right on the opposite side is a bathtub. The bathroom floor is covered with grass like carpet. The bath tub is such that if someone baths in it they can see their image in the huge wall mirror.

So we both join in together in the bathroom. She was holding my hand. She showed me her husbands shaving kit. I asked her if she would like to trim them short or clean shaved. She said do it the way you would like it. I took out a new razor and told her to get her pussy wet. She rather jumped into the tub and got wet completely. I was looking at her and she was smiling at me teasingly. I went close to her and held her by her waist. I pulled her legs out of the tub. Her body was shining with all that water.

She was sitting on the tub side now watching herself in mirror. Her legs were out of the tub. I held one of her leg and asked her to widen her thighs. She teasingly did the opposite and pushed her thighs rather close. I stared at her for sometime I took lots of shaving cream and applied it on her pussy. She was moaning as I was massaging her pussy after applying the cream I asked her to stand with her legs wide apart. I sat on the grass carpet and started shaving her long pubic hairs.

She had her eyes closed and she was resting her hands on my head. I shaved her bottom completely till her ass hole. Her pussy looked very tight. I splashed her pussy with water and my god it was looking damn so smooth. My dick grew harder. I asked her to lie down on her back on the floor which she quickly obeyed. I went down to eat her pussy and started licking her pussy like a dog. She started to moan. I bite her labia a little and she moaned even more. she asked me to lick her clit which I obeyed and flickered it hard.

I kept licking and biting it till she got an orgasm. Her love juices were flowing out too much now. It smelled very sweet and I licked and drank it as I was very horny. Then I held her thighs hard and pushed my tongue into her tight pussy. She then said that she wants to suck me. I got very happy. I immediately turned upside down. We were now in 69 position. She was licking the tip of my cock as I sucked her clit. I was very horny and was eating her pussy like crazy.

Her pussy had swollen very much now and her labia were filled with blood. It was very soft and I kept sucking it with my lips. She was holding my butts with both of her soft hands and was sucking and tasting my precum. She was moaning like a bitch as she sucked deeper. She now started gagging my dick deep into her throat. This made me very wild and I started biting her swollen pussy hard. I put one of my fingers into her ass and touched her rectum and started to rip it off. She was furiously moaning and was chewing my dick.

We were kind of punishing each other in sex. Her pussy was leaking with her love juices and I sucked it all. I felt myself closing to orgasm. I embraced and pulled her head by my thighs and started to moan as I closed to orgasm. She also held me tight and was sucking me like hell. I blasted my cum right into her mouth and she seemed to take it all in her mouth. I orgasmed for about 10 seconds after which I was felt myself dead. She came up on me, held my head and kissed me my open mouth.

She kissed me on my open mouth and we both went into a long wet kiss. She still had a lot of my hot cum in her mouth and we started transferring it to each other. Her body was proudly lying on mine and I had embraced her tight in my strong arms. Her soft labia were touching my flaccid dick. Our legs were entangled. Her breathing tummy was touching mine. Her beautiful tits were rubbing against my chest. After a long wet kiss I got hard again. I took her up in my arms and put her into the tub. I turned on the geyser.

Soon the tub was filled with hot water. I went into the tub and lay on her immersed body with only her face out. We again started to kiss and I was massaging her boobs while my dick was touching the bottom of her pussy. She was thumping my butts. I pushed my hips towards her. My cock was hunting for her pussy. She adjusted herself in order to help my cock find her hole. Just then I remembered about the condom. I told her about it but she told me that she can’t get pregnant because of her problem.

I got very happy to hear that I then tried to enter my dick in to her but it was tight I pushed harder only half entered she told me to apply oil then i went to bed room and taken almond oil and applied to her pussy I lubricated her pussy for 10 min now its some what loosen,I then pushed my cock into her now my cock enterd in to the dragon(pussy hole) she moaned in pain and pleasure as I started going deep slowly, she pushed me back with her hands. I saw her and her eyes were wet because of pain.

Water was running us out of natural lubricant. I picked her out of the tub and rested her on the grass carpet. I picked up a lotion kept there and emptied a lot on her pussy. I again got over her and guided my cock in her pussy. She was moaning again. I went inside very slowly. I was completely in now and her eyes were closed. Her facial expression turned me very hard. Slowly I started thrusting her deep. She seemed to be enjoying a lot. I pinched her both nipples hard. Soon I was banging hard and she moaned loud every time I reached deep into her.

Her body and tits were bouncing with the fucking rhythm. She was shouting yes fuck me. I kept increasing my speed as her moaning had turned me very wild after some 15 minutes of fuck I again felt myself close to orgasm. I also started to moan and she knew I was going to cum. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her and rested my face on hers. We again kissed as I still slowly thrusted her pussy as I felt close to cum.

I started beating her pussy like mad now she is scolding me like behhanchute I got more aroused by listning to her words and stroked more forcely. She also moved her hips with me and I blasted my cum into her thirsty pussy. I stayed in her pussy for sometime till my cock went flaccid. I fell on her and she started licking my face and she was running her fingers on my back. We lied there for quite sometime. I fell asleep and somewhat after 1 hour she wakes me up.

She had bathed and was dressed like an angel in a saree. I bathed in her bathroom. She had prepared a nice lunch for me which we had together. That evening we left out for samdadiya mall. There we had shopping she bought her undergarments.on that time I noticed her sizes and she gifted me an underware for me. We both returned her home at 10 pm. That night we wore that undergarments and started foreplay for one hour.she had orgasm for 4 times in one hour her eyes became red and she is pleading me to stop foreplay water is rolling in her eyes.

I stopped foreplay an stated pumping in her pussy for 10 min and she is not having any energy also to moan on that time after that I filled my cum in her pussy and slept on her.We hugged each other very tight to avoid cold because of aircondition.In the morning at 6 she woke me up and told me to leave non and I followed her and left her home by taking long smooch.Now our relation ship is like wife and husband. I have not expect this anytime but It was the best of my life. Now she wil take care of every needs for me and I think you like my story. Please let me know your Comments. My email id : [email protected]

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